The Left Must Bleed


Operation Goethe.


Meet broom.

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    A must read from WRSA

  2. neo-conz must bleed. I’ve got some respect for the HardLeft; I know where they’re coming from, & what they’re up to, @ You don’t get blindsided by them. But neo-conz, both Jewish and White cuckservative, are slippery, evil, slime: big smile and a glad hand extended, while the other is behind the back, holding a knife

  3. “Disengaging from debating with the left is the first part of a wider strategy. Without the bogeyman of straight, white power to focus on the disparate elements of the left will lose cohesion but it is naive to think that the left will wholly consume itself just by our absence.”

    That part’s brilliant. The media is working hard to pump the paradigm but it’s clearly loosing steam at which point it all begins to look rather clownish (hence the Donald Savior of the People meme). Sadly, some of that particular meme is working. This is a guy who benefits hugely from the system as it stands. He donated to both parties and would do the same tomorrow. Believe half of what you see and NOTHING that you hear on Teevee or the Interwebs.

    • Trump – who is a lifetime lib democrat, who funds Chuck Schumer, who routinely hires illegals at his hotels, casinos, etc., whose $billions$ in debt are controlled by WallStreet – has been vomited up by the ZOG to keep the stupid White People interested in the Republiscams while the System continues to destroy them. HuffPost got this one right: they’re covering the Donald’s narcissistic antics in the “Entertainment” section.

  4. Now ain’t that the absolute truth.

  5. “In the end we will only be answerable to ourselves and our God. If we win then we inherit the earth, if we lose we get to Heaven.”

    Victory or death…and victory.

    Not too far from jihadists and their 72 virgins in paradise mindset. Be careful not to emulate what you fight against lest you become it. This is why the USA now looks like the USSR.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “In the end we will only be answerable to ourselves and our God. If we win then we inherit the earth…”

      Well, the meek are supposed to inherit the Earth, and the American Right is certainly meek

    • Upon returning from Iraq, I enjoyed spitting Copenhagen on a Koran I had put in a burn barrel. The spit was followed by Budweiser and gasoline. In the heat of the moment I forgot to wrap the unholy thing in bacon, but it felt good enough. Long since that day, in light of the insanity and depravity that is liberalism, feminism, and gay rights groups, I still wonder where the real warriors for Islam or Christianity are? I call no balls on Muslims, like I call no balls on Christians. And this is where we crazily intersect as religions, Muslims and Christians have a whole lot more in common than rabid secular leftist playing with the organs of unborn children. Both, if armed and walked up on such a blatant grotesque act, would probably slay all involved. Ergo the left’s fear of religion, but only Christians, as per pc. They will soon find out Islams tolerance of gays in their cities, and conservative Christians like myself will have clean hands, another laugh, and beer.

      • I don’t believe in “victory or death” or “victory or death and victory.”

        I believe in victory. There is no other option.

  6. Detroit the True 3%

    “….and get their names.”

    And then what?

    Come on, finish the thought.

    And stop looking to.morally corrupt – I believe the author calls them “faggots”- people like Jack Donovan – for inspiration.

    • Send them a letter that says hello. Include their address, google map reference, etc. Let them know we care for their well being. “Nice house you have…”

      Sometimes you don’t have to physically accost someone to modify their behavior.

  7. swan832013

    “THEY” will eat their own…. dumb comments like this one…..


    Good essay. i would caution everyone here to be careful about joining a church. Even in the small town which I and my tribe recently escaped from, the churches were hard-wired into the local political structure. This structure was as corrupt, venal, and self-serving as any in LA, SFO, Portlandia, or Seattle.
    TPTB recognize that local pastors can be very effective useful idiots to further their agendas of increased taxation and oppressive laws and ordinances which tighten the noose of control. Think of the CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM which reared its ugly head after Katrina. These Pharisees will use the out-of-context arguments St. Paul put forth in Romans 13 to bludgeon their flocks into submission.
    I am not saying: “don’t go to church”. Before you do, check it out and have a harmless chat with the Pastor. If it turns out he: “…went to high school with the Police Chief”, or is active with the local Elks Club or Masonic Lodge, then run the other way.
    One other thought: In this current political climate, it is also wise to proceed with caution. Think twice about Tea Party rallies, fundraisers, and the like. Be the Grayman and use your OODA Loop.

