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Lots of great info.

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Course, there’s no chance that folks in North America would have to go to ground and resist a totalitarian takeover by any means necessary .

That’s just crazy talk.

By any means

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  1. Hmmm? I find it interesting the Brits are doing the same as us… Preparing!

  2. I don’t suppose that it occurs to anybody here that the Home Guard and GHQ Auxiliary Units were trained, organized and equipped by the British government in accordance with a government plan. It is a given the GHQ Auxiliary Units were not a handful of rugged individuals smeared over a 50 mile radius. And most importantly, they were subordinate to authority./ S//

    • Hay barry. Your shit is stale. GFYS you gubbermint lovin traitor. Something tells me you’re sucking up my tax dollars. Here’s hoping you get what’s coming to you.

    • “And most importantly, they were subordinate to authority.”

      Whew. “Most importantly,” eh? Lose a little context there, maybe? And before you start yapping, I’m on the record as acknowledging that ANY team, in ANY function, requires a single leader and organization. It’s downright necessary else the team goal cannot be accomplished. Big duh, huh?

      I’ll say this. You sure give a ton of clues, yet somehow remain an enigma. Apparently you’re not familiar with “authority,” which of course is something entirely different from chain of command. Check this out and see what it does for you. You see, it’s a simple fact no matter what anyone believes about it—“Power doesn’t become authority without the sanction of the victim.”

      That’s a TRUTH. Without that sanction, it’s just power. Those wielding the power and calling it “authority,” doesn’t really change anything. You able to live in a world where EACH individual is ACKNOWLEDGED to have that ability? I mean, you live in a world where they have it even now, but almost everyone likes to pretend otherwise.

      • What you know about authority would leave magnificent gaps in a bubble-gum wrapper. Did you even bother to listen to the words of the people involved in GHQ AUX? Within the first 10 minutes of the vid it was told more than a half dozen times that the operation was gov organized and run. Nevertheless, I’ll accept your argument the Duh Peepuhl are sovereign. And we’re living in an utter shithole. Obviously you do not see the logical connection./ S//

  3. Centurion_Cornelius


    Nothing like looking down the bore of a Sten gun and the prospect of being totally ventilated focuses the mind wondrously.

    Dr. Sam Johnson 2015

  4. Reminds me of the Paladin Press book written by Bert ‘Yank’ Levy during WWII to teach / train the British Home Guard units. Some good reading there.

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