Day By Day

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From Chris Muir.

8 responses to “Day By Day

  1. I guarantee that’s the plan.

  2. Must be some really good dirt on Roberts … And apparently Boehner and McConnel, too

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Occam’s Razor would suggest that Roberts, Boehner, and McConnell are just tyrant-loving statists doing what they want to do anyway.

  3. not quite. Obama and Roberts have the same Daddy: Soros

  4. Bill Harzia

    I believe it was here that I read something to the effect of “Why in God’s name would they do things that cause us to buy all these guns and all that ammo?” (Comment or linked article; I can’t remember.)

    Perhaps the answer to that question is, so they can get in a war and get resupplied without having to pay for it. They’ll just steal ours (or so they think). Kind of like WWII gas rationing.

    • There was a “fictional story” around here or a related site, where teams of ____ would ‘no nock’ a target, murda / torture/ rape them and live in the home for a few days/week to resupply. How can anyone believe there will be a “hot gates” deliberate attack? It’s like being a typical church member and awaiting the rapture. Ain’t
      happening. We are being picked apart and ‘kulaked/southroned/indianed’ every FUCKIN DAY! NH pigs waited 3 years to do their job and fire an employee in Portsmouth. Guess how much that cost us?

  5. An earlier Justice Roberts:
    West Coast Hotel v. Parrish

    The decision in the Parrish case received the most attention, and later became an integral part of the “switch in time” narrative of conventional history.[126] In the case, the court divided along the same lines it had in the Tipaldo case, only this time around Roberts voted to overrule the Adkins precedent as the case brief specifically asked the court to reconsider its prior decision. Further, the decision worked to hinder Roosevelt’s push for the court reform bill, further reducing what little public support there was for change in the Supreme Court.[125]…

    Shortly after leaving the Court, Roberts reportedly burned all of his legal and judicial papers. As a result, there is no significant collection of Roberts’ manuscript papers, as there is for most other modern Justices.
    I have always wondered if FDR caught Justice Roberts in a “honey trap”, or simply sent one of his goons over to tell Roberts all his loved ones would be killed.

    Don’t put your faith in the courts, folks.