What Is Fascism?


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Money quote:

What defines fascism, however, is that while individuals may own property or the means of production, control of that property and the means of production remains in the hand of the state.

Deputy Emergency Assistant For Production Quotas Marie Harf could not be reached for intelligible comment:

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  1. I can hardly expect more then .5% of the population to understand this. Not even the freedom loving patriots who blather on and on on gun forums.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. When I see that blondie, I think of “the banality of evil”.

    • I think of that creature writing her last in Bracken’s “What I saw at the coup”, although I doubt Harf is as literate.

  4. Fascism is more than just economics – as is International Socialism. Fascism honors the unique traditions of the People and religion as well. Marxism on the other hand loathes both – as does Capitalism btw. Both of these are Economic Philosophies whereas Fascism is a philosophy of Man.

    America has surrendered to the Corporations and is a Plutocracy. They use the trappings of Communism to deal with the under class, but it’s clear who is calling the shots. Look at the cooperation between the higher Republican Party and Obama on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. These new “private” laws will supersede parts of the Constitution. And this kind of Capitalism is International too – just like Communism. They united against Fascism and the Nation State before and they will do so again at the drop of a hat. International Capitalism is deeper than Communism – its source and fund raiser. Communism was and is a project of the Bankers to undermine traditional civilizations. You think Libertarianism can stand against this alliance? This Conspiracy? Not a chance. Only Fascism/Nationalism can.

    • Paul Bonneau

      “Fascism honors the unique traditions of the People and religion as well.”

      Such as Judaism…

      Go on there, polishing that turd, fascism.

      • The Jewish nation declared war on Germany. Look it up, turd. The Jewish nation (it existed before the state of Israel did and it extends far beyond its borders, right into the Halls of Congress) boycotted Germany long before Germans boycotted Jewish shops.

      • Apologies. I thought you said “Go on there, polishing that turd, fascist.”

    • Fascism, in practice, = crony capitalism + state socialism. Exactly where things are tending now, and pretty bad stuff. I’ll take the Nationalism + Race part though. Also a charismatic leader, who will help tie things back together after the coming Age of Chaos

      • Nope, we have Plutocracy or rule by the Corporations. Fascism is the State keeping Corporations in line. You can’t keep the two spheres separate in the modern industrial state. Didn’t the American Government coordinate war efforts in the good old days? You simply have to choose which should dominate. The Corporations who are beholden to the stockholders and unanswerable to the people or the State which is (or should be) answerable to the People? No guarantee that the State will be answerable? Right, you are in the wrong universe if you want a sure thing. But it’s possible if the people are vigilant. The Corporations are unanswerable in principle. If they do anything for the good of the people and not strictly profit, they could be sued by the stockholders. You want to be ruled by shit like that?

    • Nightshade

      The myth is that Fascism plays on socially conservative values, and ONLY plays on those values, but that is not true. In the 1920s, Germany was socially egalitarian, and while the Nazi party was always anti-semitic, it was supportive of gay marriage, animal rights, supportive of wealth redistribution and virulently anti-capitalist. In the 1930s, Germans embraced more traditional social values and the Nazis, needing popular support, changed to appease the masses. Holdouts like Ernst Rhöm were purged, violently.

      Fascist Italy also had socially egalitarian origins (the Italian Fascist Party did not become anti-semitic until after forming an alliance with Hitler).

      As far as Fascism and religion goes, you are wrong.

      Fascism does not honor Judiasm.

      Fascism has a love-hate relationship with Christianity (In Nazi Germany, Christians who did not accept the perversion called the “Reich Church” were persecuted, while the Vatican supported the Croatian Nazis in their persecution of Serbs, Protestants and Jews). Modern Fascists have no love for any type of Christianity.

      Fascism and Islam have been traditionally lovers, married by a mutual hatred of Kuffars and Communism.

      • a 76 page report that discloses information on the association of this
        current POPE with world communist organizations and their agendas.

        A Catholic Group Exposes the Red Influence in the Vatican

        Doing the research and investigative work that the major U.S. media have
        all but abandoned, an organization called the American Life League (ALL)
        has uncovered dramatic evidence of links between the highest levels of
        the Roman Catholic Church and an international communist group known as
        the World Social Forum. The evidence suggests overt Marxist influence on
        the climate change movement that Pope Francis and his top advisers are
        now embracing.

        The ALL report, a 76-page PowerPoint presentation complete with original
        source material and numerous photographs, documents how Caritas
        Internationalis, the Vatican’s top social justice organization, is
        actually “providing leadership” to the communist group.


  5. “What defines fascism, however, is that while individuals may own property or the means of production, control of that property and the means of production remains in the hand of the state.”

    I think that this is logically-impossible.

