MVT: Upcoming Classes


Max sends:

Combat Team Tactics (CTT): September 25 – 27 & November 6-8

Citizen Close Combat (C3): September 26 – 27, October 10 -11, November 7 – 8.

Combat Patrol: September 18 – 20 (CTT Alumni Only).

6 Day Combined CTT / Combat Patrol: : October 9 – 14.




Combat Patrol:

6 Day Combined:

Training Calendar:

Tempus fugit.

Get training while you still can.

17 responses to “MVT: Upcoming Classes

  1. outlawpatriot

    SFC Barry disapproves. 😉

    • Yes, the irony of this post following Barry’s is exquisite.

      Here’s a professional soldier of recent and unimpeachable experience in combat arms doing precisely what Barry says none of them (him!) will do.

      Thanks, Max, and you too OP, for doing as you are.

    • outlawpatriot

      Check that. Bugs Barry disapproves. 😉

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Dammit outlawpatriot! I came here to say that!

  4. Rock on Max!

  5. I’ll just leave this here.

    Kinda sums up the whole bullshit.
    Plus, Freedom Tits are a bonus.
    Lighten the fuck up. We’re on the same side.

    • Spoofing on actual “operators acting operationally” by actual operators diminishes the down your nose approach. Jus Sayin. Stop the pissing contest. Final Exams are coming. Get over yourselves.

    • outlawpatriot

      No, we are not all on the same side.

  6. Special Forces Underground

    • And, that’s you, MDT?

      But not Max?

      Why? Because he’s a (former) Brit, American by CHOICE? Who seems to have the cred and the values, by CHOICE, that you take for granted?

      It’s too late for “Underground.”

      It’s all in the open now………………….

      • outlawpatriot

        Yep, out in the open it is. And it ain’t goin’ back in the bottle now. Steppin’ all over your dick with spiked shoes sure must hurt. 😉

  7. Ok fellas why have this big thread hijacking pissing contest.
    just be cool we can all play nicely together : )

    • A whole bunch of us are not going to be making nice with guys who hate the foundational principles of this country, espouse medieval catholicism and monarchy, treat us all as errant children at best and mongrel degenerates at worst, and so much more of the similar shit… OR those who fellate them.

      Not aimed at you personally, Fred, but at those you indicate we should tolerate, who show no inclination to tolerate much less respect us.