Purely Coincidental Timing, I Am Sure

Screen shot 2015-06-18 at 4.21.54 PM

On 16 June:

NYT: The Growing Right-Wing Terror Threat

On 17 June:

Charleston SC Post and Courier: Nine shot, multiple fatalities reported in downtown church shooting

On 18 June:

CBS: South Carolina shooting – What we know about suspect Dylann Storm Roof, 21

FOX: Obama hits gun control theme in reaction to church shootings

NYT: Charleston Shootings Undercut Hope Obama Brought for Better Race Relations

Washington Times: Black activists fear ‘race war’ amid Charleston shooting

Yeah, I know – beware of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.


Paging Professor Raoul X – you have a call waiting.

A suggestion:

Any armed white Christian folks so desiring should be reaching out this evening – though their pastors or directly – to local black Christian folks with an offer of defensive training – Christian to Christian.

Don’t play the fool.

The Man expects you to do just that.

Disappoint him.

54 responses to “Purely Coincidental Timing, I Am Sure

  1. Some Guy in OR

    House passed a TPP fast track bill today. What a shocker.

  2. Never let a crisis go to waste…..

    Expect the full monty on this one.

  3. ColdSoldier

    I award you no f**cks, and may God have mercy on your souls @# “The Black Community”
    As soon as the MSM gets REAL about reporting Black on White crime…ALL of it, without censuring race, maybe I will care.
    What happened in that church today pales in comparison to “Thursday (insert any day you choose)” to Black on White crime.

    • Wow, talk about a tin ear. Also a good example of a conditioned reflex, thanks to government training and propaganda.

      Racism is “divide and conquer”, folks, no matter which way it goes. It is also collectivism. Because it happens in one direction, is no excuse to apply it in the opposite direction. You are still just being another government dupe.

      Just think how overjoyed the ruling classes must be, when their divide and conquer tactics yields such a rich reward as this “Dylann Storm Roof’s” attack.

    • Nightshade

      Black on non-black crime is worse than the other way around, but black on black crime is even worse still.

      And yes it is divide and conquer. Crowds are less intelligent than individuals, and easier to manipulate. Governments want you to think “us versus them.”

  4. Camacho2016!

    How do we really know he’ s a young white male? I mean, he could be an old black woman who just IDENTIFIES as a young white male.

    Who can you trust these days? Caitlyn Jenna, Rachael Dolezal, Bruce Jenner’s Cat, Obama. I keep waiting for Hillary to come out. After all, as James Carville remarked, she could give Obama a testicle and then they’d both have 2. In fact, that might be the perfect thing for her to revive her sagging campaign.

    With respect to the TPP bill, all I can say is this;

    TPP. Amerika’s sex change operation.

  5. Coincidental? Summer School shooting just doesn’t sound right and besides, the school shooting has already been played pretty hard.

    Get ready for $300 stripped AR lowers.

  6. Here is the Wikipedia article on Sertraline, or Zoloft as it is known by the originator.


    There were 41 *million* prescriptions written for it in 2013. (And it’s only the most popular of the SSRI type of drugs). Almost anyone who seeks mental healthcare these days will be given a ride on the script carousel.

    The average 20 year old spree killer has mental problems and has been taken to doctors, and gotten these scripts. It’s still not causality. What percent of people with high level psych problems get these drugs: I bet damn near 100%.

    Still, if anyone you know is taking Zoloft you might try to convince them to let someone else care-take their firearms while they are under treatment. At minimum we can say people who are taking these drugs are more likely to end up as spree killers than people who are not (whether or not the drugs are causal).

    • Has it been confirmed that he is on psychotropic medication? It would not surprise me in the least. Almost all of the spree killers we’ve heard of were on a mind altering drug of some kind, usually prescribed SSRI drugs.

      SSRIs carry a warning of “suicidal ideation” as a potential effect, which likely includes homicidal ideation as well.

  7. I’m sure Prof. Raul is thrilled with the progress his protege has made. Better living through chemistry, right?
    The funny thing to me, the nexus between all of these cases is psychotropic drugs prescribed by “professionals”. Why isn’t anyone going after pharmaceutical companies and doctors who write the script instead of gun manufacturers?

    and echoing VK above; $300 lowers, run on ammo and price increases, mag bans and back-orders for months….same old, same old.

