“We are already in WW III. It is because of and being waged in financial assets.”


Gonna be a heckuva fall.

Get it?

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  2. Well, I see that now I have got to add hemp to my survival garden. Because we will definitely run out of rope. Any weavers in the audience?

  3. Dmitry sometimes is mocked. He is more than correct in his notion that “Revolutions suck”. He posits that real revolutions involve what ISIL/ISIS has going on, and that the 1775-1812 US v. UK was not a “revolution”, but merely a transfer of title, since hardly any social change was forced on N.American society. Decent reading from a furrin’ perspective.


    • Quality of people makes all the difference. This is why so many tests. Weed out losers, motivate the capable. Medals for heroes, parades and holiday memorials, pensions for their widows. Same for counter-revolutionaries as for revolutionaries.

      “As Stalin famously put it, “Cadres are the key to everything.” You can’t make revolution without revolutionaries.” -above link.

      Would CA add “…in meatspace?”

    • “since hardly any social change was forced on N.American society.”

      Ultimately all social change is chosen, not forced. And in point of fact, there was huge social change here once the Revolutionary War was over, for exactly 8 years…so huge that it carried for nearly a century and a half.

      As to the assholes in the pic and their “infrastructure,” I say give ’em all the lumber and hardware they want, and see if they can build a house.

    • That article of Dmitry’s is some scary shit. One hopes we learn at least something from the Russian and French revolutions. I believe having a heavily-armed population will automatically add a fair amount of restraint. It’s hard to impose some red terror on someone who is pointing a rifle at you.

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    well folks this should piss some people off….. Stars and Stripes next


  5. right now the dollar still is used for 60% of all inter-national transactions. The domestic debtpaper ponziconomy will collapse when it drops to c. 40%, which is still several years away. I’m sorry for those individuals who feel their biological clocks ticking, and want to Get It On ASAP. But collectively, it’s time to be used wisely

  6. Operation Northern Strike



    What’s not being said is there are more than 3000 military personnel from Latvia, Canada, Poland, Australia, and 20 states. “ground forces include infantry, armored cavalry, reconnaissance, and signals units.

    • “The exercise also featured an international flavor with a half-dozen combat controllers from Latvia – one of Michigan’s two State Partnership for Peace partner nations – and from Canada participating in the exercise. In all, 29 different units from 16 states, plus the two international partners, participated in the exercise. ”

      6 Latvians, although they were Combat Controllers, to take over our airports in advance of Russian cargo aircraft full of Chinese cooks deploying before the December rush.

      Keep the A-10’s flying. No other aircraft can do the CAS job as well.

      Don’t make me mock the ̶X̶-̶3̶5̶ F-35 “multi-failure platform” .

      • What they have said on tv and what I have read in the local paper are two different stories.

  7. sigraybeard

    Read “The Death of Money” by James Rickards for more details. Every single detail in the linked piece is backed up with more explanation in Rickards’ book. I just finished reading it last week, but have written about it a few times already. It took me too long to hear about the book and get to it. That was a mistake.

    The attack on gold shorts last week will get some more coverage, too.

  8. Physical silver is still available in the $17-$18 range.

    • Local pdx dealers wil go as low as 13x face on US 90% dimes (sometimes with 1/3rd Mercury, and an occasional Barber). Buy at least 4 rolls (200 dimes) or pay a little more (13.5x or 14x). Paper money in large denominations is no problem. Bitcoin maybe, sometimes. Plenty of stock, for now.

      1920 German farmers liked these coins. 2020 American organic farmers will like these coins. I eat good, you betcha!

      US pre-1965 dimes and quarters are the cheapest way to get spendable identifiable circulating silver in fractional denominations. Silver Eagles (.999 silver) are too big and too soft to put in pocket with keys, and trade at a discount unless perfect.

  9. The war the USA in on track to lose, when humans start breeding in space, whichever race/political culture, is most ruthless about attaining the fastest doubling time, and starts first. WINS. Because of the nature of outer space and exponential population growth curves. Watch the Moon, whoever abandons getting to Mars first, that will likely be the winner.
    Now, listen carefully, read J.R. Nyquist’s essays on “Lions and Foxes”, and
    realize the USA doesn’t have long-range plans, and will not, or if they
    do the plan will revolve around short-term profits and thinking.

    So, what will your paramilitary squad skills and thinking in the
    end amount to? An exhibition of what happens when some
    posts are deleted because the thinking exhibited isn’t

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  11. Quote: “The problem as I see it is the world is too far along technologically and the days of having to pay and fund an army long term is behind us. Now, “kicking the table over” is a simple as pushing a button.”

    It stuck me as odd one day during the war in Iraq that we were still sending young soldiers out to do battle with rifles and machineguns using smokeless powder and copper jacketed bullets; WWI technology.

    And I’m still driving an internal-combustion, piston driven, truck that runs on gasoline, again, WWI technology.

    Come to the about it, we’re still using a national banking system that was a creation of 1913.

    Time for a change?

    • All the tech you mention is used because IT WORKS. A platoon lead would probably not be too pleased to have to have a squad dismount because the battery pack went up in flames on their Telsa M Stryker transport, if you get my drift. It concerns me greatly that the services have become so battery dependent — “For want of a battery a kingdom was lost….”

      • That’s what set the hybrid combat vehicle back on its heels. Some grumpy old guy asked what would happen when an EFP shorted the batteries to ground in a vehicle using electrically fired ammo. He admitted not knowing but apparently no one else there did either.

  12. Could this be a possibility?


    …I asked my two best sources if a coup was in the works and if Jade Helm was being used as the cover for this plan?

    Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping……..

    Second question: Will Jade Helm be used for anything other than dissident roundups, gun confiscation and martial law implementation?

    Answer from both sources: Crickets Chirping….

    I asked a follow up question: Do I need to go dark at this time and not write about my suspicions?

    Answer from both sources: No!…

  13. Meanwhile: THIS IS NOT PART OF JADE HELM… whew!

    I have a little story that I will keep to myself. But, the fact is, they have been scouting the high desert for a couple of months or so now. (Direct contact with see me if you can).