Grigg: Begin The Yezhovschina!

yezhov and uncle joe

Thought-crime, kicked up a notch or ten.



Either git, or git ready to build anew.

The old place is condemned.

9 responses to “Grigg: Begin The Yezhovschina!

  1. Excellent piece by Grigg. It’s going to get interesting. Hmmm, I wonder how “Yezhovschina” works among armed peasants?

  2. “within hours of the Obergefell ruling, (sodomite) NYT contributer Mark Oppenheimer demanded…”

    “writing in the Daily Beast, (sodomite) activist Jay Michaelson…”


    Tribal wire-pullers aside, let’s not forget that “hate-crime” laws are already on the books, passed by a Republican Congress after the Matthew Shepherd homo-scam. All of a piece with Rush Limbaugh’s marriage to Ms. NFL a couple years back, with entertainment provided by a Brit homosexual-pedophile singer

    while all this may seem disheartening, I view it overall as a positive. First, it sharpens the cleavages. And I want Organized Jewry and it’s attendant thug entitlement groups – Blacks, Mestizos, White collectivists, sodomites, femenoids – all out in the open and clearly ID’d when Payback Time arrives

    • the woodsman

      Why, that’s anti-semitic. It’s just a very strange coincidence that an extremely large and inordinate percentage of our tormentors are Jewish relative to their percentage of the population.

      • no, it’s anti-ashkenazic. And not all of them, either. I don’t infer from group behavior – however destructive – to this or that individual

    • Negroes and Sodomites are cat’s paws for the Jew oligarchy in the US.

      All a part of the 2000 year old war waged by Jews against Christians. See the Mamilla Pool Massacre for an early example. Or that the Bolsheviks were dominated by Khazar Jews.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah, yes–the “Poisoned Dwarf.”

    We’ve done Uncle Joe one better–we’ve “collectivized” the poison DWARFS (plural).

    They are known as “The Supremes.” Gnomes, rascals, and trolls sitting under pillars with black robes demanding they be bowed down to and always the cry: “OBEY!”

    FUD: Frick You Dwarfs.

    “The Yez” met a mighty bad end from his own creator, Uncle Joe.

    If them firesticks in Mother Roosky hadn’t been registered and then confiscated from the peasantry, “The Yez” would have contracted “terminal lead poisoning” from Mr. Leon Nagant’s wheel gun or even Mr. Mosin’s rifle.

    Hells’ fire! Even the royal elites back-in-the-day couldn’t stand a belly full of “The Rasputin,” so’s they offered him cyanide cupcakes and some “Mad Dog” poison wine , but he guzzled it down to no effect. The wheel gun was brought into play, but that really didn’t exit “The Raz” from this life. Only after being hog tied and tossed thru the ice did he up the ghost by drowning.

    Tough nuts to crack, these Rooskies. (remember that, y’all neo-cons and war mongers; seems like Adolph lernt that the hard way, right Uncle Paulus of the 6th?)

    …all marching in Hell now. The Rightful Resting Place of all tyrants.

  4. the more they coerce the more people they will radicalize.the more they suppress the csa flag the cooler it will become and will awaken southreners to the danger.its gone to far now for a peaceful resolution.beware the southron who is no longer polite. your friend truckwilkins

  5. CRY HAVOC! And let slip the DOGS of WAR!

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