  8. SameNoKami

    I sure would like to go a week w/o something stupid like this happening.
    It’s almost like somebody’s trying to start something.

  9. There are no coincidences or unconnected events in the land ruled by the voluntary human extinction movement.
    It is all crisis as narrative as a means.

    But here is the thing, none of it has really worked but to harden resolve and hearts of those who know a rat when they smell one.

    Remember, these are psychopaths who are employing manipulation through a myriad of contrived immoral and evil social and cultural events, this is escalation we are witnessing. They are pushing and meddling in every facet of our lives searching for the chink in our faiths and virtues. It really isn’t working for them either. Sure they get to toot their trumpets of hubris and create entire memes out of whole cloth. They really only fool those who are useful fools, and their own ilk, who all get to rub their greasy meathooks together in glee while hoarding the wealth they steal in the process. Power and money when you get down to it.
    But, and its a great wonderful but, they ain’t kidding the best of us. Not by any measure. Sure, this sad tragedy will be used to advance the agendas, even if this wasn’t a false flag created event, it is still deliberate results of consequences of a society run by psychopaths.
    But to those who have a care and live by principles of good and right, who have faith and charity, it only matters that those poor folks where murdered, and robbed of their lives and love in the name of something anathema to everything good people stand for, and that is the crime here, it is the reason why you stand up and resist, refuse to comply, say “I Won’t!”.
    There is nothing so bad it isn’t good for something, in this case it isn’t “whats wrong in this country”, but what kind of evil lurks within the halls of power in this country. Thats the truth of it all right there.

    Besides, we have guns too. That right there defines everything, no matter the narrative.

    • …thanks to the government prohibition. Ever-helpful government! I guess those folks learned what happens when you obey the ruling schmucks. We can confidently predict this state will lose that prohibition pretty soon. Not soon enough for the dead…

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Gun free–?!!
      Do you mean guns are free here… as in no pay?!

      Seriously…. the DC thugs are going to play this out to the hilt.

      Right now Emperor Seotoro’s henchmen are making back channel plans with every black leftist agitator/communist-radical group across the land for multi-city rioting, looting and mayhem. His main hench-woman (Valarie Jarett) is now melting down her private phone and email lines reaching out to every thug in the leftist’s playbook as I type this.

      It is going to take just one more highly visible You Tube, posted shooting (most likely by a cop) to set off a major race war this summer (if that).

      FYI–I strapped up this morning and packed heat in my vehicle, just in case things went FUBAR… but nothing yet. I was out in the morning before most of the porch-dwellers were up and active. But right now they are absorbing the propaganda (MSM news), and it will take a 24 hours for this, and the shooter’s statements (fuck me–can you believe it?!!) to sink into their thick skulls, and for them to be told to be angry and violent.

      It is all timed perfectly for shit in the streets to unfold over this weekend.

      The goons in DC are going to take every advantage of this situation behind the scenes–while outwardly appealing for peace and tranquility. If you watch Seotoro’s speech’s during the next few days, he will appear somber and reflective–while on the inside he will be shitting his pants with glee that this opportunity to yet rat-fuck American citizens (I’m sorry, “licensed consumers”) has been handed to him on a plate.

      I would not find it a coincidence if it is discovered that this kid was using “anti-depressant” drugs –which is the common thread with all these psycho shooters. Add that stuff to the violence and shit that is pumped into your mind via TV, movies and video games (murder simulators like “Call Of Duty” and so on) –and it is no wonder why these results are what they are.

  10. I found the contact page for that church, and sent them this link as a suggestion:

  11. Please also note that obamatrade was passed by the GOP controlled house today….

  12. Paul,

    I’m really not buying your analysis on racism. Government is not selling “racism for whites”. It’s not training whites to hate blacks, in fact developing any level of anti-bodies against the epidemic of black-on-white crime requires deprogramming the propaganda one receives from government schools and the media. “Diversity is your friend” “Race is a social construct” “only Whites can be racist” and all the other tropes they push. These lies cost white people immense harm.

    And blacks *are* taught to hate whites. As someone once remarked “in the media it’s always 1965 in Selma, the dogs are always attacking the civil rights workers, the white slave masters are always whipping the slaves. Fed a constant diet of this (with very little additional history to temper it) you find a sizable percentage of blacks have a big chip on their shoulder by age 20, and have internalized a hatred of Whites.

