The Gauntlet is Thrown


Read AoS, then read Dethguild – each on the TPA trade deal.

I am sure the Elites had our best interests in mind.

Come and make us, indeed.

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  1. The only free trade likely resulting from this crap is bullets for BS. Geeez…

  2. Some Guy in OR

    Written by one Secret War veteran (may he rest in peace) to another:

    The Price
    by James Dezso

    Freedom is a precious thing
    That only has one price.
    It’s not a bag of money
    Or a sack of rice.

    It isn’t won by legislators
    Talking through their hat,
    But won by folks like you and me,
    What do you think of that?

    Freedom is expensive
    And it never goes “On Sale,”
    Those that try and buy it
    Always, always fail.

    The price to some is really dumb,
    To them it’s “clear as mud.”
    They think all wars are useless
    And those that fight them, “crud.”

    The price has always been the same
    Throughout man’s history.
    It’s gone neither up nor down
    And is not a mystery.

    For Freedom is to people
    Like water is to flood;
    Freedom only has one price
    And that price is blood.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

  4. DG states, “Voting has produced nothing but ruin. The courts have utterly and willingly failed in their mission. The regulatory state has not only miscarried it’s alleged responsibilities, but transformed into an agent of tyranny. Only one cold, harsh truth remains – Representative government in the United States of America HAS FAILED.”

    No, Representative Government hasn’t failed. It works just fine PROVIDING the citizenry holds the representatives (ie, ‘the system’) accountable, and by more than just writing a letter of displeasure. The citizenry has failed, just as it’s failing now, as this is moderated and read, to do exactly that throughout history; the last great struggle to hold government accountable was regrettably defeated in 1865. The big news of the day ‘at the water cooler’ at many offices is ‘whatryadoingforthe4th?’

    So let’s put the blame where it really lies: on us. You, me, our relatives and friends going all the way back to 1865. Some might say even before, but I hold it to 1865 for ease of discussion.

    Even this mini-rant does no good….just lets me get my BP back down a bit. As the man keeps saying, ‘meatspace, it’s where it’s at.’

    • I believe it makes more sense to take people as they are, rather than as we wish them to be. Why blame “you, me, our relatives and friends”? It gets you nowhere to do so. If your preferred form of government requires a kind of “new soviet man” to function properly, that’s a clue you are on the wrong path.

      So-called representative government does not stand up to even cursory examination. How does one represent only 3 people (never mind 600,000 of them) when the people in question are a socialist, a fascist, and a libertarian? It is literally impossible. The word “represent” here is pure bullshit.

      We may hire a lawyer to represent us – that is actual representation. What congresscritters do is not representation, and more important, CANNOT be representation.

      What does a “representative” or senator actually do? He looks out for his own interests, which consist mainly of exercise of power and looting. He then looks out for the interest of the people who contributed to his campaigns. As for the rest of us, it is only a coincidence when his vote aligns with our preferences, and usually a rare one.

      Our current form of government is NOT designed to preserve liberty. It’s time to recognize that fact, and stop blaming the peons for the rulers’ excesses.

      • good one, Bonneau. But the struggle between Authority and Freedom is eternal. There is no Final Solution to the problem…least of all, Libtardery

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “How does one represent only 3 people (never mind 600,000 of them) when the people in question are a socialist, a fascist, and a libertarian? It is literally impossible.”

        Depends on what you’re representing them on. Big issues? Yeah, not gonna work, though two might work together to screw the third now and again. That means the representative is either: (1) free to pursue his own agenda; or (2) plays small-ball and just does lots of feel-good nothing stuff (i.e., votes in favor of “National Chocolate Ice Cream Month” and supports “Puppies are cute” resolutions).

      • Yep. Further, government rests on folks delegating authority that they do not have- systemic tyranny, in other words. I’ve considered myself a benevolent anarchist since I was a teen, not that it’s helped much…

    • And just what, precisely is the constitutional (and/or lawful) mechanism by which accountability is available?

      Stern letters of displeasure?
      Bumper sticker?
      Sue in their court? (sorry, you don’t have standing)

      The mechanism isn’t there, by design. The system is not broken, it is working as intended.

      Those being represented have no need of voting, it is merely a pacifier for the uninformed optimist. Harsh truth, yet true nevertheless.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        This is exactly why nothing will happen among us. In the old days you went and beat the shit out of whomever wronged or pissed you off, today you put a bumper sticker on your car and shame them.

      • Itor,

        “You don’t have standing”.

        That’s one’s local district attorney telling you “Go Fuck Yourself” ! It is almost always used by the DA in his refusal to prosecute .gov scum when a peasant/serf/untermensch is the plaintiff.

      • Americans need to learn and practice “jury nullification” and put a simple, quick, direct stop to the horseshit our courts are dishing out. This approach cuts through all the crap and stops them cold. The only glitch is that most folks are ignorant of their right as jurors to try the “law” as well as the facts, with no downside risk. If knowledge of this reaches critical mass, prosecutors will stop wasting energy on cases the people will not stand for. As to how to do this, I’m not sure…maybe an ad on Dancing With the Stars?

  5. This is how you get things done in this country. You buy politicians. This doesn’t mention the jobs their family members have like the savior Ted Cruz’s wife at Goldman Sachs.

    They bought unfettered trade with who knows what non-trade laws written into it. They will buy Amnesty. If they decide it fits their agenda, they will rewrite the Bill of Rights.

    • Remember, the old definition of an ‘honest politician’ is one who Stays Bought.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Jimmy the Saint

    Peasan…er, citizens! Citizens, why are you fretting? Do not worry, it is only rain falling upon you.


    Only rain!
    -The Elites

  8. The Usual Suspect

    A T F O T R A F