The Politics Of Provocation


An overview of the current situation by League of the South President Michael Hill.

The Elites mean to drive first underground and then to extinction all traditional Americans.

Make no mistake.

And they are winning.

(H/t FNC)

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  1. Truth Corps

    William Flowers’ speech at Alabama State Capitol:

  2. A brilliant, to the point speech.

  3. My second appearance on CNN Tonight, Thursday, 25 June, 2015.

    • outlawpatriot

      CNN? Really? Not sure that helped Pat. Just sayin’. 🙂

    • Has a monetary system where the currency is fully backed by gold and silver bullion. / Has no central banking system. / Levies indirect taxation (e.g. sales and use taxes, tolls, etc.) as a reasonable and necessary means for the support of government functions.

      Uh, Pat, the organization which creates a currency accepted for tax payments in is called a “central bank”. In other news, pi is not three.

    • outlawpatriot

      Negro? Really? Negro? That’s not a term used anymore Pat. If you’re gonna talk in the public realm you gotta not sound like a racist. Really. Seriously. 🙂

      • ghostsniper

        Lay off the really and seriously bullshit unless you intend to be taken as a little girl. Some people prefer actual words like negro but if you prefer made up bullshit knock yourself out. Pretty soon that stuff is going to matter, to people that matter.

        • Grenadier1

          I think Black is a real word and currently accepted as a descriptor for Americans of African origin. Negro makes it sound like you are stuck in 1959

        • outlawpatriot

          Comic relief brah. And I got your little girl right here. 😉 That you would focus on that almost gives me pause. But considering… 🙂

  4. Detroit the True 3%

    Of.course they are.winning. they face zero opposition.

  5. The vast majority of people living in the south self identify as ‘Americans’ firstly. Their primary citizenship identity is not connected to the state they live in. A person cannot identify as ‘Southern’ and ‘American’. They become like the boatman in Josey Wales, singing Dixie one time and the Battle Hymn next, depending whom is being served. You want to be like Josey Wales, then act like Josey Wales.

    • outlawpatriot

      You sir know not a fucking thing.

      Better to stay silent when a fool rather than speak and remove all doubt.

      • outlawpatriot: A fool, like an asshole is usually simply someone that doesn’t agree with you. I don’t mind being called or thought of as either. My mother was an Appalachian woman from Kentucky, my father from West Virginia. In 1957 they moved to Florida and took me and my siblings with then. That’s where I growed up. I understand that Florida isn’t really the ‘south’, being populated with New England Jews and Midwestern WASPs, but north of Ocala was at the time northern Georgia. Identity is the subject, and it is a tricky one. Only you can answer, but if you were in Europe and someone asked if you were American, would you say ” Well no, I’m a Georgian”, or Floridian or whatever? Would you say, ” No, I am a Southern”? If you were on vacation in Mexico and you met someone from Europe and you asked, “Are you European”? They may say yes but immediately they will add, “I’m Spanish(French,German,English,ect.)” Identity is tricky and deep and trying to be two or three or four different identities will make you a chameleon. Being a Southern American is like trying to be an African American or a Christian Atheist.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “but if you were in Europe and someone asked if you were American, would you say ” Well no, I’m a Georgian”, or Floridian or whatever? Would you say, ” No, I am a Southern”? If you were on vacation in Mexico and you met someone from Europe and you asked, “Are you European”? They may say yes but immediately they will add, “I’m Spanish(French,German,English,ect.)” ”

          Identifying as “Southern” is primarily a domestic distinction. Telling a foreigner that you’re “Southern” would just leave them confused, since that would only be a direction to them. Telling someone else in America that you’re “Southern” is more informative.

        • ghostsniper

          I lived 40 years in LEE County Florida. Yeah, THAT dude. You don’t get any more southern than that. We consider “up north” anywhere north of Orlando.

    • Bobbye,
      I moved to Jersey eons ago on a job relo. Within weeks I became acutely aware that I was not ‘in country’ any longer. A fish is not aware of living in water till he is out of it, the environment is invisible to him. Southern is pretty much the same way. One cannot understand how much the strictures of your upbringing in place are till you are released from it. One’s political ties may lie elsewhere, but one’s cultural roots cannot be so swept away.

      SJW’s better be careful. Attempting to wipe out both history and culture from a place can backfire.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Technically, attempting to wipe out a culture is genocide.

        • Technically, killing all of the people of a culture is genocide. Cultures get wiped out all of the time. In fact, this website is devoted to wiping out particular cultures.

  6. Unfortunately the majority of people that think about the Dixie flag think of it as a Rebel flag. Which it was and still is and that isn’t a bad thing. The flag never hurt anyone. But when you see some kind of foolish person with an agenda to rebel and who wants to act like a hell raiser or trouble maker you will too often see the Dixie flag in the same scene. On movies, in books and in real life, that has been the usual method of operation until now we find the flag being used as a tool for more talk of racism by a group of people that will use absolutely anything and everything for the cause of racism in their agenda. This flag controversy has gone on for years before one stupid piece of brain dead flesh decided to post his photo with it before he preformed what is one of the most disgusting and tragic acts of violence against innocent Americans I’ve ever seen done since the Church bombings which killed innocent children and the killing of the innocent people after 9/11, and in Oklahoma before that. Too many people have the mind set to kill and destroy . It is just sad that too often people that think that way have this flag as their symbol. The Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans still have the right to keep their flag and the right to dignity about their ancestors. Those that have attacked them should be held in the same light as the people that have committed the crimes . It is a very sad thing for this Nation when our President , politicians, and too many people with hate in their minds and hearts use a flag and dead Southern sympathizers for their excuse to criminalize everyone that disagrees with their agenda.

    • People that disagree with God Almighty are sinners, criminals against God.
      People that disagree with The Sate are criminals. It is always so, even if it is not always enforced. Don’t know how old you are but the ability to pretend that the Feds will just leave you alone will lead to bitter disappointment. Flags used for any purpose other than identification on the battlefield or at sea are Idols, NOT to be worshiped.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Cool. So just keep taking the hits forever until we’re either wiped out or die of old age and the commies win eh? Good strategy. A winning one, incrementalism. FOR THEM.