The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State


The latest from John Whitehead.

Remember: the policeman is your friend.

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  1. SameNoKami

    I’m beginning to understand why people slow down from 70 (the legal speed limit) to 60 when they see a cop on the interstate.

    • But don’t light your brake lights when you do it. Throttle back only.
      Only suspicious people touch the brake when they see a police vehicle.

    • Yeah. Recently I am driving down the road doing the 50 speed limit. All of a sudden, everyone around me dropped their speed to about 40. I’m thinking WTF and look in my mirror. Yep, here comes deputy protect and serve. Whatever. I continue on at 50. Deputy P & S is thinking WTF, he didn’t slow down. So, he speeds up and plays tag with my bumper. WTF, he didn’t slow down. So deputy P & S whips around to my driver side and speeds up and slows down and speeds up and… while I just casually look over at him and continue on. This went on for about 3 minutes. Whatever, I’m doing the speed limit. Suddenly, deputy P & S whips a illegal U-E in the middle of the highway and is gone.

      I snickered. WTFE.

      • A MP tried something similar to your tailgating event with my wife and me many years ago. On a curving ramp coming ON TO post. I pushed in the clutch and hauled up on the parking brake. He was last seen going through the grass toward the tree line. I told the MP at the gate “Your man just drove into the woodline. I think he’s been drinking.” No idea what happened after that.

      • Curtis,

        One day (Memorial Day weekend) I was enjoying a leisurely breakfast when five of the Staatspolizei walked in, sat down and ordered breakfast. They were there more than an hour. Their contract says they get 30 minutes for a meal. Not 29. Not 31. But 30 minutes. I filed a formal, written complaint against them using all the channels, right down to their state headquarters.

        Three weeks later the ‘investigating” trooper calls me with the results od his investigation. “It has been determined the involved personnel did nothing wrong. They were in radio contact.”

        What ? ? They were in fucking radio contact ? “Why not just let them sit at home listening to their radio ? ” “We can’t do that sir.” was the investigator’s reply. “Fuck you !” was my reply to this jack-off. Hung up the phone.

        The moral of this story is, as I preach to the choir, that the ruling elites and the badged thugs, do whatever they want. Department regulations, policies, state constitutions, the BoR, the US Constitution, union contracts, THE CITIZEN, mean nothing. It is all a facade used to lend an air of legitimacy to that which one calls “government”. So, just shut up and pay your taxes !

        Hemp & lead. Until the serfs start employing those two items against the ruling elites and their badged thug enforcers, nothing will get better. In the meantime all will get worse.

        “Go Trump”. Yeah, right.

  2. In reality, there really isn’t much more one can say in the event one gets pulled over….what would start out as a simple routine stop could go completely south in a nanosecond with the smallest of reasons. In this day and age, being pulled over can be a life or death situation….for the civilian.

    • One strategy that seems to work with the relatively dense individuals occupying uniforms is by burying them in praise and thanks for stopping you. “How may I be of service to you Officer?” fortified with High Fructose Corn Syrup.
      There is now way they get this at home, and might be stunned once they get past “not a threat, complying” checkboxes.

    • Only for the “civilian”?

      “The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.”
      — Robert A. Heinlein

  3. First: If you live in an area where the police of instruments of a corrupt locale, MOVE. There are much better places to live.
    Second: A police scanner and CB are essential items in a vehicle. Period. You need situational awareness, and that’s how you do it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Second: A police scanner and CB are essential items in a vehicle. Period.”

      Which will, of course, be deemed “suspicious,” and “evidence of possible criminal activity” should you ever get pulled over. They may help you avoid a stop, but if you do get stopped, stuff like that is likely to escalate it.

      If you’re going to use those sorts of things, probably best to keep a couple GoPros running, just in case.

      • If it gets escalated to that point, your GoPros will disappear and you might wind up shot by Officer Safety. Better off staying home then in your case, since you don’t have confidence in your abilities. Everyone else, don’t let this scared fool drag you down with him.

        • Lost Patrol

          Don’t try this at home. Read the fine print before energizing the reactor and remember to remove your clothes before ironing.

