Why Not More Concern Over Islamic Terrorism and Aggression?


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And yes, I know that the Western elites in the increasingly supranational and increasingly unfree world are largely non-Muslim.

They sure seem to be anxious to avoid certain topics, however.

But of course – yes, I know that Omar down at the newspaper kiosk is a wonderful chap who loves his family and his fellow man.

Notwithstanding Omar and his benevolence towards all, I am also utterly confident that there are wise men on Team Mo who have calculated how surprisingly little it will take to get the West to collapse after Obama orders the American military not to support the House of Saud against the (dubious-origin) ISIS machine.

Just as I am utterly certain that very, very few in the American halls of power have considered this response to the Religion of Peace.

Polygonal battlespace, kids.

With serious people.

Coming to your town soon.


20 responses to “Why Not More Concern Over Islamic Terrorism and Aggression?

  1. I get where this is coming from, but it’s perhaps a little short-sighted.

    While there are certainly plenty of arguments to be made against Islam as a whole, the source of global terrorism that we’re dealing with today is from a specific subset of Salafi Sunni Islam. Say what you will about the Iranians, but the Shias are downright tolerant compared to some of their neighbors, and are doing their best to butcher ISIS and the like.

    So on a lark, I decided to do a simple search for “Salafi mosques in the United States.” Found their addresses, looked at them on Google Street View. Found their websites and Twitter pages and poked around a little. Here’s the thing: they all opposed IS, AQ, etc. Ones in my area were holding seminars speaking against them and handing out what I assume is the Muslim equivalent of Jack Chick tracts against them. (And don’t say it’s “taqiyya” – that’s a Shia thing.)

    The known, stateside Islamic preachers that openly support IS, AQ, etc. are probably so monitored by every intelligence agency (assuming they’re not a willing, controlled honeypot) that trying to go after them would probably be self-defeating.

    tl;dr: if you care about things like “moral high ground” or “not shooting yourself in the foot,” do research and know your enemy.

    • Yep – local mosque here had a hothead who decided he needed to jihad the Buddhist temple down the street. When he wouldn’t be talked out of it the Imam personally gave him up and handed him over to LEO before harm was done.

      • And the next thing you know– local LEOs having been brushed aside– Special Agent Hothead was sitting in a debrief with his colleagues down at the field office, wondering where to go from here.

  2. there’s a deeper issue than “terrorism”. Islam fundamentally does not “get” the Western notion of a separation of Church and State. That’s why it alone of the world religions has maintained an effective dynamism. Perhaps the Sunni/Shi’a War that’s now spreading through the Middle East will be the equivalent of Europe’s 30 Years War. But I doubt it. Because in general, Isramerica is funding and arming the Sunni Jihad, now morphed into ISIS. For Zion, Islamic terrorism is most useful. Consider 9/11. 19 Sunni terrorists were the gun. But someone else pulled the trigger, and these people have names: Wolfowitz, Feith, Pike, Bolton, Zelikow, Zackheim and Co. + MOSSAD. Compared to these guys, the Muslims are children

    • Islam is a political system wrapped in the trappings of religion. Actually quite efficient for if you can imbue the adherent with the religion, then their politics/slavery will naturally follow without a protest.

      What is sheer irony is that the same elite that will protest for the complete separation of church and state misses the chance to have more complete control of the population as a whole by doing just the opposite. The early Church held great way over matters of State in the middle ages. Were that kind of influence in force today that very same protesting elite would probably be a Bishop or Cardinal advising on extragovermental matters today.

  3. ghostsniper

    I can’t get too worked up over these foreign figments when there are sanctioned terrorists just a few miles away.

    I can shoot the figments if they bother me with no repercussions, but if I defend myself with overwhelming violence against sanctioned terrorists, life as I know it is over.


    • “I can’t get too worked up over these foreign figments . . .”

      100 percent absolutely damn straight. I would add only that the “foreign figments” are, in as near to all cases as makes no difference, just off-the-books subsidiaries of the “sanctioned” terrorists.

    • Agreed. Some people have trouble deciding who the real enemies are. You know, the people with the means and the motivation to harm you, and a history of doing so. Do we tithe the Muslim religion? No. We tithe the Government Religion, whether we like it or not.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Angelo, I will be near Rutland next Saturday (not tomorrow) and would like to grab a coffee. my email tcumseh@hushmail.com if your anywhere near that. Really appreciate what you posted about VT.

  6. He catalogs 10 reasons people might not be afraid or focused on “Islamic Terrorism”. But he doesn’t debunk any of them. Presumably he assumes that all the reasons listed are bunk, but that’s a very lazy.

    For instance hi s number 4:

    “4) Some argue that terrorism, while deplorable and tragic, isn’t really that dangerous in the scale of things, and that your risk of being killed or crippled from slipping while getting out of the bathtub (for example) is greater than your chance of being killed or crippled in a terrorist attack. This view is often coupled with the view that fear of terrorism is being stoked for political and/or bureaucratic reasons: for example, increased surveillance of citizens. There is great suspicion that the oil industry and the “military-industrial complex” are encouraging warfare for their own economic purposes.

    I would more or less agree with the first 1/2 of his description – I don’t think it’s that dangerous to me.

    I prefer not to have any Muslims in the USA for cultural reasons. I detest their religion, but I think it can and should be contained (quarantined) to the Middle East.

    I don’t think that IS ruling the deserts of Iran and Syria is way worse than the Quds forces of Iran running it. I therefore don’t think we have “a dog in the fight” and were it up to me I would stop wasting money chasing one group of Arabs around with million dollar drones.

    Am I right? The author doesn’t even put up an argument, much less win it.

  7. I had to chuckle about the “Causes of Terrorism” graphic. I guess INVADING AND OCCUPYING OTHER COUNTRIES is not a cause? We can simply ignore this factor?

    I guess it’s not terrorism when a wedding celebration is droned. They find some other euphemism for the act, such as “fighting insurgency”.

    “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
    — George Orwell

  8. No, very definitely not coming to my town soon.

    Your chart fails to point out that Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban kill Muslims, almost all. Muslims over there, not Muslims here.

    Unless you read a few things like this every week or so, you can’t have much sense of reality about Muslims as people instead of the stereotypes those arguments are based on, stereotypes about how dumb Americans are, also.

  9. katzkiner

    There is another “Draw Mohammed” event in front of the mosque of the two jihadi at Gellers event. This event is at 6:15 PM today. The Marine hosting the event asked any operators in the area to attend-armed. The Friday prayers will be ajourning about the same time. It will likely get interesting.
    With 2000+ mosques in Texas we could have a flashpoint event today.
    Check your gear.
    Sorry for the short notice but I just got an email alert myself.

    • katzkiner

      The mosque in question is located in the Phoenix area, but, if it breaks loose Texas will likely go up in flames also. You know the sleeper cells are primed coast to coast.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Another fishing party, hoping some more federally funded stooges bite the hook.
      Then we can live in even more fear of terrorists carrying pressure cookers in search of cartoonists.

      • Registration of pressure cookers will save us.

        • Meh, pressure cookers are old news now, the new concern of the thuggery wonks is people that home brew, can’t let all the CO2 into the biosphere, ya know. 😉