    And that doesn’t even get to the the other actions of the Government takes in support of their favored minorities. To somehow claim that the minorities are not responsible for this is ridiculous. The black community is explicitly organized to shake down whitey in every sphere of society. Affirmative action shake downs for schools and jobs, minority set asides in government contracts, minority owned business requirements. Obamacare has dozens of rules to impose minority-first rules on medical institutions. And every day Gov (at all levels, led by Fedzilla) *is* imposing all sorts of black dysfunction on whites as a group, with Section 8 housing, “affordable housing” policies, fair housing witch-hunts, mandates via the Fed for banks to lend to credit unworthy blacks and browns, etc.

    When someone finally notes this and pushes back on it, you accuse of them of a showing a “government conditioned reflex”. That’s just a completely absurd accusation. The government conditioned reflex is to view Martin Luther King as the greatest American, racism as the greatest sin, the White race and the ultimate evil abusers, and blacks as eternally victims. You are the one reacting like the overlords have taught, not ColdSoldier.

    You also seem to be falling prey to the common libertarian falicy of viewing every person as an atomic unit, with no connection or commonality with those around them. But we are not little individual economic robots, we are part of communities too.

    In Detroit, the community of European (Polish, Irish, German, Scandanavian) immigrants built a truly beautiful city on a great river. Another group moved in and, over time, wrecked it. The people running and ruining it were not UAW members, or Democrats, or liberals, contrary to PatrioTard orthodoxy.

    The group that transformed Detroit from Paris of America to the butt of jokes worldwide is easily identified (and self identifies) as “blacks”. They made one of their main first jobs when they achieved majority status in the city electing a White-hating criminal of their own color to the mayors job (Coleman Young), and soon replacing all white people in any leadership role in city government with their co-ethnics. They continued to find massively corrupt blacks to ruin things even after Young finally retired. Detroit looks and works like some African city now.

    Anti racism is divide and conquer. Divide us into individuals standing alone (while all other groups are organized as groups). Make us hate who we are and feel guilt for the actions of our race and ancestors. Continue to take our pride, our money, and even our lives in furtherance of the uplifting of the other, because we owe it to them.

    The black race is a lot more real than your imagined “ruling class”.

    • “And blacks *are* taught to hate whites.”

      I agree. Why wouldn’t they? What would be your reaction to being frisked every day? And the reverse as well (that’s what Affirmative Action is for, what non-discrimination and anti-hate speech regulations are for – getting whites to hate blacks generally). Bottom line, we are to treat each other as collectives, not as individuals.

      “The black community is explicitly organized to shake down whitey in every sphere of society. Affirmative action shake downs for schools and jobs, minority set asides in government contracts, minority owned business requirements.”

      Yes, that is what is going on, but you act as if it benefits blacks, rather than degrading them. It was Lyndon Johnson who started this crap, and back then “blacks” had no political influence. It was all “whites”! Who knows, Johnson may actually have imagined he was helping blacks with all the welfare, but 5 or 10 years of it should have convinced the “white” ruling class otherwise. But by then it was too late; a constituency had developed to keep the cash flowing, the bureacracies operating, and they didn’t give a rat’s ass that they destroyed the “black” family in the process. It’s the same story as the beginning of ATF and national gun control. There were all these out-of-work Treasury agents due to end of alcohol prohibition, and they needed to change gears to keep the gravy train going.

      Government does not operate to the benefit of anybody except those in government.

      “But we are not little individual economic robots, we are part of communities too. ”

      Thanks for that straw man about how libertarians think. It’s a very old one. I know we live in communities. I just don’t use trivial features like melanin content to decide whether X is from my community or from another. I’ll take a black freedom-lover over a while socialist any day.

      BTW, when you talk about “the community of European (Polish, Irish, German, Scandanavian) immigrants built a truly beautiful city”, you are speaking as a collectivist would. Are you sure there were no “black” people, no Chinese, no Mexicans building that community at the same time? People, all kinds, built that city, all working for their own personal benefit. It worked because they had the free market to work in and little else. There was (essentially) no political patronage and bullshit government jobs – compared to today. There were (essentially) no regulations to keep people under the thumbs of the rulers.

