Fred: The Price Of Matriarchy



Doubters should keep a written record of all TV and radio programming consumed over a week.

What percentage positively portray traditional male roles?

What percentage do not?

What percentage feature no males whatsoever?

Hillary or not:

Watch out.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Noticed several years back, especially with BBC programs, all the main cop shows are run by women, men just run errands for them. The brainwashing and neutering started some time ago.

    My dealings with the USFS and BLM also show the same, many section heads are women, and running all women trail crews and archaeology teams. Most work for environazi groups pushing their agenda, and draw a paycheck from fedgov while doing it.

  2. I would say, on average, Fred is correct. However, he was also indulging in collective-speak. Certainly, not all women are unconcerned about performance or effectiveness, for example. My wife has a hard time putting up with know-nothing database “programmers” for example. She can easily do the work of 10 in less time, in that respect. She’s not too worried about feelings either. 🙂

  3. SameNoKami

    Well spoken truth (just don’t say it in public.) 🙂

  4. I don’t watch the boob-tube, but occasionally I get a glimpse of when others are watching.
    Another important question;
    What % have overtly homosexual topic/subject matter?
    Oh, and let’s not forget all the non-stop coverage of this freak Jenner and its awards for “courage”! Courage? This is what courage means in post-modern America?

    Again I say, LET IF FALL. LET IT ROT.
    There is not cure for this disease other than death.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “There is not cure for this disease other than death.”

      So long as you understand that they think the same way, and to them, we’re the disease.

      Expect the only quarter given to be Tarlteon’s Quarter, and plan accordingly.

  5. I loves me some Old Fred. Women are a bane to man socially and economically. Today my advice to young fellows is to rent your women instead of marrying them. It’s cheaper, you will keep your sanity and after say about 20 minutes of playtime you tell them to leave. Most modern, hip gals are cray cray anyways so your not missing anything,

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So basically pinch off humanity at the current generation? Or do we invest heavily in cloning chambers?

      One of Fred’s other points is that the problem with women is almost totally limited to Western women, and primarily American ones. The women of most other cutlures tend to be far more traditional.

      • the Saint – almost – got it right. It’s not about women or matriarchy in any universal sense. It’s about Jew-izing, and the fact that the Jewess is dominant w/in (anglosphere) Jewry. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg that sank the white American male – and killed White reproduction – by feminist’ing white women

        • This guy just won’t quit.
          Talk about a one trick pony.

        • Must be really tough living with such an inferiority complex.

          • @ Mellish, JSW: when you have no facts or arguments…bloviate. See if you can find a Wiki page on 1960s ff. “Christian feminists”. Or “Hindu feminists”. or “Muslim Feminists”

            • I chose the screen name “Mellish” as I identified with his fictional character in “Saving Private Ryan”. In VN (5th Marines) I was a terrified rifleman w/ an “I don’t give a shit” persona. I WAS FUCKING SCARED TO THE POINT OF SHITTING MYSELF! I’m 65 years old and I’ve seen pieces of shit like you throughout my life. Had I the chance, I would cut your throat were I the same young man. But I’m not.. I’m an old an and I don’t WANT to hurt anyone. But I will. Any who fuck with my loved ones.

      • Women won’t stop having children, so no need to worry about pinching off the current generation. If men don’t marry, women will find the “best” donor (spelled “bad boy”) they can and have his children. This is already playing out in our society.
        These days many women will leave their parent’s home, have a dozen affairs, and when their clock begins ticking, they’ll go after the responsible men they ignored when they were servicing the bad boys: the lucky ones will find a fellow and fill his home with children. The less lucky will fill their homes with cats.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          They don’t have to stop entirely – it’s enough if they stop having enough that things fall below the replacement rate. Pretty much every majority white nation is already below (if not well below) replacement rates.

  6. To a certain extent Fred’s piece is old news, been there, done that. Go into any retail emporium and the entire facility from the building to the product displays are geared to the female mind. It has been that way since post WWII. That is why I say it is old news in one aspect. That 70% of the economy that is consumer derived, 95% of it targets the female mind. (rule 1 — if you can get them to touch it or smell it 100% chance one has overcome purchase resistance and 60-70% they will buy it.)

    Why? —

    * Do mall stores always place the fragrance counter at the entrance to the store?
    * Is the men’s dept 80% of the time on the first floor and right next to a entrance?
    * The inherited wealth in this country controlled by women. (and its not that they live longer).

    Understand the why those facts and you will come to realize just how deep the matriarchy is.

  7. Doubleplus word.
    The post millennials will have skillsets below the level of changing a battery in a smoke detector.
    Behold one of the highest rated TV show actors.

  8. I haven’t watched TV in any quantity for years.

    I recently spent a couple of days out of town, and out of boredom turned on the hotel room TV.

