SLL: On The Supremes’ Obamacare Travesty

Opinion: King v Burwell, No. 14-114

Read it all; SCOTUS opinion here; SCOTUSblog coverage and “in plain English“..

Money graf from Robert:

…Justice Scalia’s dissent is a masterful epitaph for law in America. Most Americans won’t even know that it’s dead, but for the informed, intelligent, and intellectually honest, the decision in King v. Burwell marks a final watershed: the ultimate resting place for America’s long slow slide from a nation of laws to a nation ruled by the whim and designs of an unaccountable few…

Chief Justice Roberts announces Obamacare opinion

Do you understand yet?

Just keep voting.

26 responses to “SLL: On The Supremes’ Obamacare Travesty

  1. Scotuscare indeed! We are now going to be historical witnesses to the end of the USA. It is just a matter of limited time, before we descend into whatever chaos and circus is coming our way. Instead of guard dogs, we have wolves at every level. Post Festivities, let us be more vigilant over our Freedoms.

  2. all HeritageFoundationCare/InsuranceCartelCare/BigPharmCare/
    RomneyCare/ObamaCare has done is further aggrandize crony Capitalism and debtpump State Socialism. Be aware, incidentally, that the “who’s for this and who’s against that” ZOG SC is a rigged dog-and-pony show, same as the “oh, look, TPP only got by by one vote, we almost won!” ZOG Congress

  3. roland freisler would be very proud indeed, of his six marsupial brethren today. I was correct in guessing Alito, Thomas, and Scalia as voting Liberty, when I saw 6-3 in favor of tyranny. However, this was not by a long shot the first time the court has gone full seig heil on innocent people. Korematsu v us comes to mind, and Justice Scalia even says as much, “that you are out of your mind if you think internment camps can’t happen again”.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    look back in history. according to Herodotus, a corrupt judge, Sisamnes, under Cambyses II of Persia, accepted a bribes and delivered unjust verdicts.

    the result: in order to vindicate the concept of “justice,” re-establish it in his kingdom, and make all prospective judicial miscreants aware of the fate awaiting crooked law-giving,

    Crooked. Judges. Skinned alive. In Public.

    the pelt was then used to cover the seat in which his son, also a judge, would sit in judgment. (talk about “legal precedent!”)

    betcha some judges today sure are glad we went along with a representative republic and not a monarchy like this old king seeing to make “justice,” eh? sure am glad we have all these effective “checks and balances” these days. more like “check-books” and “balances” of graft and corruption.

    Read it: The Judgment of Cambyses, Gerard Davis, 1498.

    • Another interesting bit of ancient history. This one from Italy.

      The story of Ugolino and his sons.
      Count Ugolino della Gheradesca was a petty despot who ruled over Pisa in the 12th Century. For the crime of treason, he was sentenced to a most cruel and barbaric punishment. He, along with his sons and grandsons were imprisoned together. Legend tells us that Ugolino eventually ate his own children. In Dante’s “Inferno” (Circle 9, Cantos 33), the story says that they all starved to death after the door to their cell was nailed shut and the key was thrown into the River Arno.

      When the killing begins in earnest here in FUSA, it will be difficult not to devolve into wholesale killing of “them”, or, whoever happens to be labeled as ‘them”.
      Punishing the progeny of corrupt officials may sound appealing, but it is antithetical to rightful justice.

      Barbarism is not a solution.

      • Your final statement is made without supporting argument or evidence.

        • outlawpatriot


        • Far be it for me to tangle with a legal mind such as yours. Having said that, there is nothing on earth that is going to make me turn into a barbarian and punish innocent people for the crimes of another.

          Misguided vengeance brings bad karma.

          I am not against killing. Not at all, but I am bound to be certain of who or what my target is. Killing of innocents is barbarism. I will not allow my soul to be dragged into the mire of murder based in vengeance, as in the case of Ugolino.

          • Tangle all you wish;-).

            Was not personally directed; just don’t underestimate the utility of what many will call barbarism.

