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In Defensio Exercitus Professionales
We Are Better Than You, Mind Your Place

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Good Points

The recent article here by Mason Dixon Tactical, “Thoughts on Recruiting Prior Service Members,” raised not a few interesting questions about the difference between the professional military and the Walter Mittys of the militia crowd. Yes, Walter Mittys, because the militia crowd is living in a perfectly immanentist delusion that if they rattle their muskets hard enough and long enough and loud enough against the Oppressive Tyranny of their very own “government of the people” their “representatives” and “servants” will either back down or the “militia” will show them what for. The fact that their “government of the people” hasn’t yet simply stepped on the “militia” is proof either of the fearsomeness of the “militia” or their impotence. In their puffed up opinion of themselves the “militia” see lack of being stepped on as proof of their fearsomeness. The Feds consider that they have more important things to worry about.

It is in that context that the whole question of “Recruiting Prior Service Members” rests. But here distinctions must be made. There is a world of difference between a prior service member and a professional soldier; that distinction being the difference between “tourists” and those whose lives were the military. A further distinction in discriminating between tourists or professionals is who were combat arms or not. That is an important distinction because the overwhelming majority of the military is not combat arms. The huge advantage to the “militia” in their attempt to recruit tourists is that tourists will in all probability be not combat arms and thus likely impressed with high sounding but entirely unrealistic “unit” titles. For the tourists patches and tabs are a bonus.

Now, this writer corresponds frequently with many former professional soldiers from the better of the combat branches and he cannot name one of them even remotely inclined to join a “militia.” Why is that? This writer will take the heat and give the reason bluntly. It is because professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. And that professional soldier class will not be dragged down to the level of “Joe’s Armed Gang.”

Here is only one example why. (Historically the examples are legion.)

Presumptuous Impudence

There is a new game in town, III Card Monty, run by some street smart HVAC laborer, otherwise known as Jedburgh University. Cool name; “Jedburgh.” Just like other cool names of other private armed gangs of civilian nobodies who presume such titles as they deem fit to steal from the military whose titles were actually earned. These private armed gangs will pretend to seemingly any and all martial titles of specialist military units without the least claim or qualification; but the one thing they will never do in their overweening self importance and presumptuous impudence is call themselves, “Joe’s Armed Gang.” That would be too real. That would be too honest.

Here are easily dismissed all the nonsense of “Ranger” and “Commando” and “Raider” and “Sniper” or otherwise “Special” and other stolen valor martial titles by private armed gangs. Those thefts pale before the egregious and shameless embezzlement of “Jedburgh.” (Along with the outright theft of the real Jedburgh patch – what’s a unit without a patch?; what astonishes is that there was no attempt to trademark it – about said patch one can only learn the ‘secret’ about it by paying money to join the “Jeds.”

Of course, the impudence of IIIJedburgh cannot be separated from the insolence of IIIOfficer. The same hubris feeds both fantasies.

Quorum Ille Auctoritate?

By whose authority do these civilian armed gang pretenders confer upon themselves martial titles? Why, by no authority whatsoever. And lest there be any doubt in the matter “the people” are altogether no authority. Least of all those self ordained “leaders” or, by greater audacity, those self consecrated “commanders” who assure us there is a difference between leadership and command while titillating the otherwise clueless with a “Leaderless Resistance” composed of leaderless “IIICommandos” lead by leaderless IIIOfficers – but only by mutual agreement. In any case, “you are all leaders” … Somehow. Never mind that if everybody is a leader, nobody is a leader.

Thus are the IIISolipsisms and IIISophisms of IIIRevolutionism and IIIAnarchy. This writer could illustrate the number of times throughout Not-IIIRevolutionary history when the revolutionaries insisted that nobody was in charge and everybody was a leader but, by mutual consent of course, temporary “leaders” were elected until they became unpopular. Only one example: Some State’s Militia of the Confederacy made a show of it. Until it was put down with bullets and bayonets by the Regulars. There are many other examples.


Jedburghs (the real ones, not the IIIKind) were not volunteers. Neither were they amateurs, “glorious,” talented or otherwise. They were first “spotted” during their military service or training by “spotters” who knew what to look for. Once spotted the candidate was turned over to a recruiter who was skilled in “seduction.” Once “seduced” the candidate was sent to the Assessment and Selection Course. Few made it to the end. After A&S they were sent to their specialized training. More failures. In all it took somewhat more than six months. It wasn’t about derailing trains; it was about the person who derailed trains. They were under authority and they were under martial discipline. And it was all secret, unlike IIIJedburgh. (The only secret in IIIJedburgh, etc., is where the money goes.)

IIIJedburgh, on the other hand, is anybody who wants to; there is no A&S, no authority, and no discipline (there is an improvement!). IIIJedburgh is a business model. IIIJedburgh is not claiming to be using the old Jedburgh syllabus, they only claim to steal its name. But let’s pretend that IIIJedburgh ran a contiguous training course on par with the old Jedburgh course – about six months, give or take depending upon specialty. (Just where they would get the qualified talent for that is anybody’s guess; thus the slovenly and ambiguous “University” concept.)

If the average self-selecting IIIJoe could endure – provided he/she/it could can peaches already (or else!) – and afford the cost of every weekend for a month it would take about two years to complete the course. What happens after that is anybody’s guess. If the IIIJoe could make it only one weekend per month it would take about eight years. This writer wouldn’t care to speculate on the cost of each weekend course in the IIIJedburgh University. It sounds lucrative. Perhaps student loans will be available. And of course adequate parking. At the “Citadel.”

“…Recruiting Prior Service Members.”

MDT stated a crucial truth. “Do you want to get prior service members to join your group? Fine, don’t make them laugh ….”

He adds, “Prior Service Recruiting Tip”:

If you are a militia unit, and you use rank, keep it conservative…. (Original emphasis.)

On the first point MDT is Dead On Balls Accurate (DOBA). This whole “militia” thing is a bad joke among the professionals – let alone that there is always something vaguely criminal about it. It may rake in the odd tourist, or even a New Age retiree. Obviously it appeals to civilians who love dressing in Army drag (for whatever reason). But the best you’ll get from the Old Military professional soldiers is their hanging back and watching in disbelief. If their assessment the “militia” were merely contempt it would be a huge improvement.

Why is that? Because when you are talking about Old Military professional soldiers you are talking about Field Grade officers (or better) and Senior NCOs. And they are not going to be in the least impressed with “Brave Heart” and “Patriot” snot slinging about “Freedom” and “Liberty,” which ultimately reduces to nothing more than communistic libertine anarchic squalidness (socially, ethically, and morally). Because the more honest among the professional military will admit (among themselves) that they never had more personal liberty than when they were under martial order and discipline – which is why they miss the military. Old Military professionals had perfect liberty to do what was right when under orders and discipline. You civilians claim a “liberty” to do whatever you want, which is slavery to depravity. Your civilian “liberty” is a hard sell to professionals who know what liberty really is and who could actually help you.

On the second point MDT (God bless his gentle soul) is more tolerant than this writer.

You are not a militia. You have no authority. You have no right to use any martial rank or expropriated military title whatsoever, let alone confer honors. You are nothing. And if you are prior service and have joined some private armed gang reconsider your dignity.

This writer will say it again so it sinks in.

Professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. Professional soldiers know these things instinctively even if they won’t say it publicly. You civilians need to learn to mind your place.

You want revolution? Count out the professional soldiers. They are not going to pick up arms to help civilian Walter Mittys thrust the country yet deeper into the revolutionary cesspit. Civilians have made it bad enough as it is. Frankly, you are not going to “restore the Constitution.” It is working just perfectly as it was crafted.

You want counter-revolution? Bend the knee. Then there will come forward (some few kindly hearted) professionals with help, advise and guidance – and an exceptionally low tolerance for dreamy we’re-gonna-take-on-the-Feds bullshit.

Just prior to being sent off to this blog’s patient administrator, one of this writer’s censors (he has several – all professional military) commented, “I don’t know exactly what to do with the threepers and the militia types. Ignore them? Oathkeepers kept the Bundy Ranch thing from becoming a bloodbath. I believe the next time a situation like that happens, the national Government will crush it. That could lead to a real insurgency. But, as you said before who then has command and control? To what end? At this point I am at a big fat “I don’t know.” “

Barry responded, “I don’t know either. I examine this whole militia thing from every angle and it always comes up a loser. Here is my prediction… That if (or rather when) SHTF, these “militia” armed gangs will quickly revert to banditry — if they don’t already have criminal intent to begin with.
Anarchists, almost all of them.”

And encouragement to said censor:

“Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”


Just so there is no confusion about this writer’s politics (some drooling imbecile accused Barry of being FEDGOV), this writer is a Monarchist. He is a Traditional Catholic (of the 13th Century type). He has renounced his “oath” (having confessed and said his penance) to defend the Judeo-Masonic revolutionism scribbled on a sheet of foolscap by delinquents that otherwise marginal innocents call the Constitution. He, being a counter-revolutionary, has nothing but perfect contempt for revolutionaries – and focused loathing for anarchists — of all stripes.

There it is. Full disclosure.

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  1. Well I have a serious question for you Sargent,
    Where the fuck have you and your “professionals” been all this time if your so superior? This is your country same as it is mine. Where you been?
    What about that SF motto? Supposed to be the pinnacle symbol of professionalism.
    Free From Oppression?
    Who do you think paid your way while you played professional solder?
    Who do you think believed in you and your professionals.
    While you and your professionals served the interests of the state, which if you been living under a rock all these years you know the states interest are not the interests of the people you are pissing on here. Regardless of their amateur actions, they at least are trying to do something about the tyranny breathing down their throats.
    Who the fuck do you think you are?
    If your so superior, if you have all the answers, if your so experienced in the art of the kind of war which may very well befall this nation, why are not you and your compatriots out there helping people who want to be free from tyranny find the means and ways to do so?

  2. Does this asshole not realize it was a militia of goat-herders and such that gave the professional military of ours a very rough time?
    Or a peasasnt army of rice farmers, effectively no more than a militia, which ran circles around a professional army in South East Asia?
    Or a militia of farm boys and teachers who helped defeat and eject what was then the most professional of Armies, and gave birth to this very Nation?
    I understand there’s more to this nutshell overview I provided, and some of our current militia are, in fact, ass-clowns, but the true militia has yet to stand-to.

    Which side of history will this guy be on?
    And how high-speed can he be if, after 20 years of professional soldiering, he achieved no more than E-7 in rank? He can spend all his time sitting around smelling his own farts and underestimating all he wants.

  3. Let’s say I take in and agree with what you are saying, that most of us civies with rifles will be stomped in a fight with pros, what then is a civie who understands that the poop will hit the fan supposed to do exactly? With details please. The “wait to be killed or put in a camp” option is not palatable. I am not nor never have bought into militia BS or online clubs, but I do have a tribe of loved ones and a place to wait out some unpleasentness. -55six

  4. Whatever. If this guy and all the rest of the “I’m better than yous” are so better than me, then why aren’t they rich already??? Do they have nearly a mil in cash laying around? Well? Well? I’m not impressed with anyone who thinks they the best at anything, yet remain working like the rest of the murikin idiots. As a matter of fact, they make me laugh. Yawn.

