Quo Vadis, Jade Helm 15?



Quo Vadis, Jade Helm 15?

A Commentary


SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

When in panic,

When in doubt,

Run in circles,

Scream and shout!

Sometime in March this writer was sent a set of briefing slides (the same ones everybody else has seen) about a forthcoming USASOC exercise called Jade Helm 15 (hereafter JH15) that was to span the entire South West even including a freak show called California. The man who sent them asked, “What do you think?” This writer responded, “Boring.” Pressed for a more substantial answer this writer explained that what is being looked at is a command and control staff exercise at theater scale and that the small number of troops involved (New SF or otherwise) meant they were only bit players in a scenario so the orders issued were not merely CPX fluff. This writer also remarked that a C&C exercise of this magnitude and on this scale means that an OPLAN has been dusted off, is being converted into an OPORD, and within a year (or maybe two) we will see another campaign. Given current events, and the assumptions of the briefing slides, this writer speculated the destabilization of Central Asia. The Lie on Terror is running on inertia; now it is Russia’s turn.

This writer’s correspondent remarked that “patriots” were already howling about martial law. Sure enough! (sigh.) It took not long at all for all the other prison camp, cordon and sweep, lists (red or otherwise), and box cars with meat hooks (oops, sorry, that was the ’90s, this time it is shackles – and a new one! gun confiscation boxcars), feverish alarm about military convoys, etc. and all the other desiderata ad nauseam, which causes “patriots” to break out in cold sweat, fueled by the inane polemics and rhetorical bloviating of Internet panic mongers (where do they get their money?) – and even some retired professional military who should know better (if they do know better are we not justified in questioning their motives? and if they do not know better why does anybody listen to them?) – to percolate to the surface. The only thing missing was Russian infantry divisions hidden in salt mines and national forests (remember those from the ’90s kids?). The only fresh panicking that didn’t mirror the ’90s and Y2K was about Prison-Mart and their secret tunnels. OH! And the prison distillery in Kentucky. Just who dreams up this shit? Doesn’t matter; “patriots” lap it up.

Well… We are now two weeks into JH15. No martial law. No cordon and sweep. Prison-Marts are still empty. And the secret tunnels are still not filled with executed “patriots.” Really, can you think of anything more disappointing? After all; “resistance” to oppressive tyranny is all about one being such a threat and so very important (and “patriots” are such a positive menace and so much feared) that one must be destined to be rounded up only to disappear in Prison-Mart. Never mind that the tireless oppressive tyranny is the representative democracy of innumerable sovereigns – nothing to see there. And what about the credibility of the Internet panic mongers – and those few retired professional military who should have had cooler and more prudent heads? (Was it stupidity, or malice – or cupidity on their part?) Is their credibility trashed?

Hell no: In any case not among “patriots.” The panic mongers will continue to roar against the logical consequences of the ideas they embrace; they’ll scream EEEEEEEK! at the odd shadows of any mindless idiocy like frightened girls; they’ll change the subject and back pedal when facts contradict them; “patriots” will still tune in to the latest outrage and click the Like! button – and the populists will continue to make money on what the military does because it is the military; like transporting military equipment to training areas in the course of normal deployments and the repositioning of vehicles. Just like the military has been doing for, well, forever.

Can anybody imagine anything more threatening, brazen and menacing than what the Army has done forever?

But…. back to JH15. USASOC were caught in the web of their sinister martial law (some say coup) plan by ever so keen always so vigilant militant IIIpers, and the USASOC Public Affairs Office were shoved into a corner and compelled into a pathetic mind numbing public briefing by some brain dead civilian PAO prol, the result thereby martial law was stopped dead in its tracks. Whew! Thank you IIIpers! That was a close one. Too close!

The response of many Old SF to that briefing? “Pff. Now we have your measure.”

It Has Always Been Thus

Special Forces has always since its inception, and everywhere in CONUS, conducted off post Unconventional Warfare training exercises. They’ve been doing it since the 1960s. When they did so nobody screamed about “martial law” or “coup.” In the days we made our own UWOAs and built our own “Auxiliary.” They were pretty freewheeling affairs and so long as purely administrative constraints were not too egregiously ignored they were fairly “open scenario.” In the days there were no private “military contractors.” Just National Guard people – you know them; the militia. They were allowed to be “Gs” and carry guns (and sometimes military academy cadets). Other civilians were happy with the support roles assigned to them; they were invariably subordinated to a local retired military (VFW was a favored recruiting ground). However, those freewheeling days are long gone. They were murdered during the Reagan Regime. So when this writer heard about JH15 he figured the contractors would be all over it. Sure enough, any number of contractors soliciting “G Chiefs,” “Assistant G Chiefs,” “Resistance Leaders,” “Area Command” folks. “Auxiliary Chief,” “Auxiliary” blah blah. You name it. All the usual necessary bit players. But here is the difference: Back in the days people did those things for us because they loved us and wanted to play. Today, contractors and “role players” do those things for USASOC for money. Today a UW exercise is no longer fun for the civilian bit players; it’s just fucking business for military contractors.

