Mosby: We Become What We Do – More On Mindset


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  1. for everyone who isn’t doing PT yet.

    Rest days are when the body gets stronger from the stress of the workout day.

  2. Detroit the True 3%

    It was a good read, till he insulted the reader by referring to the reader as “motherfucker”.

    I stopped reading at that point.

    Mosby still doesn’t understand that insulting the reader is how you lose your audience.

    • agree. Expletives should be saved for situations that demand them, lest they become de-natured and ineffective. That’s one reason I won’t read this article. Other is I already do 3 hours/day of PT

    • I agree with you, and I’ve expressed the same here before to a fairly ugly response.

      Mosby makes some of the most well-reasoned arguments of any FREEFOR author, and I think a lot of people need to hear what he has to say. Most of us would be much better for following his advice.

      Unfortunately, he seems to desire to speak only to the people who will let him curse at them, then thank him for it. That’s his prerogative, but I think it’s a shame that so many people will tune him and his wisdom out because of his tone.

      A commenter below says that he uses the foul language to make a point. I’m sure that point is made to some, but the point that many will take is that they don’t think they belong on his side. Not everyone will allow someone to talk to them that way.

      But, there’s another way to look at Mosby. He has his audience and speaks to them in their language, which makes him a good niche marketer. I think that we need more like him that can relate to a specific type of individual. This influencer can, by using sound reasoning and relatable analogies, win hearts and minds out of BLOBFOR to free their minds and to be sympathetic to the cause of the defense of individual and political liberty.

      Mosby isn’t going to be a thought leader with mass appeal, and I don’t think he wants to be. But, if a thousand Mosbys from a thousand walks of life could get the attention of other men and women that are like them, just as Mosby gets the attention of people like himself, we could wake up a lot of individuals.

      We will need all the help we can get at some point very soon, even if that help is with lodging, supplies, meals, or intelligence. Mosby speaks to the people to whom he relates….as we all need to be.

    • Texasfredericbastiat

      He didn’t call the reader a motherfcker. He called his doctor a motherfcker.

      Reading comprehension. Ability to learn from someone wiser than you, even if he swears some. Get over it, realize it’s an article about mindset, and move forward.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. FriendofMosby

    The foul language is used to make a point.

    When Mosby calls me a pussy and tells me to ” harden the fuck up” it seems to register better than saying it nicely. In the grand picture, when you kill bad people for a living, bad words “ain’t shit.”. HTFU!

  5. One of the best, most inspiring essays I’ve read. The foul language just rolls off my back like water off a duck. Mosby’s just a salty frickin’ dog, that’s all.

  6. A Non E Mouse

    Oh no, foul language! It hurtz mah feelz! Im going to ignore the content of the message cuz of mah feelz! The big meanie man is a dooky head!
    Are you dudes for real? When you are looking for any excuse to reinforce your commitment to being comfy, you will find it every time. Which would be fine except you start to feed off of each other and try to become contagious, thereby DOING THE ENEMY’S WORK. Just stop. Undermining what the guy is attempting to pass on, for free, for your benefit not his, because of a couple rough words is pretty chickenshit.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s just another new phase of life, large segments of society walking around, waiting to be offended. Doesn’t matter who or why, but rather just the act.
      Later on when they catch a bullet, most likely from being stupid, the whole act of being offended won’t matter much.

      • Who are the ones getting all offended here? I complimented the gentleman and expressed a desire that more people would listen to what he had to say. These sorts of discussions are why I doubt that true liberty will ever be realized here in America. You guys can’t handle the fact that anyone is different than you.

        Phrased another way that might make more sense…

        What the fuck? I fuckin said the he was fuckin right, and that every fucker should do what he fuckin says.

        We’ll never be fuckin free. You fuckers are too big of pussies to accept that anyone is different than you.

        Live and let live? Only if you agree with me and talk like I do!

        That’s not freedom. That’s tyranny in your favor. Nobody will be free until they can grant others the same right that they wish to claim for themselves. The ones to catch bullets will be those who don’t get that simple fact. I might not drop f bombs in every sentence, but I’m deadly accurate, and I’ll be damned if anyone is going to tell me how to live.

        • Again Amen Brother…You by chance going to be able to make it to the ID PatCon…

        • A Non E Mouse

          Well to start with Detroit “the True 3%” who never misses an opportunity to drop trou to shit on anything and everything that doesn’t come out of his mouth or imagination, Haxo Angmark who has never met a non white he isn’t able to assign blame for his inadequacies in some eloquent manner or another, and then there is you, who told both of them that you agreed with them. Oh dont worry, everyone was able to read between the backhanded compliments you gave Mosby to get the gist of your unofficial wag of the finger. Your defensive follow up is a riot. You ever think that initially no one was talking about you? Well they are now since your bunched up panties made you squeak! The fastest way to show your ass is to start blathering on about “true liberty”. Its Liberty, plain and simple. No “true” No “real”, its either Liberty or it isn’t. Simple enough for you? Oh and before I forget, Liberty will be realized here in America no matter how many Collectivists have to be buried to do it.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Well, obviously I wasn’t fukn talking about you then, was I? You just jumped in and somehow assumed my comment to A Non E Mouse was directed at you? How you made that connection still baffles me.

          And as far as Mosby’s language that offends some of you, quit reading! He speaks as a field soldier, not a college professor.

  7. What about us motherfuckers that he WAS talking to? I mean, I’m a motherfuckers motherfucker, knowhatI’msayin? Yesterday, my son called me a motherfucker, and I said, “What is it you want?” That motherfucker!