  5. wow….good comments….mostly. I think you’re correct about the majority of the “kernals” out there, but, there are some legitimate attempts, by good people, to mainly protect their families and property from the coming unpleasentness. Your general sense of pissing on them as a whole is un-productive to say the least. It is very difficult to find like minded people to begin with, and as adults, we’re not out there playing army. We’ve got legitimate concerns we’re trying to address and rectify, and sniping each other only aids the “enemies” of liberty. I feel they see this belittleing of each other as proof of their supposed superiority. It would be more productive for you to show “us” how to find and attract the knowledgable people like yourself. Just my 2 c. Take care, TnDoc

  6. While history does not record it, this could well be the speech that Lt. Col. Francis Smith gave to Captain John Parker at Lexington. History does record that Lt. Col. Smith was right,,,,, for a while.

  7. outlawpatriot

    God damn it. This poison is here too?

  8. ‘Once, in my Youth, I went to War to preserve the Rights of Others in a far-off Country. Think you not that now, approaching the End of that Life, I would not go again to War to preserve those selfsame Rights in my Own Country??’
    A great many of us will die, and proudly, believing in the Right. So??

  9. Troutslayer

    10/10 troll

  10. WalkingHorse

    The most succinct description of temporal government is to be found in I Samuel 8, which is hardly an endorsement of monarchy.

  11. Anon for opsec

    Divide and conquer, ladies & gentlemen, that’s their endgame but targets need first be identified. Get my drift? STFU and don’t take the bait.

  12. Well….I guess we’re all fucked, then!

  13. Hillary will try anything to win the nomination. :0(

  14. Another thought occurred to me…
    This piece of shit is saying the American military, OUR military, will fire on citizens.
    And according to him, gleefully.

  15. Centurion_Cornelius

    Sarge, am always willing to listen and hear people out.

    Pretend your back on active and in a hot shitstorm. Your radioman hands you the pipe and says: “CO on line–wants to know what you plan on doing. What support needed?”

    What do you say? What’s the plan? What’s the solution? What do you need?

  16. JoeStalinIsMyGodILoveHim

    This “SFC” is delusional. People with that attitude do not belong outside institutional control, the status of so-called militias notwithstanding.

  17. “You civilians need to learn to mind your place.”

    Steve’s been sent here to stir the pot. “Acts 20:29 I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock.”

    Please pick up a copy of Bandit Country and read up on South Armagh and Crossmaglen. On second thought don’t bother because you and your amazing military machine have the power to crush us poor pussy civvies. You are correct that your skills are beyond anything I can/could muster, You’re mistaken in thinking it means you and your cadre are invincible. Yes you and your cadre.

    Steve have a great day and we’ll leave the light on for you!

  18. 2 points: 1The “Hillbillies” wholehearted support for the military will be ever engrained into the mind of the “prof” and create quite a pause when given orders to “shoot” the bastards. 2 Don’t think your comments would have floated very far in 1776

  19. Everyday Joe

    Sounds like someone has the red ass. Its simple. Put up or shut up. Sam has put up. WTF have you done other than rat-a-tat tat a keyboard???

  20. NHPatriot1776

    I just lost all respect for SFC Barry. Nice way to paint us all with the same brush. If it wasn’t for air superiority you would have got your heads kicked in by a bunch of unprofessional militias in Afghanistan and Iraq. You sir are part of the problem and not the solution. You are a divider, not a uniter. Thank god my tribe has professionals that doesn’t listen to your drivel and actually do help others. You sir can go fuck yourself.

  21. Thanks for the tips SFC Barry. We’ll be sure to keep them in mind.

  22. Bill Harzia

    You might be interested in Selco’s blog. He was (if it’s truth, and so far I have no reason to doubt him) a survivor of the Yugoslavian war:


    Also, Ferfal’s blog, from a survivor of the Argentine crash:


  23. Monarchist.

    At last, he admits it, not that I didn’t suspect it all along. “Liberty” for Barry equates to nothing more than “permission” from higher to do… whatever.

    And who, do you think, he might nominate for king? He certainly believes in the myth of his own superiority. That would be prerequisite for the leap to the divine right of kings.

    It’s too bad he can’t keep his megalomania out of it because much of his critique is valid. For a man who endangered himself and risked his career writing The Resistor back in the day, it is strange that he seems now to wish for tyranny to rule him, and us… or perhaps, just us.

    Sorry, Barry…

    No King but King Jesus!

  24. Can you say CPFOR propaganda? The U.S. has a history of sending professional soldiers to foreign countries and train rebels. Fast nothing fancy; then it is sink or swim. This is your country! Where are the professional soldiers teaching our fellow citizens to:sink or swim.

  25. Almost forgot to add… Thanks, SMB, for the scathing and accurate excoriation of the most prominent and disastrous of the III usurpers and his never ending attempts to “monetize” patriotism.

    “There is a new game in town, III Card Monty, run by some street smart HVAC laborer, otherwise known as Jedburgh University.”

    In baseball, that’s called a “K.”

  26. What I saw in the post was nothing about being more valuable as a human being; I saw a pointed critique of posers (like the guy in the picture with the Van Dyke beard and AK) who co-opt various specialties, units, ranks, and branches for their personal aggrandizement and not not the protection of ‘precious cargo’, local neighborhoods, or whatever is considered their AO. I’m sure most here have seen examples of people who consider themselves professional peers to people who were trained and lived the profession of arms (no matter the branch of service) for literal decades.

    I’ve got absolutely no problem with anyone, prior service or not, who, when asking for help in developing or soliciting training, is honest and objective about their capabilities and what they want to accomplish. I’ll do whatever I can, including referring them to someone who can do the job if I can’t.

    As far as being ‘better’, the only ones I believe I’m professionally better than are those like the ones described above. I also have no problem subordinating myself in training to someone who’s professional training is more comprehensive than my own. I view that as an opportunity to get better.

    My .02

  27. Nobody Special

    Well, I’m neither a militia member nor a professional soldier, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

    Nice job of ‘othering’, Sergeant, worthy of our worst Left-wing opponents. Apparently my 10+ years of service, spent keeping that Westinghouse radar in tip-top shape, meant nothing since I never kicked-in a single door. The discipline, the attention to detail, the countless days spent suffering in MOPP gear. Nossir, toss all that. “Gosh, if I’d just kicked-in a door…”

    Sergeant, your post smacks of elitism, and not the good kind. All I see is poo-flinging. So here’s my challenge to you: If you’re not already part of an instructor cadre — ala, Max or Mosby — then you’re not part of the solution. Imagine a Basic Pistol instructor addressing his students, “None of you will ever shoot as well as I can so I don’t understand why you’re here.” Your soldiering talents may indeed be desperately needed amongst The Audience but your divisiveness is not.

    And, you folks at WRSA, you should know better. The Sergeant’s post, as written, shouldn’t have made it past the editor’s desk.

    Good day, ya’ll.


  28. The question that needs to be asked is just what Catholic Monarch does SFC Barry wish to see on the throne?

    In case anyone was not paying attention, the Enlightenment happened. There is no putting that back into the bottle. Even with a massive societal crash we will not return to the days of Papist kings and the Inquisition.

  29. Well, Lord Vader’s 501st Legion has been heard from.

  30. You have a valid point and it is a fair question.
    There are a few groups out there led by prior service combat arms guys who have come to the conclusion that (A) we have to sleep sometime, plus we could use a hand to help out and (B) do feel some sense of obligation to like minded citizens to rebuild a collapsing civilization. Such groups don’t have blogs on the internet. If you hear of a group that the militia groups in the state don’t like, that might be worth checking out.
    Notionally, such a group would have combat arms guys as the leaders (an E-6 SF guy is much more valuable to you than a Quartermaster Corps Major), non combat arms vets fill in as junior NCOs, and the non prior service people as the individuals. The non prior service people tend to be more motivated to learn, but seem to forget a good deal of what has been taught the next month – the advantage the .mil guys have is repetition to get it burned in, or so I’ve been told;)
    if such a group existed, it would be trying to get enough people skilled enough to GOOD alive, to have the opportunity to take several weeks to become proficient. That would raise the odds of survival to better than one in three, in my view.

  31. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  32. US church>the rapture. III>sHtf. Both worship inaction, fantasy And bended knee to .gov and all it’s professionals.
    Rape. Theft. Pollution. Kidnapping. Murder. Legally performed Everyday, and 2x on Sunday, by professionals. Bowman? Bowman? HENRY BOWMAN!?!?

  33. So now it is “Shit on the Militia month”.

    If you have SFC Barry on your ally list, REMOVE ME!

    God damn fascist slug.


    He is admittedly not a patriot. He discloses that he is a monarchist and disagreed with the founders and the revolution. He is NOT an ally to our cause.
    Put his view on “liberty found in submission to authority” in perspective.
    He believes we lack a king to sort out our affairs

    Read his full disclosure paragraph and ask yourself if this is someone you want in your AO.

  34. It is, what you might call, harsh reality… even if it butt-hurts your ego.

    Drill Sgt: “MAGGOT!” Remember your ego when reality finally set in?

    He might be kind of an asshole about it… tear down the old… build up the new?

    Imagine all those “old man” ego’s when the bullets fly… and that reality sets in.

    Ya got to kind of listen to what the man is saying.

  35. ps: kinda funny how his shit showed up on a few sites all at once. I despise conspiracy theorists, but this is a bit of a stretch for coincidence.

  36. Yup, making a list and checking it twice. Recommend others do the same.

  37. so…..if only 2% of the population join the military, and maybe 10% of those could be considered “professional soldiers”, a term, by the way, usually used to designate soldiers of the “for hire” types, and maybe only 10% of those soldiers are inclined to participate in blocking, let alone turning back, whatever major tyrannical events are coming our way, what you have at the end of the day is a really small number, probably no more that we have militiamen in our little backwards state. are we looking at trying to cover all the bases in all four corners of the country, or are we looking at being all there is in our little necks of the woods? One of the biggest roles of special forces is to go into little desolate spots to assess, organize and train a local resistance force, knowing most of them will be just cannon fodder. that’s defined as resistance if you 10% of 10% of 2% aren’t doing this right now, (and some of you are, thank you), then you have lost your way and it is you who are down that rabbit hole. quite likely, it is that little bunch of professional soldiers who will be tempted to take the deal of hunting down all the small local militias in exchange for some accommodation from a tyrannical government like protection and food for your families. maybe even allowed to live while you’re considered useful. i’m sure you will excel in that type of environment.

  38. LOL! Dude, stop. Just. fucking. stop. You don’t know what you don’t know which, betrayed by your own words, is a hell of a lot. You are proving SFC. Barry’s point beautifully and don’t even realize it.

    By all historical accounts those rice farmers in SE Asia were backed by the Russians and the ChiComs to the damned hilt with arms, food, supplies, technical expertise, and many times personnel who had fought in WWII and Korea.

    Those goat herders in SW Asia? Yeh, you may want to study up on that that some more. They have had lots of help from Iran, Pakistan, China, and Russia amongst others.

    Those farm boys and teachers from the colonies would have all been shot, hung, or starved had it not been for aid and assistance from the French and others. Go back and study your damned history by actually reading books that don’t require crayons.