When UW training exercises were fun (before the “patriot movement” – which is neither patriotic nor a movement – began rattling their “militia” crap during the mid-’80s and frightening the Reagan Puritans and their “Neocon” – we know who they are – commissars), an Advance Party (ADVON) of two or three would go TDY to the AO and scout out training areas, make contact with and brief local officials, and “work” the community institutions – including the local bars. It was always a “cold pitch.” Meaning, this is who we are, this is what we’re doing, this is what we would like you to do for us, do you want to play (for nothing but gas money)? YES! was the inevitable answer. So within about three weeks the ADVON would have assembled, organized, trained and taken charge of and assumed responsibility for a not insignificant “auxiliary.” The “indig” (auxiliary) were invited to every event before “D-Day,” such as Drop Zone surveys, Message Pick Up surveys, STOL landing strip surveys, etc., where everything was explained to them, invariably culminating in a cookout (with plenty of refreshments).

And here is the fun part. The ADVON “worked” both sides. They would deliberately set one community against another. In County X they would work up a “pro-G” auxiliary, while in County Y (where OPFOR was to be stationed) they would work up a pro-OPFOR counter-resistance – and they would frequently blur those lines. So that, when the UW exercise kicked off, it was not at all unusual for local police departments to either ignore or prosecute the Auxiliaries’ odd hours activities, county commissions took “G” or “OPFOR” sides against city councils and vice versa, and local newspapers would print front page stories about “G” or “OPFOR” outrages or successes and even editorial columns justified or condemned one or the other side – and all with unsupervised “treason” and treachery” on both sides. During combat ops nobody in the surrounds was scared about explosions, machinegun and small arms fire, helicopters in the dead of night, armed groups cutting through yards, OPFOR convoys, the odd kidnapping or “political assassination” during lunch hour at the local gas station or diner. You name it. Everybody knew it was nothing but a wargame.

People then, back in the days, were not afraid of SF or the military, The civilians loved us, and we loved (many of) the civilians. Then the “patriot movement” happened – and politically and sympathetically it all went sour. Which raises some interesting questions about the “patriot movement.”

NB: The organizing of off post UW exercises described above were nothing more than less constrained out of “school house” versions of “ROBIN SAGE,” what used to be known as the “field phase” of Phase III of SFQC. These days ROBIN SAGE ought better be known as “Uwharrie Phase” of Ranger School for all it is worth. Since the early-mid 1980s ROBIN SAGE had all the “bells and smells and vestments” (the accidents) of the early ROBIN SAGE, but it had been emptied of its substance (its “Is-ness”). Not that ROBIN SAGE had much “Is-ness” originally; ROBIN SAGE had always been the comic book version of UW (like Jade Helm 15 is now). There were many things implicit in ROBIN SAGE that were explicitly missing in the exercise itself – questions 99 out of 100 students never even thought to ask. Like… Who does the G-Chief answer to? The Area Command. Who does the Area Command answer to? The Resistance. Just who the fuck is this “Resistance” and just who the hell do they answer to? Silence. That is one question too many.

Most gentle reader, UW is not a comic book. That is why this writer strongly discourages children from playing with fire, touching the burner, or sticking a fork in the outlet. Dream about it howsoever you will, you cannot do it. All UW is state sponsored; it is out of your capacity. If you do try the ROBIN SAGE comic book version you will be killed. Period.

A Final Word

When Jade Helm 15 was “leaked” did “patriots” try to insinuate themselves into the exercise by signing up as role players so they could be on the inside seeing what was going on instead of standing on the outside wringing their hands? No. Do “patriots” grasp the concept that being on the inside they might have gotten some training and have learned something? No. They were consumed with unthinking distrust of the military – sparked in large part by Internet bloviators, and a particular dung eating spreader of panic called “Dahboo777” (whose real name is Justin Shannon Knight). Who do these people really work for? What is their game? Who pays their bills? 

Granted, these days getting “involved” is more difficult, given that contractors have cornered the market and role players are typically former military, and New SF wouldn’t know how to set up an off post UW exercise and wouldn’t even dream of “working” the locals because they don’t know how.

If anybody here thinks it is a wise thing to cause the military to look upon “concerned citizens” with anything other than benign indifference, you deserve the consequences of being regarded as dangerous revolutionaries.

70 responses to “Quo Vadis, Jade Helm 15?

  1. We meant no offense your benigness. Please forfive us for thinking our government (treason everywhere) might employ its own military forces against us, the ahem, dangerous revolutionaries?

  2. The problem is too many want it to happen, and just like the ’90’s, they make up shit to make people believe it is happening (only a small amount of truth is needed to perpetrate the lie). The “Division in the National Forest” was my favorite! The guys that ran with that story obviously didn’t understand what it takes to support a Division on a DAILY basis. BTW, here’s the old school (work with the locals off post) exercise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu_MVETxcVc

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Heard the same story about the UN troops, both from friends at Camp Lejeune and here at Yellowstone NP. Whole parks of armored vehicles hidden in the trees, and just seen by Billybob’s uncle Jed while out hiking.
      However, I participated in the training ops at Camp Lejeune in the mid 70’s, we had all kinds of troops from Ft. Bragg jump in and we linked up with the Recondos on old WW2 airstrips out in the bush. They were small scale ops, stayed close to the military bases and they’ve gone on every year for decades. What sets JH15 off as different is the scale of the training area, and the intent. Why shouldn’t civilians get jumpy when something this big can take place anywhere they (.mil) want to go?
      I think it is to get locals acclimated to troops around, anytime, anywhere. Nobody will think any different when whole convoys come thru 6 months after JH15.

