He’s A Good Officer!


Herschel sends.

You know about the problem.

Massachusetts readers, your ball.

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  1. That cop has had some other issues that are listed in this article


  2. Yes, Herschel is correct. Run him over and I would add, then, back up and do it again. It would be much quicker than trying to draw a weapon in self-defense. It might even be covered by your insurance! 😉

  3. Crime and bad cops exist in every city or town in America. The bad cops now clearly outnumber the good (some argue there were/are no good ones at all, I disagree). Let me say it again so people understand. The bad cops now clearly outnumber the good. There are some cities where the system has completely folded much like Mexico. Stay clear of Ma. The Blue Hives are imploding much faster than the red, but the red will go too since our society worships crime and filth 24/7.

    here is an example of real politk in Amerika:

    Read the story carefully and let it sink in. The mayor was/is a pedophile. He declined to testify against OC connections because, well they woulda arranged an accident. But he was mayor of a largish city in this blue hell hole.

    Do you think he had a pedo network there? Do you think he knew other pedo’s in his .gov structure? Do you think whoever controlled him made money by pressing him with his sickness? Hell yes. That’s how this works. We used to laugh at how corrupt Mexi and Rusky and Chinky govs were. Who’s laughing now? Ponder for a moment that the Mayor is in fact the boss of the Police Department in most cities. Let that sink in kids.

    Now ask yourself if you think very powerful criminals might be doing the same within larger government structures in the FUSA? CONgress. House of Representen? That’s where the uber criminals get involved, folks who aren’t dirtied by sharking, drugs and numbers. For the people to be free, we will need to do a lot of cleaning. The folks we are up against made their bones long ago. Stay frosty. Stay very frosty.

    • ghostsniper

      (some argue there were/are no good ones at all, I disagree)
      Most unfortunate, but you aren’t alone, it seems.
      You should spend some quality time examining your premise.
      Just a friendly suggestion.

      • GS,

        I’m one of those who believe there are absolutely NO good badged thugs. I despise every one of them. They are nothing more than enforcers for those ruling elites known as government. They are not there to protect the citizen. So says the black-robed scoundrels known as SCOTUS. So what is their value to the serf ?

        The badged thugs serve no useful purpose. None. Nada. Zip. They are a pox on society.

      • Mr. Sniper I will do that as when both you and Dan speak I always learn something. So then should I lump all former and present .mil and SOF into the same bucket as the blue psychotic brainwashed thugs? Because as far as I can see Smedley Butler was correct. I won’t make that generalization either.

        If someone felt in their heart that they were working to help/save others I get that and I respect them for having put everything on the line (no I’m not saying Cops are doing that but rather many .mil felt that when they signed up). That DOES NOT mean I have to agree with why they were sent there by some insane government bent on maintaining global hegemony while generating trillions in profits.

        I’ve asked this question before but it seems a good time to ask again: “What was the mission in both Sandbox venues? Iraq? Afghanistan?”

        On the other hand I do agree with the gist of Dan’s premise that “They are nothing more than enforcers for those ruling elites known as government. ”
        My point is that there are a small minority who don’t realize what they are doing and an even smaller minority who told themselves they could make a difference. They are wrong certainly but I compare them to soldiers who thought they were going off to protect us from terrirists who knocked down building 7.

        The maintenance of order is paramount to the .gov and society in general.
        The blue orc’s also give the appearance that .gov is truly in control. They create a hologram of civility for the masses. Once that hologram falls we are all in very deep shit.

    • Good piece indeed. I would point out that BitCoin or any cryptocurrency is a disrupter of fiat money if used for transactional purposes. The Fed is not pleased and that is a good thing. One more — If we were ever able to get back to original intents of the Constitution, flawed as it is, it would be mighty disruptive to all sorts of people — CongressCritters, K Street, Administrative state, etc. Funny how that works out eh?

      • bitcoin is 1’s and 0’s in cyberspace, same as most fiat currency. By turning the ‘net into a Bank, it’s a useful end-run around the current banking system. And that’s all. When the grid goes, the net goes. And bitcoin goes with it

  4. As documented incidents like this are becoming more and more a daily occurrence due to portable recording devices everywhere reformed are needed.
    1) Until we realize the pool of qualified individuals to work as LEOs is getting smaller and those that choose the field need to be vetted even tougher as currently done. More training in interpersonal relationships is a start.
    2) Strict “residency” policies are needed. LEOs need to live in the areas they “Serve and Protect”. This way they have “a dog in the fight” and will be held accountable by their neighbors. “Be a douche” and you plus your family will be marginalized by those you live with.
    3) Petty offenses(driving offenses, drug offenses(short of major trafficking), fishing/hunting infractions, zoning violations, and such) need to be dealt with by summons/citation rather than a police interaction.
    4)LEOs shouldn’t be interacting w/ the public off duty unless they witness and need to respond to a life-threatening situation. All this cop needed to do was write down a plate number and write a ticket.
    5)LEOs need to “out” the bad apples in their mist. We are heading down the path of a nationalized police/security force which will unsurp local control but if and when this happens thank a local LEO…their “code of silence” and “close the ranks” ways will be the cause.

