MVT: Buddy Position Awareness


When shooting those who need killing, keep track of your pals.

Friendly fire isn’t.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. swan832013

    I know this is off topic… this guy ran as a pro gun man… he was elected in Vermont…. went on to bigger things…. and now he is for gun control….. always pandering….. watch the link below…


    • Jimmy the Saint

      An avowed socialist being anti-gun? Unheard of!

    • Happens with a lot of the NRA’s picks. They sell out…. Or expose their real selves after they purchase their near permanent positions in the halls of govt.

      Don’t worry. The republicans will save us.

  3. Bernie is an original 60’s commie. I was in VT last week and passed two different locations where Rebel flags were being flown. Very interesting indeed. One was a large one with a Gadsden next to it. Made my friggin day.

  4. Attending these classes you will learn to observe all aspects of situational awareness in a team environment. This is live fire training with an emphasis on safety. As an alumni of MVT I recommend getting to this training while you can.

  5. Once again, Max is on target

  6. Good article from FEE, “Is Politics Obsolete”?

  7. outlawpatriot

    Mmm… I know I don’t have a right to say anything, but it looks to me that too many of those troops were just hunkered down and not returning fire. I see no attempt to maneuver, break contact or assault. Just one man firing grenades and rounds.

    Am I wrong?