A Reminder

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From a reader to those who believe that all we need to do is get the right statists in place with the right document and all will be well….


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  1. Do law? That appears to be the source of the problem:


    “This raises an interesting question. If it has been known for 100 years that the law does not consist of a body of determinate rules, why is the belief that it does still so widespread? If four generations of jurisprudential scholars have shown that the rule of law is a myth, why does the concept still command such fervent commitment? The answer is implicit in the question itself, for the question recognizes that the rule of law is a myth and like all myths, it is designed to serve an emotive, rather than cognitive, function. The purpose of a myth is not to persuade one’s reason, but to enlist one’s emotions in support of an idea. And this is precisely the case for the myth of the rule of law; its purpose is to enlist the emotions of the public in support of society’s political power structure.
    People who believe they live under “a government of laws and not people” tend to view their nation’s legal system as objective and impartial. They tend to see the rules under which they must live not as expressions of human will, but as embodiments of neutral principles of justice, i.e., as natural features of the social world. Once they believe that they are being commanded by an impersonal law rather than other human beings, they view their obedience to political authority as a public-spirited acceptance of the requirements of social life rather than mere acquiescence to superior power.
    It is only when these officers have fully bought into the myth that “we are a government of laws and not people,” when they truly believe that their actions are commanded by some impersonal body of just rules, that they can fail to see that they are the agency used by those in power to oppress others.

    The reason why the myth of the rule of law has survived for 100 years despite the knowledge of its falsity is that it is too valuable a tool to relinquish. The myth of impersonal government is simply the most effective means of social control available to the state.”

  2. CA …. If you could possibly post this. It was sent to me today….

    You can never surrender enough to satisfy tyrants!

    I never thought that I would be placed in the position of defending the Confederate battle flag, but, sadly, I find that I must join those who object to the removal of that flag from the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol on the grounds that this appeasement of the demands of the Left will not stop until we surrender to their claims of victimhood in every imaginable area of life. Indeed, Governor Nikki Haley’s call for legislation to remove the flag had not been completed when petitions were being circulated on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin (a snake-pit of liberalism in Texas) calling for the removal of a statue of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America, from the campus and destroyed. Similar calls have also been made in Lexington, Kentucky.

    Anyone with half a brain (which probably describes any Liberal) can see where all of this is heading. First, we must refuse to allow the Confederate battle flag from being officially displayed on public property, then we tear down every statue of Jefferson Davis because such images could permanently damage the emotions of young “Progressives” (aka “Democrats” aka “Communists”). Then, once that ground is ceded, the police and school teachers will be empowered to remove citizens who wear one of those “offensive” images on their clothing from any public grounds and schools where they dare to wear such images. But that will not be enough! And why should it be? If the Confederate battle flag is offensive, and must not be allowed to be displayed, and if we can no longer honor historic figures who may have supported a political position we disagree with, then why should we stop with flags and statues.

    Obviously, we must scour every inch of our nation–from sea to shining sea! The present sentiment and logic would have us methodically pulling down statues across the nation of literally every Civil War veteran of the Confederacy! No more could Gen. Robert E. Lee’s statue be tolerated at Vicksburg! No longer could Gen. John Hood’s statue be tolerated on the town square of Granbury, Texas! No! No! No! Every one of these statues–and more–would have to go!

    And next, we would have to rename every county that dares to carry the name of a Civil War leader or founder! Hood County, Texas would have to be renamed to honor some supposedly non-offensive hero and all records would have to reflect the “politically correct” change! And why would we stop there? Every military installation across the nation named for Confederate generals would have to be renamed! There could be no more Fort Hood, Texas; no more Fort Lee, Virginia! As the “PC” flames rage across the nation, the purge must be complete! And still we would be told by President Obama and his Democrat allies that the racism that sponsored slavery “200 or 300 years ago” remains a problem in America!

    And just why does racism remain in America? It will always remain because the merchants in racism who traffic in civil unrest and division–Marxist Socialists–who depend upon division for their political success–will never let it go!