    • Mikey….you succumb to the propaganda/word games of the leftists. “LEO”. Why cease calling them cops ? Or police ? Or peace officers ?

      You probably use the term “African-American” instead of Negro.

      You most likely refer to most any long arm with a pistol grip as an “assault rifle”.

      And I’m certain you refer to the scourge of humanity, homosexuals, as “gay”.

      Words have meaning. You play the game of the left, you dance to their tune.It is what they want us to do. And you fall right in line with their propaganda.

      • Well, that’s one thing nobody has to worry about—what to do if they want another nanny.

  5. Are these clowns that obsessed with their jobs they’ll actually pull people over in their own cars while not on the clock?

    At least they’re dedicated in “fighting crime”.

    • They are obsessed with their power.
      Think about it. This fuck said he would put a bullet in this guy’s head for a driving infraction!
      Run him over.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      People who investigated the Mafia noticed an interesting development beginning in the 70s. The mobsters started emulating characters in movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. They weren’t connected to the original roots of the organization, so they adopted the Hollywood view of what people thought they were/should be.

      Now look at the “heroes” in cop movies and tv shows. They’re “renegades” who “do things their own way,” “don’t go by the book,” “cut through the red tape,” and almost never, ever conduct a proper investigation or arrest. They harass, beat, and kill, not just with impunity, but to cheers. Most of the stuff they do recklessly endangers the public – though they are sometimes courteous enough to yell “Get down!” first. In a lot of these movies and shows, the police commit more crimes (as as serious, or more serious) than the “bad guys” that they are chasing, yet they are never held to account, and, if anything, are praised for it.

      Something to think about.

      • this is true. I had an interesting encounter with John Gotti, major NYC Don, c. 1980. I was up on the sidewalk at Park and 60th, on my bicycle w front wheel into a phonebooth, calling in for work. Long black limo pulls up to the corner & and out gets Gotti proceeded by one of his thugs. Thug grabs me and tries to pull me off the phone so his boss can make a call…while we’re grappling, Gotti ambles over, says

        “hey, ‘ya mook…let ‘da ‘woikin man make iz phone call!”, and pulls him off me

        quite a guy. I actually felt sad when Giuliani put him away

  6. As time goes on, even the cop lovers are going to catch on. They truly are the enemy of the people. Do some research, locate where they live… Don’t think they haven’t done the same to you.

  7. ghostsniper

    “He’s seen pulling in front of the driver in an unmarked vehicle….”

    It is at that point that I would have halted, drew my weapon, exited my vehicle, and drew down on the assailant. 20′ from the assailants vehicle I would have halted and yelled for the driver to exit the vehicle with their hands in the air.

    How close must an assailant to get before you take his attack seriously?

    Thugs will continue to act as they do as long as their victims allow them to.

    Pussification expansion in the US has caused a void that is being filled by thugs.

    Remove the source of thug bravado, your cowardice, and the thugs will become extinct.

    Or, roll over and whine, “My pussy hurts!”

    • ‘Demolition Man’ was a work of fiction, not a how-to-manual for society…

    • outlawpatriot

      I’m not bashing your bravado you understand. But allow me a little spit ballin’ here.

      Within a 1-2 minutes of your action you’re going to be surrounded by his brothers in blue. Kill him, and they will cut you down upon arrival. I always figured you to be smarter than that. But you are an anarchist, so maybe… 🙂

      Nope. You don’t draw down on and advance. Stupid. You have no fucking idea what you’re walking into and you’re alone. What you should do, assuming you can’t drive away, is exit the vehicle and retreat to a defensible area as quickly as possible. Draw your weapon only if there is a perceived threat (you see a gun). Get on the cell, dial 911, tell them that you have been aggressively cut off and you are armed and prepared to defend yourself. Give them your physical description, clothing and where you’re holed up. If you’ve managed to drive away, give them make, model, and color of your vehicle and direction of travel.

      Then, call the first dude on your tree. Tell him “broken arrow” and give your location. You do have that shit together, right? 🙂

      • Darn Alan,

        Again, you write some serious words of wisdom ! After all these years I’m more impressed than ever.

        Very good synopsis.

  8. “Qualified Immunity” Baby! Ain’t it a bitch!

  9. And a whole school of new Millennial recruits with identity issues. Enjoy.

    • Not only, but also a good samaritan! After all, he really did go out of his way on this one!

  10. Danny Nelms

    OK, here I go again. I don’t use an avatar or a “screen name,” I use the name my parents gave me as you will understand later in this comment. My name is Danny Nelms, I will be somewhat circumspect because I dont have a death wish and I have a family.