    You might learn that the guys who trained, advised, assisted, and often led these various groups of rabble and turned them into a credible fighting force were …..Professional Soldiers. How about them little green apples?

    As for your last little petulant comment, dude….really? You might be the one who has dug yourself into and eyeball deep hole in the latrine. Just saying.

  39. A tool, in every pejorative sense of the word.

    Some years ago, Doug Casey approvingly quoted Confucius: “Good steel is not used to make nails, and good men should not become soldiers”, and further stated: “In all societies, across time and space, soldiers – even while they’re romanticized in wartime – have always been viewed as the lowest form of human life, basically thugs, thieves and butchers in the employ of the state.” At the time (and, to a lesser extent, still) I thought that was rather unfair, but if Barry is any indication, it’s way understating the case. BTW, Casey is no pacifist (although he is an anarchist); here’s an interview where he presents a more nuanced view of the military, including: “I think it makes sense to have a cadre of professional soldiers, a skeleton that can be fleshed out should the need occur.”

  40. This guy sounds like a Star Trek Borg. “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” I guess he wants us all to return? to being catholic. He says the constitution is working just fine and then claims he has renounced his “oath” to it. So sad the peasants don’t realize how superior he is. Those shopkeepers, farmers and other assorted rabble didn’t get that in the 1770’s either. Shame how that worked out for them, isn’t it? He “may” think that the current professionals will all side with the monarchy-oops, I mean government and crush the rebel alliance. Ain’t necessarily so. My guess is that he is either a self annointed better than or just a troll stirring up trouble.

  41. Yeah, there are some real jokes in the ‘militia’ community. Brilliant observation there, chief- you should be an investigative journalist.
    Still, that question of ‘legitimacy’ is a tricky one…
    If all it takes to be legitimate is to receive your fancy badges and ranks via .gov/federal chain of command, you need to raise your standards. Those tyranical asshats haven’t gotten much right in a long, long while. Diversity classes, safety briefs, and sensitivity training currently outweigh live-fire time 10:1. Hell, it looks like they even managed to make self-congratulating fed-suckers out of some former patriots!

    If legitmacy derives from the expensive training you got during your federal indoctrination, remember that you got that opportunity because your overlords squeezed the funding out of my family and my neighbors’ families at gunpoint, and then they sent you to fight wars with vague moral objectives, at best. Again, you need to raise your standards – and perhaps start paying it back to those people who made you an expert warrior (and are still paying your benefits) instead of waving the shiny medals we bought you in our faces.

    Lastly, if legitimacy comes from years of experience as a self-proclaimed hard-ass, remember that it hasn’t taken long for the amateurs to get up to speed and start outpacing you bad-ass professionals in every conflict the US has entered in the past 60 years… or did you win some conflict the rest of us never heard of?

    As for your commentary regarding the ‘we’re gonna overthrow the Feds’ rhetoric, yeah- you’re probably right that it won’t work out like that particular fantasy. It will instead be an ugly decline into political/class warfare where some people claim superiority to their neighbors for no ‘legitimate’ reason. If you only learn one thing today, learn this: the militia is ALL OF US- not your narrow-banded MSNBC portrait of fat dudes in ‘Army drag-‘ whether you like it or not. Help the rest of us figure out how to muster in defense of our (and your) home, rather than telling us not to bother because we’re not the right class of person.


    I don’t want to “play soldier,” too old and too busted up to even do much in the way of PT. But I’ve got young kids and a wife that I’m responsible for, and I’ll be DAMNED if I’m gonna’ sit back and let the “professional soldiers” steamroll my town, my family, without a fight.

    If it means I fight- and most likely die- alone, then so be it. I’d MUCH rather have the “professionals” step up and help, instead of looking down their collective noses at those of us who amateurs who want something so silly as to protect our families.

    In my profession, I’m one of the best out there- within the top 10-20. Yet when I walk into a new site or lead a new team, I always check my ego at the door, and start by saying “how can I help out?”. If only the author of this essay and the other “professional soldiers” to have such a similar mind-set…

  43. Indeed, this country is headed towards anarchy precisely because the professional military has done absolutely nothing about it except spend vast amounts of money on useless weapons systems and various perks, while fighting useless wars rather incompetently. What’s you plan, Sargent?

  44. Dan, understand that Vietnam and Afghanistan were political conflicts as much as they were kinetic. Somewhere around a million Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers were killed during that conflict, compared to 60,000 U.S. deaths. We’ve killed AQ and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan at about the same ratio of 15:1.

    The truth is that NO ONE runs circles around US Forces in combat, especially considering that these conflicts are always fought a world away. They may run political circles and make warfighting more difficult, but fighting foreign counterinsurgency is and has always been a stacked deck against us.

    Go back and read General Washington’s words about the militia. Here’s a pretty damning quote: “To place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting upon a broken staff. Men just dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life, unaccustomed to the din of arms, totally unacquainted with every kind of military skill … makes them timid and ready to fly from their own shadows.”

    Like it or not, SFC Barry is correct. Warfighting is a lot more than just shooting. Not only do you need professional shooters, but you also need professional combat support, something that the militia is greatly lacking.

    As Napoleon said, “An Army marches on its stomach.” The Army’s doctrinal tooth to tail ratio is 7:1. That’s seven support soldiers for every one trigger puller, and that’s why the Army can fight for decades on end. How many militias train towards professional logistics?

  45. Find a leader with combat experience. Be as prepared and as ready as you can. When or if fighting ever kicks off, there will be leaders who emerge. Go enlist your help to a leader of men.

  46. The Walkin' Dude

    What a douche 🙂

  47. Let me just address the only an E-7 after 20 years thing. First, you don’t know how his career progressed. He could have had several different MOS’s during his career, that inhibits promotion. He could have been injured and spent some time on profile, that inhibits promotion. He could have, due to the downsizing of the Army over the last 25 years, been moved quite a few times from unit to unit, that inhibits promotion. He could have gotten into one too many bar fights, or serious arguments with the wrong LT(or Major) and it turned to fisticuffs, that inhibits promotion. He could also have gotten into a unit that kept him for an extra period of time, due to downsizing(trust me, it happens) that kept him from moving up and out(usually a promotion comes with being moved into another unit, especially at higher levels), that inhibits promotion.
    What I’m saying, from experience in case you didn’t put that together, is that, without knowing anything about the specifics of his career, it’s completely unfair and intellectually dishonest to malign him for only being an E-7 after 20 years. As a point of interest and fact, for pretty much all of the 70’s, 80’s and most of the 90’s, E-6 was the most common rank people retired at. It has only recently moved to E-7. I could go into a long explanation of this but the simple answer is this: You only need so many E-8’s and E-9’s in any particular MOS. SO unless those guys retire, or you’re willing(and the Army lets you) change your MOS, you’re waiting until those guys retire.That’s all the more true in the SF community, due to it’s small size.

  48. Joe’s armed gang of patriots sounds fine to me . Where do I sign up?

  49. Another arrogant, nutty screed from our Beltway Kaitlin, who has clearly bent her knee in service to our dying Empire of Chaos. Really not many valid points made at all, hence not worthy of a lengthy response. One small point however: the writer assumes the countryside is bristling with 1970’s-style obese bozo ‘militias’, running through the forest on Saturday afternoons. False-a bad premise based on faulty (lazy) intelligence. There are no ‘militias’-this is just a DC urban legend. There are, now, many thousands of young vets and active national guardsmen who lived through the twelve year pointless Hell of Afghanistan and Iraq, have been thoroughly screwed by DC and the DVA (thank you ‘war hero’ McCain) and returned home to an economy that was looted by bankers in collusion with national leaders. They see the trends. What such resistance-minded persons are inching their way towards is, I believe, a fusion of classical maoist insurgent tactics and swiss decentralized resistance, a la Gen Henri Guissan’s ‘a nation of snipers’. That’s all. Nothing for you to control or manage ’cause you can’t. Might as well just call in that lunch reservation for Ruth’s Chris on L street……

  50. Professional Soldiers are better “Trained” than you, history is awash with Military geniuses who until provoked by a tyrant never had any interest in Martial concepts. Your Hubris is annoying. I AM A PROFESSIONAL SOLDIER and most of those I serve with are no different than any other civilian with training. The mark of a man is not his training, it is his conscience, his fortitude and his willingness to defend what is his. You are not better than me, and I dare to venture many thousands of untrained but willing to learn 3pers. I piss on you.


    SFC Barry: The whole concept of a militia was debated during the first Con-Con. I believe it was George Mason or Tenche Cox who opined that the militia was: “the whole people.” With that concept in mind, I understand how a career SF like yourself and Mr. MDT might look with disdain upon some of the folks who do chest-thumping about arming-up. My post from that Prior Service Recruiting article voiced my concern that anyone who goes out front about being a Threeper or a militia member of any sort puts himself/herself squarely in the cross hairs of the PTB. This is from my experience as a streetcop for many years.
    There is an old saying that one cannot argue with success. I think the brave folks at Bundy Ranch proved that point. And yes, I know that there were probably poseurs and strap-hangers at that venue. But, when the festivities really start, leaders like yourself may be faced with a group which includes not only trained folks like MDT and Max V, but also clueless, eager 17-year-olds armed with Ruger 10-22’s. Our own Revolution and the War for Southern Independence bears this out.
    I am prior service(Army: ’69-71) and active USAR,’79-86. One thing I learned as a squad leader and platoon sergeant is that all men(and women) and NOT created equal in terms of smarts, talent, and motivation. The best I could hope for was to keep all the cattle headed in the same direction. And, I have not forgotten how to set up an ambush, prepare explosives, use Infantry weapons, and the “Spirit of the Bayonet”. One of the first things I was taught was to never underestimate my enemies. Please do not underestimate those who will be standing next to you when the dance begins.
    Pax Vobiscum.

  52. Sigh …

    I’m both ashamed and pissed off. Ashamed because I actually got about a third of the way into this before dismissing it and moving on. Pissed off because I want to know where to go to get that three minutes of my life back. Life is short. There isn’t enough of it to waste on things like this.

    You can put me in the category of people who don’t give a shit about this person or his subject.

  53. There’s a good book called Forgotten Patriots. Here’s an excerpt:

    “By daybreak… [the British] proceeded to descend on the unsuspecting Americans from behind, cutting them down almost at will. …

    [A British officer gloated,] “It was a fine sight to see with what alacrity they dispatched the rebels with their bayonets, after we had surrounded them so they could not resist. Multitudes were drowned and suffocated in morasses – a proper punishment for all Rebels.” One report had American riflemen spitted into trees with bayonets.

    From east to west, American lines collapsed in waves of confusion and panic…

    The Hessians who captured Thomas Foster, a Pennsylvania rifleman, stripped him of his clothes, then “put a cord about his neck and hanged him up to the limb of a tree, where they suffered him to remain until he was almost strangled.” Eventually, they cut him down and revived him with a little rum – then strung him up again, cut him down, and strung him up a third time… Hessians had murdered a number of Americans this way after they had thrown down their weapons.

    Not two months after the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Brooklyn – a label it acquired almost immediately – dealt the American cause a potentially fatal blow. In its first head-on test against seasoned professional soldiers, the ill-trained and poorly equipped Continental Army had been routed with ease… Never again would Washington risk an encounter on such a scale.”

