Go train.

More tonight.

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  1. Steve McLaughlin

    Concur. Time is short/Train Hard!

  2. I’m shopping for a new AR-10. Any suggestions on the best one?

  3. I want to hear how to fight in an urban environment.
    how to run a road block
    to fight from a vehicle
    close an interstate
    when to attack sworn officers after the constution is gone but oathtakers are still serving the state
    how to coordinate a city wide resistance
    what targets would be apriority and which to attack in what order
    how far would you go?from passive resistence to outriright mass murder and etnic cleansing?i sure as hell don’t know
    what say you?
    your friend truckwilkins

    • as far as cities go, we just turn out the lights and cut the food supply. The FSA Blacks/Browns will shortly be exterminating each other – not to mention the Jewish officer class and White cosmics. By and by we – those of us still alive after the .gov drone strikes, punitive expeditions etc. – go back into the cities and clean up the mess. That’s the easy part. What comes next, I won’t say

    • truckwilkins, friend, i’ll share this tidbit with you this one time. some days, it’s ok to reference these things in a jocular or sarcastic way. but if you truly are asking this audience these things because you don’t know, then you have no idea what you really don’t know, and let me dissuade anyone else from answering to this line of questions. if i give you the knowledge about these things, you would then draw the interest of that motorcade of black suburbans and swat “rescue” vehicles that would eventually show up to “neutralize the threat” at 0400, ’cause you’re now “a problem”. you would then get to choose between blowing yourself up in hopes of taking as many of them with you or dying as a martyr when they burn you alive in your own house. you might find that neither option is very satisfying, since the news coverage would portray you with whatever story they make up because there would be only their side of the story. taking care of “the problem” pays the bills for quite a number of people. they’re open all night anyway. wouldn’t matter to them, and maybe not even to me, if you were just a troll who didn’t really want to know, but was just trolling. so ask again and we’ll see how this works.

      as for lwrc, well, peace of mind is priceless. buy the best you can and learn to make it sing.

    • Zone9Partisan

      Ethnic cleansing, 8 wonder why they consider the “liberty movement” a bunch of racist rednecks?

      • Zone9,

        Haxo/Stuka Pilot is a anti-semite. Most likely a racist too. So what ?

        You left-wing statists always like to throw out that Saul Alinsky #5 and playing that effing race card. Big deal.

        Now why don’t you take your “happy” ass over to HuffPost or Politico, where you can sing Kumbaya and swill some herbal tea with your fellow Marxists ?

    • I dint say anything about race you inferred it I didnet
      im sure im on any number of lists
      its not that I don’t know about these things I just think that they should be dicussed since most people in this country live in a urban setting
      I am not advocating anything
      there are many many people smarter than I am and more knowledgeable than I am and can spell better
      I think the idea that when tshtf you are going to magically get out in the countryside and everything is going to be okay
      remember what happened to rudolh caught behind a grocery store going thru the dumpster
      we talk a lot about weopens on this website well what would you carry in a car?this just a simple question no agenda on my part
      as far as ethnic cleansing goes its been going on for sixty years just look at detriot.your friend truckwilkins

  4. tf-At,

    Per CA….run, don’t walk to CDNN for the LWRCi REPR special this weekend. He even gave you the link.

    Spend the money !

    • CA,

      As an aside, I’d love a REPR/7.62 platform. But I’ve decided to settle on 5.56mm. However, I’ve discarded any use of 5.56mm except 77 grain rounds. My alternate caliber is 300 Blackout. Just swap upper.

      Can’t beat those LWRCi piston machines. Just acqired a M6IC A5 with AAC 51T can mount.

      Take care.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Why create a self induced ammo shortage?
        While you’re at it, make your sniper rifle a 6.5-.284, those will be easy to find later.
        For the rest of you, you shouldn’t be running anything except 5.56, 7.62×39 and 7.62 NATO in standard bullet weights in your battle rifle, you can pick up ammo anywhere and keep on running. Remember KISS?
        Reminds me of that guy a while back bragging on gramp’s Model 71 .348 Win., yup, that’ll work for a combat rifle. Till you finish your last box of 70 yr old ammo.
        Setting yourself up with custom handloads is not wise in a SHTF scenario, if your weapon only eats one food, and it’s gone, you’re fucked. How long do you think a platoon of Marines could fight if they all took their hunting rifles with them? There is a good reason for uniformity.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I guess my most simple question to people is;
          when you’re walking through what’s left of a hasty ambush, rolling over bodies and ratfucking ammo pouches, how much 77 gr. 5.56 ammo are you gonna find? Or .300 Blackout?

          • SF0321,

            “When….ratfucking ammo pouches, how much 77 grain, 5,56mm 77gr ammo are you gonna find” ?

            Maybe none. Maybe some. But a 1/7, 5.56mm, zeroed for 77 grain pills is still going to be minute of breadbasket inside of 300 meters with both 55 gr or 62 gr Green Shit. Besides, there is more Mk 262 being issued than you realize.

            Odd, you fantasize about owning a 6.8 SPC but you want to M-F my comments about 5.56mm bullet grain preference ? It’s evident to me you don’t have the foggiest about 5.56mm performance. But not that it matters to me. You could kick off tomorrow 0321 and I wouldn’t miss your ridiculing ass for one moment.