    • My personal favorite was the one about the Soviet Uzbeks hiding in a salt mine near Detroit. Living close by at the time I investigated this. I didn’t find any Soviets but did find a multinational corporation that didn’t have anything to do with mining. One of the many interesting sites/things I’ve found over the course of a short lifetime. Nothing that I’ve physically kept of course. Not like retired scientists who get their homes searched by the fed gov.


  3. David Mudkipz

    “If anybody here thinks it is a wise thing to cause the military to look upon “concerned citizens” with anything other than benign indifference, you deserve the consequences of being regarded as dangerous revolutionaries.”

    Or in the original Latin: oderint dum metuant.

  4. BrotherGrim

    I agree with the idea that jh15 is as Mr. Barry describes it, an exercise. The underlying issue is that jh15 adds another frog to the pot. The in-roads and associations made on the ground in different states will be used in a future event. There is no deal with the devil that lets you off the hook.

    I take issue with Mr. Barry’s idea that a non-state sponsored force is doomed to failure. History if full of examples of aligned tribes winning. Amazingly goat herders, not even patriots or vets, practiced UW in various places against .gov forces and won! Going back to the sixties. Yes, a lot of them died, but they won. News flash- we all die, nobody gets out of this alive. How we live, and die, is more important than just existing.

    It is commonly the same slippery-slope fallacy with Mr. Barry: if this, then x must happen. I pitty Mr. Barry, his cynacism has won and a muted existance by the leave of his betters is all he seems to desire. That is his choice, and as an American I can disagree with him and still respect his personal decision.

  5. Masturbatory self-righteousness. How droll and boring.

    • stormfriend

      Hell, I know, I was convinced I was wrong.
      Sgt. Barry; don’t know you and you don’t know me but I’ve seen your type. I personally do not give a flyin’ fuck about you, your opinion piece here, and what your master wants you to say. I will tell you that you or any of the other confused motherfuckers that come this way with bad intent will not like the hornet’s nest they’ve kicked. If you equate age or duty status with ability, you and the folks holding your leash should think a while about the differences between wolves and pets… You’re a parrot, man, speaking exactly what I would expect from the indoctrinated.
      But out here on the edge, we can see… the stars…

  6. The patriot movement of the 80’s? Maybe a few up in Idaho. Just enough for the government/media complex to shreek and point at. While I watched our brave forest service/ BLM boys shoot dogs and burn old widows cabins. After they drug her out of course.(stayed to long on the mining claim, bout 50 yrs. I recall.).But I digress.
    I hardly think the patriot movement scared anyone until say 93, when the military burned down a church with a bunch of folks in it.(Waco anyone?).
    Ya, that kind of just following orders puts a damper on Mil./Civ. relations.
    And before you get started on the government approved side of the story, kindly remember were a bunch dipshit rednecks that wouldn’t believe the truth if it kicked our ass. So spare us.
    Back to JD15, To old to care.
    I’ll die with grin knowing the assholes you work for are going to steal that pension you murdered to get. Enjoy!

  7. Care to tell me again just how benign you are after I saw what happened in Boston?
    Door to door searches at gunpoint by the National Guard ring a bell there Sparky?

    fiducia nulli ab Ecclesiae gubernatione

    Trust no one in government.

  8. So why, oh wise one, are a bunch of goat herders and farmers able to fight the mighty US to a stand still time after time????? Other than SF role playing, have we won a war in the past 80 years??
    Maybe you should reconsider just who the “dangerous revolutionaries” really are.

    • Different “Dodge” BTW. As far as winning wars in the past 80 years is concerned, that, generally speaking, had nothing to do with SF’s ability, or even the US Army’s overall effectiveness, it had everything to do with Politicians and Bureaucrats making decisions that should have been left to the subject matter experts, when it comes to tactics and strategy. BTW, you don’t know about the many fights US Army SF has won overseas, simply because they won.

      • “As far as winning wars in the past 80 years is concerned, that, generally speaking, had nothing to do with SF’s ability, or even the US Army’s overall effectiveness, it had everything to do with Politicians and Bureaucrats making decisions….”

        Which is exactly the problem we have on our poor widdle ignorant, deluded, paranoid, PATRIOT! minds right now, and with a multitude of examples and very good reasons.

        Who is the Civilian Command Authority, again?

        If guys like Barry were really worth the shit he thinks he is and they are, they would have taken out the trash long ago and, no, I don’t mean The People he so disdains, having forgotten who he was supposed to serve.

        What an arrogant, preening, cynical, elitist asshole.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Other than SF role playing, have we won a war in the past 80 years??”

      To quote Van Halen: “Panama!” Good ol’ Operation Just ‘Cause

  9. Montgomery

    Herschel, pretty much echoes my sentiments.

