Mosby: Overcoming Normalcy Bias – Critical Thinking for Survival





Personal credibility is one of the irreplaceable assets.

Hoard it.

And expend it only when conditions (i.e., real, hard facts) warrant.

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  1. A great article. I would offer however an observation that the phone industry studied. AT&T conducted experiments and found that the average person can retain 9 distinct items in their head for a given length of time. Its one of the reasons that N.A. phone numbers are 7 digits. Why do you generally unload your pockets in the same place every day? Or take the same route to/from work? Its an effort by the brain to minimize. By being consistent one is able to abstract away having to think about the details of regular events. That is the core of normalcy bias.

    From a tactics perspective that can be a deadly tendency.

    “You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war.” — Napoleon

  2. Excellent article.

  3. Outstanding. Yes, TEOTWAWKI went from “nearly here” to “already here” last month sometime IMO. No matter when, it’s here.

    Plus I’m grateful that an expert basically confirms what I believe to be the single most rational strategy, generally speaking anyway—flexibility.

  4. One. Nothing will really happen between now and the election.
    Two. Whoever wins the election will become President.
    Three. If a straight-talker wins the election, he will have good answers to our problems, and also be able to put his ideas into practice.
    Four. Russia and China do not have any grand strategy to own the world.
    Five. Space doesn’t matter.
    Six. Posting news stories about how bad things have gotten, really helps.

  5. “One commenter noted that if an armed citizen fired an entire magazine out of an AR15, in a defensive shooting scenario, he or she would be the lead story on the national news. If they used TWO magazines, they’d probably go in the history books.”

    …unless you dump 103 rounds into a truck driven by a 50-something year old Hispanic woman and her elderly mother delivering newspapers. Then it would be swept under the rug, because “officer safety”.

  6. …”A violation of U.S. law
    Anyone who thinks the U.S. military is training in Bastrop, Texas so that they can fight enemy insurgents in Fallujah is failing to see the gorilla in the room. Operation Jade Helm is, without question, an illegal martial law drill intended to prepare the troops for deployment against civilian populations in America. Its very existence is a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act which prohibits the U.S. military from functioning as domestic police.

    My analysis? This looks very likely to be part of military readiness training for the social chaos that’s likely to follow the inevitable global debt collapse. Come to think of it, when all that hits the fan, you and everybody else will probably BEG the military to take control of the cities and quell the rioting that’s sure to follow.”.

    Learn more:

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Posse Comitatus Act does not exist anymore, the Patriot Act made it null and void. Look it up. They can do anything they want now, just make some more rules and the old ones are gone.

      • Yup. I know what has happened… It still isn’t lawful. Just because a thug demands your lunch money doesn’t mean you have to give it him. This all comes down to what are we prepared to do about it? If our guns are so obsolete and impotent, then why do they want them so bad?

    • …..just slowly drift into normalcy bias and forget Jade Helm…..the massive military equipment movements around the U.S. …..don’t notice it…..don’t watch the dozens upon dozens of videos showing all kinds of equipment moving around on trains and convoys in free Murika….all is NoRRRRmal.

  7. Jim, Just so we’re on the same page … I was speaking as the “voice” of an extreme don’t get it type person. Some one who is deeply into normalcy bias. Clear?

    • Okay, thanks. Sorry that I misunderstood. I’m sure you know, you have a tendency toward the cryptic.