      Lyndon Johnson killed Detroit. It’s a terrible thing to be “helped” by one’s government.

      • “It’s a terrible thing to be “helped” by one’s government.”

        Stealing that for my Twitter account.

      • Mr. Frosty

        Diversity is the antithesis of community. A community is a common people working for a common goal. Blacks, as a group, have a different vision for America than Whites. They want big government that provides lots of services. They want to be ruled exclusively by their co-ethnics, hence voting for Obama by 95%. How would you form a multi-racial community with such people?

        The answer is, you can’t. That was the purpose of segregation, to give them their own community since, as a group, they are fundamentally incompatible with White society. America was built by a group of people with an average IQ of 100. A group of people with an average IQ of 85 can never be “Americans” because they cannot sustain American institutions. 50% of Detroit’s population is illiterate. How can they uphold the constitution if they can’t even read it?

        A community and by extension a nation is a common (genetic) people, a common language and a common religion. Any diversity of any of these 3 elements creates multiple, competing communities. Multi-racial Utopias only exist in the minds of fools.

        • “Blacks, as a group, have a different vision for America than Whites. They want big government that provides lots of services.”

          Can’t you see how collectivist this sounds? As if individuals simply don’t exist.

          BTW Mr. Frosty, did you send your kids to a government school? Are you taking Socialist Security or Medicare or Obamacare? Did you ever accept “unemployment insurance”? Did you ever vote for a levy for the fire department or that pretty euphemism, “public safety”? Do you support the “War on Drugs”? Ever visit a so-called public library? I don’t know about you, but there are an awful lot of “whites” who “want big government that provides lots of services.” In fact there are more “whites” on welfare than “blacks”.

          You talk about averages. Is your IQ 100? Every “white” person you know have an IQ of 100? A collectivist worries about averages, an individualist ignores them as irrelevant.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am completely in agreement that people should voluntarily form communities based on any factor they please, including such silly ones as melanin content in skin. It is nobody else’s business, with whom they choose to associate. That’s a form of Panarchy. I won’t be living in one like that, but you are welcome to.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “In fact there are more “whites” on welfare than “blacks”.”

            Gee, what a shocker. There are many, many more whites than blacks. It’s sort of like that “shocking” study that came out earlier this year that Asian women are the most sought after women on the planet. They are also the most numerous women on the planet, so Q.E.D.

        • Nightshade

          It is sad to see that mob mentality is so pervasive. Even among “our” side.

      • Nightshade

        Beliefs are a choice, and that includes racism and political correctness. You can choose to go with what appears to be a winning narrative (which is just another word for groupthink) or you can think for yourself.

        In that sense, yes, individuals are “atomic units.” The proper term is free will, and few want you to have it.

        Anything less is not freedom.

    • “In Detroit, the community of European (Polish, Irish, German, Scandanavian) immigrants built a truly beautiful city on a great river. Another group moved in and, over time, wrecked it.”

      Always the bullshit when it comes to Detroit. On this particular point, you must not know what “Poletown” was all about. It was one of the saddest (and deadliest) things I’ve seen any Govco do in the USA, and that’s a very high bar with me. It was unbelievable, and almost nobody knows what happened. Talk about tearjerkers…wholesale elimination of the tightest (and probably oldest then) culture in the city.

      THAT’S what killed the city, and that was only the culmination. The others were all driven out in the decades before…not because they couldn’t tolerate black folk, but because their Masters–who they barely noticed, they were so busy producing–kept looting them and looting them, and used part of the loot to house, feed and encourage the proliferation of their ultimate predators on the street. That’s what happened. I watched many decades of it, paying very close attention.

  13. I don’t like this…..I don’t like this one fuckin bit…..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If a couple people decide to go tit-for-tat, things could get sporty real fast.

      Vendetta culture is not a good time for anyone.

      • That’s what worries me the most…I’ll continue to watch and listen closely to the “message” that is being presented regarding this. We already know what it’ll be as it’s unfolding as we speak.

        I can’t help but feel this will be all our fault and we’ll need the required intervention. Not to mention the full tilt boogie press on gun control.