    • In World War I, General Pershing sent back to Washington that ministers should tell their flocks to support the war. I forget the wording, but I noted when reading it that the government would give the churches talking points and they would comply because it was the government. See Pershing’s autobiography volume 1.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Avoiding the “Our Lady of the Glorious Proletariat Revolution” type churches is also good.

    • Romans 13. The govt knows that passage well.

  9. I realize the proprietor of this space offers a fairly wide variety of viewpoints via links, which form the basis of debate, which is also extremely free. So I’m not surprised this is posted, but that there is minimal discussion of it.

    This is an extremely powerful essay, but I wonder how those advocating “rightful liberty” (the majority of the regular commentators here) fit that in with this positions put forward in this essay.

    “Form a gang. Make the area hostile to third world immigrants. Word will get around. This is your town now.”

    “Local councils will give houses to white families. Politicians will stop their leftist advance.”

    Obviously there are some WN’s here (Hugo, Greyman) who wholeheartedly support ethnic cleansing and the creation of a all-White state in the FUSA. Greyman styles himself an officer in the Northwest Army, and so is, one assumes, a supporter of Harold Covington and his plan for a Northwest Republic, which is described by the author as “national socialist”.

    Maybe that’s where the “local councils will give houses” stuff comes from. Or maybe the author is British.

    There are lots of links to neo-nazis who want a race-war and plan to ethnically cleanse their state.

    Like I said, I’m not surprised this got linked, but a bit surprised that there has been no comment or objection to some of the main themes of it. Has WRSA moved to being an explicitly White Nationalist forum now, in terms of the members? Have recent events driving people into seeing the coming conflict as more along racial lines than other perceived differences? Many of the immigrants in my area are Thais (who run restaurants), Koreans (who run little convenience stores and restaurants), Filipinos (who nurse and serve in the US Military) . Across the river in Oregon you have lot relatively well off Indian engineers (some 2nd generation) and Chinese professionals (again, many second generation)

    Covington’s books have page after page where the NVA harasses, destroys the property of, and assassinates Pakistani motel owners and such. He’s provides a lot of details on what “Make the area hostile to third world immigrants” would look like in a particular area. His characters also engage in the murder-on-site of gays and mixed race couples.

    They are interesting fiction, but he’s serious about it, and maintains a web site and leads an organization focused on making them come to life.

    The author of this essay seems well on his way to embracing that program, I’m surprised that the defenders of “rightful liberty” have so little to say in opposition to it.

    • William Munny

      Totally concur Jackson, nothing more I could add.

    • Dear Jackson,
      My friend, you miss what rightful liberty is. Who am I to question this authors observations.
      Liberty for me but not for thee?
      I don’t agree with everything everyone says, I would be flabbergasted to discover others did agree with everything I say or write.
      That doesn’t make what you or I say wrong or right. It is our rightful liberty to say whatever we darn well whish. I don’t answer to anyone, and I would be wrong to say this author has to account for his words.
      Up to you to bring up those items, it isn’t any of your business to question my character because I did not bring up the observations you made.
      It isn’t an indictment either.
      You say people on here are racist because they didn’t mention something you say is racist?
      Who do you think you are?
      Better than me because you bring up my silence as prop I am racist?

      Ah, only a true racist could come up with bullshit like that.
      Which is worse, an author who has the courage of his convictions and beliefs, and brave enough to publicly make a stand on those principles and beliefs or an somebody who assassinates others character because you don’t agree?
      Your statements are so far off, they smell awful lot like you are a deliberate shit stirrer.

      Just what are you doing here?

      • Nowhere in Jackson’s comment did he mention “racism”. That was your misinterpretation/distortion of his words. I think Jackson made some poignant observations about the subject website and its associates.
        The Pacific Northwet has long been a haven for all kinds of kooky neo nazi/nat-socialists and the rest of the low brain types.

        Personally I am glad that this place is a true free speech zone even with its ugliness, but I sure don’t agree with everything posted or linked herein.

        My advice for Jackson; there is plenty of good info to be found here at WRS. CA does a terrific job of laying out some though provoking topics and then allowing the comments to sort themselves. Take the valuable stuff and ignore the dreck.

        Also, CA, as I read the subject piece I thought back to the early part of this new century and a free-for-all forum called THE LIBERTY FORUM. It was an interesting site with plenty of good stuff to read. The comments were often filled with a lot of Jew hate though. At times it was mildly entertaining, but eventually they were hacked by Mossad and shut down permanently. I would hope that doesn’t happen here.