          • I think some of these people need a good smack upside the head with said clothes iron. Some days I swear the worse enemy is our own side.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          It isn’t a question of confidence in abilities or not. As someone who deals with courts on a daily basis, stuff like evidence and proof are of paramount importance. The more you can do to actually *prove* what happened, the better.

  4. Lost Patrol

    Situational Awareness is something that many appear to miss in their day to day lives. Mosby had a real good article on it just a day or two ago. Also see Jeff Cooper’s color codes for mental states. Condition “white” being where one goes through their day to day activities without being aware of what is going on around them. I realize that some folks are not into communications with no desire to become a Ham operator, but when traveling everyone should have at least the following for monitoring. That is a CB radio with side bands with my favorite antenna (Fire Stick) and a Uniden Home Patrol scanner. Any police stops you will hear the truckers talking about it on the CB. The Home Patrol scanner has a GPS and will change frequencies to those being used as you travel. Police stops will have radio traffic. In this way you can modify your route prior to getting caught at some check point. For more on communications and monitoring for Intel, check out Sparks31 blog and magazine. He is indeed a comms guru. Also Sam Culper provides classes and covers similar material in his Forward Observer magazine. If you are doing your PT then the body is in better shape and that improves the minds abilities. So stay aware, stay alert, and when traveling have the available technology to monitor any situation before you become part of the situation. Being aware and then you have the ability to avoid. To quote the old nuclear dictates (some combat axioms mirrors). Provide yourself time, distance and shielding.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If you’ve got a smartphone, you can just run the Waze app. Other drivers tag police for you, and, if you are so inclined, you can return the favor.

      • Mr. Saint,
        Second time I’ve heard of this app, gonna have to check that out. I think Blok it pockets are our frend as well. Remember there is no I in Frend.

      • Alternatively, if you have a smartphone DON’T get the Waze App. And I quote from the installation: Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic needs access to :

        Device ID & Call information

    • What’s the difference between the Uniden Home Patrol scanner I and II?

      • Lost Patrol

        Sparks31 can give a more formal analysis, from what I understand the 2nd model has the GPS app already installed. I have a HP 1 and it can be programmed for the area you will be in but it does not have the GPS unit. One is available for the model 1 but is not included. The box will tell you whether it already has the GPS. If you spend most of your time within your state and it has a statewide trunk system a model 1 will be all you need but if you spend a lot of time on the road in other states, I would spend the extra money and purchase their top of the line. A few years ago when my better half and I were making a trip to see family in a far away state (we were carrying legal firearms) it was the trucker traffic on the CB about a police check point pulling over all 4 wheelers and checking their stuff. Even though we had LE and DOD ID, we grabbed a detour and bypassed the situation as we did not want to risk it. Some of the states out there are just plumb stupid in their laws. We refer to those places as being behind enemy lines and we treat it as such. Again the why of situational awareness and the technology to give you that time and distance. As C.A. is fond of saying; “remove clothes before ironing”.

  5. I flipped through channels last night and came across a police incident (on COPS!) in which two officers had detained a man that looked to be homeless. He gave them his name and birthdate. One office ran the name and dispatch came back with an outstanding warrant. As the one of the cops put the man in the back of a cruiser, he said “another bad guy off the street. Now to catch some more”.

    It never struck me before, but this guy wasn’t a “Bad guy”. He’s a citizen with rights to due process and civil liberties until he has been found guilty. The officer prejudged the man as BAD based solely on a dispatch feed. The other guys he pulled over that day would also be BAD.

    This is a root of the problem. They suppose that THEY are GOOD and WE are BAD. WE are BAD because WE are not THEM. If WE were THEM then WE would be GOOD.

    What you’re seeing so commonly these days is the police deciding that you’re bad simply because they found a reason to stop you. They won’t decide that your good. They will only decide how bad you are. Are you bad enough to throw in the back of the cruiser, or bad enough to just shoot you for their own safety? Or are you only not so bad that they’ll let you leave with a ticket for the air freshener?

  6. Regarding the Cincinnati incident:

    Samuel Dubose, also unarmed, was pulled over for a missing front license plate. He was reportedly shot in the head after a brief struggle in which his car began rolling forward.