    No one is saying that civilians who attend professional training and study are incompetent or unfit to lead. But the truth is that they are very few and far between.

    As for SFC Barry’s service, what do you know about his career, both inside and outside the Army?

  54. I live in a small community where many veterans live quietly.
    There is more at stake than worrying about assumed titles by a few.
    The social contract has been broken and all that remains is the choosing of sides.
    Vaya con Dios

  55. why exactly are you equating “better than you” with riches. I know many wealthy people with multi millions that are greedy, stupid, no moral compass, no sense of Duty or Honor and would screw their own mother for a dollar. Your compass is broke.

  56. I think the author is a wack-job attention whore. Here’s his bio, at the end of the article.

    Just so there is no confusion about this writer’s politics (some drooling imbecile accused Barry of being FEDGOV), this writer is a Monarchist. He is a Traditional Catholic (of the 13th Century type). He has renounced his “oath” (having confessed and said his penance) to defend the Judeo-Masonic revolutionism scribbled on a sheet of foolscap by delinquents that otherwise marginal innocents call the Constitution. He, being a counter-revolutionary, has nothing but perfect contempt for revolutionaries – and focused loathing for anarchists — of all stripes.

    So. Monarchist? He’d like to put the Queen back in charge of America? Or perhaps some new King? Which would be chosen by — the Pope?

    If this is his political philosophy I see no reason to pay any attention to his ramblings. We can have great discussions here between rational people with different viewpoints on things, but someone pretending to adhere to a long-dead political system is a bigger fraud than guys with guns running around in the woods and calling themselves Captain will ever be.

  57. Cullen Baker

    Barry,you are a brainwashed Nazi turd.Hired thug for the political class.Too bad you and “professionals” of your ilk have never won a war.

  58. SFC Barry is 100% correct as always. And that’s all fine and dandy. Now I’ll go back to teaching commo stuff to those who want to learn it.

    I’ve met both SFC Barry and Sam Kerodin. They are both good people. They both make good points. It’s up to the individual to learn what they can from whomever and integrate it into what will work for them. Period. End of discussion. Those who can that will do OK.

  59. “You civilians need to learn to mind your place.”
    “Bend the knee.”
    “…this writer is a Monarchist.”

    Yes, let’s bring back royalty and knighthood. That’ll fix things.

  60. FrozenPatriot

    We who are not “professional soldiers”, and you who are/were, had a deal.

    We make society and the economy go round and round and you keep The Bad Man away.

    We sacrifice some of our resources to feed and clothe and arm and armor you, and you sacrifice your safety — and some even your lives — to stand guard at the wall.

    We succeeded spectacularly on our end of the deal, creating the most advanced civilization and economy in human history.

    You failed. Tyranny is inside these walls and is slowly consuming us like a cancer.

    Now you bitch and piss and moan and belittle when we notice and attempt to stand in the gap?

    Perhaps you were never opposed to tyranny in the first place.

    Perhaps you’d prefer to be tyranny’s pet…it’s guard dog…it’s professional soldier — noticing how much easier and more comfortable it is to stomp on faces here instead of some third-world hellhole.

    The post above is not written by someone who cherishes freedom, but cherishes instead being ruled, and in turn ruling others — and getting paid to do it.

    We are men and women who do not need to be ruled. Instead, we rule and govern our own conduct. We work hard and play by Higher rules. We create and produce and achieve and increase human awesomeness. We held up our end of the deal. We see now that you failed on yours, and it’s becoming clear that some watchers on the wall either knowingly or unknowingly ushered in this cancer, or sat idly by while other watchers did.

    Which is it: laziness, incompetence or evil?

  61. You’re brain does not function properly, does it? I bet you are yet another in a country full of slaves who have a job. A job created by someone better, smarter, and more ambitious than yourself. I used my military instilled discipline to excel in the REAL world outside of the service. Some blowhard barking the same tired shit day after day made me understand that these guys had nothing else to offer the world.

    millwrights are just another peon punching a clock. Have fun at work…


  62. The Walkin' Dude

    That wasn’t directed at you, by the way, Stu!

  63. Something ol’ Sgt. No-Class Barry should consider:
    It’d take one bullet to stop me or others like me. But it also takes only one bullet to stop the likes of you.

    And you can take your juvenile subservience to ‘authority’ and stick it up your ass, wrapped in a sandpaper condom. Maybe you still need mommy and daddy telling you how to live 24/7, but those of us who are adults living in the real world do not, and will not submit to such – no matter the price.

  64. danmorgan76

    AMEN BROTHER. You took the words out of my mouth.

  65. It’s a nice play. I give credit for the entertainment.

  66. “correct as always”? Whats Sam selling today? This whole discourse is useless!

  67. Wouldn’t hurt to mention here that George Washington and Robert E Lee were both prior service members before they took up arms and rebelled.

  68. “Millwrights earn an average of $22.46 per hour. ”

    WHAT. A. JOKE.


  69. yep, just looking to hide my family from the chaos and maybbe ….maybbe …we make it through. I won’t be patroling around looking to be ambushed so I can “react to fire”. Bergmann in Alaska has the right idea. Just disappear into the wilderness as much as possible. Go where looting and raping homies will not go. Go where Chinese officers would not bother sending his men looking for you. Go where brainwashed American soldiers will not bother to round you up for a Fema camp. Jack Hinton was hunted for years after the War of Northern Aggression but died on his own terms. And oh, by the way, Hinton had no .mil experience but killed 50 or so federal traitors. And I won’t be looking for a neighborhood retired colonel to lead me into his version of the fray. Fk that. Not good at taking orders from puffed up aholes who will in the end just be using me to protect his stuff.

  70. From another racist, anti-Semitic rabblerabblerabble ‘Professional’.

    All of us should just lie back and think of England as Enemies of Liberty have their way with us, because, you know, we have no chance…

  71. I though that Army special forces units were considered force multipliers. One of their primary roles was to go into indigenous populations and teach tactics and support to peoples who are resisting tyranny. I would suppose from your point of view, that they are unwilling to do that with a bunch of local “militia” units because they are too inept and uppity to waste time with. I would counter that this is exactly where they are needed. Is it any harder to deal with a local “militia” who speaks the same language, has been raised in the same culture and has similar goals as to honoring and preserving the constitution versus a foreign country, a foreign language and perhaps no shared vision of what they are trying to obtain or preserve?

  72. I am part of the invisible 5%. We are Military Brats. We are better than you SFC Barry and you would do well to learn your place. We grew up on the fly with the mottoes of your profession seared into our conscripted souls. What ever happened to: “An organised minority will beat the crap out of a disorganized majority-every time”? Hmm? These folks are trying to organize, you smug fuck! Where are you and yours? What’s the matter, no heart? I’m waiting…..
    OK then here’s a motto from my tribe: “That which does not kill me, Just makes me meaner”. See all’y’all out on the field.

  73. JoeStalinIsMyGodILoveHim

    “Lord Vader”, I love it! Says SFC, “You are part of a rebel alliance and a traitor. Taker her away!”

  74. Naw. Not really. I’d say though, that laying in the green green grass of home, and maggots feasting on your flesh… is a pretty good sign that you are… fucked.

  75. Not a militia type here, never liked the Rambo movies either. Sure 98% of ‘militia’ are like tits on a bull. And anyone that thinks he can stand head to head against the leviathan state will be dead soon enough.

    But the problem with a civil war is that it is very uncivil.
    Any random gray man who knows how to use a computer can check those hacked office of personnel management records… all the ‘SFC Barry’s’ out there professionally enforcing the will of the state against its populace can’t really expect the hearth & home to remain unscathed? Checkmate?

    And that SFC Barry, is why all the professionalism in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans when no one shows for morning roll call. I suspect you’ll return home too, to protect what truly counts – family & friends. I suspect you’ll even endeavor to train up some lard arse neighbors for mutual protection, dare I say militia?

  76. I will acknowledge that professional soldiers are better “soldiers” than civilian wannabees, no debate there. What I object to is your disgusting and arrogant attitude.

    Need your electronics fixed Sergeant? Do it yourself, you’re better than us. How about a little welding or engine repair? Do it yourself. Hungry boys? Grow your own goddamn food. Local intel? Figure it out yourself alpha boy.

    Take your “bend the knee” horse-shit and cram it. You had better get a grip on your own fat head and realize nothing will get done without a coordinated and cooperative effort. Many hands, many talents. A “new order” based on “bend the knee?” I’d rather stick to the devil I know. To put you “better than us” types in charge, would at best, result in the same sort of tyranny we already have, and at worst, well, I think those with a regular sized head and fill in the blanks.

  77. Thread winner!

    + 1,000…ding ding ding!

    You can even delete patriots. Doesn’t matter to me.

  78. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, or Average Joe’s Armed Irregulars.

  79. Lewis Wetzel

    Seems like there’s a concerted effort on the Intardweb to see someone fail.
    How does it affect SFC Barry that other people are attempting to train and obtain skills? How can this hurt?
    Naming a system of training ‘Jedburgh’ was a good move; after all, at the end of the day you gotta call it something. I don’t believe that anyone who is interested in obtaining a well rounded set of skills isn’t under the illusion that they will be ‘commandos’, but they WILL be more effective if things get sporty. And if it’s going to have a name, why not pick one that will inspire?
    As for ‘where the money goes’, it would be great if everyone would provide their time and talents for free, but that’s being delusional. Kerodin sounds like he’s sought out some talented individuals to share their expertise. If the instructor isn’t qualified, then that will be obvious in a New York minute. If people want to go through this course, it shouldn’t be SCF Barry’s or anyone else’s business to get in the way, unless they are willing to step up and share their knowledge and expertise for free. Don’t see that happening, especially with the tone of his essay.
    So the question is, why does SFC Barry and others care so deeply about seeing something like Jedburgh fail? Why all the seemingly coordinated attacks? Why go out of your way and pen essays protesting someone who is TRYING to do SOMETHING?
    The SFC doth protest too much, methinks.

  80. Surely you realize there is a larger point being made. It is not just about knowing how to fight and teaching others how to fight. And if it were, that task would be difficult enough in the movement as it is. There is also the need for the real professional who can determine when and where to fight, so that the prospects for success are at their best. Those professionals are in even shorter supply.

  81. A good fictional character you non mil guys might get (since you have a hard time referencing a realistic example is G/SGT Highway in “Heartbreak Ridge”. He was an E-7.

  82. Not anarchy.


    There is a difference.

  83. Sgt. Barry may understand many things of the military–my personal guess is about half of what he implies–but he doesn’t know jack-shit about authority…not in the military and not anywhere else.

    A Commander has authority over his troops BECAUSE they consented to that authority. That’s it; there’s nothing else there. The Sgt. would no doubt retort, “No, you asshole…the authority arises because they’ll be court-martialed if they don’t obey it.” IOW he’d offer the theory of a thug…authority arises from force and only from force. Might makes Right and all that other bullshit.

    Well, that’s what it is…bullshit. Power doesn’t become authority without the sanction of the subject. Absent that, it’s only power. It’s crucially important because those who wish to live freely MUST stop buying into the scam that authority can come from ANYWHERE but themselves.

