Touching the Raw Amygdala: An Analysis of Liberal Debate Tactics

20130109-212300Amygdala location and function

Worth your time.


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14 responses to “Touching the Raw Amygdala: An Analysis of Liberal Debate Tactics

  1. SemperFi, 0321

    I’ve been thinking the same kind of thing lately myself. Haven’t read it all yet, but will study it some more.
    Going out to dinner with some of my GF’s friends and church associates, I notice how the liberals react or don’t react to some of my pointed comments. Sometimes they just keep on talking, like that comment never existed, just complete denial and continue on with their side of conversation. Everything has to agree with their point of view perfectly, or they just negate you. Their total optimistic view of how wonderful the world is today, their next vacation to Mongolia to learn to make prayer flags, their chocolate god is doing wonders with the country, and then this absolute seething hate for the Tea Baggers and Constitution wackos. They’re very nasty people if you piss them off, and they seem clueless that something could ever happen to them. Highly educated, and childlike in mind.
    But it’s also good, they will suffer a total brain meltdown when things no longer support their dreamworld.

    • on 9/11 the collectivist hive-dwellers got a glimpse of their own future Armageddon. They stared, fascinated…and then blocked it out. The many crowd-focus’d Utube 9/11 videos are quite interesting in this and other respects. Also you can sometimes hear what people around the videographer are saying. Like a coupla urbanites staring up at the Towers and comparing notes on how many “jumpers” each had seen:

      “17 so far…”

      “wow, I’ve only seen 11…but maybe there’ll be some more”


  2. Excellent stuff! Thank you.

  3. Arkindole

    Ya gotta love writers still grasping to identify a single structure of the so-called “limbic system” as a mediator of particular behaviors–the oft failed functional localization thesis. Test it…come on…low DA will respond to a MAO inhibitor. There’s more DA in the orbitofrontal neocortex, so, carry on with that circuit analysis and possible plasticity during fucking development. Walk away from this shit.

    • But … but … but … it’s in all the biology and A&P textbooks!
      It can’t be wrong! 😉

  4. I spent my youth and was raised by a Dem as a Democrat, my adult years as a ultra conservative Republican. Now I’m awake.

    You would all do well to question how your own party has done these past decades vs. patting yourselves on the back for superior brain processing. This false Hegelian bullshit should stop.

    • Your false dichotomy should stop. Because the favorite target is Libtards/Regressives, you automatically ASSume “we” support the Stupid Party? LMMFAO. Most of us don’t HAVE political allegiances. You must be new, there are elephants hanging from cranes here on a regular basis.

      The Dhimmis are simply the lowest hanging fruit. Keep working at it, you’re not fully awake yet.

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  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Community Organizer

    I tried it out a couple days ago. Should have sold tickets.

    Don’t touch their amygdala: Beat it with concertina wire.

  8. So that’s why the .22LR is in such short supply. Everyone’s hoarding it for amygdala food. 🙂

  9. The trick, as the author states, is controlling your own emotions.

    That’s the part I have trouble with…. The damned AI (Amygdala Impaired) libtards just infuriate me!!!

    On those occasions when I have been able to refrain from expressing the desire to kill them, however, this approach works just as advertised.

    It’s probably too little, too late to “save” the country but the more addled they re, the less effective and vulnerable… all to the good.

    And the personal satisfaction?


  10. Hard to take this sort of thing seriously. “Analysis of one’s enemies”, sure to be reliable information there…