    • The Walkin' Dude

      I was going to question, myself, how some of those points fit Rightful Liberty. I was also going to ask if being Libertarian was a no no on par with being a libtard for this guy… Seems we’ll have crazies of all varieties when the bottom falls out ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I concur. I started skipping what I was reading there and rolling my eyes as his writing got nuttier and nuttier.

      However, even though I have an interracial marriage, I don’t have any problem with racism per se. Yeah, I think it is ugly and silly and collectivist, but if racists want to form their own community, why is it my business? It’s not my business. Rightful liberty is about leaving them alone to do as they please. It only becomes my business if they attack me and mine. Then I will do my best to wipe the bastards out.

    • Jews are overwhelming racialist, and have hundreds of explicitly Jewish organizations looking out for the Tribal interest. Blacks are overwhelmingly racialist, and have hundreds of explicitly Black organizations looking out for Negro interests. Ditto re Mestizos, and all your Asian friends are also genetic/self-referenced collectivists. Whites have nothing, yet are daily excoriated as “racist” by the MSM Jews and their Group Entitled pets. Whites will either become every bit as racist as their racial enemies, or they will cease to exist. Yes, it’s going to be a Race War, at least in Phase I; later on, “Righful Liberty” may, or may not, be discussed. One thing for sure: if Susan Sontag, Time Wise, Ron Unz, Noel Ignatiev, Paul Krugman and Co. succeed in exterminating the Whites and their Civilization…there’ll be no “rightful liberty” for anyone

    • Grenadier1

      Pete can comment specifically but I think its probably a Jewish plot.

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  11. The Walkin' Dude

    What crap. I had to re-read several sentences for lack of proper punctuation. Another “Our side should do this, and it is the RIGHT thing to do!” type essay. No better than the Commies who want to impose their will. No better than the fanatical Muslims who want to impose their will. Rightful Liberty… It. Is. Simple. Just wish it was simple to apply ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The Walkin' Dude

      On another note… I hope this isn’t a friend of yours CA. The mast head might fit well… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Doug, this is a discussion forum. So it’s everyone “has a right” to question anything that is posted. That’s the whole point of coming here. I understand some people like to lurk, and of course that’s fine. And some people just like to put short little comments, which is of course fine too.

    What surprised me was that an essay was posted here basically suggesting that ethnic cleansing was a reasonable tactic for FreeFor to engage in (although, it was sort of hidden in the original post among many other interesting points) … so I asked whether anyone else had a problem with that. Because I was commenting after this article had been up for a few hours, and there were already a dozen comments, I was surprised someone else hadn’t brought this up.

    You ask this question: “Which is worse, an author who has the courage of his convictions and beliefs, and brave enough to publicly make a stand on those principles and beliefs or an somebody who assassinates others character because you donโ€™t agree?”

    It depends, doesn’t it? Just because you believe something and are willing to write an essay about it, you don’t get a lot of credit in my book. It is the content of your thoughts that I will judge you on. And yes, I will do so publicly.

    And someone who advocates using force against people because of their race, and forming a gang, and asserting control over territory is a creep in my book. So to answer your question the author is much worse than me, and most other people here, who value rightful liberty, minding their own business, and not judging people on superficial characteristics.

    Harold Covington has written five books explaining how he intends to ethnically cleanse the Northwest, where I happen to live.

    As alternative future novels he has every right to publish them. And in fact, he is a good author, and the books are interesting reading. So is Philip Dick’s novel where the Nazi’s won WW2. As alternative future speculation he is a better than most at pulling it off.

    When he or the author of this article begin advocating beating or killing, for instance, Thai restaurant owners in Portland, because they are not white, they have crossed over a line. To me. Of course different people have different morality. But that’s what we come here to discuss in some detail, isn’t it.

    At that point I do not respect their opinions, and I will damn well mention it. And, to any thoughtful person, I think I will be the better man for doing so.

    I was “surprised” that this article did not garner more discussion. I did not call anyone “a racist”. I did not make or imply anything about the people who commented on this article, especially you. Your comment was short and cryptic, and I wasn’t even sure if it applied to the article or the comment above it. It wasn’t about you, or any one else who commented.

    It was about the article, and the fact that nobody else seemed to object to it, which I found surprising. (And of course, now other people have commented…) There are often almost 100 comments on article, this one had about 12 when I commented. I was more directing it at the regular commentators (which I am one of).

