Porretto: Harbinger


Synthesis of the Obamanation, the Waco biker massacre, and a growing conviction that the time for action is coming.

Worse is better.

Can you and your people train folks quickly?

Best be planning how to do just that.

Tempus fugit.

21 responses to “Porretto: Harbinger

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. well, if Obama is the problem, then voting for whatever warmongering, corporate-socialist, neo-con Zionist stooge the Republiscams vomit up should solve the problem. Oh. It won’t? No, it won’t. In fact, Obama/Hiligula are exactly the sort of people I want on the bridge of the Titanic when the iceberg looms

  3. “You can’t handle the Truth!”

    Boy, howdy.

  4. Anyone on WRSA have eyes on this?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s staged theatre, or don’t you understand that? The best thing you can do is ignore this media distraction, and work on something worthwhile, like your reading or hand skills. I like to spend my indoor time reloading, good for hand and eye coordination.

    • While I can sympathize with the notion that it is generally a bad idea to make fun of another’s religion (no matter how absurd), I’m afraid the counter-protesters here are making a mistake. Freedom of speech trumps niceness. Once it is a given, accepted by all, that we can say what we please, only then do we have the luxury of working on being nice to each other. It doesn’t work, going at it from the opposite direction.

  5. Time for more PT.

  6. CA,

    Thanks for posting that poster piece of “A Few Good Men” changed to reflect the realities of “the turd” I call soetoro-obama. The reality is that the bulk of FUSA voted for the “turd” not once but twice. Who are truly the enemies of Freedom & Liberty ?

    Anyhow….I laughed until I had tears in my eyes when reading that. I’m especially thankful the author called the bastard a mulatto. Words have meaning. I find the truth to often be funny, downright hilarious.

    Thanks for the humor I took from the truth. And thanks for your continuing hard work making WRSA available.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The reality is that the bulk of FUSA voted for the “turd” not once but twice.”

      No, that’s the perception. He got a little over 50% of the vote, and the voters comprised about 50% of those eligible to vote, and less than 50% of the population; i.e., he got 1 in 4 or less. The bulk of the population never voted for him.

      • Thanks for that, Jimmy. Too many folks throwing the “Murkins all voted for obammy, they’re your real enemy” BS.

        No. Oblame-me and those who control him are the real enemy.

        • Hey ’06, would you have been happier if I had written the bulk of the Electoral College voted for him twice ? Or do you just want to get into a contest over the definition of the word “bulk” ?

          You can slice and dice the defense of your friends, family and neighbors any way you want. The fact IS the effing majority of voters DID put him in office TWICE !

          Perhaps you can explain for me, due to my ignorance, just who are “those who control him are the the real enemy” happen to be ? Care to clarify your rhetorical, unsubstantiated remark ?

          • Danny boy, I’d be ‘happier,’ and so would you, if I didn’t have to read your ubiquitous, incessant and redundant rants about “the illegal usurper soetoroobama” about every third post here.

            Do you really think that the MAJORITY of those commenting and reading here don’t already know and agree with that? Do you honestly think we need you to tell us that? Over and over and over?

            And the tantrums when anyone disagrees with you… my, my, my, talk about “happiness” or the lack thereof.

            Take a deep breath, Dan, then say to yourself, “I’m OK and people like me, dog gone it!”

            They will, too, when you ease back on the patronizing and condescension.

        • Oughtsix,

          “….they’re your real enemy BS”.

          From my reading your many and obsessive remarks splattered across the numerous essays at WRSA, I’ve noticed you often cite other’s comments as “BS” or your other favorite term, “bullshit”. You appear to have a fixation on cow dung. Am I missing something here ? Or do you have a limited vocabulary ?

          “BS”, “bullshit”….Seems to me that’s just your way of commenting when you can’t express yourself intellectually. But that’s okay. That’s just you. We all have our limitations, eh ?

          • “Am I missing something here ?”


            “Or do you have a limited vocabulary ?”


      • Gee Jimmy, seems to me that the “bulk” did vote for soetoro-obama. For those who chose to sit home or hangout on the Internet like your new found friend oughtsix does, and not vote, are not part of the voting equation. Besides, for all of those who voted for soetoro-obama, the Electoral College, shall we say the “bulk” of them, supported the turd. Or would you care to argue that ?

        I stand by my quoted remark. Your numbers game is an unsubstantiated, unnecessary argument.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Your numbers game is an unsubstantiated, unnecessary argument.”

          What numbers game? The simple fact is that in hard number terms, Obama got the votes of about 25% of the US population – that’s it. It’s something to bear in mind with every president – even when they win big, they aren’t really getting a majority of the country

          It’s all propaganda – trying to convince the masses that “everyone” supports this candidate, or that cause, when in reality, most people don’t regard either all that much. Witness what the media has done with homosexuality – kids now think that about 1 in 3 people are gay because of how prevalent it is in what they see/read/hear. Of course, they’re only off by an order of magnitude… but hey, math is tricky.

  7. Cilla Mitchell

    Thank you for posting this. The reactions I got from friends who received a copy was priceless.

  8. IF america were a CHRISTIAN NATION like they ALL love to claim,we wouldn’t be in the end of america times like we are,GOD TOLD ALL HIS PEOPLE WHO oboozo the clown was in 2006,and warned them to spread the word, DON”T VOTE FOR OBOOZO HE’LL DESTROY AMERICA ,AND GET US INTO WW3,how many listened,maybe ONE OUT OF TEN…..get ready for WAR or die in a fema death camp,YOUR CHOICE,and DON’T take their chip or the mark of the BEAST…..or find out what most americans will learn the hard way,YOU’LL BE SENT TO HELL FOR IT……….