WeaponsMan: Simplify


If You Have Only One Carbine

Here’s the longer-barrel BCM upper for those who don’t wish to play BATFEIEIO games.

Spend the saved $ on training and practice ammo.


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  1. Oooohhh boy, this discussion ought to be entertaining!!!

    • My thoughts exactly. We can only hope that people spend as much time working with their chosen platform as they do defending and advocating for said platform on the comment sections of blogs.

      I just wonder when the WN’s are going to start challenging the darkness of these weapons, because you know, it has to be evil if it’s black. If you put a thin coat of white s̶k̶i̶n̶ paint on it, it’ll be automatically and unquestionably better. /sarcasm

      • none of us has or will make any such remark, straw man. Black is the color of majesty and power; that’s why limos are usually black. Also, its an excellent camouflage color. At night. In terms of racial politics, the problem never was “Black”. It’s what Zion has done to the Negro via the values-destroying, family-destroying, community-destroying welfare/illfare state and the hate-on-YT MSM: made of them a murderous, anti-White entitlement group

    • j.p. grant

      you operators and your carbines. get an a2 or a3 model with the 20 in barrel. get as much velocity and accuracy as you can. ar is still just a souped up .22 cal varmint rifle guys.

    • Gosh, I never thought that the controversy was still alive. What with the AR-15/M16 being the de facto standard weapon on the North American continent and all.

      But, I guess some still question that, too bad, really, all those weapons that used to belong to the Opfor, used little and only dropped once, won’t be usable by everyone.

      That’s life, I suppose.

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    If you can only have one, make sure it fulfills the ‘general purpose’ definition!

  3. Anyone know where I can get Hugh quality rubber bands like the one on the stock?

  4. Lightweight is good when actually carrying a weapon any distance, with the other gear.

    General-purpose sport-utilty rifle that’s 30% AR-15: Kel-Tec SU-16x.
    The usual virtues of Kel-Tec: lightweight black plastic, countered by being unavailable at MSRP.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. It’s funny how we’ve gone full circle.

    Simplicity has a complexity all its own.

  7. If you must have an anemic 556, at least give it enough barrel to do something useful (just in case you use it as more than just a big handgun past 50 yards).

    • Little bullet needs to be wicked-fast to be effective. .220 Swift does great, but expensive.

      Read from the beginning of what how and why Stoner was doing his “jungle rifle”, and how the Army didn’t understand it for quite a while. Army bean-counters saw savings and went at it like GM, cutting into the bone.

      Fortunately, my AR was not built by the lowest bidder, nor is the ammo the cheapest that fits. 20″ barrel builds strong arms, and seems light compared to 14# .30 Battle Rifle. Good enough.

      But….AR-15’s aren’t illegal in my State, yet. There’s always a Bill.

    • Portland Oregon Water Bureau wanted to put fluoride in our never-fluoridated water. The largest public outcry I have ever seen happened.
      Instead, they are getting water from some contaminated wells near the Columbia river where Boeing has been dumping solvents for decades.

      Cities suck. Threshold is about 75000 peeps to preserve some kind of decency.

  8. Anyone who doesn’t employ a piston system is a fool.

    • DI system users should be mindful of their ammo and interested in keeping the weapon clean. First-world kind of clean.

      “Anyone who does/doesn’t (fill in the blank) is a fool.”
      We are legion.

    • Oh noes, not the “piston is king” theory again. Completely and thoroughly debunked in test after test.

      It’s really fascinating to watch a slow motion video of an AR blowing dirt out of the action when it cycles during a dust immersion test while the AK is thoroughly jammed. The Stoner Direct Impingement action is truly superior.

  9. I guess many people don’t care about their hearing! 20″ barrel for me, and a can (not usually mounted) if possible. And QD mounts so you can swap scopes and have backup sights, although I don’t see the need for irons any more. Keep the gun light weight…

  10. Detroit the True 3%

    Better to have an AK in 5.56.

    I noticed weapons man failed to mention having a piston as a critical point.


  11. K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid….. All that needs to be said!!

  12. “pip – pip – pip – pip…” I loves the sound of BB-gunz in the mawning

  13. I’m waiting for the “But ARs are illegal in my state!” comment.

  14. This is an AR-pistol with SIG brace, second image is the same with an Aimpoint T-2 installed. Barrel length is 10.5 inches.

  15. I agree with what the man wrote.
    All but one of my ARs are kept slick and simple. That exception is the night fighting configured on. (Light and DBAL)

  16. The idea is golden… the stoner they can keep.

    • Rhodes….hard to believe them Stoners are still serving after 50 years, eh ? Anf the Soviets were so impressed they introduced the AK-74 in 5.45mm. Who woulda thunk ?

  17. swan832013

    ya see if this pisses them off well tough shit…. just don’t call when things get really ugly…


  18. By the way, here is another way to simplify:

    If you have to move, and assuming a car or truck is not available for whatever reason(fuel? EMP?), a decent mountain bike is a hell of a lot better than walking. What’s more, you can handle a heavier load.

    There are also some designs specifically for cargo, e.g.
    This turns any mountain bike into a cargo bike:

    • Here is an article about the use of bicycles in war:
      It’s a lot harder to hit a moving target…

      Looks like the cargo+rider weight of cargo bikes runs about 400 lb max. That’s a lot of 5.56…

    • Cargo bikes: currently a “fashion trend” demonstrating more money than sense. The good US-made ones are Big Dummy and Mundo, but even the used market seems unwilling to let you have one for less than $1200.
      These seem desirable to me because of the easy bolt-on nature of electric systems. 200# of cargo moves a lot easier up a hill with a 1000W electric motor helping. As a rider, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery make you an Olympic level athlete by adding money. This kind of cargo bike is nudging up against $4k when kitted-out and new-everything.

      DIY from Cro-Mo, copy one of the famous designs with a donor bike for parts, and it could be inexpensive (assuming some steel handling skill).

      A UK guy has an interesting design called CarryCycle made of non-critical donor-bike and scraps.

  19. NightWatcher

    For simplicity and light weight, I am partial to A1 (fixed carry handle and damn near idiot and bullet proof rear sight), but the A2 square front sight post is a nice addition.

    As age is creeping up, an A3 with red dot is becoming necessary, at certain costs ($, batteries, durability, etc.)

    • Yes, the old age eye sight issue guides me as well. The Aimpoint T-2 I’ve mounted has a 3 volt lithium 2032 wafer battery that lasts 50,000+ hours. You can essentially leave it on all the time. Since lithiums last a long time “on the shelf”, you can put a number of them in the storage compartments on your weapons, or in a small kit in your “go” bag. CR2032 weighs 3.2 grams, or 0.112 ounces each. The Aimpoint T-2 with LaRue mount weighs 6 ounces.

  20. The Walkin' Dude

    Meh, I’ll spend half a grand on an AKM clone that works every single time.