    A view of the video seems to show the shot was prior to the car moving.

    The college cop has just yesterday been indicted for murder, being held on 1 million bail.

    The county prosecutor, Joe Deters appears to be doing the right thing.

    I’m located only 40 miles from Cincinnati, so this tragedy has been front and center in the local news.

    Joe Deters was very impressive at yesterday’s news conference.

    He said that this was the most “asinine” behavior he’d ever observed in a police officer.

    Maybe the tide is turning…

    Deters happens to be the chair of the Marijuana Policies of Ohio Taskforce-sort of amazing for a sitting prosecutor. The Taskforce has issued a report based on facts rather than the tired BS of ‘Reefer Madness’, in order that Ohioans make an informed choice regarding the RE-legalization of cannabis ballot initiative that will likely appear on the ballot this November.

    In the report, deters states “As a county prosecutor, I have seen firsthand how ineffective, inefficient, and sometimes harmful, our current marijuana laws are…”

    The war on *some* drugs has been increasingly accompanied by the sort of us vs. them warrior mindset in police that has led to murders such as this latest example. Couple that with the myriad laws criminalizing crap like ‘no front license plate’ and not having a drivers license (brings to mind the Gestapo and “your papers please…”) on one’s person and the results we see shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    Additionally, this cop was not CPD, he is on the police force of the University of Cincinnati. UC is likely to be on the wrong end of a lawsuit. Deters said that colleges have no business operating police forces and that the UC area should be a 6th precinct of CPD.

    I hope that Deters was motivated by justice to do the right thing, as viewing the audio/video from the cop-cam leads me to believe that riots were likely if the usual whitewash occurred.

    Interestingly, the video was not released until the time of announcing the murder indictment…

    Check out The Market Ticker’s comments on this incident:

    • “I hope that Deters was motivated by justice to do the right thing, as viewing the audio/video from the cop-cam leads me to believe that riots were likely if the usual whitewash occurred.”

      Yeah, I think he got thrown under the bus. Good thing though, because that’s what should happen. I mean, I don’t need cops for anything, but if they are to exist and supposedly be a positive function of society, then they better act accordingly. They are under the microscope (or, should be anyways). When the job is a failure and causing harm and fear to the innocent people at the cost of preserving the state and its enforcers, then there is serious failure, especially considering they are supposedly there as servants to us. I mean, we pay into this scam? Seriously, how dumb are we? Fawking idiots, that’s what.

  7. Overripe. In my police close encounters over the past several years, in only one or 2 cases was the cop obviously looking for an excuse to kill me. The others were A-OK. Actually, I just remembered, there was one other time. Cop pointed his gun at me ’cause he thought the bicycle tire pump sticking out of my back pack was a “rocket launcher”

    • PTSD case right back from the Middle East.

    • ghostsniper

      “….he thought the bicycle tire pump sticking out of my back pack was a “rocket launcher.”
      He was obviously deranged and you shrugged your natural duty to eliminate the vermin that may still kill you one day.

      • he had a backup w/in seconds – both cops hunkered down behind open cruiser doors with guns pointed – and all I had by way of a weapon was the bicycle pump

  8. Comply or die is right. Maybe even more like: comply, and you may live. This time… (hopefully, anyways)

    A lot of the people that have been getting shot, assaulted, and killed by cops weren’t a threat. They’re easy killings.

    Then not only will the cop self preserve in evil cold manner, but the gang systematically backs each other up on what happened…

    • People say, “well, it’s just some damn ni@@er, and why did he not have his license with him, and why did he not obey the officer’s every command? That was stupid”. Okay, first off, it’s happening to everybody all over for a variety of reasons, and when they inject themselves into your life, it can be anytime, anywhere, and for anything. It can happen to you. How is it right that we put up with it, anyways? Seriously, wtf? The “only ones” really does have truth to it. What kind of America is it that we have these roving lunatic thugs able to use violence on us because they feel like it, and all protected under the law? It’s a fucked up one, that’s for sure.

    • Mr. G
      Thank’s for posting. Hadn’t seen the slo mo. Every life matters. RIP SD.
      (except pedo’s I would kill every one of those fuckers).

