DTG: Some Thoughts On Ruck Training


Work hard now.

Or cry later.

Your choice.

9 responses to “DTG: Some Thoughts On Ruck Training

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. What is “water fortified with stabilized oxygen?”

  3. Great essay.

    Reminder: Arch supports. Not those Dr. Scholl pieces of junk. Good, orthopedic supports (they ain’t cheap). If you injure those feet you’ll take months, maybe a year, to heal.

    Again….very good essay. Very applicable.

    • Bill Harzia

      Indeed. And if you injure your feet and do nothing about it, the injuries will travel up through your knees and hips.

      Ask me how I know. 😦

  4. Jeffery in Alabama

    It would be interesting to see what people include in their “three-day ruck” load. Also, if anyone has a website to recommend in regards to this subject, please pass it along.

  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    Thanks CA. I may have seen them previously, but even so, there are things one needs to hear repeatedly.