More On The Proposed ITAR Expansion

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  1. “More specifically, this kind of “technical data” would be “blueprints, drawings, photographs, plans, instructions or documentation” related to ammunition and firearms.”

    Looks like a fedgov inspired Ghost Gun/Liberator barbecue. Keep swinging kids, pretty soon there will be contact.

  2. Kill all they send and they will stop coming.

  3. Paul Bonneau

    This paranoid fantasy ain’t happening any time soon. Too bad, we could use a good clearing out of the ruling class.

    • not likely

      Tell that to Cody Wilson. I’m sure he’ll be relieved to hear .fed isn’t filing suit against him on these very grounds. Oh, wait, they’ve already threatened to. Was the attempted M855 ban a “paranoid fantasy” too? How about the attempt to ban AKs?….. Take your time.

      • You misunderstand me. I am not saying they aren’t putting up trial balloons. I’m not saying they don’t want this tool. I’m saying that implementing it on a broad scale will be problematical for them, even if they manage to push it through whatever pseudo-legal trickery it takes to get it installed.

  4. The obstacle is the way and we have to look at these as opportunities. I’ll let the usual suspects plead and write and speak out for their “rights”. Maybe they can even submit comments to the DoS during the “public comment” period. How amusing.

    Computer files and books. Most of us are amateur gunsmiths or quite accomplished and have plenty of ‘smithing and gun books laying about. Keep the ones you have and scour garage sales for more.

    Computer files – PDFs, word docs, training videos, gunsmithing texts and tactical FMs, manuals, all of the stuff that may become contraband or illegal thanks to the latest bureaucratic nonsense from the totalitarian temptress in the Offal Office.

    First things first, if you don’t have a computer that has never been hooked to the internet; it’s time to do that. Get a cheap one off CraigsList or a local shop. I am sure that many of you have similarly thinking friends in meat-space. You’d be amazed what a top performer a 2009 vintage Apple desktop is or even a cranky windows machine. I prefer Apple but I have an unconnected windows machine that I use for archives and music/movie storage. If the machine has an internal drive, wipe it. Get an external drive or two, you’ll be astonished at how inexpensive they are now. Then EXFAT the drives and overwrite them (35 passes). I would appreciate any input on how to ensure these drives remain untagged from any unpleasant baggage the SLAVFOR may have installed on them but then again the proper hygiene is that these drives will never be on a computer attached to the ‘net.

    This demands a great deal of proper observance of air-gapping because the moment these drives are connected to the ‘net the three letter agencies can find a way to get to them. Thanks to Snowden, we know all this now.

    Now the fun begins, whoever your local FREEFOR contacts are, your fellow villagers, you begin to accumulate all the technical files, books, self-sufficiency & otherewise and cross-level these data depots among each other on drives.

    This keeps what may in the future be contraband in the hands of FREEFOR and gives a nudge to sharing and cross-leveling the information across the group. It also makes this an opportunity to check on the total volume holding you may have, appoint a village archivist.

    And if you don’t own a typewriter, buy one, they’re cheap. Harnessed to a courier system for the coming Endarkenment, no three-letter agency in SLAVFOR can intercept it.

    The latest grasping attempt at disarmament is a desperate act and in no way will it have anything but the opposite effect. This is a golden nudge for FREEFOR to dust the shelves and consolidate useful data.

    Bill Buppert

    • Absolutely agreed!
      Freedom loving folks should have much of what they want to ban in their current library. IF NOT, GET AFTER IT NOW, KIDS!

      In fact, there is much to be said about teaching this info from one to another, face-to-face. Know the people in your AO who are known for their exceptional knowledge of specific calibers, casting lead, reloading, etc
      And this will naturally have an opposite effect….more good.

    • Lets go all the way here —

      * Any historical reference to Washington crossing the Delaware will require suppression. Texts have reference to the canon Major Knox used in the assault.
      * All of Brady’s tintypes of civil war ordinance, depiction of river boats and glimpses of Gatling guns must be suppressed.
      * D-Day images for `eyes only` reference. Museums to remove all photos that show any armaments.

      Far fetched? Well consider Title IX lawsuits were only supposed to be limited to sports. Today it is being used to bring forth sexual assault cases on campuses nationwide.

  5. Also keep in mind that on the assault weapon and magazine bans are still on the books and awaiting a new federal law to put punitive teeth back in them. This should’ve rolled off more than 10 years ago.

    Don’t believe me? Look up 27 cfr 478.40 and .40a.

  6. Honestly, their unbridled arrogance boggles my mind… If they honestly believe that they can ban communications by imperial decree, they are more delusional than even *I* thought.

    When (not if) they ban normal free speech, they will drive that speech into meat-space, where it can’t be monitored, and it will be far more of a threat to .gov security than the mundane conversations normally occurring on the internet now. And it will force like-minded people to come together locally.

    .Gov really has no idea that they’re putting their collectivist heads into the lion’s mouth, do they?

      • Under the heading “never interrupt the enemy when they’re in the midst of making a huge mistake.”