  10. “Do “patriots” grasp the concept that being on the inside they might have gotten some training and have learned something?”

    When JH15 was brought up that was actually the first thing I thought of. I figured they’d need bodies to fill the roles of OPFOR. What a great opportunity to get some training, and from those genuinely in the know. None of them were practicing this far northeast though, and I don’t know if they’d have accepted someone with no real military or LEO background to serve as an OPFOR actor.

  11. “If anybody here thinks it is a wise thing to cause the military to look upon “concerned citizens” with anything other than benign indifference, you deserve the consequences of being regarded as dangerous revolutionaries.”


    Bring it motherfucker. You people haven’t won a war since WWII. You’ve gotten your asses kicked by Vietnamese, Iraqi’s and Afghans. You really want to take on a few million Americans who grew up shooting?

    You people are serving a master that throws you into a meat grinder and then tosses you out like so much garbage. You have to turn to private foundations for medical care because the VA sucks so bad – yet you are still happy to fight Americans on behalf of the scum elite that treat you like garbage.

    Wake the fuck up. Try taking your oath to the Constitution seriously for a change. Think for yourself.

    It’s people like you that can take a 51 year old, Reagan Republican from a military family and turn them into a man who sees no difference between a US Soldier and a UN soldier.

    Outfuckingstanding. Great job you dumb shit.

  12. Discernment is the one word that would wrap it all up.
    The slow bleed is how I see it happening.
    Do your kids think you are rational?
    Slowly redefine normal.
    Evolution happens over many organisms lifetimes.
    Outliers in a group are usually a dead end.
    Disappear into the herd.

  13. Barry-you sound like an obese fag. Afghanistan. Skinny, illiterate peasants in FLIP FLOPS for cryin out loud. Armed with 80 year old mosins. They kicked your .gov fat ass hard. Now go find a nice restaurant in the beltway and stuff your fat face.

  14. Strategic Opinion

    So Mr. Barry, at the highest levels we have a wicked, evil government full of known liars, pedophiles, occultists, and psychopaths, intent on the destruction of this nation from within, and you decide the best expenditure of your God-given lifes energy is to lecture us on “jh15”? WAKE UP

  15. FTA: “We are now two weeks into JH15”.
    Really? JH15 starts 15 July…

    • Mudboy…

      Actually, it’s been bumped, and assimilated, into “other” exercises.

      It, Jade Helm, just hasn’t gone, in and of itself, full blown.

  16. Grey Ghost

    First, we are supposed to believe his idea of U.S. militia is the NG and that’s it, nothing else can exist constitutionally/legally. Pure hogwash. I find it hard to believe that MSGT Barry has even read the Bill of Rights, and Constitution let alone the Declaration of Independence. IMHO he is a .mil agent fomenting agitprop… we are the best rah rah rah, we are SF, we are the baddest of the bad and if ANYONE tries to go against us they will die… ooooh I’m soooo scared. Hopefully we’ll never have to cross swords, but make no mistake, I’m not afraid to die.

    Second, all your chest beating and brainwashed ideas can not hide the fact that a bunch of rag head goat pokers in black have taken you guys to the wood shed for what… 10 years! Oh yeah and the other guys in VN who wore the black PJs took your ass to the woodshed too. And just WHY is that Mr Almighty SF? I’ll tell your sorry LOSER ass why, it’s because SF/.mil has adopted the FAILED idea of “winning hearts and minds” as a key pillar in fighting UW. THE TRUTH is, SF/.mil just hasn’t had any success with the “hearts and minds” strategy since their opponents have hoisted the black flag of “give no quarter… ever.”

    As to JH15, it is just a way for the .mil to get the civilian population used to having soldiers running around the neighborhood. Possibly for some future martial law scenario, hell, we all know the economy is running gang busters. It surely isn’t about training for conflicts abroad. Further, IIRC, one of the stated goals was “infiltration” of local populace. And .mil can NOT figure out why alarm bells are going off inside the patriot community? Seriously? You guys need to get a grip on reality and the political situation in DC.

    And finally, should SF/.mil decide that the civilians in charge always give lawful orders AGAINST the civilian population; well… may God have mercy on your brainwashed soul if you can’t figure out just who the REAL Americans are and just why there are “problems” out in the field.

    Deo Vindice

    Grey Ghost

  17. The same people who killed the Native Americans … will kill you.

    Harbour no doubt of it.

    • outlawpatriot

      You really should shut the fuck up limey. You don’t know a God damned thing you pompous fuck.

      Don’t you have blogs in merry old England devoted to saving your pasty white butts?

      Don’t need you here bitch. You could never save us. But, we might just be able to save you. Again.

      • I do know that there’s something faintly unsavoury about men who seek an unearned share of honour … by speaking in the third person about the achievements of others. Just who is this “we”, of whom you speak?

        Unless I’m much mistaken, you made exactly ZERO contribution towards seeing off the Nazi’ threat.

        For the rest; well, I’m probably guilty-as-charged.

