One Assumes…


That the trainers and marksmanship programs that have arisen over the past 12 years are acting prudently with their business records in light of this story:

Daily Mail (UK): Tear off the white hood – Obama wants KKK to be forced to name its members and supporters after Charleston church massacre

You don’t really think that assertions of “We’re not political!” will matter one iota, do you?

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  1. Call the bluff. Any reason a Republican would oppose? Any reason a Democrat would oppose? I think the target org itself might just be advised to say “yes” and see what the response is?

  2. I am sure the black house will enlist the aid of the commie douchetwattles at the SPLC. Nothing to worry about, right.

    • I imagine they’ll be compiling a list of Black Panther members as well, right? Sarcasm off.

  3. How many here really believe that the Snivel Rights revolution of the 1960s was a really good idea? Be honest. Raise your hands…/ S//

  4. As I stated at Brock’s shop – let’s start with Harry Byrd.

  5. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  6. firefirefire

    Just take the Democrat voter rolls and there you have the list of KKK members. No?

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Turnabout is fair play, eh?

    Then, THEY MUST list all members of ‘their” Marxist hate groups:
    (btw, this doesn’t include run-of-the-mill Jihadists–THAT’S another list)

    Abraham Lincoln Brigade
    Abraham Lincoln School, Chicago, 111.
    Action Committee To Free Spain Now
    Alabama People’s Educational Association (See Communist Political Association.)
    American Association for Reconstruction in Yugoslavia, Inc.
    American Branch of the Federation of Greek Maritime Unions
    American Christian Nationalist Party
    American Committee for European Workers’ Relief (See Socialist Workers Party.)
    American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born
    American Committee for Spanish Freedom
    American Committee for the Settlement of Jews in Birobidjan, Inc.
    American Committee for Yugoslav Relief, Inc.
    American Committee to Survey Labor Conditions in Europe
    American Council for a Democratic Greece, formerly known as the Greek American Council; Greek American Committee for National Unity
    American Council on Soviet Relations
    American Croatian Congress
    American Jewish Labor Council
    American League Against War and Fascism
    American League for Peace and Democracy
    American Lithuanian Workers Literary Association (Also known as Amerikos Lietuviu Darbininku Literatures Draugija.)
    American National Labor Party
    American National Socialist League
    American National Socialist Party
    American Nationalist Party
    American Patriots, Inc.
    American Peace Crusade
    American Peace Mobilization
    American Poles for Peace
    American Polish Labor Council
    American Polish League
    American Rescue Ship Mission (A project of the United American Spanish Aid Committee.)
    American-Russian Fraternal Society
    American Russian Institute, New York (Also known as the American Russian Institute for Cultural Relations with the Soviet Union.)
    American Russian Institute, Philadelphia
    American Russian Institute of San Francisco
    American Russian Institute of Southern California, Los Angeles
    American Slav Congress
    American Women for Peace
    American Youth Congress
    American Youth for Democracy
    Armenian Progressive League of America
    Associated Klans of America
    Association of Georgia Klans
    Association of German Nationals (Reichsdeutsche Vereinigung)
    Association of Lithuanian Workers (Also known as Lietuviu Darbininku Susivienijimas.)
    Ausland-Organization der NSDAP, Overseas Branch of Nazi Party
    Baltimore Forum
    Benjamin Davis Freedom Committee
    Black Dragon Society
    Boston School for Marxist Studies, Boston, Mass.
    Bridges-Robertson-Schmidt Defense Committee
    Bulgarian American People’s League of the United States of America
    California Emergency Defense Committee
    California Labor School, Inc., 321 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, Calif.
