The Zimmerman Flag


Backstory; see also here.

Get yours here.

(H/t FNC)

8 responses to “The Zimmerman Flag

  1. Total absolute awesomeness.
    The primal right of the 1st and 2nd are inseparable. They are inextricably linked. They ain’t “laws”. They are the ultimate expression of legitimacy of liberty and a sovereign man.

  2. outlawpatriot

    Gotta be willing to use the 2nd. Otherwise it don’t matter.

    Important to keep in mind the Mullenax Doctrine. Utilizing the 2nd doesn’t necessarily mean that rounds have to go down range.

    That should put in perspective the effectiveness of just some guys trying to hold a neighborhood block or Mom, Dad and the kids protecting the homestead.

    Think lotsa guns. With men’s shoulders on the stocks. The more the better. Think deterrence. They gotta know they’re gonna take a hit, a hard one if they fuck with you.

    Seen it in real time more than once now.

    Think militia. 😉

    • “Utilizing the 2nd doesn’t necessarily mean that rounds have to go down range.”
      Absolutely true.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Why does it have to be shipped to your local gun store? I would just want it sent to my house. I do not care what the UPS guys thinks.

  5. I just knew you were going to put it on top when I first saw it. 🙂