Incendiary Image of the Day: CSGV Mask Slips




  1. Atlas Shrug

    OK so they’re all pumped up and excited. Fine.

    I would like to see just one of them personally try to do some “treading” on me. I bet they would not be so pumped then.

    Stupid liberal pussies. They have no clue of what they speak. None.


    • That’s where the jack boots come in.

    • Its not they you have to fear directly. It is their willingness to manipulate the State to the ends they desire that is to be feared.

      • And that’s why, under the premises of Fourth Generation Warfare, their costumed attack dogs will not be the main target of any righteous retaliation. The main targets will be them, the enablers and instigators of tyranny, who must be made to reap all that they have sown.

        They think they can propagandize while safely ensconced in academia and media, and that the police-military agents (whom they secretly despise too) will be happy to keep on bleeding for them.

      • Mark Matis

        And the willingness of the Praetorian Guard to be manipulated. In direct violation of their very oath of office to the Constitution. As long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. And as long as they have their special perks and privileges. Because those shiny badges do indeed grant extra rights.

      • Everybody is willing to do that. However, the state is not in the habit of letting itself be manipulated. It prefers to do the manipulation.

  2. One of the commenters posted this on CSGV’s FB group. I think it sums it up rather nicely.

  3. CGSV, aka, the Sugarman Klan of Kapos, once again show how thick they truly are. I invite as many as are willing to come on out here to Arizona and tread, barefoot, on any of our many species of rattlesnakes. A rattlesnake generally sounds a warning if possible, giving the “bare” foot an opportunity to tread elsewhere. If only the anti-liberty creeps would actually thin themselves out with the proposed, or similar, actions. And of course, the flag irony is totally lost on these Kapos. The flag was an illustration that people who tread on the “armed” viper suffer as a result. A more clueless lot would be harder to find.

  4. Farago remains confused. The cosmic tyranny-enablers are not our “fellow Americans”. And we are not their “fellow Americans”.

  5. This is the mentality we’re dealing with on CSGV’s farcebook page…

    “Kevin Burns They should be put into camps and given tattoos. Anyone of them trying to escape should be executed so as to not pose a threat to our society. You in?”

    Looking through the comments,it appears that pro-gun comments outnumber the anti-gun zealot comments for now-I’m sure many of the pro-gun comments will be removed soon.

  6. And it it’s on, motherfucker, then it’s on, G.

  7. I like it. It’s right up there with, “Let Them Eat Cake”…

  8. They call for violence. Are they prepared for it?
    They must think that the police are there to protect them.

    • Mark Matis

      The police are there to protect their Masters. And their Brothers in Blue. And to generate revenue. And their Masters agree with CSGV.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They call for violence. Are they prepared for it?”

      What, you think they haven’t been preparing, too?

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    seems to me our “humanity” had an encounter with a serpent a few years back in a couple called “Adam, and Eve.” bad decisions made back then carried through until today. disobedience=non-good.



    WARNING: “Stripping motivated people of their God-given rights, and then rubbing their noses in it is a very bad idea indeed.”


  10. And an act of kinetic response visited upon their offices as a false-flag (with news crew in waiting) in 3, 2, …

  11. swan832013

    this is all this guy needs to do…. he thinks there is unrest in this country now… but maybe that is what he wants…. the unrest that is…..


  12. GA Patriot

    The penchant for libtards to threaten armed people is hilarious.

  13. They’re using incrimentalism and are quite successful at it because they know Gun owners in general will kiss whatever ass necessary to remain “law abiding” even if they means they are only “allowed” to own a single shot .22 in the future….

  14. There are folks on both sides who’ve never taken a punch to the face or had to actually do physical harm to someone. The anti gunner groups however are filled with them.

    • Last night a neckbeard Car2Go driver passed me in a 25 zone (slight down grade, tailwind, bike going 24-27 mph in-lane) at over 40mph into pedestrians crossing, cars parking & backing across the lanes (who woulda thought a Smart Car could get up and go?). Everyone missed everyone else, so it was fine, right? That young man has obviously never been hurt, and has no no thought or feeling for anyone else. He got a good glare from me inside the Fred Meyer store while he waited in “Customer Service” line.

      There’s no psychopathy test for a driving license or public office. Some of the public knows this and armors up with 2-ton cars.

  15. Grenadier1

    Tread, you keep using this word, I do not think it means what you think it means.
    You seem to think that it means crush without consequence…No no my friend….there will be consequences.

  16. CSGV Agitprop. Timeworn and flogged to impotence. Those who do not know individual freedom, those who have never served in the military, and those who do not care for personal responsibility will always fan this fire of fear of weapons in the hands of free men. It is the banner cry of central authority. They fail to understand that many people do not need nor wish overarching government controls of their lives. Free men and women are not fear driven and are quite capable of rational thought and responsible action independent of the herd.