        • Funny that you drew that response to a mere simple statement of fact and a minor, unobjectionable suggestion. There’s a reason for everything; I wonder why that is.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The guys who really broke – moreso than actually killed – the Native Americans were buffalo hunters (and just buffalo shooters – folks banging away at them from trains, etc.). Wiping out the buffalo herds did more to break the Indians than the cavalry/infantry ever did.

      • And that should be a lesson that is well heeded by us…Never let the enemy be able to control your food supply…

  18. You see everything is built on what comes before. You think that because the water has never boiled that it never will. And then suddenly it does. You’re a herdsman of other men’s cows. You have no idea what they’re planning and you don’t seem to be looking anymore either – assuming you ever did.

    You are right about the need for Centralized Authority and wrong about guerilla warfare. So you’re batting one for three by my book.

  19. We still have explosions,machine gun,and small arms fire here in our surrounds,and nobody bats an eye.
    And it doesn’t invovle the “complex”.

  20. Jade Helm….practice for the domestic future Barry.

    Now why wasn’t all them DoD assets used to plug FUSA’s Mexican border?

  21. There is so much wrong with this piece. I don’t have time right now to go back and counter with the observed facts. Yeah, there were some ridiculous claims made in the movement. Some of those making the claims were also later proven to be government assets (Hal Turner). Not too long ago, someone was claiming divisions of Chinese military staged over the border in Mexico. Well, if they knew anything about the border region, they’d know it is not happening.

    However; just the fact that this job even exists, should be cause for concern among Americans – even if you are just a Joe Sixpack taxpaying drone.


  22. While I appreciate the writer for penning this post, I think he points the blame at the wrong people.

    The .gov has been lying to the American people for too long, and they have turned the population against them. This is entirely their fault.

    Labeling whole groups of peaceful people numbering in the millions as public enemy #1 did not help things. They are clearly attempting to” other ” individuals of certain political persuasions and provoke a response.

    The combination of hubris. ignorance coupled with the avoidance of reality is a hell of a thing.

    I am not afraid of the .gov, or the military. Not because I don’t think they’re capable of evil, or willing to turn tyrannical; it is because they clearly don’t have the ability to pacify this country through force.

    Attempting the aforementioned is akin to lighting a road flare whilst standing in a swimming pool full of napalm.

    The squawking tinfoil hatters aren’t going anywhere, best to just ignore them.

  23. This fellow doth protest too much. Why is he posting here? To tease out those who might present some difficulties to the supreme master at whose latrine he feeds? After reading the sergeant’s brainless diatribe, I will make several observations:
    – he’s benefited from the most recent scotus decision.
    – he is a schizoid drone with a touch of paranoia who was most certainly among the 32% who agreed they would murder American citizens if told to do so; he would, in fact, relish the opportunity to do so.
    – he spent far too much time with transitional objects as a child.
    – he is at best a borderline intellectual functioning cretin who has a bit of skill manipulating facts he pulls down from Obama approved websites.
    – he is never sought out for his company but will impose himself on others at every opportunity.
    Let’s joust, Stevie! I very much wish to strip away the veneer of marginal civility you try to maintain here and show you for the true monster you are.

  24. The real funny part Barry. is the people commenting here like you folks at the SF better than the people giving you orders! to funny!

  25. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, what a lot of harsh criticism. Not many allies here, it seems, Barry 🙂

  26. Yeah. Amusing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Young folks only know what they know in the context of the environment they grow up in. The only reference they have of before them, is us older guys. I think it is pretty sad that some of us older guys have to dredge up an old video, the same video, over and over again, to PROVE that all the other newer video’s showing military conducting major exercises, like inserts, extractions, forced entry, patrolling, civilian riot control – containment – incarceration, and such, including cross training with civilian local, county, state, and federal Law Enforcement personnel is just all… normal… because, ya know, it has always been so since forever and ever all throughout our cities nationwide in your face ever since Dial Emergency 9-1-1, the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Sturmabteilung (contracting with, hey… Wallymart, NFL, etc.), PATRIOT Act., NDAA, and etc., our massive economic cluster-fuck, 7 countries in 5 years plan (+Ukraine), provoking the Bear… etc. and etc. these past 14 years.

    Nothing to see here folks. Everything is normal in these uSA.

  27. for all those who are addressing this writing in one form or another, you may wish to consider that seventy per cent of the Communist Manifesto has been legislated, regulated or administrated into American life. And, all this with minimal harrassment of American “patriots”.
    I have witnessed the evil of our foreign policy at the behest of the evil tribe in Vietnam and funfilled Mogadishu.
    frank sends

  28. outlawpatriot

    Meh. Barry has no credibility with me. 🙂

  29. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  30. Was/is the announcement of JH15 the exercise itself, a ping? To measure response, to provide an opportunity for disinformation drones to salt the mine or with a wide brush paint reactions & concerns as wacko?

    We shall see.

  31. SameNoKami

    I subscribed to “The Resister” by S. Barry back when and still have all the issues (I think.)
    He seems a great deal more cynical, jaded and defeatist now than then but still able to stir up the hornet’s nest.

  32. Being a high tech redneck who delves into the world of process control via PLC’s, computer control, a wee bit of robotics, and HMI touch screen interfaces this JH15 reminds me of nothing more than, what we call supervisory control and data acquisition; S.C.A.D.A.