    I turned it off after seeing 15 minutes of nothing but minorities/homosexuals like they wuz kewl and straight white dudes like they wuz retards.

    I know. I am rayciss. 😦

  9. This is one reason there is no TV in our house.

    • Grave robbing making a comeback? I figured that would not happen till after the economic collapse. Wrong again….


    Good points. I doubt if this article would see the light of day on Breitbart, WND, Newsmax, or News With Views, let alone any site in the MSM. One thing I would add is that the women of Amerika, by and large, are also part of the culture of death-abortion.
    If you watch the tube, they are the cheerleaders and spokesmouths behind all of those truly heart-tugging ASPCA commercials. But, when it comes to killing their own unborn children, they either are silent or will attack any pro-life individual like a pack of hyenas.
    Now, the AG of the Kalifornia Soviet Republic a hysterical Progressive, is going after the group who exposed the female Mengele who was bragging over her wine and salad about selling baby parts. If something does not happen soon, the Good Lord is going to owe a big apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  11. Poor Fred will never understand why Adam took the fruit from Eve, nor why Eve took the fruit in the first place. And thus he has no solution to free himself other than to run away to Mexico.

  12. Just A Simple Girl

    Just one girls opinion here… Women for the most part make me ashamed to be female. Saw it in nearly every woman I’ve been around and while growing up. Turned my stomach from day one! Never been a man-hater, never will.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only girl out here who hates it when women break a good man down. I see it all over the place, a good, hard working, family protector with balls enough to stand up for what he believes is belittled and “softened” by some controlling wench. Aargh, drives me crazy.

    Doesn’t mean men have to be assholes to stay strong, but sure seems like the majority of women out there aren’t giving them much choice…conform or be an ass. Those women give the rest of us a bad reputation.

    So to all you real men out there, know that there are a few of us ladies that appreciate you and want you to stay manly.

    • Since you are on that side of the gender fence, please explain the attraction of “Bad Boy Syndrome”? It always ends badly from what I can see and I can’t imagine that it is kept a secret. Thx.

    • Nice. Ultimately it’s a fundamental contradiction—“Be responsible and don’t be responsible.” What you describe is what that contradiction has wrought. Reap, sow.

      It’s still the case, though, that every drop of it is choice.

    • +1. You put my thoughts out there, very elegantly.
      Women complain about “no good men out there”. Well, quit killing them off, especially with that whining, needy, bullsXXt. Or that holier than thou attitude that makes ME want to slap your face! The best bosses that I ever had at AT&T were men.

    • I’ve always thought that women want men who don’t listen to their bitching. They bitch and manipulate in order to discover which men don’t respond. It’s not that women are wrong for doing this, but the fact that men don’t tell them to get stuffed once in a while.

    • Misogynist: A man who hates women as much as women hate one another.

      — H.L. Mencken

  13. Years ago on the earlier Breitbart site, several of us commentors became friends and with that, had an open back channel for additional communication. One of the more frequent commentors (not in our back channel) was a female who knew a lot about various topics, but not as knowledgeable about some topics as she made off to believe. She was/is arrogant and snarky and one who could say what she wanted to another but couldn’t stand others when they got snarky with her.

    One day, I had enough of her crap and went off on her. She immediately went into her poor olé me routine and I was labeled a chauvinist pig and all sorts of other names because I was disrespecting a woman. This woman was the exception to the rule, hands down. One guy in our group jumped my ass over it because “he wasn’t going to allow a man to speak to a women like that”. Others understood and supported me while others just stayed out of it.

    I can completely understand the difference in respecting a woman. But I will also say that it’s a two way street and there ARE women who have chips on their shoulders for the pettiest of reasons.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Had the same shit happen at one of the free state blogs, some hag from Texas knew everything even though she didn’t live here, and when I confronted her for not living here and spouting off nonsense (another of those who when she gets her ducks in a row is dreaming of moving here, someday), all the male enablers jumped in my shit for disrespecting their female idol. And then I discovered almost the entire group of bloggers was as phoney as she was.

    • You experienced White Knight Syndrome from that guy who jumped your ass. They’re the matriarchy’s “house negroes.”

    • White Knighting Gamma boys.

  14. “They don’t understand men anymore than a bear trap understands bears”. That’s the money quote. One other thing about the women that I find to be beyond belief. One minute they will be crying and pleading for money to feed people in Africa, to please, please, please help them! And another they will be coldly telling you that you must give money (or the authorities will shoot you) to some monster organization so that a complete stranger can dig into their genitals, and rip apart the child inside them, and dispose of that now-icky-mess so they can get right back to whoring it up with style. Fred is not only right, but predicting the doom of our civilization. We fall not from without, but from within.