    I call that “open debate”, but if you prefer to call it “shit stirring”, that’s fine. I stand by my comments.

    The point in getting rid of the sick liberal fucktards running things is not to replace them with local gangs, as the author clearly suggests.

    • Tell me, sir, your ideas on dealing with those in your area that are opposed to individual freedom, property rights, personal responsibility, and extremely limited government.

      PS: One man’s “gang” is another man’s “NPT”.

      • outlawpatriot

        Or militia unit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Jimmy the Saint

            So give them a little cognitive dissonance with your militia group name.

            “1st Free State Militia” or “[statename] Minutemen” type names will clearly mark you as bad guys to the collectivists. But if you call yourselves the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade,” for example, suddenly they won’t quite know what to make of you.

    • Grenadier1

      I think more than a few of us are disturbed by the racial angle that some of the posters here take the guys that just cant get over it an move on to more mature civilized lines of thinking. I read this article and honestly stopped reading it word for word when it went on that tangent. I skimmed the rest. I am adult enough and mature enough to sort the wheat from the chaff. I have not read the specific books that you mention, but I doubt i would read them and come away thinking it was a good idea to start shwacking minorities just cause they are not white. I have a definition of what is right and what is wrong and I think its close to a lot of guys here. There are others here that as long as their actions stay within that definition I have no problem fighting with them against OPFOR. I, however have no doubt they will be unable to contain themselves within that definition and I am fully prepared to deal with them as well.

      • It’s all about the assholery.

        And that personality defect cuts across gender and race/ethnicity.

        On an individual basis.

        There are many folks of various pigmentations who want a simpler, easier-to-apply rule.

        There is, of course, one simpler rule.

        Insert muzzle into mouth, and pull trigger twice on a loaded chamber.

        All winners will receive a coveted “Order of the Supreme Racialist A-Go-Go – First Class” medal.

        For the rest of us, the rule remains based on the amount of assholery on an individual basis.

  13. The author fails in the title: make them bleed OUT.

  14. CA: “Tell me, sir, your ideas on dealing with those in your area that are opposed to individual freedom, property rights, personal responsibility, and extremely limited government.”

    Pretty much what I am here to do is to learn strategy, tactics and skills for dealing with people of that sort.

    First off, I get a lot of practice: this area is currently under control of people who don’t value freedom, property right and personal responsibility. I like the gray man idea of just being invisible, following your own path, maintaining my own freedom and autonomy as much as possible.

    In dealing with any sort of violent or potentially violent creep it’s always a decision call. It’s all a continuum. At one end is ignore them, at the other leave the area. In between is all the fun stuff we talk about.

    Let’s fact it: if you were a Jew in Germany you were hopelessly outnumbered and the only smart thing to do was get the hell out of there. Yes, being a refugee sucks, but being put on a boxcare to a concentration camp is worse.

    If Neo-Nazi’s managed a military take over the Pacific NorthWest I would probably leave. I’m not Jewish or minority, but I simply would not want to live in that kind of State. But I find that extremely unlikely.

    Until I’m confronted with a much different situation than the current one I watch what is happening, listen and learn. I have taken your Prep, PT & Train advice to heart. I’ve built a small solid tribe. I’m working on knowing and sorting everyone in my neighborhood. I try to stay aware of NPT types at the edge of my area. Probably pretty much what everyone else is doing.

    My prediction, for what it’s worth, is long slow gradual decline. TPTB will avoid breaking things, so that we never have that “day the EBT card dies” that starts CWII.

    My impression is that FreeFor, absent such an event will not foment a new revolution, so we will all slowly circle the drain for a long time. Money worth less, guns more illegal, more illegals with guns, more welfare dependents, fewer decent jobs, and eventually even things like problems with the water and electricity. Maybe we get to a Mad Max lite in 50 years. (Like Detroit, where I grew up). I’ll be dead by then, and my kids will be old.

    That sucks, but that’s my prime scenario that I am planning for. Moving is always an option I will keep open. I’m alive because my great grandparents left Poland in the 1870s and thereby missed the First and Second European Reorganizational Games. I’m not opposed to fighting, but I’m not sure there is enough here to make something good out of after. More and more I don’t like most Americans – of all types. The small patriot / threeper community really inspires me, little else does.

    Thanks for everything you do CA.