  14. Yes … that is the new line .. “right wing terrorists….” … and “sovereign nation threats.” You all here may have already reported on this, but there was a 17 yr old kid in Michigan gunned down because the cop thought he may be a “sovereign nation” terrorist, based on a bulletin received by the state-wide police. See page 5 of the official report:


    Where are the riots and acts of civil disobedience?

    • The officers pistol jammed or misfired, and one of the 7 shots failed to exit the dead teens skull. What is the issued sidearm for eaton?

  15. Well, we get closer to The Festivities every day. Sharpen your arrows, clean your firesticks, and harden your hearts-indeed!!
    As a former Pharamacology student, I can verify, that 99.8% of all drugs manufactured create more problems than they solve. I am not talking about heart meds, blood pressure meds, thyroid, etc. I am talking about all of the narco sleeping aids, personality twisting, mind numbing tablets, capsules, and liquids. Why did we have more guns in the hands of children in the 1940’s & 1950’s at schools, in lockers, in cars-and yet no mass shootings going on? Because kids were not medicated! That includes marijuana. I laugh when people say it does no harm. Really? For adults, smoking a home grown, mild weed-the only thing suffering is your lungs. Weed today is 200X stronger than even in 1965, we dump Ritalin, et al into kids with abandon, and we make sure that children are frightened of their own shadows. Talk about psychopathic training! Every child surrounded by ghetto behavior.
    Now add all of the constant beating of drums from the media, the government, the colleges, etc. I am surprised that we aren’t closer to an atomic blow up than we are.
    Yes, Detroit was built to be a truly beautiful city, full of art, culture, and education. We don’t value those things anymore. I though of Africa when I last saw it: burned out buildings, dodging feces on a corner, abandoned streets, and people doing anything to survive. I didn’t need a 20 hour plane ride to experience that.
    Hillary lectured today on dangerous behaviors. Wonder if that includes lying to the public? Sham statements to the State Department? And of course, gun control. Like that bitch would give up her security detail.
    I will pray for vigilance, truthfullness, honesty, and stamina in this battle for our Liberty.

  16. Anyone press the link and realize the drug the article is about is an opiate and not SSRI, and an opiate used to treat addiction, and as it so happens, the drug which gave me back my life. As some one who had a 300 mg a day oxy habit, who is now in control of his own life, who now feels responsible enough to express my 2A rights, owns a business that helps the handicap population and turns enough profit to pay the bills, I can say this Alex jones story is yellow journalism. Any dependance causing drug, if quit cold turkey, can make people a bit kooky, or a spree killer, depends on the person, not having an option for control of your own life can do the same thing, ask any addict or alcoholic, fear of withdrawal can make you do some frightful shit. Anything can be used or misused, even AJ’s 1st A rights.

    • True about addiction Suspect1, but also irrelevant, at least to me…and I know only too well of what you speak. See for me personally, “Harden your heart,” includes not thinking about how a person came to be whoever they are. It might matter for personal judgment if I care for some reason, but that’s only an intellectual exercise. In the real world as it is now, at least for me, a person is as a person does and that’s all there is to it any more. Too many assholes and liars to try and figure everyone out. Glad you came back to life, though.

      On a brighter note—“growing right wing terror threat.” Now who could’ve ever guessed that “growing” could be used euphemistically? Is that what it feels like, assholes…”growing”? Talk about not knowing what’s coming. All that spying and nobody thought to read the thousands of blogs? We see there’s still one hope before hotness—never underestimate the idiocy of idiots.

    • Glad to hear you’re clean. Congrats on that. It’s entirely possible that a drug which saved your life may have contributed to the death’s of 9 people.

      Here are listed side effects of suboxone:
      Common (1% to 10%): Anxiety, depression, nervousness, abnormal thinking
      Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Abnormal dreams, agitation, apathy, depersonalization, drug dependence, euphoric mood, hostility
      Frequency not reported: Restlessness, irritability
      Postmarketing reports: Hallucination, attempted suicide, insomnia[Ref]
      Source: (http://www.drugs.com/sfx/suboxone-side-effects.html)

      As far as AJ “misusing” his 1A rights, how exactly is that possible? He can say whatever the fuck he wants to and so can you.

      Perhaps he should be more careful about vat he says about zee pharmaceutical industry vitch iss providing zee motherland with such excellent care for it’s wayward souls eh?