    ISTM that “ownership” and “control” are synonyms.

    “Ownership” means “having exclusive control” over some asset. If the State controls “your property”, then you do not own that property.

    For example. If I “own” my body, then I get to decide how to use it, what to put into it, whether to destroy it or to nurture it. And so forth. A consequence of this ownership is that I also “own” the actions of my body …. so, I “own” the labour which I perform … I “own” the evil which I do, and the good. This seems to be the basis of criminal law; personal responsibility; ownership of your actions.

    If someone else is making those decisions about my body, then I cannot sensibly claim to own it, myself. I have become the property of another.

    • The problem may lie in “common usage.” While I “own” my house according to the bank and for census-questionnaire purposes, the reality is that the county owns it and rents it to me for “taxes” – proof – if I fail to pay my taxes, the county will send armed employees to confiscate and sell said property for whatever it can get……..

    • Paul Bonneau

      “I think that this is logically-impossible.”

      The author goes on to explain exactly that. It’s why he calls fascism a facade of private property.

      • He does, indeed.

        My post was in response to the header in WRSA. When I actually got around to reading the article, I found that the author’s understanding chimed pretty well with my own.

        I think it’s pretty clear that the notion of “State” cannot co-exist with the notion of “Property Rights”. There is no way to square that circle.

    • Anonymous

      Right. The FAA owns the airlines, the FRA owns the railroads, the FCC owns the wired and radio electronic communications, the EPA owns the fresh water, the King owns the deer in Sherwood Forest but says it is only preserving them for future generations, and so on. In fascism, government owns the means of production, but lies and claims it doesn’t.

      • If it ain’t under your control you don’t own it. That works both ways and it’s time folks acted like it.

    • You don’t own your body. If so, where did you buy it from? From whom? How much did you pay? Who are you going to leave it to after you die? Can we at least stop pretending that Capitalism solves all the mysteries of the universe? Or even all the problems of society?

      And since you body’s not going to last, nor is your presence in this world. The Earth laughs at men who think they own a piece of her. Soon she’ll be housing their bones in her bosom.

      Now at the level of conventional or relative truth, I’m all for private ownership. And I’d love the real estate tax to be repealed. Owning land and a home is good for people, families, and therefore society. Of course few men were able to win land on their own and then hold it. The Indians had to be conquered and kept down. And outlaws after that, both individuals and gangs. Men needed other men and sometimes the Army as well in the case of the Indians. So at the absolute level, ownership is a fiction and at the relative level it’s also relative since it involves the labor of other men. But it’s a most necessary conventional truth, both psychologically, socially, and politically as break on government power.

      • Regarding capitalism, your opinions aren’t particularly well-informed, since you’ve never seen it.

        The reality is we were ALL born into indentured servitude. If you know your history, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Hint: gold confiscation of 1933.

  6. WalkingHorse

    The article is spot-on, dead-nuts accurate. Fascism, or Corporatism, as Mussolini termed the economic aspects of Fascism, is the most practical means to administer a tyranny yet devised. [The resemblance to the Mafia should not be dismissed.] If you look carefully, you will find its traces in virtually every form of dictatorial rule. See the comment under my monicker at the end of the referenced article.

  7. I have seen several Harf SoS sessions in various information sources. And I keep wondering — Those glasses. If they really were prescription I would expect some minute presence of light reflection from time to time. Have not seen that yet. I keep concluding they are a prop to not make her not look so dumb. (She blows that as soon as she opens her mouth….).

    • Correct on both counts. 3 yrs ago she was associate policy director for national security for zero’s re-election campaign & before that a spokesperson for the CIA. NYT seemingly does a pretty good job with their wedding announcements anyway…

  8. WalkingHorse

    bogbeagle writes, “If someone else is making those decisions about my body, then I cannot sensibly claim to own it, myself. I have become the property of another.”

    Go to the head of the class sir. Fascism provides the illusion of personal property to gain the cooperation of people capable of producing an economic surplus, so the Fascist leadership has something to steal.

  9. A great compilation of the gaffs of this blond Goebbels-gargler for the Offal Office at Hillibat’s Statist Department. To me, she is a great government spoke-budgie.

    This is what American higher education produces.

    Bill Buppert

  10. I believe Mussolini also wrote in his manifesto on Fascism that it was a philosophy which is allowed to be whatever the Leader needs it to be thereby ever changing as the needs arise. Also, the means of production are kept in private hands but are REGULATED and COERCED as needed by the State. Just like here in the good old US of A. In Mussolini’s Italy, many government contracts were awarded to those who courted favor with the Party, paid bribes to those in power and trumpeted the Party line. Sound familiar?

    • Do you remember the opening scenes of Schindler’s List?

