FUSA: Summer, 2015

Oh my slave labor built this

From a reader.

Storm coming

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  1. European Amercians

    There’s a storm coming…and everyone is, and will be taking refuge behind their computer screen.

    Better put, the storm came and leveled everyones Clarity, Purpose and Fortitude. Learn to adapt to a barren mindscape.

    • The bleeding fingers of patriots bravely grinding away on their keyboards.

      The question is always, “Who’s going first?” Nobody rushed to defend the couple who refused to pay their taxes. The Bundy thing was a shocker. Maybe things have changed and enough folks have had enough.

      • get up and dance whenever U want. No one is stopping you. But Haxo counsels patience: wait until the dollar dies, making good use of the present interval. When it does, individual and group acts of defiance will resonate and snowball

  2. There is a storm coming of biblical proportions. Being a first generation American of Scottish descent, I am saddened by the impending doom. But..I am also relieved. I realize that the power of communication will continue to make the dirty bastards cringe.

  3. Lib Rag Salon Calls For Law To Make Flying The Confederate Flag A “Hate Crime”… https://shar.es/1qLnz4 via @WeaselZippers

  4. Good King Billy

    If you want to see what is coming in FUSA, I invite you to Northern Ireland and the 12th of July festivities. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/the-twelfth-peaceful-ardoyne-raises-hope-for-deal-30428496.html
    The indignities forced upon protestant people and the denial of their right to walk the roads they paid for (the Queens’s highways,) is exactly where we are headed. If you don’t know about the Glorious 12th, then learn. Even if you disagree, then at the very least recognize what is going to be foisted upon all of us by a vocal, radical left.

  5. Progressives in the US ARE the ISIS of North America.

    The governor of South Carolina in her natural state.

    • The people of SC elected a cultural Hindu to be Gov. What the fuck did they expect to happen?!

      • William Munny

        the people of SC elected a cultural Hindu to be Gov
        Care to re-consider that?

      • corr: the REPUBLICANS of S. Carolina elected this Hindu bim

      • Citizen morons elected an unknown, unconstitutional bastard to be POTUS. Or maybe you weren’t aware of barry hussein obama barack soetoro masquerading as your leader ?

        An illicit Muslim in the West Wing….why does haley surprise you ?

    • William Munny

      Assuming that’s not a photoshop of Haley (which I highly doubt), what exactly is the point you are trying to make here ?

      • The point is that blood does matter. When the blood of a place and a people are in your veins, you have a deeper emotional connection with it. Of course Nikki Haley was in favor of removing the flag. What’s it to her?

  6. Burning the WH to the ground would be a lot quicker and cheaper than tearing it down.
    Just saying.

  7. yeah, tear that down. you know they don’t be callin it the “white” house for nuthin. I aint seen no black men livin in dat house that wasn’t actin like slaves neitha.
    I truly wish we could turn this country back from the path it is on.

  8. I keep hearing that…

  9. Here’s an action plan that can be easily accomplished before Summer 2015 is over:

    If you have to fly (or wear) a flag, go local and start using your state flag:


    The next thing you do is join your State Defense Force:


    Those of you from South Carolina, here you go, no more friggin’ excuses:


    “South Carolina citizens between the ages of 17 and 70 who are interested in serving their communities may apply to join the State Guard.”

  10. There is a storm coming….that I truly believe. And there will come a point where everything we discussed, debated or argued over will end up happening and we as humans will be challenged beyond our ability to percieve. The only ones who have a hint of what it might be like are those who served in other parts of the world where the examples of inhumanity reared it’s ugly face.

    There will also come a time where our keyboard discussions will come to an end because there will be more important requirements necessary for one’s survival and security. When that time comes, it will truly separate the boy from the man.

    All I can do from a personal perspective is inform and train those I love with the hopes they will wake up and recognize the world we live in has changed and what’s ahead will test our knowledge and skills in survival and personal security. I do not look forward to it rearing it’s ugly face but recognize it will happen when it happens and there is nothing I can do about it. I will look to my faith to guide me in the right direction while realizing too that I will experience the horror of the evils of man at his worst.

    Meanwhile, I will focus on all things that sustain my tribe with the hopes we are not forced to go at it alone. This is not a pledge of sorts that suggest accepting a generic fate. It’s just recognizing reality while committing myself to a firm dedication to fighting for the ones I love with the goal of a hopefully better future for us all. And right now it’s all one can commit to do in an uncertain world.

    • High wisdom and good advice from the Leauxryda.

    • Did you know that of 20 comments currently in this thread, your is the only one to speak of what YOU are going to do, and to what YOU commit?

