Ol’ Remus: Trading Doomsday

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Another in the occasional series.

(H/t FNC)

22 responses to “Ol’ Remus: Trading Doomsday

  1. swan832013

    got ta wonder is the MSM goin to tell the truth…. oh wait they got ta get their heads out of their ass first…


  2. taxn2poverty

    Thank God they are just rioting and destroying a Police Car, otherwise they would be in trouble bigtime if they were barbcueing and some smoke drifted across the street. Whew, saved by the bell. thnaks

  3. someone should get up a cookbook, featuring recipes for serving up long pig. Cannibals will be ubiquitous, and long pig will be plentiful. There’ll be “2 kinds of people in the world…those with guns, who eat, and those without, who get et.” I recall a great passage in one of Bracken’s prophetic books about this forthcoming delectation. Larry Niven’s LUCIFER’S HAMMER also explores this tasty theme

  4. Speaking of testing…raise your hand if your seeds still germinate.

  5. While I’m sure we may read other comments contrary to what Ole Remus predicts, I believe he captured a goose sense of what could be expected.

    My main concern aside from other threats to one’s AO has always been gangs of the Mexican sort. They are highly organized and we’ll armed. Not to mention their ability to terrorize a community with impunity. If anything, a well organized community would do well to organize and eliminate this threat in the same manner one would with rodents and roaches. Target with extreme prejudice and don’t quit until all are eliminated.

    Then prepare for other groups of same to eventually show up with payback in mind. I don’t expect them to just pack up and go away.

    • William Munny

      Tattoo work – location, coverage and content – will be a crucial marker of character, intelligence (or lack thereof), and criminal affiliations.
      PDs in the more Vibrant urban shit-holes rely have been reading ink for years to glean intel about gangs and their members.
      I wouldn’t want to be walking around with any facial or even neck ink come the Great Reset…

      • Very good contribution on gang-related concerns. Ink is indeed a marker when it comes to these kind of gangs.

  6. Take a good look at that picture, disarmament freaks (gun control leftists) When the cops take off, or are neutralized, your last line of “defense” is gone, and you’re on your own. Do you think gun owners and “hunters”, and “survivalists”, are going to protect you, when you’ve spent the last fifty years calling them every name in the book, and fucking them in the ass every chance you cretins got? Be prepared to be disappointed, and assume the mantle of some bodies bitch. If you’re lucky. Armed Forces, you say? Why should they help? You’ve also spent the last fifty years turning it into a homosexual experiment, shipping them off to fight every foreign war you could think of, and then drawing it down at the same time to the strength of less than effective. Remember how you shit on them, and pissed down their back? Labeled the veterans as “potential terrorists?” Dumped all the “politically incorrect” generals you could, and replaced them with yes men, and dames who couldn’t command a tactical unit if you wrote the instructions on their mini-pads? Pray to whatever Pig god you pray to, and hope for a swift and merciful end. If you’re lucky, some of the moslem scum you’ve spent so much time importing will get to you first.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Humm… Wonder why it’s the same ole folks. See what appeasement does?

  9. Liberals, now with guns, may survive what may be coming.

    Sadly, they will bring that brain disorder with them and
    destroy any attempt to restore and maintain the republic
    in the future.

    Like drug felonies prohibit gun possession for a lifetime,
    liberals from past must be disarmed in the future. After all,
    they caused the coming destruction… if they survive it, they
    should be prohibited from ever causing it again.

    They can find a socialist paradise to be relocated to….

    • “Sadly, they will bring that brain disorder with them and
      destroy any attempt to restore and maintain the republic
      in the future.”

      Oh, that was choice. It seems not only liberals have brain disorders.

    • “Like drug felonies prohibit gun possession for a lifetime,”

      Because, smoking some weed or such is so wrong. But shooting unarmed people, flashbanging toddlers, and stealing the freedoms, wealth, and dreams of an entire country is acceptable.
      Just think of all the “felons” who have an ax to grind with TPTB.
      There’s so many of them, I sure wouldn’t want to be working for .gov when that comes back to bite them. They most definitely will be joining the resistance. They have been wronged, and I won’t blame them for getting their revenge.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    You must live in big cities, we know who leans left here
    in the rural west.

  11. Per the picture the enraged Negros got it right this time. They trashed a car of the badged thugs and not a private business in ‘da hood.

    Maybe there’s hope yet.

  12. all these Negro riots could be prevented simply by driving a truckful of water melons slowly down the street. As I once posted here, the fortuitous appearance of just such a truck once saved my life when I strayed into a dusky neighborhood

    • Grenadier1


      Your life was saved?

      After wandering down a wrong street you found yourself face to face with Negro’s. The bones in their noses all bleached white. Their spear’s all sharp and menacing. Their witch doctor about to scoop you up and place you in the big cannibals pot. Only the most fortuitous appearance of a random Water melon truck drew their attention away long enough for you to escape! “UNGAHWA!” they cried as they gave chase. The drums began to pound and the jungle came alive with the sounds of restless natives! You were lucky to come across that raft on the river and make your way back into the White mans world.

      You are a god damn cartoon character.