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Crisis Progress Report IX: Landfall

Welcome To Hell, Pope Francis

Rig for storm.

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  1. Last Post: Thank all of you (especially CA) for tolerating me. I’m old, I’m tired and at times, irrational. My intentions have been honorable but my words have been less than satisfactory. I am haunted by men that came before me.
    As for you at WRSA, may your posterity honor you in the years to come,

  2. the popes a jesuit from argentina so of course he’s a commie. if your not a catholic why do you even care what he says? he has no power or authority over you. and if you are catholic you can be like 90% of american catholics and totally ignore him and whatever nonsense he utters. this fool will be dead in a few years and will probably be replaced by a black guy just to show that the catholic church isn’t racist.

  3. I don’t think Gore understands that the coming Crash will be civilizational, not just economic and political. Nobody is going to be “investing” in any “assets” when the dust settles, or for a long time thereafter. But a fine essay on that perpetual wad of economic and sexual corruption, the Catholic Church…of which the current Marxist-Sodomite Pope is a perfect apotheosis. When is Ann Elizabeth going to going to nail her Theses on the nearest Cathedral door? I’m still

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Even in the face of civilizational collapse, stuff still holds together. Things get harder and more choatic, yes, but ultimately, society endures. It will come out changed, no doubt, but it will still be standing. From the Fall of Rome, through the Black Death, and beyond, things chug along – there’s no “full stop”. Even places like Afghanistan, Somalia, the Congo, and Haiti haven’t gone full Mad Max.

      • A nonny mouse

        ” Even places like Afghanistan, Somalia, the Congo, and Haiti haven’t gone full Mad Max. ”

        I would guess you’ve never been to Somalia, sir? My wife went there as part of the public affairs contingent when the Marines first went in. Through her observations and pictures it was clear that country had gone Mad Max; completely WROL.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Even as monumentally jacked up as that place is, there are still hotels, cabs, etc., in Mogadishu, for example. They’ve got an airport, a cargo port, etc. Lord Humungus hasn’t set up shop there just yet.

        • I’m guessing there are laws in the form of customs and the mandates of clans, rather than sourced from the usual US-approved dictator.

    • The crash maybe only as deep as something akin to 1929. Point is we just don’t know. But there are already X, Y & Z given assets across this nation. So long as the mfr can get the raw materials and still has a market, albeit smaller, they will produce. A civilizational scenario would probably entail an enemy engagement, aka EMP attack. A lot of people are pretty inventive in this country still, so if there is a way to get something done it will be.

      • in 1929 this country had a vast and powerful industrial base making real products. And a solid currency backed by thousands of tons of gold. That’s all gone now. Now it’s all smoke, mirrors, debt, “financial products”, and funnymoney propped up by international violence. And our civilizational values were still intact: we were a White Nation. That’s gone too. The collapse will be Total

    • Guess you missed Ann Elizabeth’s outright questioning whether Francis might actually be the anti Christ…..

      She has been no kind of apologist but rather an outspoken critic of the many failure of the church of Rome.

      • I’m tired of “outspoken critics”! What’s needed is ACTION! Ann Elizabeth needs to do the Schism thing. Like Martin Luther did. Annie sez he only did so because he wanted to screw some nun, but what’s wrong with that?

  4. ” If Pope Francis does not have the time or inclination to analyze the relative responsibility of governments versus private, profit driven businesses and entrepreneurs for income inequality, environmental degradation, and other perceived ills, he should keep his mouth shut.”

    It was during the 1960s and 70s that the Catholic Church embarked on their brand of socialism. It was called liberation theology. I was in my formative years and as the son of a small business owner, I intuitively knew something was not right. From there the church went on to the cover-up of bung-holing priests. Knowing full well of their crimes and sending filthy pedophiles to a different dioceses, when they should have been sending them to receive their well deserved punishment via the criminal justice system….and now this Marxist in a frock has the gall to denounce capitalism as the “dung of the devil”.

    The Prots aren’t any better. with their stupid Christian-Zionism-end of times bullshit and just send money-phony evangelical healers.

    All religion is a form of government – a way to control masses of ignorant sheep. “be prepared and expect governments to make matters much worse.”

    I leave to each individual his spirituality of choice, but leave me out.

  5. Oh, and I will add that if my little rant sounded like a fellow traveler of the Masonic brand, make no mistake about it, they are equally as evil -wolves in sheep’s clothing. Freemasonry is no friend of freedom.

    “Mason’s children cooked the stew and they cleaned up when thew feast was through.”

  6. Detroit the True 3%

    Yes, we know it will be bad, but when?
    20 years? 20 days?