    Your life is yours and anyone who says otherwise–no matter how well trained or armed they are–is trying to pull off a con job for their own sick-fuck reasons. The reason a win is even possible, is because of that authority. The power that arises WITH one’s authority is far superior than the plain brute force that arises without it. That’s WHY the Colonists won, duh.

  84. I very rarely comment on these types of articles:

    However I’m confused by the author. His disdain for anyone other than “his” particular military makes it hard to see his point.

    He hates non military people… Got that

    Specifically militias…. Check
    I’m not a fan of that group either.

    But what is with all the ranting and obvious thesaurus use about? Him being better than everyone else on the planet because he stands idly by while Rome burns? Looking down his nose at everyone else? Basking in his superiority?

    Ok cool… Go sit in the bleachers with the women and the children then. But don’t do it with an air of authority, do it with your tail between your legs as your self described non actions suggest.

  85. I’m waiting for you to argue with the jist of the piece, not your personal feelings about his beliefs and the man himself. I didn’t realize his personal beliefs had anything to do with the facts of an article that most prior combat arms personnel will agree with. So now a man can’t believe what he wants (no threats to you or yours made), for fear of being kicked out of his home? I must have missed the part where he said you have to believe as he does, and that he’d force anyone to if they didn’t comply.

  86. A most salient bit of advice Culper.
    When or if it drops in the pot, lot of things are going to be radically different from what any if us can foretell.

  87. Some of you discussing the American Revolution also seem to be forgetting a few battles that contradict your case. How did the Militia do at Cowpens? What about Kings Mountain? Then we have Braddock and the Indians and French. A professional army got its ass kicked on that expedition.

    This should not be taken to imply support for half-assed wannabes who call themselves general. But the assumption that everyone who is not a professional soldier is a half-assed wannabe, is ill conceived.

    Combat Veteran “tourists” with some good old boys stopped election fraud in Athens Tennessee. Now they were fighting a corrupt sheriff rather than a standing Army. But who is to say that won’t be the case for the modern “tourists” as well.

  88. David Stumpwater

    Screw a bunch of professionals. They let a militia run them out of the Middle East. Most of the folks that ran them out of Vietnam nam were farmers.
    And their commander in chief is, well you know.
    If they are so smart why are they not helping. If they really want to serve why are they still holding the umbrella for the oppressor and pissing on the folks they are paid to serve.
    They need to stay on the state run TV and beg for $19 a month because their professional career choice did not work out.
    The rest of the world laughs at them

  89. Isn’t one of the prime missions of special forces, the Green Berets for instance, to organize and advise irregular forces? And it seems an essential skill in accomplishing that is the ability to ingratiate yourself with the irregulars, rather than dropping a steaming load right on top of their heads.

    As for the rest of that screed, it’s really little wonder the Founders were highly suspicious of Catholics. This guy is the perfect example of how Romanism leads directly back to monarchic despotism. The Enlightenment — you know, that cultural sea change that would permit one to study astronomy and biology without being broken on The Rack — was inextricably linked with the Protestant Reformation. America as founded was a Protestant creation — its central premise was to question manmade authority. Compare what the Protestant British built in the New World with what the Spaniards built in the New World. The former established rightful liberty, Rule of Law, and an industrious work ethic. The latter left a legacy of capriciousness and corruption, not surprisingly quite similar to the current boat anchors of Europe’s economy — Spain, Italy, Ireland.

    WASPs created this civilization, and millions would flock to it to enjoy the fruits of their creation, and apparently not even have the common damn decency to appreciate what made it different from their corrupt homelands.

  90. Hey, he is right on that thing about the constitution, maybe he don’t know it, but the constitution is working almost exactly as it was intended to do. Why we are in the mess we are in. It was a document of administrative tyranny.
    About the only thing that piece of parchment was good for was the 1st and 2nd amendments, and even that is worthless. As a real freeman doesn’t require a piece of parchment or a government it is predicated on to tell him what his liberty and freedom are.
    And neither does he require a dissimulating ex US military solder to tell him either.

  91. Bravo!

  92. I believe and fear that what Barry says is true. That the professional soldiers appraise everyone in this movement just as he describes. That too many of our bought and paid for soldiers are obedient to anything their masters say, forgetting to whom they owe allegiance; those who have not a clue to what oath they were taking when they took it, but just repeated words to get their paychecks. Too many of them let politicians tell them what the Constitution is and isn’t, what it means and all they care about is what new definition their masters have presented to them. Who are the armed thugs in Joe’s Army, if not them? They are then, by his own description, the muscle behind the IRS harassment. They are the dark figures with big trunks that come when called by those who would brutalize and destroy families like Lois Lerner. They are her hounds and ravenous wolves to be directed at those civilians Barry so detests.

    I do not believe that he represents all of our combat vets, but I do believe he represents a significant number of his friends, in whom he trusts when drafting such a letter.

    But, that does not erase the issue he has brought forth, that the “professional soldier” as he calls himself and his friends, are perfectly willing to put down any rebellion, apparently because Joe, the leader of his armed gang, tells him to. It is not the same for us. We do not murder on orders and we do not seek out enemies of the state and eliminate them. If we did, there would not be a politician alive today.

  93. You fucking know it brother. I’ll be damned too if I’m going to let another man fight and die for my liberty, protect my loved ones, or defend what is mine. I am old fart too. But if it comes down to it, I’m going to be somebody to reckon with.
    I have received sublimely beneficial and wonderfully helpful small unit infantry tactics understanding and training from the likes of Max Velocity, Job Mosby, Dan Morgan, an incredible cadre of former military men who care about others, their welfare, and helping them to help themselves. To me it an amazing display of courage and valor these men exhibit as an example to us all, and practice in real life. They may well be all the difference between liberty and tyranny, living and dying. Enough can not be said for their efforts and as good men.
    These are men worthy of our attention, worthy of our respect, and if it turns bad, even our fealty for their sincerity and courage. They put everything on the line to do what they do in the face of the tyrants ruling over us.

    This crap from this “Sargent” is disgusting. Shameful. And absolutely unacceptable.

  94. After sitting at a table and listening to you badmouth (slander) Mosby for over an hour, talking yourself and your own grand skills, knowledge, and experience up, it does not surprise me to see you continually felating this clown. Max has outed you, Chris. You are poser yourself, a stinkbait professional who seeks to make himself look better. Clearly your little ‘school’ isn’t working so well, so you seek to exalt yourself w/ Barry.

    During my years in and around military settings, my association with Oath Keepers, and moving about in the Patriot community, I have learned a few things. My expertise in observation & assessment of people leads to clear conclusions about a lot of what goes on in these settings. I could say that the phallometry is juvenile, except adolescents simply do it as a way to announce their budding manhood. This is far worse as the motives are so devious.

    Yes, there are crooks (convicted felons, even 😉 ) seeking to make a buck at this in whatever manner they can establish a hustle. There are people trying to earn $ teaching ‘skills’, and clearly Chris thinks he needs to “up” his own credentials to validate his worth as a teacher (and put down others). Then there are those whose purpose is to cause division and feed into distrust. There are those who seek to undermine the confidence and will of people who have had enough of the monumental stupidity that this republic has corroded into. They seek to remove the will of the people to resist.

    But you know something? Every one of us is JUST as vulnerable to a high velocity projectile, a slow moving knife blade, a burning flame, a toxin we ingest, an automobile that explodes … and given the devolution of the military into politically correct gender-benders, somehow I am not worried about the Barrys of the world AT ALL.

    I am ready to meet my Lord at any moment. I would be happy to introduce others to him as well…

  95. Wow, to say that I’m a little surprised by this post is putting it mildly. This is the guy who drove The Resistor? Well, we all change. That being said, I have no fantasies about being anything than an Enthusiastic Amateur. I practice, I took 20 pounds off, I go to yoga 3x a week, but will probably never be able to do what that woman does on the commercial. Walk the hell out of the dogs so I keep an up close and current view of my AO. Keep up my garden, prep what I can, and try to be prepared for the upcoming Festivities. I need no title, nor would I pay for any tab, button, or pastie. { 😉 } I need a team leader, not a KIng nor a Pope nor an Elite Group of liars; just some poor willing everyday bastard to help me direct my aim. I didn’t want a Revolution, I was happy with what the Original Founders fought for. The Elites will start this war, I just want to end it. And I want to win.
    The tankards need filled so I remain, your faithful serving wench.

  96. Jed Not Aberg

    Well gosh I feel so impotent now. All I did was 3 years of ROTC under the tutilage of some cranky old SFC’s with funny green hats and ranger tabs. I musta not learned anything from them. Then despite a medical seperation continued spending years in dojo and on shooting ranges and in shoot houses, weeks in fed.gov classes and at training schools……decades running corporate Redteams…….

    , so Sfc I must admit you are correct, I am NOT a professional soldier

    I am a Professional WARRIOR.

    Full disclosure: not a militia member not a iii% and claim no rank, just a poor fellow soldier from the temple of the Saint’s John of Jerusalem.

  97. As young men recall during unpleasant moments in service “I volunteered for this bullsh!t”. Marines have an unofficial acronym: “You Signed the Motherf-ing Contract” to remind whiners of their duty.

    SFC Barry is on the right track, that there are people with good DD-214’s who may not be suitable for your objective. A Modern Army is mostly not classical “engaging the enemy personally” soldiers, and an Air Force even less-so.

    There are darn few “professional soldiers” loitering at my local watering holes, even if that happens to be the VFW. They are busy in Africa.

  98. JoeStalinIsMyGodILoveHim

    First of all, “SFC” is venting his inferiority complex. It’s a classic rant. I get it, everyone with actual feelings rants at least once in his life.

    But his attitude reflects a broken personality. He actually would have us believe he is a superior being, we mere “civilians”, and he is a member of the legendary or is it mythological “warrior” class of his mediaeval fantasy. I fully expect him to refer to himself in the second person as “Sir SGT” any moment now.

    As to the merits of his rant:

    Yes there are plenty of assholes that claim patriotism as their last refuge. So what? Is that supposed to be news? Get thanks, Boy Blunder, for the scoop!

    So let’s ground ourselves in a bit of reality less flattering to our would-be Knight Errant. (Actually he would be the squire to a knight errant because he is low-born and not an aristocrat, as made plainly obvious by his enlisted man’s rank instead of the commission of an officer and gentleman, gentleman being the entry-level to the aristocracy.)

    The odds of a complete revolutionary break down in American society are not zero but they are remote. We have, as a population, endured far worse conditions than anything even contemplatable at present and, for the most part, nothing too bad came of it. My own family’s suffering in the War for Independence could have been avoided merely by refusing to take sides. They took sides — both sides, depending on the relative — and paid the price accordingly. Similarly during the other major breakdown, the War Between the States.

    In other words, for 95% of the American population during the two major wars in North America it was life as usual, certainly no worse than Baltimore on a hot summer’s night.

    The Great Depression had a greater affect on urbanites but few of them actually perished, egos and ridiculous “American Dreams” notwithstanding. Rural folk lived their lives not too differently than they did during the Roaring Twenties, Gay nineties, and countless business cycles before and since.

    So if you really want to prepare for the actually likely American scenarios, proven time and again straight back to the various Old Countries, prepare for political corruption and cronyism.