      As I recall, the main protagonist was currying favour with the Nazi Party, so as to gain the permissions necessary for his business enterprise.

      Sound familiar?

  11. Where is the ire? These are LIFE dependent necessities!
    WATER, AIR, FOOD and Shelter!
    I’m sure the EPA will include swimming pools as well as our bath tubs….

  12. gov possession of what is on our dominion (land)
    this will include what is in our bathtub, and swimming pool too…


  13. Perfect example of a “slack jawed, empty vessel”. Nothing there, no substance.

  14. bogbeagle is dead on. You cannot and don’t have ownership or property without control. When you control a thing, you own it. Any distinction between fascism and communism is a distinction that exists only in the minds of those who don’t grok property.

    • You don’t even control your own body. And you are right, you don’t own it or anything else, ultimately. You’ll have to settle for relative ownership – and I agree, it’s a very good thing.

  15. Spot on. I think blondie is a way to put a pretty face on smiley face fascism. Seen it before in college, when one that looked like that told me how Rambo helped Vietnam veterans. Yeah. Every time I think of those nuclear tipped arrow heads, I smile.

  16. outlawpatriot

    Well, when you consider corporations persons and money free speech…

  17. Paul Bonneau

    “Friends, we don’t have a socialist economy here in United States, despite all the squawking and screaming about President Obama. Nor do we have a free market, despite what we would like to believe or what we once might have enjoyed. What we are living in, economically speaking, is fascism where property is held privately in name only, but controlled by an army of bureaucrats from the central government.”

    I think this is mostly true, with some exceptions. Some institutions, e.g. government schools, are clearly socialist rather than fascist. And in a lot of cases (black market, grey market, individual transactions) we still have a free market. In fact we have a mixed economy, that is primarily fascist.

    • Paul Bonneau

      The other implication is that people who call for regulation (statists of all sorts, but “liberals” more often than not) are in fact, fascists – even if they don’t think of themselves that way.

  18. The article on Wikipedia about fascism is very interesting. It’s not a simple subject, and to try to reduce fascism as the author has leaves way too much out. (Among many problems with the article linked).

    Here is one section from the Wikipedia article I found interesting:

    “Robert Paxton says that fascism is “a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victimhood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a mass-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.”[32]

    Reading this one is reminded of the recent Baltimore and St. Louis riots. We have a preoccupation with community victimhood, and a cult of black and leftist unity led by violent militants. I think “black lives matter” is a fascist movement.

    • Anonymous

      The differences between Fascism/Socialism/Communism/Christian/Muslim are merely different cosmetic adornments, different bogus apologies justifying the same power structure. All political groups teach the same lesson: ‘some other group of humans is more important than you’, and you must do what you are told by this group of their supposed agents. “Governments” concern imaginary benevolent human natives who live in DC and rule you for your supposed benefit; “religions” concern imaginary benevolent extraterrestrial aliens who live in the sky and rule you for your supposed benefit. Democrats are more realistic than Republicans because at least the politicians exist.

    • Fascism is a well developed political philosophy and not just a pejorative or swear word to be used by both the Left and the Right. But funny enough, it is correct that both should use it thus since it is neither Left nor Right, but rather both and neither. How that’s? Because it isn’t an Economic Philosophy at all. Thus it is free to take from both sides as well as from traditional agrarianism.

    • You sound like you’re really interested. This is a three part series by a Peak Oil, back to the Land type Leftist. He’s a very bright guy and he admits his tribe totally distorts the meaning of the word Fascist by using to describe Republicans. You’ll have a very good understanding if you go thru all three articles. I can’t stand this guy but he gives Fascism a fair hearing.

  19. We’re still in phase of friendly fascism.

  20. It is obvious what the fraudulent issue of fascism versus communism accomplishes: it sets up, as opposites, two variants of the same political system; it eliminates the possibility of considering capitalism; it switches the choice of ‘Freedom or dictatorship?’ into ‘Which kind of dictatorship?’ — thus establishing dictatorship as an inevitable fact and offering only a choice of rulers. The choice — according to the proponents of that fraud — is: a dictatorship of the rich (fascism) or a dictatorship of the poor (communism). That fraud collapsed in the 1940’s, in the aftermath of World War II. It is too obvious, too easily demonstrable that fascism and communism are not two opposites, but two rival gangs fighting over the same territory — that both are variants of statism, based on the collectivist principle that man is the rightless slave of the state — that both are socialistic, in theory, in practice, and in the explicit statements of their leaders — that under both systems, the poor are enslaved and the rich are expropriated in favor of a ruling clique — that fascism is not the product of the political ‘right,’ but of the ‘left’ — that the basic issue is not ‘rich versus poor,’ but man versus the state, or: individual rights versus totalitarian government — which means: capitalism versus socialism.