    One thing that we can all be certain of, given any more victories in their demands that the rest of the country bow to their insistence that we banish the Confederate battle flag, we will never ever ever satisfy their hunger for power and control over our lives. Today the State Legislature of South Carolina may surrender the Confederate battle flag out of a corporate sense of guilt. If they were going to do it they should have done it long before it became a bargaining chip of the Left! Now the rabble-rousers will point and proclaim that South Carolina has pled guilty of racism and the Left will demand more and more concessions day by day from those who agree to yield to them until they will have banished not just the Confederate battle flag or statues of Jefferson Davis, but indeed our entire national history. Let them win this battle and nothing will stop them until they stand in your home and demand the right to dictate to you what you can believe and where you must worship. You can never appease them! They will never be satisfied until they have drained you of every liberty purchased on our battlefields and every drop of blood in your children’s veins!

    The acts of violence perpetrated by an evil young man in that church in South Carolina was wrong and it was evil–but it wasn’t because the Confederate battle flag was flying over the South Carolina Capitol. We live in an insane irrational nation today where traditional Christian values are attacked, but Islamic values of giving young girls as sex slaves to men are defended by Liberals. We live in a country where we pretend to believe in science, yet we embrace the absurd idea that we can change our gender or our race based upon our feelings. We live in a bloody country where innocent children are sacrificed to the god of “choice” but complain while we look the other way as Islamists slaughter innocent people by the masses. Knowing all these things, it makes little sense that we can grasp the logic that Liberals will never be satisfied with our appeasement; but we had better rethink our logic right now and right quick before it is really too late!

    Whatever you or I may think about the Confederate battle flag, heed this warning! If Americans concede on this issue, and allow the Confederate battle flag to be banned on public property, know that you will never stop the tsunami it will produce in pulling down and completely rewriting our history and our public records to pacify the Left.

    Maybe it really is time for the South to rise again!

    Captain Terry M. Hestilow
    United States Army

    Fort Worth, Texas
    June 23, 2015

    • “Maybe it really is time for the South to rise again!”

      Yes, and North, East and West as well!!!

    • +1. This gentleman has his story together! It won’t be enough until all but the most annointed blow their brains out because we aren’t worthy. The South had slaves! Well, in the North, they called them indentured servants. Patriots must continue usuing Liberal Laws against them, because these laws cannot stand the disinfection of sunshine.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The South had slaves!”

        Originally shipped in by merchants from New England via the Triangle Trade.

    • I’ve read the CPT’s letters before.

  3. Being an unapologetic Confederate, due to my heritage, The USSA as it is presently constituted and ruled is not worth defending. That doesn’t mean my homeland and people won’t be defended from these ProgreSSive Marxist Mooslem loving Offal.
    In respect of our Northern Rebel Patriots, I’m even willing to voluntarily furl the Stars & Bars and select a flag from the 1st American Revolution.
    But We will need a Flag, and the USSA has preempted the Stars & Stripes

    • “In respect of our Northern Rebel Patriots, I’m even willing to voluntarily furl the Stars & Bars and select a flag from the 1st American Revolution.”

      Never. Never never never. The Stars and Bars deserves to be flown, now more than ever. Fly it with an older iteration of the Stars and Stripes if you must, but don’t stow your own colors. I say this as a Damned Yankee.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Perhaps we now have a ‘new’ battle flag, as per conversation from several months ago. What’s old is new again.
        I’m up for it, since I can’t fly the Nazi battle flag, so WTF, why not.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why not go with the Bonnie Blue Flag? The Left doesn’t know much about that one….and it comes with a decent song, too.

  4. I sorry but I must burst your bubble.
    The government is quite good at some things.
    This is one reason why you’re living in a science fiction story.
    One you will not like, unless you like being a slave.

    • Government is good at three things:

      1. Killing mind-boggling amounts of people
      2. Destroying vast sums of wealth
      3. Expanding itself

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  6. swan832013

    there is no rule of law… it is made up as they go along…. it is feel good law… what ever makes them feel good…. does not even have to make any sense as long as it make them feel good and feel better for just a short time … before something makes them feel bad or uneasy…. GOD forbid “THEY” feel uneasy…… so its the flag for now … whats next… I know picture below…. because we all know this picture is the tipping point for many……