    Manufacturing cannot compete in today’s market without knowing what is going on within their manufacturing floor minute by minute. Data acquisition is the key to making sound business decisions by pulling the data out of the PLC’s and placing that data into formats that can be understood by middle and upper management. One benefit of using SCADA systems is the operators do not have any interface into the system. They can’t pencil whip production reports, etc. All information is gathered through the machine via networks.

    With all the data acquisition going on with our little three letter gangs these boys are doing nothing more than what manufacturing has been doing for years; putting together their own version of a nationwide SCADA system. They provoke a pressure point into the system, the human domain, and through their collection resources see how that system reacts. They then move on to the next part of the system, repeat the scenario and watch the reaction again. This is done in manufacturing for quality assurance and maintenance/troubleshooting procedures. Gotta know how the system will react before making the proper decisions to repair or eliminate the problem.

    We are all living in a technological fishbowl. All that op for has to do is keep popping those pressure points to see how we, as the human domain, are going to react. Akin to a high tech recon. What they’re going to do with all the input they garner from the system is another topic for another time.

  33. I think, we should keep an open mind, watch the situation, gather our own intel. People will be watching across the country any way. If action is needed it will happen. The out come is unknown. We will learn. And we know history repeats it self. There are to many things happening right now: to see what is really going on. Public is controled my media. Fear of the UNKNOWN…. Stay safe and whatch your 6

  34. “Then the “patriot movement” happened – and politically and sympathetically it all went sour.”

    I don’t think the patriot movement was the cause. Seems to me it was a reasonable response to government starting to go sour. Was the military/SF the sour part back then? Not much. Now? You decide.

  35. I’m curious what you guys that have so much to say were doing when Barry was operating the SFU, and “The Resister” http://civiliandefenseforce.com/resister1.html clandestinely, while still a member of US Army SF. He had a “UCMJ price on his head” back then (I remember it well), simply because he was trying to do the right thing and help the people (supposed “patriots”) that ended up letting him down. And you guys wonder why he’s cynical, and not impressed? There’s a reason. How many of you were in one of the Waco videos, putting out real world, factual info about the bastards who did that? Barry was. Maybe before you run your mouths about the man and his “misguided” opinion, you should do some research about what he did long before you guys decided to show up to the party, and get an understanding of what brought him to this opinion. I’ve known him a long time, and I can tell you this, Barry is a “facts” guy, and will tell you whether you like the facts or not.

    • Joseph Plumb Martin

      Mason Dixon Tactical is absolutely correct with regards to SFC Barry. I knew him back at Ft Bragg when he was clandestinely publishing and distributing “The Resister”. He is one of the most well read individuals that I have known. His house was full of book shelves stacked to the ceiling with books that were all tabbed and underlined. For all this he was pushed out of the army and gets his picture on the cover of the Southern Poverty Law Centers screed the ” Intelligence Report ” that is sent to all police departments. He was vilified as one of the most evil and dangerous men in America in the lead article. His thanks for telling the truth.

      • I wonder how many of THE COMMENTERS had a vehicle purposely destroyed in their own driveway as a threat to keep quiet?

        • “I wonder how many of THE COMMENTERS had a vehicle purposely destroyed in their own driveway as a threat to keep quiet?”

          Ha! Tell me about it…

      • DTG and JPM, I admire your loyalty to a man you knew personally and the respect you have for him. He doesn’t seem like the same man today.

        I read The Resister back in that day and was hopeful that SF and Rangers could be persuaded to “lead the way.” The tone then bears little resemblance to the PTB apologia, .mil elitism and the utter contempt and patronizing of “sillyvilians” we read from Barry today.

        Oh, the revolution didn’t succeed? He got a raw deal? He was vilified for telling the truth? He wasn’t acclaimed The Man on the White Horse?

        Welcome to the club. A prophet hath no honor in his own land. Or era.

    • Lost Patrol

      Roger that JC. Known Barry for going on 30 years. I am one of those, by his actions and words decided to jump in and learn for myself. To be trained and to experience real world. Those that are so fond of patting themselves on the back thinking they are some bad ass underground revolutionaries I ask one simple question(s) (long but simple): What great action have you been in? Where did you shine for those that depended on you. Who tells stories of your daring and doing. Where did you serve and what units and fights were you in. When you get together with real men, stallions if you will, do they buy you drinks for the courage and the actions you exhibited? So all you bad ass revolutionaries … just what the fuck have you done that is so great? Just asking as some of you are real fond of yourselves, pretty boys.

      • Oh spare me.

        Face the fucking facts. The American worker has gone to work, paid their taxes and provided the best weapons, training and benefits that any military in the world has ever had – and those soldiers have completely, utterly failed to uphold their oath to the Constitution.

        Somehow it’s OUR fault for not buying guns, paying for training and shooting the bastards while the very men we paid to protects us did nothing? They stood by and let our borders be overrun and then blame us?

        Barry wants to focus on the most whacko conspiracy theories out, which very few people take seriously and then use that to broad brush paint everyone? What a load of bullshit. If that’s what passes for “intel” or “analysis” in today’s SpecOps community then we are truly fucked and we’ve completely wasted trillions of dollars.