    • yeah absolutely! Hubris. They are so full of themselves, so very confident in their level of education and understanding of the problem. They deem themselves as more knowing than thee.

      They truly have no idea of the lion’s mouth. No idea.

    • Either that, Cap, or they do know what they’re doing and think they can win.

      For some of these people, living in a “Green Zone” is THE life style, which is a good thing because that’s the only way they’ll be able to live.

      • the SS #’s (& etc.) of 4 million .gov parasite employees just got hacked by an “unknown party”. We are Legion; the ZOG and its entitlement groups are doomed. Sucks to be them

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “they do know what they’re doing and think they can win.”

        Large wager on this. They’ve been building and building and building. Society is weak and faltering on many levels. They know they’re close. They may yet be proven wrong, but right now they’re pretty sure they’re ready, or very close to it.

        • Society is weak and faltering on many levels.

          Second that analysis. Shit has become to obvious and sheeple are milling around realizing they were left high and dry. Globally wolves are circling the wounded animal looking for an opening.

          God speed patriots, better to die men standing on our feet than bent over Bruce Jenner’s sink.

        • “Society is weak and faltering on many levels.”

          So what? We already know many people will die in the great correction. A certain percentage will adapt and thrive. That’s humanity for ya. Both Samuel Adams and Thomas Paine were ne’er-do-wells before the Revolution.

  7. Nightshade

    The oh so omniscient NSA failed to stop even one attack by al queda. Yet they think they can ban the sharing of firearms information? Good luck with that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That presumes that they’re really paying any degree of attention to al-Qaida.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    Hey! Big Ears! The “Boy Pharaoh!”

    ‘member what happened last time you went ‘effing with “God’s chosen people?” a mighty wall-o-water came crashing down on your war-chariots and cavalry.

    fast forward–2015–Sons and Daughters of The Living and True God, doing His work, peaceable, minding their own business, loving life, family and friends, assisting those less fortunate and being hope and encouragement to others.

    keep messing with these, and those ancient walls-o-water will be like a squirt gun compared to the “clean up” that will get started under Him today.

  9. This isn’t just an American Free Speech issue, this has planetary implications.

    I believe it is time to show the government a few things.
    First off, I propose that every concerned citizen who has any kind of technical electronic file such as they propose to ban gather them up and get ready to download them to the internet on a given day.

    Next I propose that every individual who has a Blog get ready to disperse this data. .

    Then we pick a date and do a massive info dump all at once. Completely overload the system with every piece of gun related info you can get your hands on. Heck, put links to them into the comments section of the major MSM sites even

    Find a catchy name for it and spread the word around the planet.

    That should keep them busy for a while, they can’t possibly find and prosecute millions of people no matter how all powerful they have deluded themselves into thinking they are and as we all should know by now, what gets on the internet, stays there forever.

    • Philip – +1
      Scale it up. Mass civil disobedience (global FUCKYOU) – Starting NOW. EVERY patriot. EVERY day. Until this SHIT ends. Defy – Resist – Download – Email – and POST every bit of technical info you can find on EVERY weapon system known. I don’t give a flying RATFUCK if it is automatic sears, silencers, or depleted uranium SPEAR points on a STICK. Let them try to shut THAT down.

    • outlawpatriot

      My thoughts exactly.

      Betcha more than half here wouldn’t do it.

      Just sayin’. 🙂

      • Leading by example . . . Fair Use Notice
        This information may be copyrighted material, the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. It is being made available in an effort to advance the understanding of political, human rights, democracy, scientific, or social issues, etc. It is believed that this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes.”

  10. I don’t care anymore what laws they pass or make or whatever. I buy any firearms I want ( or can get or afford), I shoot, clean and work on them and they will never be sold as once bought are in my collection forever. I buy all the darn ammo I can get my hands on. Screw the feds and their laws. I choose not to obey.

  11. Bill Harzia

    The Gunsmiths of Danao seem to do just fine without internet access.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. When I took the North Carolina CCW exam, it took all day, and included range time. Along with all the statutes, regs, etc,… There was technical data explaining bullets, casings, primers, powder, how it all relates to caliber.
    Identified parts and proper terms for frame,slide, trigger guard, etc et al.
    Are these subject to “approval” from states with CCW? Second question.
    When do we start hanging, tarring and feathering these traitors, and reminding the .gov that we are not going to comply? That Tree Of Liberty needs some fertilizer.

  14. not likely

    I find it amusing that the very entity our 2nd amendment is designed to protect us from thinks they have the right to legislate against said amendment and, I might ad, in direct violation of that amendment in most if not all cases involving restriction or regulation. I believe the phrase I seek is “Go fuck yourself .gov”.

  15. The Walkin' Dude

    Not gonna happen. They have hell even getting shit to stick to the DarkNet people. I’ll keep downloading, though 🙂 Always up for a challenge…

  16. Time for every patriot to start using strong encryption and public private keys. Overload the system with Sponge Bob video clips. Maybe Dale Dribble from King of the Hill. Helicopters, UN helicopters.