We Are Here From The Government And We Are Here To Help, OPM Version


WeaponsMan gives the latest on the OPM data breach.

Key lesson:

The .gov is NOT populated by Übermensch.

They are in the process of delegitimizing themselves.

Very many of them are otherwise unemployable.

They can and will be defeated.

Chin up.


20 responses to “We Are Here From The Government And We Are Here To Help, OPM Version

  1. The same system, or I should say the same people who make the system work, that works diligently and ceaselessly to spy and pry and peep like perverts into every facet of our lives has now had the same thing done to them.

    And they are unhappy…

    Bring out the Sad Panda’s, a whole parade of Sad Panda’s if you please.

  2. “They are in the process of delegitimizing themselves.”
    This is now a daily occurrence.

    “Very many of them are otherwise unemployable.”
    Without a doubt, the bureaucrat is a parasite and seeks the easy way in all things. This is why they sought employment in the .gov sector in the first place! They want big paychecks, job security with benefits and a fat pension at the end. These people are risk averse in the extreme and that is their greatest weakness. It must be exploited.

    Shunning can be a powerful tool.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    I saw the quote above… “They are in the process of delegitimatizing themselves.”

    This process was already completed two decades ago!!
    FYI–our DC thuggery system is completely irrelevant to most people here in the USA now.

    Should an asteroid impact the District Of Columbia and wipe out all vestiges of the DC thug system… life would go on as normal, the birds would chrip a little louder, the sky would be a darker shade of blue, the mountain waters would taste more refreshing and children would spontaneously form choirs and sing Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” on mountain tops.

    • Irrelevant but most if not all still
      pay homage and alms to it each year out of fear. So is it really irrelevant?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        That which can kill you, imprison you, or impoverish you on a whim is never, ever irrelevant. It is perhaps the most relevant thing in your life, even if it isn’t always front and center in your attention.

        • Then all must stop claiming the irrelevance of said group. Their relevance is the reason why no one lifts a finger to right wrongs and why freedom’s death was met with great applause.

    • Interesting view. So why don’t we cut a deal. We will just give 15% flat rate to DC. In return they just shut the hell up and leave us alone. One can dream right?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        15% is too high, they could do great with 5-7% if EVERYONE paid in, with no deductions for ANYONE , especially elites or special interest groups.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Then again, why worry about taxes, were gonna corkscrew into the ground anyway, and taxes ain’t gonna fit it.

  4. Uh, is the outing of federal employees supposed to be a bad thing?

  5. Most people are avoiding the most important part. With root access, whole records could be inserted. Complete background and secret clearance.

    • Where do I sign up, 38 times? From terrorist watch list persons to Grand Majestic Compartmentalized Diplomatic Ultra-Top-Secret personas. Use as appropriate.

      Alt-identities are worth having.

  6. In a prior life I dealt with government types with IT implementations for a while as a service agency to several federal depts. The techies down in the trenches are an inventive lot. They have to be to keep many of these age old systems up and running. The problem lies with the executive/political layer that thwarts, realigns & reassigns monies and efforts.

    The wrong people were called to testify on the OPM matter. Bring in the GS7s and 8s. They can tell them exactly what the problem is if they have the guts.

    • Bring the E-4’s and E-5’s. They aren’t paid enough to lie, but plenty enough to kill.

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