      Interesting, yes? I wonder how WINNERS go about it.

  11. Slight correction may be in order here. 97% of the population will be cowering in their basements hoping their door isn’t the next one to be knocked off the hinges. 3% will not. And that will be enough.

    • A country that buys weapons and ammunition at the rate that we have for the past decade are preparing for more than just a 8 point rack in November.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        It’s also a safe bet that all of those guns aren’t going to one side. Keep that in mind. *They’re* arming up, too.

    • 3% sounds nice. There is zero evidence that the 3% exist. There is zero evidence that .003% exist. The hope is that minds can be changed in time .

      • There was not 3% on 4/19/1775 but methinks there was on October 19, 1781 however many of those were dead too!

        When tyranny is law
        Rebellion is duty!

  12. Paul Bonneau

    • From the Brits??? Bwaaahaha.

      Just who would you admire to see sacking DC, other than “us,” of course?

  13. The South Carolina State Guard used to be an armed force, it was disarmed in approximately 1996. A friend of mine, another southern nationalist, resigned from the SC State Guard when that happened.

  14. Remember this for the future.

  15. Dave smith

    Social engineering continues Nikki Haley is a
    rhino witch .I am an old cracker who still finds the Oklahoma bombing to be an impossible fete for a truck load of fertilizer and diesel. No forensic study of the site done before the wreckage was scouared into what land fill? now that was a shovel ready project for sure. Too bad the government won’t act so quickly on inner city blight. Especially Washington, D.C. Watching the stars and bars being taken down made my gut ache like watching the fall of South Vietnam

    • Alfred E. Neuman

      Preach on, brother. Read Fred Reeds’ commentary to get your blood boiling!

  16. Correct Dave, like the WTC and hi jacked planes on 9-11, OKC bombing was an inside job. Last I checked, there were still YouTube clips with Oklahoma City local TV reporting that rescue workers could not get in the Federal Building because there were still BOMBS ( plural) inside to be diffused.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. DS,

    And Lee Oswald didn’t take out JFK with a POS, war surplus Mannlicher-Carcano by his lonesome. The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened. What took down Building 7 ? Amd on and on.

    Every scum one calls “government” is not to be trusted.

  19. The NAACP has backed off of the South Carolina boycott. Oh goody! Now the State should try to explain how they, and they alone began to use the Confederate Battle flag as their symbol of protest way back nearly 50 years ago when integration began . That act no doubt made brainless fools such as Roof believe that the flag is all about racism. Now the entire world sees how misguided people can get and how long that misdirection affects everyone. I still will fly my Confederate flag on my property and no doubt some will regard me as racist. I am simply put-American by birth and Southern by the grace of GOD. I love this country and I love the Southern United States. I also know our History and it isn’t that crazy mess that is being pushed at our young people today. I watch professors try to convince kids that all white Americans are not worth spit and that we all should just hang our heads in shame for being white people. I see media people that hold opinions that are just as racist as the opinions held by the sick soul , hate filled young man that shot the people in the South Carolina church . The only difference in them and him is that they have not acted upon their hatred and instead use media to stir up crowds to do it for them. I watch our elected officials bicker over trivial matters and use carnival barker tricks -look over here at the busy hand while the other hand is in your back pocket. Smoke and mirrors and unadulterated BS used to distract Americans- all of us- from seeing how they are literally robbing us all blind and making slaves of every one of use in the name of their progress, Democracy, Republican values, their values – while the things which made America a great nation and that fueled our ancestors to literally die for their country are being S-it upon! Forgive this rant. I am tired of this crazy nonsense about the Confederate battle flag . I watch children of every color and all races die in street gangs while our so called leaders play games and lead those that follow them into the hell they made for all of us. Its sad that black as well as white Americans can not recognize who the real enemy is now.

  20. William Munny

    “Do you realize that the past, starting from yesterday, has been actually abolished? If it survives anywhere, it’s in a few solid objects with no words attached to them, like that lump of glass there. Already we know almost literally nothing about the Revolution and the years before the Revolution. Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, and every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. I know, of course, that the past is falsified, but it would never be possible for me to prove it, even when I did the falsification myself. After the thing is done, no evidence ever remains. The only evidence is inside my own mind, and I don’t know with any certainty that any other human being shares my memories. Just in that one instance, in my whole life, I did possess actual concrete evidence after the event – years after it.” (2.5.14, Winston to Julia)

    1984 – George Orwell

  21. Although the SJW’s won’t like it much, there is only one solution that can possibly work for both social justice warriors and men