    • 7-8 years ago, I am driving a semi through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is nighttime and the moon is full. I am southbound on Route 285 coming off of Kenosha Pass. A majestic panorama. The satellite radio is on. Some chucklehead starts describing,in detail, exactly how a,”partial birth” abortion is performed. It is disgusting ,but I can’t turn it off. I felt like I had done something really dirty. Just by listening to it and knowing what is going on, I felt complicit. Have I done anything to change it? No. Ramming a pair of surgical scissors into a babies medulla oblongota and sucking what is left of the brain out. We are so…fucked.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. This is an old ploy out of the Marxist/social engineering playbook – keep those who present the greatest threat to your power by degrading and humiliating them. In a hierarchy of serfs, empower the weakest, the least intelligent, and the laziest to have power over the best and brightest, until they are gone or have capitulated. Keep their nose to the grindstone by forcing them to borrow to live, as wages decline over decades, or get used to a low standard of living. After all, someone has to produce and maintain to keep things going.

    If that doesn’t work, then they can always try re-education camps/extermination camps a la gulags and killing fields (Cambodia).

    Ain’t going to work, however. Their greed is their undoing and too many of us are on to them, and have been for quite some time.

    Although, it’s sad that the serfs at, or near the top, of the favored status pyramid don’t realize they’re being played, and their turn is always just around the corner.

  17. In the game of chess it is the queen with the most power. Women commanding great power or being portrayed as so is not a new phenomenon.

    • In medieval times, the bishop had the moves of the queen and vice/versa. Things change.

  18. It’s about feminizing the current crop, they already count us as dead. We are not the current crop. From what I can see, it’s working. Most of the younger men out there seem to be sorely in need of some training in balls. We could start by having them punch each other in the face (make it a you tube challenge?). Nothing grows you up like getting your first fat lip.

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”― Vladimir Ilich Lenin

  19. “Every woman a Queen” requires thousands of servants each to make it so.

    The way modern society has made her “free” is with machines to do many chores, allowing plenty of time to whine, scheme and meddle, but don’t interrupt this segment of Oprah.

    She is invisibly controlled, by her own impulses, she believes.

  20. I have concluded it’s easier and cheaper to just date them. Never get too attached, and never, never, ever, buy them expensive things.

  21. Almost every commercial is some variation of the husband/dad figure, clumsily trying to “be a man” (with household repairs, etc) and proving himself a total buffoon. His long suffering, witty, hip, with-it wife finally steps in to end the sad display by either telling him how to do it the right way, or by intoning on the need to “call an expert.”

    It’s two of my biggest annoyances: the constant portrayal of men as incompetent, cliched clowns, and the appeal to “experts.”

    • You just need to look at it from another angle. The ones who are competent, don’t need the moral support. It’s the incompetents who must constantly reinforce themselves with these foolish commercials and shows. It must be sad to be dependent on that bullshit for one’s self-image. My own wife is completely annoyed with that silliness.

    • all via Madison Ave. ad agencies: now tightly networked by male sodomites…and female Jews. The two groups get along extremely well

  22. Neros Lyre

    Womens “suffrage” was one of the final nails in the coffin.Men will vote for who they think is best for the whole family(although they can be fooled by liars too)most women will vote for whoever will take “care” of them and their children(before abortion was so prevalent and free) if the old man is dead or leaves for greener pastures.

    • Voting has always been a crock, whether just men do it, or both men and women. Just a way to convince the peons that they are running things.

  23. What I’m thinking is that WRSA, changes the subject before anything is decided or resolved.

      • “Tell us what to do before you run the next post.”

        • Jim, Continue what you’re already doing.
          and think a little about the flaws or virtues
          of my plan. You can find the very broad
          outlines of my idea by goggling nnx5 and

          I don’t do small.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        This guy’s off his meds, several posts no makey sense.
        Runaway keyboard?

    • Hi Brendan,

      I don’t think anything is ever, or can ever be, resolved on the web. I see this site as a marketplace of ideas for more efficient conflict resolution in meatspace.


      • Well, Tom this is the western RIFLE SHOOTERS assoc.


      • brendanwin

        I suppose you’re right Tom, but I think the admin’s should be more
        aggressive in creating files – thoughtfully.

      • Tom, If I can thread drift …. never before in human history has everyone had the capability of so often, and so much, to be two different people, to behave socially as if the person was two people, not one. Back before
        people talked to strangers on the web, they were more or less constrained to show mainly one persona to the world. Else they would be thought deranged, or craven. I wonder what the effects are to themselves, this new capability to be two people, and get away with it.

