Denninger: What The Hell Is Wrong With Your Head, America?


Good question.

One answer?

Aggregate effect of dumbing-down via government schools and cultural no-accountability deterioration.

Actions have consequences.

Even if you don’t believe that statement.

8 responses to “Denninger: What The Hell Is Wrong With Your Head, America?

  1. RE: Dumbing Down America; Money quote from MSN homepage regarding the capture of the second NY escaped convict.
    “We can all sleep better now.”
    And America never asks the obvious question what do 2 escaped convicts have to do with me and why has it dominated the national news cycle for 2 weeks?

  2. The people(who are real) running that non-existent concept called government, can and will do anything they want until a stronger power says “Hell no you won’t!”

  3. Let’s gets some Starbucks.

    I don’t think we have time for a hand-job.

    I have money.

    Let’s go. I didn’t know you liked money AND sex.

    We should hang out more often.

    Heh heh heh.

    Idiocracy (2006) should be revisited every few years to compare with the New Normal. IMHO, it’s becoming more documentary every year.

    The Idiocrats seem sincerely incapable (BRONDO! It’s got Electro-Lytes!), in contrast to the occupiers of They Live (CONSUME & REPRODUCE).

    Here is the future:

    • Got something against nude biking? That’s just Portland. Keep in mind GHWBush called Portland “Beirut, USA”. Kinda brings a tear of pride to my eye…

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  5. Not familiar with this group, nor if this is just Michigan or petitioning for all. For your consideration…..

  6. Denninger up neo-con creek w/o paddle. The attack on the Confederate Battle Flag is a Judeo-attack on Whiteness as such. Maj. Hassan was not White, so no symbolic sanction was ordered by the Zionist Occupation Government