    • Mark Matis

      Hive dwellers LUVS them some Big Government. And they LUVS them some Only Ones. And hive dwellers are the majority in this country at the present time.

  17. killemall

    Today when people use the phase “law abiding” I laugh and ask …… have you read the f’in laws lately idiot?

    Tyranny knows no bounds when it comes to laws. There is not going to be anything legal about the beat down that’s coming to these pricks.

    Get over the fantasyof remaining legal.

  18. not likely

    I don’t know why they keep pushing in an obvious manner. The “soft” approach is working quite nicely for them. IE domestic violence accusations, victimless felony convictions, you get the idea. It’s merely a matter of time until they start taking them for parking tickets.

    • Jim Klein

      “I don’t know why they keep pushing in an obvious manner.”

      Because it’s late for them too, and they’re in a tough spot. Hence, they do what they know.

      Notice, though, that when it comes to brass tacks, they’re not quite so pushy. It’s easy to give an old lady a speeding ticket, not so easy a Hell’s Angel. So who gets more?

      The Silk Road techie got a life sentence last week; take a look at some of the vermin who didn’t. (Apologies to vermin.)

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The Silk Road techie got a life sentence last week; take a look at some of the vermin who didn’t.”

        Consider that some of the vermin were smart enough to offer payoffs or cut TPTB in on their take. The Silk Road guy probably failed to grease the right palms.

    • But it isn’t working for them. It only serves to wake the peons, and further enrages them. At the cost of a few people thrown in jail, they have lost tremendous amounts of “legitimacy” with their overreach. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The battlefield is in peoples’ minds…

  19. I’ve made my list, I’ve checked it twice. I already know who’s naughty and nice. Rev War III is coming….to town.

    The fact that a bare foot is stepping on a rattlesnake shows, quite humorously, how unprepared the collectivists are for what their leaders are walking them into.

  20. “Let’s tread on them”. BRING IT !

  21. Here was my response when I first saw that: link
    (hope that link works…)

  22. The CSGV flag seems to send a mixed message, and is laughable in any case. But hey, just keep going down that road, see where it gets ya, CSGV…

  23. 1984 boot face

  24. Neros Lyre

    What they really don’t get when it comes right down to it is the “gun”in the hands of honest ,good MEN is what has protected them to be simpering pantywaist morons from the beginning.When IT happens,and it will,these morons who believe they will be able to go on with their lives normally will be lucky to be left alive by the PTB and hoe rows of turnips for the masters.Most of the uppermiddleclass wannabes who thump keyboards and push bs around for a living wont be worth feeding.There is only so much need for that now already as is proven by the real unemployment data.

  25. Actually, this could be a fun OSINT trolling opportunity. A lot of people use their real names, hometowns and places of business on Facebook. Select maybe ten from the comments list, and dox them in the comments to this picture. No threats, no other words, just – we know your name, what you look like, who your friends and family are, where you live and/or work. Let them work out the implications from there.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Find those with some really vicious comments, and let Mark Matis at them. He would serve as a good teacher to the rest of us. Somehow, he’s real good with the hypothetical murder threats and not getting in trouble over it.

      • Dude’s pathological. I think a cop banged his girl or something. I’m not sure he should be doing PR for our side, but if we need our own Hannibal Lecter…

        • Mark Matis

          I just do not particularly enjoy killing people, but I understand that the Only Ones will stop any attempt to remove their Masters. How do YOU propose to get past them???

          Or are you with Sipsey and War and Max and Fred et al, convinced that there are only a few bad apples in the bunch, and that as soon as FreeFor goes after the Elite, the rest of the Blue Wall will fall in behind to support??

    • Damn 937 that is a solid and actionable item. Thank you.

      • No problem. After lurking around on a few sample people, I found a couple things interesting:

        1. A lot of them are aged flower children. Demography will solve that problem soon enough. For every one of them, teach two of the younger generation. Out-breed them, literally or figuratively.

        2. There’s some common ground between “us” and some of the younger ones. I’m seeing one guy complaining about the TSA on his own page, another arguing against anything “unconstitutional” (yet being pro-gun control)…some of these folks might not be ideological lost causes, just dupes. Those types might respond to a friendly discussion more than an “I know where you live” letter.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “A lot of them are aged flower children. Demography will solve that problem soon enough. For every one of them, teach two of the younger generation. Out-breed them, literally or figuratively. ”

          That’s a very long-term solution, though. The Boomers vastly outnumber Gen X, which was something of a baby-bust. Gen Y and the Millenials aren’t exactly giant birth cohorts, either. So you’re going to need a generation or two to recover, AND you’ve still got a problem with FSA births, which come at a pretty fast clip.

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  27. Alfred E. Neuman

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  28. Database of official killing fatalencounters.org