Pyro Creations

talon_fusedElectric igniters – heh

Make sure to obey all local, state, and Federal laws.

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BATFEIEIO is watching.

Remove clothing before ironing.

Do not put in mouth or other warm places.

Wear hearing and eye protection.

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

12 responses to “Pyro Creations

  1. The Walkin' Dude

    Think I got a new project in mind when I get back to the machine shop tomorrow 😀

  2. Fun for the whole family! Get yours today.

    • Sarcasm. Right?

      Some people can’t read between the lines, barely between the words. There is no sub-text in Plain Text. No smirk, or Python-esque high English voice.

      Be so clear that no member of a Grand Jury could mis-understand your intent. 9th grade reading level, at most, and only when required.

      It’s hot and muggy in the Willamette Vally on this Sunday. No A/C in the house ’cause we are so cheap. Black Flag and double-water rations.

  3. I need to step up my game – I got left behind in the AAR thread. 🙂

    I hope CA won’t mind if I repost my questions?

    Does a 12-ga buckshot shell need to be contained in a short length of barrel/pipe to achieve effective velocity, or can it just be fixed to a plate at its base?

    Assuming that one can find a way to safely remove a primer from a 12-ga shell – could one then insert a model rocket igniter to fire the shell on command?

    The igniters here look like better quality than the Estes ones you can get in Walmart or hobby stores. There are some other interesting items as well…

    • The Walkin' Dude

      You would need something to contain and guide the wad forward. Blanks have to directional projectile purpose so they just hold onto the rim for the perimeter alarm thing. Otherwise. the shell won’t hold up enough to guide much forward momentum of the projectile(s). Like this…

      • The Walkin' Dude

        NO* projectile purpose

      • The video is interesting from the perspective of “Don’t Do This!”.

        The same kind of Bad Idea^tm is possible from removable barrel rifle/carbines like Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Don’t.

        There are mole traps that fire a cartridge into the ground with a similar mechanism to the tripflare. Probably banned lots of urbanized places, along with anything similar. Trap Guns (un-manned, pre-aimed, target-triggered weapons) are unlawful for most uses in most places, and are A Really Bad Idea^tm for use around the house and property. International Law Tribunals might view Trap Guns with the same glee as land mines, but without the specificity of mines for nearby targets.

        People are ingenious. Making brings responsibility.

    • From a physics standpoint, if the objective is to move the pellets in a specific direction at a good speed, a designer would need to contain the expanding gas behind the pellets. This is done with a combination of non-flammable wadding or a molded plastic pellet holder that fits the chamber like a piston in an engine block (pretty gas-tight, but slipping). This is a single-cylinder, single-stroke, engine timed to fire once on-command.

      If a person were to ignite a shotgun shell without containment, pressure would be released almost right away through the thin weak walls of the housing, leading to a noise/smoke, but very little propulsion of the shot. High pressure gas always finds the easy way out, which is not doing the work, unless you contain and force it to, as happens safely and lawfully in a shotgun.

      For demonstration purposes, a New England Firearms break-action shotgun (affordable!) does the same thing to the primer as pulling out a piece of sheet metal does in the linked trip-flare, with a little more sophistication. Look up and read their user manual with attention to detail cleaning and reassembly.

      “Removing a primer from a 12ga shell” sounds like a bad idea if the primer is unfired. Double-plus-bad if behind a load of propellant. Use eye protection if you insist on proceeding.

      “A short length of pipe” is very nearly a Short Barreled Shotgun, which may have legal and safety consequences to the unlicensed maker and possessors depending on use, your political standing, or whim of Agents and Prosecutors. See and understand the notion of “Constructive Possession” among other legal theories to deprive you of property and liberty.

      Be safe.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Jimmy the Saint

    The VC did well buring bullets with the primer balanced on a nail secured through a bit of board. Step on it, and *bang*

  6. Christmas lights make nice, almost-ready igniters for your Independence Day festivities. Other folks have gotten mileage out of lengths of regular two-conductor speaker wire, stripped and connected by a piece of very fine steel wool.

  7. LOL. Happy fun ball. You date yourself. BTW I am happy fun ball these days.