  24. The feminization of society at large, of mores and values, serves a purpose; which is SLAVE TRAINING. From the romans onward, women had an important role in upholding the street-level slave status quo of the slave population. This is because when confronted with a fucked-up situation, MEN GET ANGRY, WOMEN GET SAD. This is ALL you need to know. Angry people fight, this is very inconvenient for the powers. Sad people just sit there and take it, maybe even kill themselves. Got it? Any beekeeper will tell you that drones are essential to the long term genetic health of the colony. Drone bees are much more than sperm donors-they spread the queen’s pheromones throughout the hive. With 80 million years of evolution under their belt, the bees know damn well why they need their males. If males are so essential for the survival of an insect, how much more needed are men for the survival of human society?

    • Actually, drones are kicked out of the hive toward the end of summer. Their “services” are no longer needed.

      But yeah, it’s been noted before that women tend to submit as a survival mechanism, moreso than men.

      When a new monkey takes over the harem, all the babies are killed (since they are offspring of the old monkey) and the females, no longer nursing, are thus made fertile again, for the new monkey to then impregnate. The new monkey does not harm the females.

      Some of these human tendencies have very old origins.

      • Hey I tried…Bees DO keep a constant 15% of their summer population in drones, and the drones are increasingly recognized for their essential role, but maybe not the best analogy..I do see more american guys finding wives from foreign countries, they don’t want to be alone, they want to be married (to a woman) and they don’t have advanced debating skills, so they find and marry a woman from a culture where male/female roles are still intact. Marriage was foremost a contractual relationship a long time ago, and romantic love as the basis for marriage is a historically recent concept.

        • 15%? Ridiculous! You don’t know what you are talking about. On the other hand, I did keep bees for a few years.

          “In the Apis cerana colony there are about 200 drones during high summer peak time.” This is in a hive with tens of thousands of bees.

          “Drones will die off or are ejected from the hive by the worker bees in late autumn, and do not reappear in the bee hive until late spring.”

    • The movement called MGTOW, which stands for Men Going Their Own Way, is an interesting one I only recently discovered. From the comments here I guess many WRSA readers are already familiar with the movement and associated concepts, such as alpha and betas male behavior, “white knights”, and unicorns. The MGTOW term for Fred’s insight is ” gynocracy”. That is what we live in.

      Most men sort of instinctively know a lot of this, but it’s nice to see it laid out in one place.

      YouTube has a lot of lectures on MGTOW.

  25. Bees run with only one queen; false analogy.

    It’s the simplest topic in the world. You wanna understand all women–human women, that is–on all topics and in all actions? One single word covers the gamut…


  26. Paul, just how many of your relatives are descended from an ape? None of mine are, and neither are they descended from, or related to, bees. I like analogies as much as the next man, but a man, with some exceptions, is not a monkey, or a bee, much like steel is not mud, but they both come from the same place. Women make horrible and stupid choices, because no one puts any restraints on them from doing the same. That freedom thing. Men likewise. What separates us from the other animals is this. We know the difference between good and evil. We choose good. Or evil. The difference being, we look to more that our own immediate gratification. The thinking thing. When you see some one concerned with only their immediate gratification, you’re looking at some one closer to the primates that yourself. The same goes for some one looking to enrich themselves, at the expense of others, delayed or immediately. It’s why timing, is everything.

  27. ghostsniper

    The secret to a long and happy marriage (31 years so far) is a detached and fully stocked garage. She has her place and I have mine and like 2 ships in the night we cross paths every now and than. Both of us have worked at home for the past 20 years in our respective businesses.

    A key issue, and one that was never taught to me and I had to figure it out on my own, was that money IS the root of all evil in a marriage. ALL common expenses MUST be equally divided among the participants.

    No one is born being a perfect wife or husband but anyone can learn to be if they so desire. Too many people are weak and marry the first willing victim that comes along and then become bitter when it doesn’t work.

    Having said all of that, the environment is far different today than when we got married in 1984. If I was to suddenly be single today there is no way in hell I would ever marry again. Men are at a complete disadvantage now and for them marriage in 2015 can rightfully be called financial suicide.

    One more thing this rotten assed gov’t has ruined.

    “There’s some difference between lovin’ and likin’. When I married Jennie’s mother, I-I didn’t love her – I liked her… I liked her a lot. I liked Martha for at least three years after we were married and then one day it just dawned on me I loved her. I still do… still do. You see, Sam, when you love a woman without likin’ her, the night can be long and cold, and contempt comes up with the sun.”
    –Charlie Anderson, 1864 (James Stewart – “Shenandoah”)

  28. Neros Lyre

    ….as for voting,I have never consented to be “governed”.EVER.and never will.

  29. From her own precious lips:

    Non Compos Mentis: “Being female is a wound that never heals.” —Salon’s Sonia Saraiya

    Well, then, why don’t you just curl up ‘n die already?

  30. As an adult male, I have noticed these “incompetent male” advertisements. I see them and just shake my head but I am concerned about boys, especially those without fathers or adult male authority figures in their lives and how it affects them.