  8. I’ll stand with John Mosby and every Freeman brother here.
    By that I contend what is at the deeper meaning of what John posits is something upstream of tyranny and other evils. It is virtue, or the culture of virtue, and how culture is not only upstream of politics, it constitutes the totality and motive power of liberty. That liberty is upstream of tyranny. It is the audacity of us Freemen, our culture, that we should pass on, and pass upwards too. That in itself makes us, our liberty unconquerable, undeniable, the light of our primal liberty can never be extinguished.
    Most definitely, be calm, stay frosty. As bad as things may seem it is not liberty and our freedoms in danger. It is us who loose sight of our primal sovereign dignity who are in danger. Indeed. For if tyranny and tyrants are such the boogeyman, if the sonofabitches are so powerful, if it is so futile to be free, to live so free you can never be denied your liberty, why are the bastards having such a hell of a hard time of extinguishing liberty. Why do you suppose they have committed almost unfathomable resources, money, and numbers to deny us our liberty? Why are they trying every tyrants dirty rotten steekin’ trick devised to destroy the culture of liberty, to keep the idea and culture in all its totality from being known, shared, from an enlightenment to others?
    I’ll damn fucking well tell you why!
    Because they are loosing. The sonofabitches have robbed us blind of our wealth, strip mined our prosperity, denied us the fruits of our labors, separated us of our productivity and creative verve, and still, it hasn’t worked. We are still here. The scale and enormity of the fuckers trespasses is only surpassed by the spectacular failure to destroy liberty.
    We Freemen, we symbolize something so legitimate, so audacious only a tyrant can not comprehend it, it is ” The Great Fuckyou!” The flyin’ finger of the unconquerable.
    Stay Frosty?
    You fucking know it.
    The sonofabitches want a fight?
    They are going to find out what things worth fighting for really means. And it ain’t some manifesto written by a chickenshit motherfucker who has others do the dirtywork for him.
    Nope. It is a fight by real men, who not only got something worth dying for, but worth living for and making the bastards die for instead.

    • “Because they are loosing.

      I’m sorry, but I see this all the time in comments all over the intertubes, and it bugs the hell outta me.

      What, exactly, are they “loosing?” Their belts? Shoelaces? Inhibitions? Morals?

      Or are they “losing” something? You know, like their wallets, car keys… or a war?

      Trivial? Perhaps, but, as the left has constantly reminded us,

      Words have meaning!

      To lose: to have lost possession of material objects; to have failed in a contest, etc etc.

      To loose: to set free, to untangle, untie, undo, cut the bonds of restraint…

      See why I gripe?

      We must not lose in our efforts to loose the bonds of tyranny!

      • “See why I gripe?”

        No, and anyone who does probably ought to check themselves.

        • I thought you were all about the precise meaning of… well, words, which you use to express your lofty thoughts. Are you not above bending meaning to suit your argument?

          Don’t lose your mind over your loose mouth.

      • They are loosing because my liberty is not dependent on their “laws”, or regulations, or the illegitimate use of power, they are loosing because I refuse my consent. Because “I Won’t!.
        But most of all, I am winning because I am free.
        They don’t have me afraid, or fearing their threat and use of force and violence because ai refuse to comply.
        That is why they can never win.
        I can give a rats arse who or what they think they are.
        I know who I am. I know what my liberty and primal legitimacy is my friend.
        And words only have the meaning what we give them. They only have the power of what we consent to those words.
        It’s what you choose to do, or not to do, with those words what counts.
        You got to get straight with yourself on that score. You got to choose to be free, and no words in the world are worth a damn when it comes to that.

        • Doug, my only point is that they are losing, not loosing.

          I agree with pretty much most of what you write, just not using loose when you mean lose.

          • No shit! You got me 0-6, I see what your saying now. Got a terrible case of dyslexia, transposing words and indicators is difficult to catch sometimes.

            • Doug, I’m sorry for picking on you, but I see that error all over the place, it’s not just you by a long shot. It was just an itch I had to scratch.

              Good of you to take it that way. Keep on pounding the pulpit of Liberty!!!

  9. There is a prayer which I lean on from time to time, you see it on wall plaque’s here and there. I recently looked up it’s origin and was surprised to find an alleged “original version” as well as a re-write by one Chester Nimitz.

    Popular version:
    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.

    Original version from a Dr. Niebuhr:
    God give me the serenity to accept things which
    cannot be changed;
    Give me courage to change things which must be changed; And the wisdom to distinguish one from the other.

    Chester Nimitz made an adaption as follows:
    “God grant me the courage to change the things I can change,
    The serenity to accept those I cannot change, And the wisdom to know the difference.

    But, God grant me the courage not to give up on what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless.”


  10. …But there for the grace of God I go.