    SLL , like Denninger, has been saying “any minute now” and they are consistently wrong.

    • SameNoKami

      No one has a crystal ball to know the year/month/week/day/hour.
      It’s coming. Do something to help you get thru it.

    • That’s like asking for exact time when the 150 MPH hurricane wind is going to tear the 85 MPH-rated roof off your house. Does the precise moment really *matter,* or are you so delusional as to think it simply won’t happen?

      Seriously, you need to grow up.

      • Detroit the True 3%

        My point is the market is the economy now and they can manipulate it for decades to come.

        If you don’t know that -and I doubt you do- you are part of the problem .

        • if “they” thought “they” had decades to work with, they wouldn’t be driving Gold/Silver through the floor RIGHT NOW, and they wouldn’t be trying to grab our guns RIGHT NOW. The ZOGlobalists’ days are numbered, and they know it

          • I always say, we are closer to it than we were yesterday…..

            Rinse and repeat…

        • Having an undergrad in Economics and an MBA, I have a modicum of understanding of this particular subject. And looking at your remarks, it’s clear that you’ve stepped outside your area of knowledge.

          The markets (stocks, bonds, futures, derivatives, et al.) are NOT the economy, which is why Main Street is starving while Wall St. is feasting. The banksters believe what you believe- that the market IS the economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. In a free-market economy, the markets would be a reflection of the underlying economy. But with our corporatist system and grossly manipulated .gov data, as well as digitally-created cash-flows directed at the markets (via TBTF banks) the divergence is painfully obvious.

          The banksters also believe- as you do- that they can keep this clown-show running indefinitely. Yet one need only look at China’s economic free-fall occurring RIGHT NOW to understand that even in an overtly authoritarian system with state-run banks (implying that total “control” that you imply), a rigged system WILL collapse.

          But hey, if you think the banksters are so damned good, then don’t “waste” your money prepping, buying guns and ammo, training and building tribe. Instead, enjoying the financial bliss that Detroit surely provides…

  7. See that’s the myth. It already happened and is your eyes stop and look at our society. It’s not Going to implode, its imploding every day. Pick 3 newzpapers in your AO. Scan the headlines each day. One sb local one regional city and one small town.Do this every day for two weeks looking for signs that things are deteriorating.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. D3: Exactly. And a lot of others.

    Notorious leftist idiot, at least disguised it as a novel:

    At least this leftist puke puts a date on it:

    Peter Schiff’s had to reissue a 2nd edition of his tome:

    I think Batra has sold a lot of books behind this meme though:

    .. and he moved it forward to get another slide of the pie! This one guy has been living off of “sky is falling” for 25+ years!

    • Just because those “leftist pukes” got it wrong 30 or 40 years ago, doesn’t mean you have it right, now.

      Your tea leaves are moldy.

  10. Catholic Economics are put forward in the encyclical Rerum Novarum. Both Communism and Capitalism are dismissed as unjust. The first because it deprives people of ownership and the second because it ultimately limits ownership to the few who have survived the Darwinian struggle known as the marketplace. There is a place for the Market and its struggles – and that place is underneath the Church and the State. After all, to keep the Market in its right place, size, and shape – there must also be a Vineyard whose values are far higher than just profit. A place where the grapes of virtue are cultivated, that hopefully will one day become the Wine of the love of God.

    • “[capitalism] because it ultimately limits ownership to the few who have survived the Darwinian struggle known as the marketplace.”

      Try sayin’ it 5,000 times; maybe it’ll become true. The marketplace is the opposite of struggle. You don’t know what “mutualy beneficial” means? That’s trade and yes, you gotta be able to take care of your own interests.

      Just offhand, doesn’t benefit sound better than struggle?

  11. The real story is not that poor Cecil was tragically shot. It’s that western civilization, specifically the younger generations, have lost their collective minds and do not have the mental faculties to be adults, let alone adults in the free world. They are effectively zombies. And there is no reasoning with them.

    Plan accordingly.

    from Aaron Clarey, the author of “Enjoy the Decline”. Observation of the SJWs on the killing of Cecil the Lion.

    • Anxiety attacks if not able to be online tweeting… That’s how bad it is.

      I thought my generation is brain dead…. The ones after me are flat out frightening.

  12. This is what fiat currency collapse looks like —

  13. Off topic. Good background if you want to understand why closing our border and deporting mother scratchers should be undertaken ASAP. I also recommend The Legend of Shorty and Narco Corrido. I went to their website this evening and found that NYMAG is actually assisting the Arizona Border Recon guys.