        They serve gay Generals who openly marry their husbands and then want us to feel sorry for them because they got their car vandalized for publishing an underground newsletter? Cry me a fucking river. There are Americans in prison or dead for far less than that. The very same SF “heroes” who we are supposed to fear and be indebted to would gladly kill Edward Snowden who’s done more to expose the criminality of our government than ANY SF soldier EVER has.

        I swear, the more the mil types here whine the more they lose my respect.

        • So you wanted a coup? Why, because Americans picked the worst possible guy to run the country….TWICE! First you guys scream they’re trying to take over, and implement martial law, then you scream they should have done it years ago, make up your mind. “Vandalize” LOL, you obviously don’t know what happened.

          • A coup is one government taking over another government. More directly, one group of rulers taking over from another group. With a handful of exceptions, I don’t think anyone here is foolish enough to want that. Surprisingly, if he’s to be believed, Sgt. Barry appears to be one of them, judging from what he’s written previously. Someone mentioned DTG, but I don’t see his comment here; I wonder where he stands on the matter.

            I find the whole thing too complex with way too much information missing. So I’m searching for that. I’m very big on facts first. Monster comments in the thread. I think stormfriend came closest to exactly what I’m thinking so far, but many others capture the gist of it. Still, too much information missing…about the writer, what he wrote and especially why he wrote it.

            Nice link BTW, Meat Trapper. Important IMO. For now, I’ll go with stormfriends last line…

            “But out here on the edge, we can see… the stars…”

            • JK, don’t act like you didn’t know what was meant by my use of the wor “coup”. Just because I didn’t use the word “military” in front of it, doesn’t change the meaning of what was implied.

            • My thoughts are simply these:

              SFC Barry’s contribution of service speaks for itself; the fact that the SFU and the ‘Resister’ scared the shit out of senior command, both military and civil, and is evidenced by the way he was forced out of the service. The fact that there were no charges brought under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) demonstrates they didn’t have squat (as a retired 1st Sgt, I can tell you that the JAG loves to build cases just like civilian lawyers do, especially when there’s ‘command interest’.)

              I have never met him; I’d enjoy doing so and having a couple beers and listening to whatever he wanted to talk about, because these guys usually throw out ‘pearls of wisdom’ to polite and courteous people.

              I have met Dr. Martino and JC Dodge, though, and their vouch only cements my own impression of him as a man and as SF soldier from when I was reading the Resister series. I don’t always agree with everything he writes on various subjects,but that doesn’t detract from the way I view him as ‘one of those guys who can help us save ourselves’.

              Anyone who can be mentored by an ‘old school’ SF soldier has hit the winning lottery number in light of the forthcoming ‘interesting times’. Back in my day, the small amount of time I had in classes they (SF) gave us when they’d stop into our little corner of Texas was like pure gold. And these guys were the consummate professionals. They did whatever they could to teach us how to be better at our jobs. Lastly, if someone has a disagreement with SFC Barry (or anyone else for that matter), how about attacking the idea with counter ideas based upon facts, theories, or cites, rather suing the very tired Ad Hominem fallacy against the person? You know, Person A makes claim X. Person B makes an attack on person A. Therefore A’s claim is false. Or, the other fallacy used on this string: Description of Appeal to Ridicule, which ridicule or mockery is substituted for evidence in an “argument.” This line of “reasoning” has the following form: Some form of ridicule is presented (typically directed at the claim and/or person making the claim). Therefore the claim is false. This sort of “reasoning” is fallacious because mocking a claim does not show that it is false. This is a similar example of some comments on the original post: “1+1=2! That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!”

              I have no problem whatsoever with folks who disagree/debate the contention put forward. Attacking the man on any post here? First, it’s bad form. Second, writers posted here need no justification, and can defend themselves, if they choose to do so.

              Truly, and I’m sure I’ll get good and flamed for this (but it’s not going to cost me any sleep, I assure you), a lot of the responses I’ve read sound like, “Simple Jack”….basically, ‘full retard.’

    • Thanks for the link.
      The Bona Fides are going to be a very important thing to establish in a reconstruction of civil society
      Diplomacy at the individual level will be a life or death matter.

  36. From over the transom:

    As we come up on another week of Jade Helm and NO Russians, Chinese, boxcars, PrisonMart or gun confiscations, I present to you research that was done on the biggest fear monger:

    Summarized it says Dahboo777 is an Enochian Magick based name and every time he’s been closed down he pops back up again under a similar enochian magik term based name. A fear monger. I’m going with my original assessment. SEO and keyword based software drawing in all the conspiracy theory stuff, posting it on the multiple sites using that profile (there’s almost 100), and a few people to run the personal interaction. Run solely and wholly to run on fear and profit from spreading it. Not sure if it’s government based, possibly a Soros freedom/anonymous type small group. I’m researching similar groups from the Serbian revolution that has links to muslim brotherhood “grassroots” Arab springs Ferguson types. Would not be at all surprised if it all ties in.