            Only thing worse than winning a war is losing one.

            • Winning a war and losing one’s soul is not a worthwhile trade-off In my view.
              I’d like to get through this life without killing anyone. However, if I am forced to take human life, I want to be damn sure they deserve it.

            • this is correct. Besides, all are guilty. Though some are guiltier than others.

      • Is this an example of barbarism, or of civilization? (“Syphilization”, as Edward Abbey called it…)

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Barbarism is not a solution.”

        Correct. It is a form of communication.

      • If the door was nailed shut, why would throwing the key in the river matter?

    • Whoa. Careful with that painting. Posting a link to that could result in a secret subpoena, a secret gag order, a secret investigation, a secret arrest, a secret hearing, and a secret detention.

      • With all that secrecy, you could fight back without anyone outside your fight suspecting it was you. They tell you to say they were “never here”, or else. Ok. If anybody asks about the “missing persons”, you say they were “never here”. What national security letter? What gag order? Some con artist from an “agency you never heard of” shows you some crap they made on the color printer at Kinko’s, you accept it and then do your Bugs Bunny vocal impression and throw it away. Real police file real charges in a real courthouse where your lawyer can find out about it and challenge it in a real public courtroom. Anything else is fake.

  5. SameNoKami

    Gonna pass Gay marriage too ’cause they still have the piks of Roberts and the little boy from when he passed Obamacare.

    • doubtful. Roberts, like Obama, belongs to Soros. In any case, pedophilia will be legalized next (for Bill Clinton, it already is)…then bestiality

  6. The game is rigged and yet people continue to vote for their masters, pay tribute to their masters and obey their masters. So many here clamor about resisting, but take no steps at the most fundamental level of resistance. Keep voting, keep paying and keep obeying all in the hope that one day a new and great leader (or some monumental event that will change the dynamic) is going to rise up and show the way toward the glorious revolution and restoration of law?

    The American people are owned by their government and they continue to wave the flag and state how free they are. The irony is enough to make a sane person choke.

  7. Grenadier1

    Fundamental transformation of America.

  8. First off there is no rule of law:

    Second for purposes of definition alone, the twisting and justification can always be found elsewhere:

    “(14) “State” means any of the several States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the United States.
    (15) “United States” means—
    (A) a Federal corporation;
    (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
    (C) an instrumentality of the United States.”

    Also, people are convicted of breaking gun laws without “knowingly” doing it. Knowingly was once a defense but has been redefined when it comes to guns. Mental/criminal intent is not required to be proved anymore. Now take a licensed financial executive who should know the rules but once they’re in federal court the definition of knowingly reverts to its old meaning and their mental intent must be proved to win the case. Their resume shows years of experience in the field, but in court they can play dumb and get off (assuming they’re even charged in the first place).

    Welcome to feudalism, serfs. Either resist or stfu and hoe those corporate-owned fields for your masters in Brussels, Beijing and Riyadh.

  9. This is “much ado about nothing”. The republic has been dead for decades, if it wasn’t a still birth. The world does not work as you were taught in your high school civics class.

    I suppose there is some use for this decision – causing a few more peons to open their eyes. Otherwise it is just another example of violations that happen daily in this empire.

  10. Republicans noisily outraged — and quietly relieved — over court decision–and-quietly-relieved–over-court-decision/2015/06/25/bba90998-1b47-11e5-93b7-5eddc056ad8a_story.html

    David Winston, a pollster who advises the GOP congressional leadership, said, “Ultimately, the challenge for Republicans is not just how to deal with this law, but where’s the direction? Where are the alternatives?”
    Small hand is raised at the back of the room, and a small voice calls out, “Er, what about the free market?”

    Yet there are people on this blog who will still vote Republican. Masochists…

  11. I long ago withdrew my consent to be ruled by such as these – or to give a rats ass what they pass or how they rule. it makes life much simpler – just don’t care. But be ready when the SHTF – beans, bullets and band aids. It’s simple if you live like that. Don’t let them spin you up my friends. Take care and good luck.

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