    That is a pathetically easy game to master: pay off everyone. If you can’t afford that — and no doubt Mr ex-SFC is poor else he wouldn’t be biutching here about the very nobodies he bitches about — simply volunteer as a slug for the local Party. Smile and dial. Stuff envelopes. Join the OFA Special O-Bot Force of Internet piecework.

    The other best thing you can do is make yourself as economically indispensable as possible, let you end up indistinguishable from that very sad sack SFC himself, lamenting the passing of his best days kicking down doors, being The Man, and pointing his withered, scrawny fingers at Bubba trying to have some fun but, unbeknown to Bubba, stealing what little valor SFC has remaining in his Goodwill account.


    To Mr Butthurt ex-former-no-longer-useful-living-in-the-past SFC:
    Get a job, like the rest of us poor slobs. The Marxist Pope from Argentina isn’t going to elevate you to the Swiss Guards anytime soon and Donald Trump is the closest thing to an actual king you’ll ever see. The #1 risk I predict for you is life in a county old-folks home drooling out of the side of your mouth because your own kids have better things to do on weekend.


    Crap like this is enough to make a guy volunteer for the RNC.

  99. Jimmy the Saint

    Just watch out for the Globo-Mil Purple Cobras, because they will, they will, rock you.

  100. Jimmy the Saint

    Isn’t the thing that militias/irregulars can be successful when employed properly, but have little chance for long-term success without outside support?

    Guys like Marion, Sumter, and Pickens gave the Brits fits during the Revolution, but could really only hit and run. Same with groups like Quantrill’s Raiders later on.

    Boer commandos did well against the Brits in single battles, but were ultimately ground down.

    Warrior societies like the Maori and Plains Indians suffered the same fate, despite many local successes.

    The only chance militia/irregulars have long term is if their opponents don’t have the political will to keep fighting – after all, professional armies are expensive, and populations hate hearing about casualties. (See, e.g. Somalia)

  101. “I understand there’s more to this nutshell overview I provided…”
    Difficulty with reading comprehension? Thats not an admission of not knowing more. Quite the opposite.
    All those groups backed by others? Yes, I’m very aware of this, but they started out as nothing more than what we would call militia, no?
    As far as support, do you think the entire military industrial complex will side with a rogue government? That any militia will never be supported in the event? No troops will ever break ranks? And train Militia to “professional” standards?
    And your response to a “petulant” comment is….a peulant comment?
    Get smart.
    It helps.

  102. Look, I happen think that there’s a lot of clownishness to Kerodin and others, but I would point out that Barry’s “professionals” are oh-and-three against insurgencies run by irregular militias going back two generations.

  103. outlawpatriot

    Damn, I can’t believe it. Some of these guys are doubling down now. Gonna be removing some names from our recommended trainers list now.

    What a shame.

  104. Honestly this has turned into a complete fur ball. I think its a good thing that we have this discussion and I thank SFC Barry and MDT for presenting it for comment. If effective resistance is ever going to be managed then we must unfuck ourselves mucho pronto quick like. The SFC makes very valid points unfortunately he encapsulates the points in a casing of caustic and corrosive shell.
    There is nothing new about the professional soldier looking down with disdain on the militia or for that matter the reservist or guardsman. It has been a staple of military life since forever. I have to imagine that the point of the spear casts a foul eye at the shaft and professes “Fuck you shaft, I do all the stabbing”. One can look back through account after account and find examples of Militia cowardice as well as determined bravery. Just the same can be said for Regulars. SFC Barry makes a point that many if any of the people we typically find associated with the “militia movement” are really actually militia. This point is countered with historical statements that the militia is the “whole of the people”. Is it the case however that one can just call themselves Militia and be a valid unit?
    This all seems to be centered on the notion that the militia must have some level of legitimacy. Historically the militia was viewed as an element of the official establishment. Commissions were issued by the government to its commanders and an established structure was in place. The “movement” seems to be populated with many many groups of people who believe that simply laying out the crusty outer shell of ranks and command structure will cover up the soft marshmallow center of incompetent, untrained and unaccountable membership. When the Militia was accountable to a chain of command then incompetent performance could be rooted out. We all know that “regulated” refereed to trained and organized.
    So valid points were made in this piece.
    So what is the answer to this “problem”? There are units out there that are doing things in a proper manner. They are building skills and capabilities and they dont get caught up in the idea of titles and tabs.
    How do we establish the accountability that the SFC asks of us?
    How do we confer legitimacy on a group of armed men?
    How do we not become the Leroy Jenkins gang?
    In short how do we build a modern militia from square one.
    I do not agree that the idea itself is unworthy or that professionals are somehow unsurpassed. That we the lowly amateurs are incapable of competing on the same field. I dont have to go very far to see examples of that. I just have to read my family history. My Great, Great, Great grandfather was a Full Colonel in the Georgia Militia. His regiment defended Atlanta. Here is an account of their service by the division commander.

    “A few days after the affair of the 22d of July I was ordered again to Poplar spring, (1)… but was scarcely established in camp before we had to be placed in the trenches on the left of the Marietta road, and from that time until the end of the siege we continued under close fire night and day. We had to move from one portion of the lines to another, and had our full share of all the hardest places.. The militia, although poorly armed, very few having proper equipment, more than two-thirds of them without cartridge boxes, almost without ambulances or other transportation, most of the reserves. never having been drilled at all, and the others but a few days, all performed well every service required of them during an arduous and dangerous campaign. They have been in service about one hundred days, during at least fifty of which they have been under close fire of the enemy mostly night and day….They have done good and substantial service in the cause of their country, and have established the fact that Georgia is willing and able to do something effective in her own name, besides furnishing more than her quota to the Confederate armies proper….There being; a lull in active operations, the Governor has… [temporarily] withdrawn the Georgia militia from Confederate service, and furloughed them for thirty days.”

    In his report Hood says: “This force rendered excellent and gallant service during the siege of Atlanta.”

  105. “To place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting upon a broken staff. Men just dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life, unaccustomed to the din of arms, totally unacquainted with every kind of military skill … makes them timid and ready to fly from their own shadows.”

    However, according to British General Percy:
    “… during the whole affair the Rebels attacked is in a very scattered, irregular manner, but with perseverance and resolution, nor did they ever dare to form into any regular body. Indeed, they knew too well what was proper, to do so.

    Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself much mistaken. They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as Rangers against the Indians and Canadians and this country being much covered with wood, and hilly, is very advantageous for their method of fighting. . . . “.

    Amazing isn’t it? That a ragtag band of walter mittys defeated the then eminent military force in the world, while led by a traitor to the Monarchist Crown. And they did without adherence to the accepted formation or battle arrangement of the time, confounding the military “experts” of the authorized army.

  106. Because a conspiracy of multiple blogs who normally reblog posts from certain other bloggers when the post alert is received is epic news?

  107. Appreciate you being civil. It gets more information across…
    I understand the nature of those wars, certainly, but the majority of those casualties were inflicted using overwhelming firepower from artillery, aircraft, etc, backed by log support, as you pointed out, but as I contend above, how long will that support be there for this “professional” military when so many break ranks? Maybe they change sides, maybe they stnd aside, but the militias will be much more than they are right now, won’t they? And the VC did a very good job of getting the US to chase shadows and it’s own tail for quite some time. I’m sure you know the historical record vis a vis the inability of the US to get into a set piece battle while incurring a frustrating level of casualties.

    As far as Washington’s thoughts on the militia, wasn’t he more or less a “professional” soldier himself who was, at many times, derided byt the Brits (another group of, I would say, “‘Ultra-Professional” soldiers, backed by an even larger log train) as being out of his depth? Many in the Continental Congresss were not very impressed with his early performance, right? Also, his Army was chronically short on supplies and training, yes? Von Stueben helped with one, the French with the other, right? And only after militia type units proved their staying power, if not by outright victories, at least by not losing. Seems to me I’ve read such similar sentiments on these very pages (so to speak) about the perception of not losing being important to gaining support and legitimacy.

    Every one knocking the militia seems to think such units will be completely isolated and never progress in training and proficiency. When our military, fighting Americans, loses it’s enormous advantage, i.e. manufacturing base, popular support and ability to project power, then the two entities will be closer to achieving parity if not only by the militia rising, but by the standing army falling in those categories, it will be a differnt situation, right? Maybe it will take some time to for a militia to reach sufficient weight to be effective as a maneuver element, maybe never, but operating as clandestine, isolated cells is not without merit.

  108. And “militias” with 50 to 100 members seem to be able to do pretty much as they please in any hive across this country, usually without any significant injuries or losses to their force. Is he suggesting THEY aren’t effective? By the way, what should the “command structure” look like for such a force? And do recognize that there are probably almost a hundred of “militias” just like them in every major hive. What would the “command structure” look like for the top level of those groups?

  109. Fidel Castro was a lawyer not a warrior. How did that work out?

  110. Will, I understand those vagaries could keep him from reaching Five star general of the army, but most of those things would preclude him from being the ultra professional he holds himslef up as being. Changing MOS’ frequently would be prevent any one from gaining a professional level of proficiency, right? Sounds more like a professional student. Anyone who fights an officer is hardly a professional soldier, and I’m guessing that was one of your impediments to advancment, and no I’m not calling you out as you don’t seem to be insulting anyone (except maybe teh “in case you didn’t put it together” comment, but it wasn’t egregious), as he is. Is it really intellectually dishonest to call out someone puffing up their chest. And bad-mouthing such a wide ranging group with such an arrogantly broad brush? Unfair? Why? Bit of a cheap-shot maybe, but I’m sure hes a big boy and can handle what he can dish out.
    I served and knew many E-6s and a few E-7s and even an E-8 who were absolute shitbags. Shitbags. Not claiming Barry is a shitbag simply because of his, I guess I’m saying less than stellar career, as I certainly don’t know him, but wouldn’t a super duper trooper mange a little more out of a career? And at this point, based on what I know about him from what HE HIMSELF WROTE, yes, I do believe I could now classify him as a shitbag, reagardless of what his DD214 states.

  111. To find out a little more about Barry, you can read some pretty extensive writings here : http://christian-identity.net/lindstedt/sfua.html I don’t do the anti semite shit. SHTF to the fullest a guy like Barry does not want to be down range from me whether he was .mil or not. My round is not going to discriminate and trust me, I sure the hell do not run from gunfire.

  112. Pingback: Joe’s armed gang of patriots. | The Sun Also Rises

  113. Indeed. For the most part it’s all a repeat of mistakes from the 1990s militia movement.

  114. “They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as Rangers against the Indians and Canadians…”

    ^ combat experience. They have men amongst them, i.e., guys who knew what to do and how to lead those who didn’t. That’s the exact point that SFC Barry made.

  115. And surely you realize that this was just the megalomaniacal ranting of an emotionally unstable lunatic who has some sort of pathology over self-importance?

  116. “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”

    Col. Jeff Cooper.


    I wonder if Col. Cooper knew what he was talking about.

  117. I wasn’t sure if this was self satire or not when I read it. I mean its so over-the-top ignorant, I didnt know what to think. Still don’t.

    Any multi class MVT grad can out fight the majority of active duty troops I’ve met in 20 yrs Army. This goes even some of the Combat Arms dudes, many of which have become way too reliant on Fire Support.