    FIG JAM. Main account holder; Justin Shannon Knight 3344 Beech Ln 44
    Burlington Kentucky 41005
    Secondary account holders; Barbara J Knight 3776 Idlebrook Rd 76
    Burlington Kentucky 41005 859-586-7708
    Diana Knight 2263 Teal Briar Ln Apt 310
    Burlington Kentucky 41005
    Marintha Knight 2982 Babbling Brook Way
    Burlington Kentucky 41005

    They run patriot news, freedom news, truth movement with Matt Kazee who appears to be a trauma nurse in Florida, they also report for storm front, OWS, liberty sites bla bla bla. List goes on and on. It looks a lot like they run most of the alternate media news. It gets confusing as they’re being fed a constant stream of counter MSM bullshit from other nuts as well as the Soros freedom group crap, so they have a continual supply of “news” from other sources that they can tout as being theirs, they just repackage it a tad, make it look pretty, add some commentary and whammo hey presto= gravy. If I were a profiler I’d say they share the exact same profile as community organizers, only a lot better hidden. Their real profiles are covert, it took a lot of digging, out of the usual methods had to be employed. They went to lot of effort to hide.

    Speaking of dahboo, his core group have had social media marketing training, very keyword and search engine operative driven, it’s a good model for how to do it.

  37. Only one commenter here has noted that this is exactly the sort of ‘action – reaction’ the Jade part of Jade Helm is designed to monitor and include into it’s operational parameters which are aimed at predicting both individual and group responses to any imaginable stimuli.
    Think Sky Net or Umbrella Corporation come to life

  38. I’m glad some folks still remember the resister! Barry says one thing completely correctly, don’t go head to head with the army or cops. Think Phoenix.

    It pained me to see a linked article on here a couple of weeks ago about the lessons of the chechens, people who have to live in the hills as permanent outlaws.

    Aim high! Live like Americans and go for the people who control the policy makers, not like a bunch of muslim savages.

  39. Ok, I had the SO title and we never did stuff like this. Was I not SO enough, or did I get my ass reamed for wearing a patrol cap while doing “training” in civilian areas for no reason? And was all the screaming about “fight like you train, train like you fight” abstract? Maybe I was in the Salvation Army SO, someone find my damn bell. I am so perplexed, but not liking what I see. Can anyone, anyone, tell me if they (tier one fuckers) ever did a seven state exercise before? If so, I humbly S2.

  40. Oh and Barry, what about the Dod targets used for the “No more hesitation” campaign? You know the ones of old people, pregnant women, and little kids? All White, naturally.

  41. The Sgt makes some valid points,but he’s painting everyone in the III%/Patriot/prepper community as paranoid nutcases.
    One of the videos,along with pics and commentary posted on multiple sites on the interwebz concerning Jade Helm was about military trucks on rail cars in Cleveland/NE Ohio,and the Twinsburg reserve base parking lot being full.
    I live about 5-10 minutes-depending on traffic- from the Twinsburg base-the lot is full every weekend,and often full for weeks at a time.There’s a huge .mil facility about 40 minutes from Cleveland where a lot of training takes place,the military vehicles on rail cars,and the Twinsburg reserve base parking lot being full are normal,everyday occurrences.
    Here’s an article about Camp Ravenna from a couple years ago…

    The Sgt. is correct about people freaking out and inventing conspiracy theories from things that are regular sights in the area.
    he is wrong in his obvious disdain for the Patriot/III% community,or movement,as he called it.
    The Sgt is also wrong about the National Guard being the militia…
    In 1990, the Supreme Court held-(Perpich v. DOD)- that the federal government possesses complete power over the National Guard. The Guard is the third part of the United States Army, along with the regular Army and Army Reserve. The Framers` independent “well regulated militia” remains as they intended, America`s armed citizenry.

    This is particularly offensive…

    “UW is not a comic book. That is why this writer strongly discourages children from playing with fire, touching the burner, or sticking a fork in the outlet. Dream about it howsoever you will, you cannot do it. All UW is state sponsored; it is out of your capacity. If you do try the ROBIN SAGE comic book version you will be killed. Period.”

    Seems to me a lot of non state sponsored groups of people have waged UW and kicked ass at it-beginning with the American revolution.
    While some of us see a conspiracy in far too many things,the fact remains that .gov inc. is violating citizens rights with alarming regularity,using lethal force on citizens far too often,and the leftists in positions of power would like nothing more than to disarm the citizenry,silence all dissent-especially on the intardnet,and herd us all into detainment camps.
    Sgt Barry saw all kinds of problems with .gov inc. in the past,now he seems to be cheerleading for .gov inc. and telling us that we are nothing but a bunch of paranoid crazies,who should not be concerned at all about multi-state .mil”training exercises” -despite the fact that most of us do not fall for the horsepucky that dahboo777 blathers about,or any of the other stuff spread by less than sane,undereducated idiots.
    The Sgt would have us ignore the ever increasing .mil presence among us,and just shut the fuck up when multiple city,state and fed LEO’s conduct warrantless door to door searches of our homes.
    Why the change of heart from the Sgt? The man goes from being very concerned about the activities of .gov inc./ .mil activities back in the 80’s/90’s,to telling us it’s normal,always been this way.