      • I agree, kill all pedo’s. No doubt. The problem is cops play judge, jury, and executioner at any moment simply because they feel like it. They, themselves don’t have to be under attack. It’s simply for not obeying them. That’s an interesting code to live by. It doesn’t work for normal good people. It shouldn’t work for the state or its enforcers either. This has really gotten out of hand.

  9. In some states, possession of a police scanner in a vehicle without legitimate reason is a criminal offense.

    • Ulster,

      Why ?

      There ya go….1st Amendment down the shitter.

      Typical .gov tyranny.

    • bottomshot

      Indiana last time I checked you must carry your HAM license with you, or it’s a class B misdemeanor. They also banned a few phone apps, lol good luck with that.

  10. Want to survive? You can assert your rights, and still be polite. BUT… if ossifer dick-head asks/tells you to do something, other than wrapping your lips around his pee-pee, like get out of your car, just do it while politely asserting your rights.

    Going all verbally Rambo on a cop, while you may be justified, will do you no good. I don’t care how bad you think you are, in the immediate circumstances, you are going to lose. In the chance you “win” in the immediate circumstances, you will lose in the long run.

    Now, I did get Terry Stopped one time. Went along, until he asked if I knew why I was pulled over. I told the truth and said no. He said he pulled me over for rolling through a stop sign. Some of you already heard this story. I called him a liar to his face and told him I saw him down the road before coming to the stop sign and made a mental note of it and acted accordingly. As his face turned purple, and the veins in his neck and temples bulged, I seriously thought I was going to get pulled out and stomped… or shot. He finally threw my DL/Ins at me and told to get the EF going. Of course, I didn’t go all verbal Rambo on him. I just told the cop the truth calmly and evenly.

    Now, if he had asked/told me to get out of the car, I would have while politely asserting my rights. But, asserting your rights only go so far and you just shut up.

    Yeah, it sucks. But nothing is going to change… until WE all change.

    • I keep my “PAPERS [PLEASE]” in the pocket on the door so there is no reaching, shoulder dropping, etc. They are in my hand by the time he gets to the door, along with license, and my .mil ret’d ID sticking out.

      I keep a door key hidden under my truck where much low crawling is required to retrieve it. If he asks me to get out, I lock my keys in the truck. Given the calls for service hereabouts, chances are good he’ll get a higher priority call while cursing me for “nervousness” and locking my keys in. May work, may not, but he’ll earn it.

  11. “The Fourth Amendment was designed to stand between us and arbitrary governmental authority. For all practical purposes, that shield has been shattered, leaving our liberty and personal integrity subject to the whim of every cop on the beat, trooper on the highway and jail official. The framers would be appalled.”—Herman Schwartz, The Nation

    The Second Amendment was designed to remind us to stand between us and arbitrary governmental authority. – Some fucking guy on WRSA

  12. There are no good cops.

  13. Lost Patrol

    Those of you who live in a state where scanners and CB are illegal and you don’t understand the why? WOW! I would give my usual rant. Get the fuck out of that state. If you are unwilling or unable for what ever excuse, well I am sorry for you and would not want you running with us here in the Rockies. And for those of you like Dan the 3rd, stay the fuck out of my state because we have good cops here. The majority of my family are cops. And if there is an actual event where things turn to shit, there are those of us who will make sure at the minimum that out of state license plates will not be allowed inside our perimeter. Better chose your words carefully grasshopper as there are some good people in the LE community and one day you might require their assistance. And in my state, most are prior military …. and you probably despise those too. So do us both a favor and stay away, in fact don’t even bother to attempt to vacation here, Instead of looking at ways to improve your situational awareness and locate a “threat” so you can avoid it, you just want to whimper or group everyone into your preconceived idea of good and bad.

    • No. I’ve met a number of the “good cops”. And they weren’t.

    • Hey Lost Patrol….

      Well first off, you don’t tell me which of the 57 states you live in tough guy. Secondly, you appear to fit right into the category of Keyboard Kommando, imaking your idle, Internet threats.

      Remember, when seconds count a badged thug is only minutes away.