  118. So what you are saying, is that Fidel, and his merry band of shooters, and his sycophants, could have pulled off what he did in Cuba, in America?

  119. The closer we come to needing a real community, the more successful our “masters” seem to be at tearing us apart.

  120. It’s even worse for the most-modern super-lethal armies when they can’t find the opposition. We might all look like farmers or merchants selling tea and fallafal when not setting fire to their fuel trucks or wrecking anything without expensive 24/7 alert guards. It’s not about a military vs. military “win”, because merely surviving until they can’t afford to stay is a win. The Afghans and Vietnamese have beat the foreigners over and over like that.
    Oh yeah, have LOTS of children.

  121. Dan K,

    2005: Armed US troops (ARNGUS & 82 ABN) assist NOPD in attacking New Orleans citizens to confiscate their personal property.
    1993: Armed US troops actively participate with and support fedgov ATF agents in attacking the private compound of US citizens. The US Army (“professional”) work and support federal agents in killing men, women and children in the Branch Davidian compound.
    1969: Kent State University, Ohio. American troops attack and fire upon unarmed, US citizens protesting the Vietnam War. Citizens are killed and wounded by US troops of the Ohio Army National Guard.
    1942: Armed US troops, under diktat of POTUS F.D. Roosevelt confiscate private homes and property of Nisei-American citizens. Armed US troops fill numerous American concentration camps with American citizens for tje duration of the war. These American citizens are guarded from escape by troops with small arms and machineguns.
    1932: Armed US troops, Horse Cavalry, along with a small contingent of tanks, attack WW1 veterans peacefully protesting in Washington, D.C. As ordered by General Douglas MacArthur, Georgie Patton attacks and wounds hindreds of Americans known as the Bonus Army. These veterans, along with women and children are attacked by US troops. Several are killed. Hundreds wounded.
    1890: Armed US troops disarm the first US citizens, the people of the Lakota tribe. When a Lakota man refused to surrender his rifle to US troops the bulk of the tribe was then attacked and most massacred. You know it as the Wounded Knee Massacre.
    1794: George Washington himself leads an American army of 13,000 troops against US citizens in Western Penmsylvania opposing fedgov’s taxation of whiskey. Taxation….that which many of these citizens fought the RevWar over.

    Make no mistake…the United States military IS NOT our/your friend. Nor is the other civilian “army” that soetoro-obama has helped to foster, i.e., law enforcement ! Badged thugs with automatic weapons, MultiCam uniforms, bloused boots and no regard for the “civilians” constitutional rights. Yes, they too are “the army”. They WILL and have fired upon US citizens….with no regrets or remorse.

  122. Hah. Thanks. So long as you don’t call me ‘SFC,’ we’re cool.
    See you in Vegas, soon.

  123. May the good Lord save us from a Government including Barristers and Witches.

    Cuber got a magical-theoretical form of military rule masquerading as “communism”, that did one thing well: restrict intercourse with the world so much that AIDS is rare (and aggressively quarantined), a major export product of Cuba is Doctors (cheap! Debt-free!), internet comes with a weeks-long delay on USB sticks, and all Cuban farms are Organic Farms due to lack of money to buy poisons or fertilizers.

  124. Bill Roberts

    It would appear that a bunch of you now have your collective panties in a wad over SFC Barry’s latest shot across your bow. That’s good especially if it makes you THINK!

    As a former Professional Soldier, I say former because of a couple of things. First is my age. Trust me the mind is willing but the body lacks a lot at this point.

    Second is something I call “The Half-Life of Knowledge.” I can’t take credit for the term but it is a fact. All knowledge is good but current knowledge is better. What am I talking about?

    Knowing Revolutionary War or Civil War tactics and history is of very little relevance on todays battlefield. A good basis yes, going to win many battles, probably not. Warfare continues to evolve. What I was trained as a young Special Forces soldier has changed in quite a dramatic fashion over the last 40 years. I suppose the phases of a U.S. sponsored resistance movement are pretty much intact but DA and SR have evolved not to mention CT. CT wasn’t even an acronym when I began.

    What I am trying to say is keep your eye on the ball. Learn, train, prepare anyway you’d like without exposing yourself to unwanted scrutiny but always remember; even the Professional Soldier grows old and with him his current base of knowledge.

  125. Marlo Stanfield

    After I discovered Louie Simmons and his West Side Barbell and Paddy Doyle who holds numerous world fitness records, I lost  all interest in military fitness and classifications. Because the vast majority of the military members can’t do 10 percent of what those two men and those they have trained can do. Paddy Doyle can do 1000 pushups in 60 minutes. Which  is a children’s exercise. One is barely moving 50 percent of ones body weight. I spent over 10 years on active duty listening to the drivel coming out of some of my co-workers mouths who struggled to pass the annual fitness exams. My high school wrestling workout out is much harder than any of our basic training requirements. Learn some skills that will get you out of a disaster, store up food and stuff. Find a location that you could defend if discovered. Keep the vast majority of people out of your survival planning. Specially family and friends and co-workers who just might not see eye to eye with you. One should actually have and location that does not include anyone else. Shit can go side ways very fast and those you planned to have with you  are no longer in the picture. That’s why its important to train you kids to be able to do for themselves as soon as possible. Yes your 13 year old should know how to run  a Glock and an AR15. And know what to say to the police. Drive a stick as soon as their feet can reach the pedals. With the civilian schools that are available in  2015 it is possible to get better training than Sam offers. I would limit  my contact with most military people active or ex. Having people around like that is a nice way to get your shit took.    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: marlostanfield53@yahoo.com Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2015 8:01 AM Subject: [New post] SFC Barry Sends #yiv4251232299 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4251232299 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4251232299 a.yiv4251232299primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4251232299 a.yiv4251232299primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4251232299 a.yiv4251232299primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4251232299 a.yiv4251232299primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4251232299 WordPress.com | Concerned American posted: “In Defensio Exercitus ProfessionalesorWe Are Better Than You, Mind Your PlacebySFC Steven M Barry USA RETGood PointsThe recent article here by Mason Dixon Tactical, “Thoughts on Recruiting Prior Service Members,” raised not a few interes” | |

  126. I realize I’m new in town, but in my reading through archives over the past few months, it seems to me that every time there is a schism in this community, someone named Kerodin is involved.

  127. Nobody Special,

    “The Sergeant’s post….shouldn’t have made it past the editor’s desk.”

    The owner of this blog has declared the blog a free-speech zone. He doesn’t ban folks’ commentary. Unlike many other sites owners who regulate “speech”. Concerned American/Pete leads by example. He is to be respected and commended for his “free-speech zone” policy.

  128. “barry” made some very good points. Civilians suck as soldiers. They have no discipline whatsoever. FULL STOP. You CANNOT acquire the discipline needed to act as a competent member of a fire team or any other military skill set in a weekend class or even a year of weekend classes. That part I agree with. Discipline can only be gained thru a serious full-time training regimen which unfortunately requires a thorough mindfucking brainwash. Can a group of well-intended men and women act in concert to gain proficiency in combat and martial arts? YES. The rest of his monkey scat? I can hardly believe a former senior NCO in the Special Forces would EVER dress down a force of indigs in the manner he continually displays. He makes himself look like the spunkwad he really is. You “professional soldiers” need some time to wind down and re-integrate into the human race. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is going to eat the shit you keep spooning out. I ran a business after the Army and I couldn’t believe how fucked up everyone was. I did well and retired very early, most of the idiots that I payed weekly are still idiots, and still working for their weekly pittance. This is why our society has only 1 destiny – catastrophic failure. Enjoy this disgusting, sickly stew of selfishness, incompetence, apathy, and poverty – Bon Appetit ! Oh and always remember… Ignorance breeds poverty.. and poverty truly sucks, so always wear a condom when your banging your nasty murikin stanks.

  129. Pretty words. The author makes the false assumption every iii% wants to be a trigger puller, and cares about BS rank and patches.

    The whole “We are professionals, you are amateurs, therefor you suck” attitude of the author is rather silly.

    The geek in the group will be a higher value target than the trigger pulling meat head.

    The so called “professionals” dislike the geeks but they love playing with the toys the professional trigger pullers have no clue how to invent, or maintain.

    Remember this Mister Professional Man: Every article of gear, every weapon, every tank of fuel, was invented and produced by us Walter Mitty dipshit civilians whom you so loathe.

    In Iraq you would have never succeeded without us dipshit civilians doing those useless tasks like building your bunkers, fueling your generators, cooking your food, and running your convoys.

    Much of this work was done by unskilled non English speaking TCN. But I digress, you are the professional here.

    I guess even the civilian professional cook is not qualified to cook meals for the “professional soldier”

  130. Eloquently Said Brother…

  131. For one (maybe very bad) example, I refer you to Kent State (sure, they were “guardsmen”, but it’s the same mentality). I know of other situations (where I was inadvertently engaged) that were not recorded by the press and most likely hidden by the dotgov, so rest assured: they may not gleefully fire on their own countrymen, but they will fire with effect and probably think nothing more than “I was following orders”.
    So, please, do not over estimate either the loyalty, mentality, or morality of the New and Improved Almost American Armed Forces.

  132. ok, I accept your premise that making more money makes you better than someone, Obama -12.2 million -better than you,
    George Soros-better than you,
    Jamie Dimon-better than you,
    You sound like panajungla1984, change your name? He bragged about his vast wealth and how that made him better than everybody else

  133. Nicely state, T.L.

  134. Correct!
    Go to the head of the class.

  135. “There is also the need for the real professional who can determine when and where to fight, so that the prospects for success are at their best.”

    Funny you mention that, since it brings up what would undoubtedly be a major failing of someone like Sgt. Barry, even beyond his philosophical failings. Sure, solid skills and experience are critical for a function like that, but they’re nowhere near enough.

    History is chock full of evidence. Plenty of strategists and tacticians get their asses kicked–and lots of casualties to go along–because they’re busy fighting yesterday’s war and their enemy is busy fighting today’s. It’s a big edge for FREEFOR in all scenarios and I can’t figure out why anyone would want to undercut it.

    A function as you mention requires immense leadership skills, tons of experience AND lots of brains. A solid dose of creativity doesn’t hurt either, and understanding the hierarchy of goals is yet another essential. Sgt. Barry–on the assumption that he’s actually as he says he is–is plainly lacking in those last two, and seems to score only 1 out of 3 on the first three. The claim of being better than his former employers just adds a little humor to the mix.

    IMO the only relevant question about any of this is, “Why?”

  136. I served in a unit with one of those bastards who fired on the Kent State crowd. Sgt Kerr. What an asshole. He always talked about it. He would be grinning the whole time. The scumbag wore those OD greens while the rest of us wore our newly issued BDUs. I hope that puke is dead now and in hell. SFC barry shitstick reminds me of him. Hope he dies a horrible death too.

  137. Camacho2016!

    I want to thank CA. He’s a blogfather and a brother. I thank him for his friendship, his faithfulness to the cause and maintaining this site as a free and open exchange of ideas where both the good and bad can be evaluated. After all, if bad ideas are never evaluated, then how does one know they are truly bad? Because someone said so? No, because it was put on the table and discussed.