            Sad. Can’t have a decent exchange of thoughts here without some know-it-all asshole pulling an Alinsky.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              If you knew anything about 5.56 performance, you wouldn’t even question my choice of 6.8. And I never said it was going to be my battle rifle. My buddies call it a .270 Light, perfect for deer and antelope.
              Why use 77 gr. bullets? I’ve shot a perfect score at 500 yds (several times even) prone, open sights, both USMC and NRA course, using 55 gr m193 and an old 1/12 twist M16A1. They shoot just fine. Using heavier bullets is a way of compensating for not using a bigger cartridge. And lots of velocity loss too, what you have is a slower heavy benchrest type cartridge in the 2500-2700 fps range and you now start to lose the hydrostatic shock you would get from a 3,000+ fps varmint round. Remember the original M-16 was 3,250 fps, and you’ve now dropped to 2,700 fps. Not the same cartridge anymore is it? Accurate as hell without all the tissue shock.
              But yeah, what the fuck would I know.
              I may be a grumpy ass, and cynical, but somewhere in there I hope somebody learned something that will save their ass. And you sure take the cake for flinging shit, how many people do you attack with your high moral attitude? Get over yourself and your decent exchange of thoughts.

              • SF0321,

                Hard to believe you want to stir a pot of shit because I simply wrote I no longer care to use anything but 77 grain bullets in 5.56mm.

                As I wrote your high and mighty ass….the ballistic nature of the 55, 62 and 77 grain rounds fired from the most commonly available 16″ barreled, 1/7 twist ARmalite, will at 300 meters or less, put all rounds fired, in the bad guy’s combat effective zone. Oh, and regarding battlefield pickup of other magazine-fed 5.56mm, one wouldn’t know the grain weight without a scale. Your inane attack on my simple remark of preferring MK 262 rounds is moot.

                Seems to me you want to bicker the use of 77 vs 55/62 grain rounds the same as so many arguments of 9mm vs 45 ACP. Why ? Makes you feel important ?

                As I wrote earlier….I made a simple remark about a simple topic, a bulet. You want to turn it into a battle royal with me so you can thump your chest and tell yourself “I told THAT sum-a-bitch” !

                Tell me tough guy….just how MANY deserving Internet komandos here at WRSA do I attack for their asinine remarks ? You Keyboard Kommandos are all alike. Ever so tough behind a screen with your multitude of insults and badassery. Meow.

                “Somewhere in there I hope somebody learned something that will save their ass”. Damn there Kommando SF0321, you better contact the boys at SOCOM mach schnell ! Evidently the SOCOM fools didn’t consult you when they chose the MK 262, 77 grain SMK round for their troops. Hurry….times awasting. Not a moment to spare for you to tell SOCOM the error of their ways !

                And don’t forget Kommando SF0321….can’t have a decent exchange of thoughts here without some know-it-all asshole like you 0321, pulling an Alinsky.

                Meow !

                • I for one welcome the “wrong 5.56 load” meme as a worthy successor to not only AR vs AK but also Ford vs Chevy and “tastes great\less filling”.

                  FWIW Ginger vs Mary Ann is still operative.


                  • Jimmy the Saint

                    Ginger/Mary Ann isn’t thinking strategically. Bump off Mr. Howell, marry the now-widowed Ms. Howell, let nature take its course with her, and inherit enough to get both Ginger AND Mary Ann.

                • SemperFi, 0321

                  You can shoot anything you want, but if someone else in your team or family needs ammo, tough shit, right?
                  You can call me anything you want also, tough shit for me too.
                  And as far as SOCOM and MARSOC goes, notice they’re now carrying FN SCAR 17’s? It’s a jump up from your 77 gr. wonder load.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Reminds me of that guy a while back bragging on gramp’s Model 71 .348 Win., yup, that’ll work for a combat rifle. Till you finish your last box of 70 yr old ammo.”

          Of course, employed correctly, that 70 year-old ammo could allow one to collect an awful lot of 5.56/7.62 and the rifles to use it. You don’t have to save your old guns/ammo for museums. If it works, use it.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Sorry, I must have missed the new memo on teamwork and uniformity. That went out the door?

  5. sanddevil36

    Nice rifle,I have that PRS butt stock on a couple of rifles,works very well.

  6. Boss, $3950.00 doesn’t bring the word, “sale”, to mind. More like BOHICA. If I had a spare $3950.00, I would buy silver and freeze dried food.

    • The cat asked.

      I shared what I saw.

      I’m good.

    • Sean,

      And the guy with the $4k REPR is going to take your silver and Mountain House !

      Remember….things are worth what one is willing to pay for it. The “best” never comes cheap.

      PS: You would do well to grab 20 Silver Eagles. Spot price closed at < $16.00 yesterday.

  7. outlawpatriot

    We are. Interesting drill today. Lock and load pistol. Take a blast of pepper spray to the face. Then negotiate a fifty meter course of fire with four shooting positions.

    A painful, burning, stinging exercise. 🙂

  8. “Welcome to the thrill of a lifetime – the descent into general lawlessness. Enjoy the ride!”
    2nd. i’m currently in training of physical, mental and monetary. i figure when the debt system of the usa takes it down, there’s going to be some wild times. I figure being ready for it, i should have my pick of women willing to do whatever i want for a week’s food, be driving a porsche and living on the 18th hole from the money i make on the decline. it’ll most likely be short lived as once i’ve shown i have resources; i’ll be overrun and left for dead; but could be fun until then.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Cougar, why not use the “week’s food”, training the women to be saboteurs? The enemy will be looking for women to satisfy their needs. It is a perfect set up to shove a knife into their guts, poison their food, or toss a “Black Cat firecracker”, into a command tent. You can thank me later.