      Tell me, tell all of the readers here….just what crime have your badged thug relatives ever prevented ? How many crimes against the citizens and the Constitution have your badged thugs relatives committed ? Too numerous to list here, right ?

      Got any occupied baby cribs your badged thug relatives have flashbanged lately ?

      Read the book “Serpico” for an in-depth look at institutional corruption.

      Remember Jose Guerena.

      Seems to me your LE community tyrants may want the assistance of the common serf. You know those of us who pay those assholes thru mandatory taxation. You know, the taxation enforced upon us at the barrel of a badged thug’s firearm.

      BTW….what do military personnel have to do with badged thugs ? You think that wearing a badge after working in the military makes the thug a good guy now ? Methinks not. He’s still a badged thug.

      So Kommando Lost Patrol I will leave you with a favorite axiom of mine:

      “Tracers work BOTH ways”.

      Keep on copsucking.

      • Lost Patrol

        Ha ha ha… your funny. not that funny but you are funny. If you were worth it … but your not.

        • Kommando Lost Patrol,

          Typical dumb cop.

          Here, let me give you an English lesson:

          1. (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective):
          Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
          2. (used to indicate that one belonging to oneself or to any person):
          The consulate is your best source of information. As you go down the
          hill, the library is on your left.
          3. (used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or
          things of a particular type): Take your factory worker, for instance. Your
          power brakes don’t need that much servicing.

          Contraction of you are

          Kommando Lost Patrol, what do you find funny about what I wrote in response to your copsucking ? Or is that just your way of stating you don’t have a legitimate response to my comments. In other words, the truth hurts, eh ?

          In case you haven’t figured it out yet….one may find much disagreement here with others. However, the one thing the bulk of those commenting here agree on is:






          Now head on over to you’ll be in good company there with your beloved “LEO” thugs and criminals.

      • Lost Patrol

        57 states huh? Well are you 14 years old with zits and queer as a bat or are you 40, fat with Cheetos all over your fingers and your short dick and never been laid by a real women. Where were you when we were standing in support of the Weavers at Ruby Ridge Idaho? Where were you when we opened up the road in Jarbidge Nevada? Where were you when we stood in opposition to the gate closure at Klamath Falls Oregon? Where were you when we were part of Ranch Rescue in SW Texas on the Mexican border? Were you there with us when we were training and assisting the FDN in NE Nicaragua? Did you jump with John Early and Cliff Albright? Were you there when we got hit at FOB Lonestar or at Camp Pinnacle in Afghanistan when we lost 7 killed and 22 wounded? Were you there eating French mortars and Chinese 122 mm rockets at Balad Iraq? Well let us all know big guy. Because I made all of those plus a hell of a lot more. Sooo how bad ass are you punk? What have you done in your life? You are either an agent provocateur, or one of those who attempt to destabilize the real 3% or just some pimple faced 14 year old prick who has been no where but in their urban ghetto. Some of us are attempting to provide real information to help those who need it. And not just being negative and demeaning. Speaking of which, have a nice day ass hole. And my handle in country was Rooster. Might ask yourself why? .

    • Sir: ” might require their assistance.”????? Surely you jest….. I’m the one who has had to help the cops in the past. Now, I have developed TWO blind eyes. Tough one to lose, bucko! Soapweed

    • So, Lost Patrol, your position is “boots need lickin.”

      Did I miss anything?

  14. Heroes. I’m sure all those mentioned in the article did respect the authoritahhhhh!

  15. “Frank Serpico”.

    For you millenials….do a search of his name. Read the book. See the movie.

    For the rest of us, do the same. Remind yourself. Serpico himself penned a recent essay that nothing has changed in 40 years with NYPD. They’re still as corrupt as ever.

    For you copsuckers out their stating “they’re not ALL bad”, neither were all Nazis bad.






    • At the risk of pushing you further over the cop hating edge lol try watching the movie The Five Seven. I respect your tight to hate all cops and thnk they are all bad, while maintaining I think differently. Its an absolutes thing for me.

