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  1. Well said. Amen. Continue to educate people. The other day my girlfriend said “I noticed that after I bought a new bathing suit I had all these ads for bathing suits on my Facebook like you said I would”. RFID and the surveillance state it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now excuse me I need to go hump a hill with a pack, cause this fuckery will not end well.

  2. The graphs are a little bit off. Its not “Willingness to give up personal freedom” the appropriate term would be “Awareness you are giving up personal freedom”. And there is one more slide needed with the next generation of Americans — “Awareness that you even have any personal freedom.”

  3. According to anonymous in the comments, I just need more Vaseline (I also think he’s more than straddling the fence).

    “AnonymousMay 27, 2015 at 10:06 PM

    I’m straddling the fence on this one.
    The intent is that NSA collects telephone numbers called, dates and times. NOT conversations. Your telephone company collects telephone numbers called, dates and times. NSA uses computers to find matches and look for something suspicious. If something is found that should be followed up on the NSA is supposed to get a warrant. So far so good. I am 100% in favor of it. BUT, like everything else government touches someone; politicians, worker bees, technicians, etc. always exceeds their authority. Some of the NSA technicians were checking up on girlfriends/boyfriends and some were just following their favorite movie star. In other words oversight was bad and no one is suprised. I am 100% opposed to these abuses.
    The next factor in this arguement is I can assure that foriegn governments unfriendly to us are doing all this and more and will continue to do it even if we were to abolish the NSA tomorrow. To believe that your phone meta-data is “secret” is niave at best.

    And last and most important; I will guarantee you that in your lifetime, probably within the next five years, the terrorists will get a nuke and use it on a Western city. Could be NYCity, could be DC, or London, Paris, Tel Aviv. But it will happen. We can choose to do what is physically possible to try to stop it or we can wait until it happens while doing nothing. Understand that once they blow up NYCity or Tel Aviv or whatever EVERYTHING changes forever. Probably (like 1000:1) it means nuclear war. Not necessarily armegeddon but many nukes destroying most of the countries involved in terrorism and killing millions. No way around it. Anyone who thinks that Israel or the U.S. won’t go nuclear if a nuke is dropped on thier cities is living in dreamland. So I go back to my prediction: In the next five years or so the terrorists will get nukes and they will use them on a Western city. So if we don’t stop it than we will have nuclear war. Simple as that…

    So do you really, really care that NSA has your phone number somewhere on a computer and also the numbers you called and that called you???”

    • Tel Aviv quivers in fear. Not. More like a 9/11 neo-con re-play, say, a small nuke device going off in a mostly Muslim suburb of Detroit. The ZOG/MSM will then “discover” it to involve an “Iranian terror cell”, and the rest you know.

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