    Carpatho-Russian People’s Society
    Central Council of American Women of Croatian Descent (Also known as Central
    Council of American Croatian Women, National Council of Croatian Women)
    Central Japanese Association (Beikoku Chuo Nipponjin Kai)
    Central Japanese Association of Southern California
    Central Organization of the German-American National Alliance (Deutsche-Amerikanische Einheitsfront)
    Cervantes Fraternal Society
    China Welfare Appeal, Inc.
    Chopin Cultural Center
    Citizens Committee for Harry Bridges
    Citizens Committee of the Upper West Side (New York City)
    Citizens Committee to Free Earl Browder
    Citizens Emergency Defense Conference
    Citizens Protective League
    Civil Liberties Sponsoring Committee of Pittsburgh
    Civil Rights Congress and its affiliated organizations, including:
    Civil Rights Congress for Texas
    Veterans Against Discrimination of Civil Rights Congress of New York
    Civil Rights Congress for Texas (See Civil Rights Congress.)
    Comite Coordinador Pro Republica Espanola
    Comite Pro Derechos Civiles (See Puerto Rican Comite Pro Libertades Civiles.)
    Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy
    Committee for Constitutional and Political Freedom
    Committee for Nationalist Action
    Committee for Peace and Brotherhood Festival in Philadelphia
    Committee for the Defense of the Pittsburgh Six
    Committee for the Negro in the Arts
    Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights
    Committee for World Youth Friendship and Cultural Exchange
    Committee To Abolish Discrimination in Maryland (See Congress Against
    Discrimination; Maryland Congress Against Discrimination; Provisional
    Committee To Abolish Discrimination in the State of Maryland.)
    Committee To Aid the Fighting South
    Committee To Defend Marie Richardson
    Committee To Defend the Rights and Freedom of Pittsburgh’s Political Prisoners
    Committee To Uphold the Bill of Rights
    Commonwealth College, Mena, Ark.
    Communist Party, United States of America, its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates
    Communist Political Association, its subdivisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates, including:
    Alabama People’s Educational Association
    Florida Press and Educational League
    Oklahoma League for Political Education
    People’s Educational and Press Association of Texas
    Virginia League for People’s Education
    Congress Against Discrimination (See Committee To Abolish Discrimination in Maryland.)
    Congress of American Revolutionary Writers
    Congress of American Women
    Congress of the Unemployed
    Connecticut Committee “To Aid Victims of the Smith Act
    Connecticut State Youth Conference
    Council for Jobs, Relief, and Housing
    Council for Pan-American Democracy
    Council of Greek Americans
    Council on African Affairs
    Croatian Benevolent Fraternity
    Dai Nippon Butoku
    Daily Worker Press Club
    Daniels Defense Committee
    Dante Alighieri Society (between 1935 and 1940)
    Dennis Defense Committee
    Detroit Youth Assembly
    East Bay Peace Committee
    Elsinore Progressive League
    Emergency Conference To Save Spanish Refugees (founding body of the North
    Ameiican Spanish Aid Committee)
    Everybody’s Committee To Outlaw War
    Families of the Baltimore Smith Act Victims
    Families of the Smith Act Victims
    Federation of Italian War Veterans in the U. S. A., Inc. (Associazione Nazionale
    Combattenti Italiani, Federazione degli Stati Uniti d’Americu)
    Finnish-American Mutual Aid Society
    Florida Press and Education League (See Communist Political Association ) Frederick Douglass Educational Center
    Freedom Stage, Inc.
    Friends of the New Germany (Freunde des Neuen Deutschlands)
    Friends of the Soviet Union
    Garibaldi American Fraternal Society
    George Washington Carver School, New York City
    German-American Bund (Ameiikadeutscher Volksbund)
    German-American Republican League
    German-American Vocational League (Deutsche-Ameiikanische Berufsgemeinschaft)
    Guardian Club
    Harlem Trade Union Council
    Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee
    Heimusha Kai, also known as Nokubei Heieki Gimusha Kai, Zaibel Nihonjin. Heiyaku Gimusha Kai, and Zaibei Heimusha Kai (Japanese Residing’ in America Military Conscripts Association)
    Hellenic-American Brotherhood
    Hinode Kai (Imperial Japanese Reservists)
    Hinomaru Kai (Rising Sun Flag Society—a group of Japanese war veterans) Hokubei Zaigo Shoke Dan (North American Reserve Ofhcers Association)
    Hollywood Writers Mobilization for Defense
    Hungarian-American Council for Democracy
    Hungarian Brotherhood
    Idaho Pension Union
    Independent Party (Seattle, Wash.). (See Independent People’s Party)
    Independent People’s Party. (See Independent Partv.)
    Independent Sociahst League
    Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
    International Labor Defense
    International Workers Order, its subdivisions, subsidiaries and affiliates
    Japanese Association of America
    Japanese Overseas Central Society (Kaigai Dobo Chuo Kai)
    Japanese Overseas Convention, Tokyo, Japan, 1940
    Japanese Protective Association (recruiting organization)
    Jefferson School of Social Science, New York City
    Jewish Culture Society
    Jewish People’s Committee
    Jewish People’s Fraternal Order
    Jikyoku linkai (The Committee for the Crisis)
    Johnson-Forest Group. (See Johnsonitcs.)
    Johnsonites (See Johnson-Forest Group.)
    Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee
    Joint Council of Progressive Itahan-Americans, Inc.
    Joseph Weydemeyer School of Social Science, St. Louis, Mo.
    Kibei Seinen Kai (Association of United States Citizens of who Japanese Ancestry have returned to America after studving in Japan)
    Knights of the White Camellia
    Ku Klux Klan
    Kyffhaeuser, also known as Kyffhaeuser League (Kyffhaeuser Bund) Kyffhaeuser
    Fellowship (Kyffhaeuser Kameradschaft)
    Kyffhaeuser War Relief (Kyffhaeuser Kriegshilfswerk)
    Labor Council for Negro Rights
    Labor Research Association, Inc.
    Labor Youth League
    League for Common Sense
    League of American Writers
    Lictor Society (Itahan Black Shirts)
    Macedonian-American People’s League
    Mario Morgantini Circle
    Maritime Labor Committee to Defend Al Lannon
    Maryland Congress Against Discrimination (See Committee to Abolish Discrimination in Maryland.)
    Massachusetts Committee for the Bill of Rights
    Massachusetts Minute Women for Peace (not connected with the Minute Women of the U. S. A., Inc.)
    Maurice Braverman Defense Committee.
    Michigan Civil Rights Federation
    Michigan Council for Peace
    Michigan School of Social Science
    Nanka Teikoku Gunyudan (Imperial Military Friends Group or Southern California War Veterans)
    National Association of Mexican Americans (Also known as Association Nacional Mexico- Americana.)
    National Blue Star Mothers of America (Not to be confused with the Blue Star
    Mothers of America organized in February 1942.)
    National Committee for Freedom of the Press
    National Committee for the Defense of Political Prisoners
    National Committee to Win Amnesty for Smith Act Victims
    National Committee to Win the Peace
    National Conference on American Policy in China and the Far East (a Conference called by the Committee for a Democratic Far Eastern Policy.)
    National Council of Americans of Croatian Descent
    National Council of American-Soviet Friendship
    National Federation for Constitutional Liberties
    National Labor Conference for Peace
    National Negro Congress
    National Negro Labor Council
    Nationalist Action League
    Nationalist Part}^ of Puerto Rico
    Nature Friends of America (since 1935)
    Negro Labor Victory Committee
    New Committee for Publications
    Nichibei Kogyo Kaisha (The Great Fujii Theatre)
    North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy
    North American Spanish Aid Committee
    North Philadelphia Forum
    Northwest Japanese Association
    Ohio School of Social Sciences
    Oklahoma Committee to Defend Political Prisoners
    Oklahoma League for Political Education. (See Communist Political Association.)
