Global Guerrillas: The OPM Info Bomb Explodes

Long live the victory of the proletarian revolutionary line with Chairman Mao as its representative! Long live the victory of Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution!

John Robb on the Chinese hack and its consequences.



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  1. Archuleta is pathetic — she had previously served as National Political Director for Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign. Prior to that, she had been Executive Director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation, had worked at a Denver law firm, and had worked in the Clinton Administration.

  2. I’ll go one step further than Robb on this: the enemy will use this data to make red lists for execution.

    • GS, with a twist. Since the majority of the data was on federal employees the target will be to use the information with low level visiting dignitaries to turn them into willful spies.

      • I’m thinking bigger. There’s a lot of great stuff in the manual below, but for the purposes of generating lists I’ll focus on one part:

        a. Black list. The black list is an official CI listing of actual or potential enemy collaborators, sympathizers, intelligence suspects, and other persons whose presence menaces the security of the friendly forces. (Joint Pub 1-02) Black list includes

        Known or suspected enemy or hostile espionage agents, saboteurs, terrorists, political figures, and subversive individuals.
        Known or suspected leaders and members of hostile paramilitary, partisan, or guerrilla groups.
        Political leaders known or suspected to be hostile to the military and political objectives of the US or an allied nation.
        Known or suspected officials of enemy governments whose presence in the theater of operations poses a security threat to the US Forces.
        Known or suspected enemy collaborators and sympathizers whose presence in the theater of operations poses a security threat to the US Forces.
        Known enemy military or civilian personnel who have engaged in intelligence, CI, security, police, or political indoctrination activities among troops or civilians.
        Other personalities indicated by the G2 as automatic arrestees. Included in this category may be local political personalities, police chiefs, and heads of significant municipal and national departments or agencies, and tribal or clan leaders.

        b. Gray list. The gray list contains the identities and locations of those personalities whose inclinations and attitudes toward the political and military objective to the US are obscure. Regardless of their political inclinations or attitudes, personalities may be listed on gray lists when they are known to possess information or particular skills required by US Forces. These people are the “unknowns.” They may be individuals whose political motivations require further exploration before they can be used effectively by US Forces. Examples of individuals who may be included in this category are

        Potential or actual defectors from the hostile cause whose bona fides have not been established.
        Individuals who have resisted, or are believed to have resisted, the enemy government and who may be willing to cooperate with US Forces, but whose bona fides have not been established.
        Scientists and technicians suspected of having been engaged against their will in enemy research projects of high technology programs.

        c. White list. The white list contains the identities and locations of individuals who have been identified as being of intelligence or CI interest and are expected to be able to provide information or assistance in existing or new intelligence AIs. They are usually in accordance with, or favorably inclined toward, US policies. Their contributions are based on a voluntary and cooperative attitude. Decisions to place individuals on the white list may be affected by the combat situation, critical need for specialists in scientific fields, and such theater intelligence needs as may be indicated from time to time. Examples of individuals who may be included in this category are

        Former political leaders of a hostile state who were deposed by the hostile political leaders.
        Intelligence agents employed by US or allied intelligence agencies.
        Key civilians in areas of scientific research, who may include faculty members of universities and staffs of industrial or national research facilities, whose bona fides have been established.
        Leaders of religious groups and other humanitarian groups.
        Other persons who can materially and significantly aid the political, scientific, and military objectives of the US and whose bona fides have been established.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hue? Katyn? Amateurs – 15,000 or so between ’em both.

      Think Babi Yar/Rumbula. Governments may suck at most things, but they’re pretty darned good at killing.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. jeff Charles

    From a Belmont Club commenter, a new angle – if they have root to the database, they can not only read data, they can write data as well – think about that for a minute. Need a Top Secret clearance for an operative in place? Just insert an FS86 and an entire federal employment history into the database…. it really is time we go our separate ways.

  5. Hmmm, I wonder what those Chinese hackers would charge for a copy of that list. 🙂

    They should just post it online as a public service…

  6. “Chinese hackers”. Really?
    How convenient.
    What better reason to control the internet, push for hostilities against the communist menace (China, not obozo), and “reform” the NSA – so’s they can do a better job next time, huh?

  7. What’s the story on those propaganda posters?

  8. Suppose we are on more than one Black list?

  9. If the Red Chinese are behind the OPM hacking then why isn’t soetoro-obama calling for an immediate end to all importation of Red China manufactured goods ? Also, since 35% of all foodstuffs consumed in the FUSA are from Red China, why not an immediate ban on those imports ?

    Don’t kid yourselves. The ChiComs are not the hackers.

  10. Imagine if home addresses or digital images are part of the “breech”. Who would want such a thing? Who would be supplied potentially every name on that list.