  16. Sparks, In Florida it is a crime to have a police scanner in your vehicle and probably some other states

    • Just another reason for Florida to get washed away to Cuba come the next hurricane. As if the geriatric zombie imports from New York wasn’t enough reason.

      Then don’t put one in your car, and go hide out in the Everglades instead.

      Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! People going “But, but, it’s ILLEGAL! On a threeper blog.”

      Well it ain’t illegal out here in God’s Country and in most of the US. If your state sucks that bad it’s time to fucking move!

  17. Lost Patrol, THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS.. Period. Full Stop… How many of those “good” cops in your family have EVER enforced some kind of firearms “law” or some other “law” that VERY BLATANTLY INFRINGES on something the CONSTITUTION PROHIBITS the government from doing?



    Stop lying to yourself and wake up… THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS…



    • Lost Patrol

      Where ever you are, I am glad I am not there. For such anger and frustration I have not seen such even from career criminals who come through here. There is a saying that “a society gets the leadership they deserve”. And the corollary of that is “the law enforcement community is a reflection of the people within their area of responsibility”.
      I am very thankful I do not live in such places that breed such hostility. It is why we are suspicious of strangers and transplants. And probably why most cops from the big cities, when they decide they want a simpler life, do not fit in and of which the majority decide to move back to the cesspools from which they sprang.
      There is a serious difference between our societies. And recognizing that, is why many of us attempt to be obnoxious to dissuade those that carry “the disease” of the urban areas from coming our way. At the very least happy once they leave. The sad thing is that they don’t even realize they are “carriers” of the disease.

  18. Speaking of booger hooks and bang switches, slightly OT but then again “no knock warrants” and “traffic stops” seem to be generating similar outcomes these days.

  19. I prefer to keep my mouth shut, my ears open, my movements limited, If asked a question, My words short.. If the cop is still being a dick and orders me out of the car, I obey, roll up the window, and LOCK the door when I get out.

  20. I’m not about to dissect this video to determine events that led up to what the detective did, nor the man being arrested. I will however say that for all intents and purposes, this detective obviously suffers from roid rage and felt it necessary to emphasize to the arrested man that HE is in charge and this man WILL obey his authority…..OR ELSE!!!

    That was one helluva elbow to the head……

  21. The Walkin' Dude

    If you have a smartphone, Bambuser is your friend. Live upload as long as you have cell service. No possibility for them to delete the video, and you can make THAT clear to them as well 🙂

  22. Meh. Every time I get pulled over, I follow the same routine:

    1. Don’t do anything that would construed by a sane individual as a threatening movement (cops are usually killed at traffic stops and domestic disturbances).

    2. Don’t talk sh!t.

    3. Don’t lie, when you both know you are lying.

    Cop: ” Do you know why I pulled you over, Sir?”

    Me: “Uh, exceeding the speed limit, or changing lanes with out signaling?” ( A cheap, no – points citation)

    Cop: “Do you know how fast you were going?”

    Me: “No, how fast?” <<< Here I admit wrong doing with out screwing myself. I could have been going 1 MPH over.

    They always let me go. Even when they give me a ticket, it's never for the more serious infraction I was guilty of. Always a no – point citation, and I break a lot of (traffic) laws.

  23. Thank Christ it’s not that bad over here.

    Have your home number on speed dial and messaging system with no time limit. Dial it as soon as the lights start flashing. A bluetooth ear-mic removes the actual phone from the equation, so you can leave it under the seat or somewhere else innocuous. The officer would then have to physically assault you to acquire it, and they won’t have that fallback of “he was reaching for a dark object”.

    Polite as anything: “Just to let you know. I’ve dialled out to a third party recording device in order to ensure there’s a record of our conversation”.

    It’s not a silver bullet, and it’s not going to win you any friends with the local PD, but if you happen to be pulled over by officer Fuckwit who’s one more foul away from being suspended then he might chuck you in the too-hard-basket.

  24. Interesting factoid —

    Concealed handgun permit holders are extremely law-abiding. In Florida and Texas, permit holders are convicted of misdemeanors or felonies at one-sixth the rate that police officers are convicted.

    Seems to confirm the idea that police believe that the shiny badge DOES confer special rights and they are above it all.