      • I guess use or misuse was my way of saying he can say whatever the fuck he wants. I was just advising that it is best to question every bit of “news” MSM or Alt. And find the info on your own. On any action being taken you have to weigh the cost and benefit, and the possible side effects of a controlled descent from the insanity of addiction, I am not sure, but would be willing to put money on it, are far less than the side effects of continuing said addiction. I am not making this a right wrong issue, just another example of bias by a media outlet.

  17. interestingly enough, the number of murders each day, using a gun, is trending down over the past ten years. currently around 50 depending on the source of info. but nearly 150,000 a day die from one cause or another. some guiding hand, working in the background, dealing with corrupt people, motivating them to do corrupt things with a certain purpose, might be offing the occasional nephew or grandson to provide that motivation when cash no longer suffices. probably employing methods other than using a gun, and there are many. most don’t make the news and remain unremarkable. professionals? the story of professor raoul x is the fairy tale, rainbows and unicorns version. “some people have bills to pay”, as bill clinton will tell you. our foreign policy has been made reality on the ground, around the world, in this way for a long time. this is not a secret, just something we’re forbidden to talk about. it’s ok to be outraged that people get killed for reasons you don’t understand, but you should be outraged 10 times more at those behind-the-scenes patrons of the many professor x’s out there. may be callous but may be factual, this was probably on someone’s calendar. we’re a long way removed from living in that rockwell painting these days. i’m taking my tin hat off now…..

  18. I mean, here we are. Some still feel that guns are the problem.

    As for me, and most of us here, I think they are the answer.

    for example, even in spite of the drugs controlling this young man’s id, there is a possibly stronger emotion which could have been affected.

    What if ALL members inside the church had been trained and armed open carriers, each with a plainly visible 1911 in a shoulder harness?

    Would such have occurred? And if it did, I suspect it would not have been for very long at all.

    After all, just how many folks would walk into a bunch of open carriers and start shooting? ,

    As Jesus Said… Perhaps its now time to hock your jewelry and buy a sword.. think about it.

    • outlawpatriot

      Not everyone wants to or should carry a gun. A CCW, or even the second amendment for that matter, does not a proficient shooter make. I’ve seen more that a few people over the years that have no business having a gun. From all walks of life including police officers.

      • Paul Bonneau

        What’s worse? That a few crazies have access to guns? Or that government gets to decide who can have a gun?

      • ghostsniper

        The presumption is that a person values their life above all else, and if they don’t why should anyone else care?

  19. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Some other items to add to the trend line.:

    TX Gov signs pro-OC/Campus Carry legislation, AR/SC/others ‘liberalize’ their gun laws similarly w/ more states on the way every day. See also: http://abc13.com/home/lawmakers-ok-bill-offering-fines-for-posting-no-guns-signs/739487/

    NV abolishes LV handgun registration requirements & enacts law prohibiting edupers from penalizing/siccing LE on kids who mimic handgun use. See also: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2015/06/14/americans-we-like-living-in-neighborhoods-with-guns-thank-you-n2012424

    Freddie Gray/Baltimore PD case increasingly unravels. See also: http://reason.com/blog/2015/04/21/federal-judge-attacks-pro-police-orthodo & http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/06/15/cbs2-exclusive-atf-gun-crime/ (Boston Gun Project/Operation Exile redux, the results should be highly interesting/embarrassing)


    And now some program notes for those w/ the ability & inclination to do so. Yesterday’s Dr. Drew episode on Headline News/HLN is worth viewing/disseminating as it went seriously bad for several Imperium memes, also of possible interest would be tonight’s O’Reilly show which is supposed to be about the facts regarding guns/gun crime. If Cardinal Bilious’ expression/tone last night are indicative of the content of tonight’s sermon, the anti-2A/pro-thug/pro-dictatorship cult’s going to be quite upset at His Eminence.

    Finally, some possibly interesting (& quite likely VERY badly rendered) Latin.:

    Haud Clementia Pro Tyrannis
    Odium Eternus Pro Tyrannis
    Mors Semper Pro Tyrannis
    Arma Servo Libertatis

  20. Shinmen, I found your comments to be as good as anyone, and they could have been written by me, as they reflected what I was thinking, too. Thanks. You be careful out there.

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