    Original Southern Klans, Incorporated
    Pacific Northwest Labor School, Seattle, Washington
    Palo Alto Peace Club
    Partido del Pueblo of Panama (operating in the Canal Zone)
    Peace Information Center
    Peace Movement of Ethiopia
    People’s Drama, Inc.
    People’s Educational and Press Association of Texas. (See Communist Political Association.)
    People’s Educational Association. (Incorporated under name Los Angeles Educational Association, Inc., also known as People’s Educational Center, People’s University, People’s School.)
    People’s Institute of Applied Religion
    Peoples Programs (Seattle, Wash,)
    People’s Radio Foundation, Inc.
    People’s Rights Party
    Philadelphia Labor Committee for Negro Rights
    Philadelphia School of Social Science and Art
    Photo League (New York City)
    Pittsburgh Arts Club
    Political Prisoners Welfare Committee
    Polonia Society of the IWO
    Progressive German-Americans (also known as Progressive German-Americans of Chicago)
    Proletarian Party of America
    Protestant War Veterans of the United States, Inc.
    Provisional Committee of Citizens for Peace, Southwest Area
    Provisional Committee on Latin American Affairs
    Provisional Committee to Abolish Discrimination in the State of Maryland. (See Committee to Abolish Discrimination in Maryland.)
    Puerto Rican Comite Pro Libertades Civiles (CLC) . (See Comite Pro Derechos Civilies.)
    Puertorriquenos Unidos (Puerto Ricans United)
    Quad City Committee for Peace
    Queensbridge Tenants League
    Revolutionary Workers League
    Romanian-American Fraternal Society
    Russian American Society, Inc.
    Sakura Kai (Patriotic Society, or Cherry Association—composed of veterans of Russo-Japanese War)
    Samuel Adams School, Boston, Mass.
    Santa Barbara Peace Forum
    Schappes Defense Committee
    Schneiderman-Darcy Defense Committee
    School of Jewish Studies, New York City
    Seattle Labor School, Seattle, Wash.
    Serbian-American Franternal Society
    Serbian Vidovdan Council
    Shinto Temples. (Limited to State Shinto abolished in 1945.)
    Silver Shirt Legion of America
    Slavic Council of Southern California
    Slovak Workers Society
    Slovenian-American National Council
    Socialist Workers Party, including American Committee for European Workers’ Relief
    Socialist Youth League. (See Workers Party.)
    Sokoku Kai (Fatherland Society)
    Southern Negro Youth Congress
    Suiko Sha (Reserve Officers Association, Los Angeles)
    Svracuse Women for Peace
    Tom Paine School of Social Science, Philadelphia, Pa.
    Tom Paine School of Westchester, N. Y.
    Trade Union Committee for Peace. (See Trade Unionists for Peace.)
    Trade Unionists for Peace. (See Trade Union Committee for Peace.)
    Tri-State Negro Trade Union Council
    Ukrainian-American Fraternal Union
    Union of American Croatians
    Union of New York Veterans
    United American Spanish Aid Committee
    United Committee of Jewish Societies and Landsmanschaft Federations (also known as Coordination Committee of Jewish Landsmanschaften and Fraternal Organizations)
    United Committee of South Slavic Americans
    United Defense Council of Southern California 1
    United Harlem Tenants and Consumers Organization
    United May Day Committee
    United Negro and Allied Veterans of America
    Veterans Against Discrimination of Civil Rights Congress of New \ork. (See Civil Rights Congress.)
    Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
    Virginia League for People’s Education. (See Communist Political Association.)
    Voice of Freedom Committee
    Walt Whitman School of Social Science, Newark, N. J.
    Washington Bookshop Association
    Washington Committee for Democratic Action
    Washington Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
    Washington Commonwealth Federation
    Washington Pension Union
    Wisconsin Conference on Social Legislation
    Workers Alliance (since April 1936)
    Workers Party, including the Socialist Youth League
    Yiddisher Kultur Farband
    Young Communist League
    Yugoslav-American Cooperative Home, Inc.
    Yugoslav Seamen’s Club, Inc.