    I follow WRSA, Zero Gov, MVT, SGTReport, Steve Quayle, MDT, Mosby, Kerodin, Wirecutter, FreeNC, etc., etc. I say that to establish some creddibility as to my worldview. I have commented on most of these sites and have had semi flame wars at Zero Gov and at Wirecutter with Kenny over Yankees but we kissed and made up.

    I am a disciple of Christ, unrepentent and unrelenting when it comes to Who has bought and paid for my soul. Some of the spats at Zero Gov has been regarding the concept of anarchy. I think it is a great concept but flawed because of the failed/fallen/inate sinful nature of mankind. We mished/mashed over Romans 13 yadda yadda. Aint no way humans are going to live together without a third party abritrating disputes – violent or civil – and one is a fool to think otherwise. My vote is for a God feaing third party.

    Look, I have been full bore into this whole concept of liberty, sovereign citizen (small letters, not the MLM hucksters) for about 25 years. Frankly, I really dont understand how the bloggers keep going as long as they have with so little to seak of regarding winning over the masses 3% notwithstanding. OK, I am already tired of typing. The victim in this article should have drawn down on this asswipe MA cop. If the asswipe cop continued to threaten him with assault with a deadly weapon and actually presented said deadly weapon, victim should have put a projectile though the asswipe’s head, instead. It is really simple, whether the bully is an asswipe, testosterone addled shiny badge fellaticio sumbitch or a BIS, FedRes, GS, JPM, BofA, Citi, NWO Luciferian son of Nimrod dickhead, the ONLY thing they understand is self preservation – isnt that what Officer Safety drones on about? Hold them accountable to natural law and they will stop doing this shit. Let’s be perfectly clear, I AM NOT ADVOCATING THE TARGETING OF INNOCENT “PEACE OFFICERS.” But what happened when the rabbelrousers threatened to start shooting cops after the Eric Wilson incident. The pussies were too afraid of going “in country” because the natives were pissed.

    Sooooooooooooooooooo, stop apoplecting over what the statist class does, live your life IN EVERY FUCKING WAY like a free man and if someone, anyone threatens your or that of your loved ones life, liberty and pursuit of happiness – put his/her dick/cunt in the dirt and enough of this fuckin handwringing – sheeesh

  11. I have been searching for a camera to put in my car, that doesn’t hold a tape/digital copy in the camera itself. I want the damned thing to download to my computer in my house. It should be a wee bit harder to destroy the evidence that way. Any suggestions?
    I try to NEVER visit any state west of Pennsylvania in the northeast. And I only visit there, because of a cousin. Some parts of the south I will go to. I feel a little safer west of the Mississippi but I grew up in the west. Probably just a local prejudice.
    Imagine how bold this jackass cop would feel with someone 5’3″-like me. I also need a better hidey-hole for my equalizer.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. I was a subscriber to S.W.A.T. magazine as recent as a week ago. In their newest issue editor Denny Hansen editorializes against all us badged thug haters. He praises the .gov enforcers. He is a copsucker.

    I canceled my subscription.

  14. Danny El Burro Grande de Terciopelo Nelms

    Props ghostsniper, shoot that statist, shiny badge licking asswipe in the dick!!

    I know my comments are being reviewed but I had other toughts. I am now watching The Last Samurai on the boob tube. Fuck Tom Cruise but I am drawn to Ken Watenabe’s character – Katsumoto. Set aside for a moment the theatrical bullshit and consider the real history of the Samurai. Fucking, no shit, Mosby stone asses if der ever wuz. Our ancestors kicked the ass of the greatest empire the planet had ever seen up to then with logistically speaking the same thing as David’s slingshot and Goliath. My pappies served and were POWs in the War of Northern Aggression – we lost because we had honor, plain and simple. When are we as drop dead ‘murican birthright sumbitches gonna find where we hid our balls and say NO to mutherfuckin tyrants telling us where and what? The Creator God of the Universe has declared you to be FREE in all its implications when His Son died on he Cross, decended into Hell and DECLARED CAPTIVE FREE. He told Satan to suck it and took all the captives from Sheol with Him and said – outta here. You think He wants you to serve these pathetic inbred bastards – Spit!!!!

    And for the shiney badge Fusion center fellacio mutherfuckers who have harrassed me in South Carolina, who want to run my plates in the great NSA eye of Sauron database – fuck you!! My name is not all caps like the NC DMV robots that made me sign my name without prejudice, UCC 1-207, 308. Fuck you too NCDMV!!

    Look, I am not trying to make myself as a Mosby wanna be badass, I dont have his CV as he has benifitted from from more Guvment sponsored training than me. Thats not the point, if you understand your birthright, Yankee of Rebel, Mosby doesnt have a monopoly on badass, neither do I. You are badass simply becuase where you were born and you need to swag your fre ass way to the world and represent . We all can be badassess from the perception of the facists – stand up and embrace your family centric badassness.

  15. And this story is EXACTLY why we should have guns.

  16. Massachusetts. The state has what it deserves.