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“We are way past that time, kids, where MOAR LAWZ are what we need for fucking anything. We are at the time where the Satan-worshiping fuckers need to begin sweating because large groups of patriots are standing on a ridge somewhere sharpening their bayonets and sighting their rifles. The wages of sin are death.”

— WRSA Reader

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    …patriots cry 1776

    for the King, He’s the “Paymaster” for the Wages of Sin Department

    PLAY IT! and PAY IT!

  2. If them old boys at Bunker (Breeds) Hill had been all armed and supplied like that, it would have been over that day.

  3. Blah blah. Patriotards speak big but they cower in fear when a non PC race realism solution is presented.

    • this is not a problem. As time goes by – in particular, after the urban White cosmics are liquidated by their former Black/Brown Entitlement Group comrades – the Race War will become obvious. The simplest IFF will rule

      • “The simplest IFF will rule”

        And those who swear by it will be conned by people with their same skin color, proving it is easy to be killed by stupid ideas.

  4. I rather like how men in Wilmington, North Carolina handled their problem in 1898. This is how we’ll be required to handle current problems really soon now (RSN). When possible we’ll use the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, when that’s not possible, we’ll become the lesser magistrate.

    Below is what should have happened when Eisenhower invaded Arkansas in the early 1950s, and again when Kennedy invaded Mississippi in the early 1960s. If you can’t see yourselves resisting such invasions, which the US government is spoiling to repeat, sell your firearms and buy some oxcarts to pull.

    “Two days after the election of a Fusionist white mayor and biracial city council, two-thirds of which was white, Democratic Party white supremacists illegally seized power and overturned the elected government. Led by Alfred Waddell, who was defeated in 1878 as the congressional incumbent by Daniel L. Russell (elected governor in 1896), more than 2,000 white men participated in an attack on the black newspaper, Daily Record, burning down the building. They ran officials and community leaders out of the city, and killed many blacks in widespread attacks, especially destroying the Brooklyn neighborhood. They took photographs of each other during the events. The Wilmington Light Infantry (WLI) and federal Naval Reserves, ordered to quell the riot, became involved with the rioters instead, using rapid-fire weapons and killing several black men in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Both black and white residents later appealed for help after the coup to President William McKinley, but his administration did not respond, as Governor Russell had not requested aid. After the riot, more than 2,100 blacks left the city permanently, having to abandon their businesses and properties, turning it from a black-majority to a white-majority city.”


  5. Jim Klein

    Yeah, a lot of people are averse to any “solutions” at all, except the ones they choose for themselves..

    Meanwhile back on Earth, the bad guys gotta be sweating else this place and half the writers would be gone already. And the heat’s only been talked about so far; imagine the sweating with actual heat. ‘Course that’s when they’ll act even crazier and more brutal.

    Oh well, gotta deal with gravity too.

  6. Cilla Mitchell

    This quote is fucking outstanding!

  7. Where are large groups of patriots standing on a ridge? I don’t see any, it ain’t dicey enough yet!

    • Jim Klein

      Which one are you on? Maybe some of us will join you.

      “Dicey” is a poor standard. See Patton and his view on sacrifice.