    — Ayn Rand

  21. Jimmy the Saint

    Unfortunately, there is a tendency to conflate Nazism with Fascism. They aren’t identical. Among other significant differences, while Fascism is forward-looking and embraces technological progress, Nazism’s ultimate goal was a return to an agrarian society. While Nazism draws somewhat from Fascism, it isn’t an offshoot of it. Hell, even the Nazis themselves said that it was a system particular to Germany and probably wouldn’t work elsewhere. It was a one-off; sui generis, essentially.

    • No they’re not the same thing: Fascism is a category or set and Nazism is a member of that set. Btw, by definition, Fascism is very diverse. Each nation that adopts Fascism will tailor it to its own needs. Franco didn’t touch race per se, he merely loved Spain, its people and Catholic traditions. In other words, he didn’t think the Spanish had some unique, eternal destiny apart from other Catholic countries. Apparently, over time after the war, he came to believe that God had chosen him to lead Spain against the Communists. But he only shared this with his family and close friends. He never propagated a cult of himself. He didn’t like Hitler but dealt with him because the Allies wouldn’t help him. One can only surmise that they wanted Communism to win in Spain.

      Obviously, German National Socialism was quite a bit different – far less Christian and oriented more towards Race and a unique destiny for the German people and secondarily for other related peoples.

      The Iron Guard of Romania was Orthodox Christian.

    • You are right: Nazism was for them. Italy had its own. Spain its own. You are right about the love of the soil and the glorification of rural life. But only partially. The economic miracle of Nazi Germany was very real and even its enemies admitted the technological genius at work there. Once you throw out the International Banker parasites (who are killing us), much becomes possible.

  22. I thought Harf was promoted to Kerry’s private playboy bunny now? Did she fail the audition?

  23. Where is the coverage of the “draw Mohammed” event in Phoenix going on right now?

    Methinks Veteran Bikers holding an event outside a large metro Mosk during Friday prayer, would get some ack.
    Breitbart is reporting death threats.
    Does it start here? Does it start now?
    The silence is deafening.

  24. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/05/29/islamists-promise-kuffar-blood-will-spill-at-phoenix-draw-muhammad-contest/

    Uh, Open Carry Armed Vets/bikers, decide the goat fornicators can piss up a rope, in Phoenix, tonight, and what?
    You missed it? Not worthy?

    Let’s see what happens than.

  25. Meanwhile at the Jade Helmet music festival and Mo’S Moron’s coloring fest, things were warming up:


  26. swan832013

    just another way of helping out the ones that really can’t help themselves… yeah right… when is enough— enough……


  27. Mussolini controlled corporations. In America, corporations control presidents, congress, senators.

  28. It’s finally out: the documentary about the rape of Germany by the allies. Good information about Eisenhower’s death camps, the fire bombing of Dresden (filled with refugees and POW’s), etc. Not just Russian misdeeds in other words, though they were the worst.

    More Germans died after the outbreak of peace then in all six years of war.

  29. The Walkin' Dude
  30. OT monster post over at Brock’s place. Here’s a money quote from the Ten Cracka Commandments

    “Always remember that it is never a question of if violence, but whose violence are you going to defend. Unjust state-sanctioned and racist violence, or justified resistance; the choice is yours, the choice is ours.”

    Nice, well at least we agree there will be violence. That’s nice. Seriously go to http://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com and read the post on Ten Cracka Commandments.

    • Well “said”. Fascism extolls a healthy mind in a healthy body. The excesses of Capitalism lead to deficiencies; every boom leads to a bust. The market will right itself they say. Of course – but many of the ruined never will. So with every bust, the rich get fatter and the poor get thinner. As one pundit put it, I want to live in a country that has a market not one that is a market.

      Is it ok for agriculture to be treated like any other market? No, because it’s not like any other business – it is preeminent because life depends on it. Thus farmers need to get whatever they need in the way of loans.

      • ghostsniper

        Then thank your lucky stars you aren’t a farmer cause you’d have to get used to sucking gov’t dick.

  31. HHH Old Vet.

    Allodial land contract: the ONLY way to Own land in the USA, once in place you will own the land and pay no taxes to Rome, otherwise you do not own the land. Before that you Must have your Original Birth certificate, which is difficult as most were and are sent to Puerto rico for supposed safe keeping? You do Not even own yourself if you can’t produce THE Original.

    I suppose most of you know this?

  32. I think fascism is good… for fascists. They should get what they desire. This is what Panarchy provides for, fascism for fascists, communism for communists, conservatism for conservatives, etc. Of course those who are not fascists will resist any attempts to impose it on them, once Panarchy is a reality. As long as they don’t try it, what they do among themselves is none of our business.