  8. Camacho2016!

    Wait just one minute.

    If the NSA has all this call snooping data hoovering thing going on, if they have all this vast mass of data, and if the only enemies to Amerika are those who disagree with the first half-black President of Amerika, and they’ve had 6 years to collect, sort, screen, and mutilate the data, then why would any organization need to reveal who their membership and supporters are?

    What the F have we been paying for all these years-an Obamacare version of the NSA, or a real NSA?

    And what has the FBI been doing-if not looking out for “my people” to protect them from a “nation of cowards”?

    And what good is the SPLC who reliably names every white person south of the Ohio River as an extremist domestic racist terrorist?

    You mean . . . they’re not stopping at the confederate flag?! But. . . Comrade Greenwood!!!

    I presume that how this thing will go down is that the (insert any organization here) will resist fedgov on this question and refuse to provide an answer. At which point, their offices will be raided like Gibson Guitars and their leaders will be hustled off to jails and held-awaiting charges (think Benghazi youtube video maker).

    A news conference will be held a day or so later to name thousands of people as supporters or members. The list will be printed in the press (perhaps with home addresses). The list will consist of a few actual supporters, but most of them will simply be regular people. Just think Waco biker shootout on a nation-wide order of magnitude. Paint a few as “guilty”, include a lot of others who by association will suffer even if nothing directly happens to them. But hold all of them under the same terms of presumed guilt so as to destroy them regardless of what outcome they finally reach.

    • And don’t forget the lockstep follow-on a la Battle Flag removal by employers, houses of whirrrship, etc.


      Camacho 2016 – He’s the only hope.

    • “… so as to destroy them …”

      People can only be destroyed once, after which they are indestructible.

      Things are definitely headed in the correct direction at a rapid pace.


    • StBernardnot

      Bingo! What the hell are we paying them for?

  9. Gun club members, gun training outfits, GOA, NRA members, “right wing” political organizations, online blog forums that foment opposition to dear leader’s glorious ideas, will all become targets of records searches.

    Be sure to provide your social security number to make it easy for TPTB to track you down…..oh, and don’t forget to pay your taxes. Keep on paying and keep on obeying in the hope you get out of this one unscathed. Your tax dollars supports the likes of Retired Master Sergeant Barry in his old age.

    • Kevin,

      “Your tax dollars supports the likes of Retired Master Sergeant Barry in his old age”

      I would think you would be more concerned with paying the fedgov tributes to former POTUS’ Bush I & II, Jimma Carter and the Philanderer-in-Chief Clinton. Barry’s miniscule fedgov pension is peanuts. Besides….Barry can do no harm unlike the above.

    • When I raised my right arm for the first time (of many times) to swear an oath to a lie (I have since renounced that “oath,” confessed, and done my penance) I was fulfilling my end of a contract; that contract being, “If you make it over 20 years we’ll pay you 1/2 the base pay of your highest held rank for the rest of your life.” I agreed to that contract. And despite their best attempts to get me killed (for idiocy called “freedom” and “democracy”), I made it (not unscathed). I earned it. It is mine.

      As for your “tax dollars,” if you would bother to read the fucking law instead of running your publicly “educatated” mouth on a subject about which you are profoundly ignorant, you would discover that your “tax dollars” are nothing more then the interest payment (I’ll help you here, child; it is called usury) on the debt to the goddamned JEWFED.

      It is obvious that “III%” is that percentage at the lowest end of the left side bell curve.

      • Nothing wrong with consensual usury; people use it all the time to buy furniture. What’s wrong is the existence of interest–ANY INTEREST–at the creation of the money. Well that, plus the only way such insanity can be “collected.”

        BTW what’s “yours” would have indeed been yours–as you say, you earned it–IF it were there. But it’s not, so you gotta live with that just like anyone else, which soon will be almost everyone else. Live with it anyway, is my suggestion.

      • outlawpatriot

        Well Sarge, better hope that I don’t win. That fucking pension of yours will be gone. There will be no such a thing after Restoration.

        Oh, and fuck you. 🙂

  10. I’m confused…don’t they already have those “names”? (Hint: Sure they do…Moar Alinsky Bully BS)

  11. I’d mention SCOTUS’ NAACP v. Alabama but, oh wait… current SCOTUS.
    Never mind.

  12. The first rule of Fight Club.

  13. The Fed’s “have” the names with front door GPS firing coordinates, but, they don’t trust the data. They shouldn’t. Even when there is a “law” requiring submission of membership data, it will be full of expensive-to-track-down intentional errors/fictions/omissions. Databases don’t run themselves, as OPM has discovered. There will need to be a Bureau of Voluntary Association Control and Licensing with a staff of 450,000 and an annual budget of $60B (to start). TSA Agents will be recruited by ex-ATF appointees. What about the BATFE-VACL? Felonies will be invented. Unlawful Associators will be imprisoned and dispossessed (FREE MONEY!).

    The cross-association of those lists plus IRS lists will make actionable info to investigate for even better lists. Keep the lists off-line and compartmentalized, off of Federal networks unless you want the ChiCom’s or the Daily Telegraph waiting.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  15. As for “bigots” shall we start with the current occupier of the White House?