    And that brings us to Barry. I want to thank Barry for revealing his true colors. It must require some degree of courage to write all of that to tell the world just how important you are and how useless the rest of us are. But it’s not enough to be the pointy thing on the spear, he requires recognition, laud, praise and worship. I ask you, how is this attitude different than any dimebag diva? Yeah, I really should use his rank since it’s such a point of pride and respect. But a man who whines like this forfeits respect that he otherwise would have earned. Oops.

    I have voluntarily put myself under the instruction and leadership of people who have more knowledge, experience, and skills than I do so that I might grow and learn. But I will never voluntarily submit to an asshole with an attitude that epitomizes everything that I desire to be free from. Win or lose, I won’t go to my death known as an asshole following an asshole.

    So go forth Barry. Be an Army of None (or Militia of None if you choose. Be the leader of a vast movement of the 0%. And get your own unit patch for The Big Red None.

  138. hey, you guys coming to Vegas? hit me up and let’s be non professional…

  139. SFC Barry is an outstanding example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action.

  140. All well and good, and in agreement with all that you write, until the inevitable “Judeo-Masonic” crap. Really? The Jooooos again. I expected better, although in retrospect I don’t know why.

  141. April 19, 1775. 14,000 answered the call.


  142. Led by a doctor and a farmer (Warren and Heath)

  143. Camacho2016!

    Hey can someone plese take Barry’s waifu away?

  144. Yeah. The monarchist thing bothers me a lot.
    Barry needs to ‘splain that.
    Some jerkwad douchebag is king and he puts his pants on one leg at a time like all the rest of us ? Who died and left him in charge ? What makes him king and not Joe WingBat over there ?

  145. Lolz.
    Fuck this guy.
    He’d make a great bad cop.

  146. Wretched Dog

    Well, a friend whom I respect tells me that SFC Barry is just addressing the poseurs of the Patriot/militia movement.

    I can’t agree. His “We are Better Than You, Mind Your Place” essay title — and the entire second half of his essay — contradict the assumption that he is merely chastising the ‘poseurs’.

    But his attitude toward non-mil preppers/patriot/militia members is not all that is troubling. Barry ends his essay: “Just so there is no confusion about this writer’s politics (some drooling imbecile accused Barry of being FEDGOV), this writer is a Monarchist. He is a Traditional Catholic (of the 13th Century type). He has renounced his “oath” (having confessed and said his penance) to defend the Judeo-Masonic revolutionism scribbled on a sheet of foolscap by delinquents that otherwise marginal innocents call the Constitution. He, being a counter-revolutionary, has nothing but perfect contempt for revolutionaries – and focused loathing for anarchists — of all stripes.”

    The argument against the poseurs is valid. The argument not to use inflated military rank structure in your militia/neighborhood protection team – or whatever you call it – is valid. Everything else Barry wrote is arrogant, elitist, counter-productive bullshit — at best. It bothers me that a number of otherwise intelligent, engaged folk on this blog do not recognize this.

    Yes, I am exercised by this. I am in fact livid. To learn that Barry is a Monarchist; that he disdains the United States of America (as founded); that he has no fidelity to the Constitution, or to the original purpose of the Declaration of Independence; that he assumes all of the founding fathers were nothing but Ruling Class Jews and Masons; and, finally, that he views the patriot/prepper/militia movement as overwhelmingly comprised of criminals or delusional anarchists is beyond the pale.

    Given his statements in the Afterward, one wonders why he just doesn’t emigrate back to jolly old England. But his anti-Semitism, his anti-Constitutionalism, his manifest disdain for this country as founded as well as for his fellow citizens who are, in fact, trying to do something to stave off the endarkenment earn him just one response from this author:

    “Contemplate the mangled bodies of your countrymen, and then say ‘what should be the reward of such sacrifices?’ Bid us and our posterity bow the knee, supplicate the friendship and plough, and sow, and reap, to glut the avarice of the men who have let loose on us the dogs of war to riot in our blood and hunt us from the face of the earth? If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom – go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!”

    The Wretched Dog
    (12 years as an Infantryman, with 25 years active federal service over a total of 33 years academy, active & reserve military service; retired as a LTC)

  147. Shocktroop0351

    Hey, another brat here. I still remember being enamored by maroon and green berets as I was knee high to a grass hopper. The smell of the Lincoln wax being applied nightly while watching football; still seems like it was yesterday. But I also remember the respect I was taught for those symbols, and even though from day one on this planet I am very close to someone who earned them, I never for an instant would ever think that I some how RATE to associate with those symbols. The key word there is RATE, if you haven’t earned a title, then you do not rate to reap the benefits bestowed by the title. I completely agree with the SFC on some of his essay, if you haven’t earned a distinctive title (nobody cares about non-distinctive titles..) you should not assume it. I also agree with him as far as “You civilians need to learn to mind your place”. I think that was a piss-poor way to say “You civilians need to be realistic about your capabilities and skill levels, and learn to improve them and work within them.” I think it is the same reason John Mosby (the blogger) emphasizes training to an ever increasing standard. I also think the SFC has not read much of Mosby’s work, because he is getting wound up around the axles on the word ‘Militia’ and ranks and title that he feels people are misappropriating. Rather than worry about tabs and patches and ranks, start thinking about building tribe. Not everyone in your “tribe” “family” etc. can afford to go enlist in the army and come out in 8 years a Green Beret. But if you are that one guy in your “circle of trust” who has the training (which I am), and has seen the forest for the trees (which I have), don’t you have an obligation to do something(which I do)? Shouldn’t you work to build the best team with what you’ve got? Or should you just pretend that you don’t see anything and when the SHTF you can rely on your patches and ribbons to fight along side you?

  148. Gives a lot of credence to the theory that in order to bargain down his possible 30 year sentence, he agreed to work for the man and ended up with 30 months. I have said it for years, beware of the ones who incite others to light the fuse for him. In fact I view this blog with the same jaundiced eye.

  149. Many “professional soldiers” have joined the Blue Wall since their discharge. Does his post REALLY surprise anyone???

  150. Of course, you are the cretin who was telling people in North Carolina that I was a former Federal prosecutor who attended law school at Notre Dame.

    You are so much of a fucking moron that you couldn’t even get the middle initial right, you shit-for-brains hand-job copsucking stooge.

    Eat shit and die. The world will be a better place with you out of it.


  151. Well CA, traffic is up.

  152. T.L.
    God bless you Sir and all that you do to inspire us.
    In response to your post, I am an inlaw to a very professional soldier, a retired CSM, who has seen the jungles of Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, and the dust of Iraq, to name just a few. He does not have an elitist attitude, he leads by example, he does not look down on his men. He is still in a position of authority. His men followed him without question because of leadership qualities and he still is praised for his accomplishments and style.
    I must believe there are more of his mold than that of SFC Barry.
    Let us remember the day of “the shot heard ’round the world”, when a ragtag bunch of militia members, who were in essence a cross section of America of that day, farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, etc. When the Redcoats demanded, “Damn you Rebels, lay down your arms”, and started the fight, by the end of the day, the trail back to Boston was littered with dead and dying of the King’s finest. Of the thousand troops that started out on the assault, only seven hundred made it back to the barracks. One Samuel Whittemore, an old man of 80 years, who had been shot, bayonetted and left for dead, was found up on his elbow attempting to reload. I’m sure that there was an SFC Barry in the ranks of the colonists, talking down to them also.

  153. As is emoting.

    Pity that thinking is down.

    Sad that folks missed the final sentences before the Afterword:

    “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

    As to the monarchy piece, how’s that constitutional republic stuff working out for folks?

    Same question as to universal suffrage…

  154. Frank Pinelander


    “They were first “spotted” during their military service or training by “spotters” who knew what to look for. Once spotted the candidate was turned over to a recruiter who was skilled in “seduction.” Once “seduced” the candidate was sent to the Assessment and Selection Course. Few made it to the end.”

    You can bet they weren’t looking for bloviators and chest-pounders, either.

    The Stupid, is exceptionally strong here.

  155. well said. I personally am a Militia of One, holding the self-assigned rank of Armed Kitchen Cook, 3rd Class. And will follow SFC Steven Barry to Hell and Back. Particularly in view of his rank anti-Jewism

  156. These so-called professionals can’t even keep drug cartels from taking control of US territory or Mexicans from establishing colonies in US territory near El Paso.

  157. CA, I guess Steve was proven right again, all that has to be done to distract the “Kids” is throw in a little something that has nothing to do with the substance of the post, but hits their “emotions” trigger, and they will pull a “squirrel” every time. Very few even “get it” in reference to that “sunstance”. I’m curious, since when did the belief of an instructor have anything to do with what advice they were giving, regarding advice from someone with a wealth of training, experience, and real world understanding? They don’t see the fantasy forrest for the reality trees. Barry’s opinion of the sunject matter had nothing to do with his beliefs in religion and politics.

  158. If you keep hiding your true feelings and not letting your opinion of a douche canoe out…it will consume you. Confronting (in order) bullies, know it alls,douche canoes,dick heads,fuckfaces,cumsplats.shitstains and good old-fashioned assholes. Feel free , when confronted by any of the above named, to punch them as hard as you can in the balls. The time has come to let the namby-pamby fuckfaces know that you mean business. If it happens to be a woman, give them a PT. Purple (,twisted titty). Why should you even feign politeness, when confronted with evil dirty bastards? I truly believe that some people deserve no part of the civil me. Don’t give the motherfuckers any respect at all. They have not earned any and deserve none. Well put CA.

  159. thanks for the link. Better Christian-Identity than Christian Zionist. At least the former don’t worship their own executioners. My attitude toward SFC Steven Barry just ratcheted up again. Perhaps he will promote me to Armed Kitchen Cook, 2nd Class? At least until I burn the eggs

  160. Oh fuck! I’ll help soothe this out. If you can survive 5 months of sustained in action combat in one year. I will personally give each and every one of you a Sgt. Barry autographed picture in his Green Beanie outfit and a woobie full of essential Commander/Leader tools… and a SNIPER Tab.

  161. That’s what happens when your a doer…Your name gets brought up a lot by the haters who love tearing down instead of uniting…

  162. Kerodin is not his real name; and SFC Steven Barry is not Jew-friendly. Whatever. By and by, we’ll either hang together, or hang separately

  163. Someone is running a psy op on you folks.

  164. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s the same guy, Fabio/panajungla, gone thru a few new names along the way. Women adore him, he’s a hunk, arrogant, and he’s RICH!!!
    On the other hand, he did speak a lot of common sense and seemed to have toned down his rich boy attitude, but that didn’t last long, how can it when you’re RICH!!!

  165. European American

    This is great entertainment, from both sides. Real funny stuff. LOL. Thank God it’s only the internet where talk is cheap and everything is scripted.

  166. Noticed that did ya? Obviously, you are an “Enemy Of Rightful Liberty”. Of course his flavor of “Rightful Liberty” includes “First we kill all the muslims”. Don’t believe me, check his side bar.

  167. Never said anything about that. This could all be the Black Water Rod & Gun Club, sure. Quite frankly, I don’t care.

    What I do care about is freedom. Bickering and infighting does nothing to that end, so those pursuits serve no purpose for me. I wish others would understand how precious the energy is that is wasted on these trivial matters.

    If one person is at the root of all of the major problems in my life, I eliminate that person from my life. It’s not that complicated.

  168. Damn, I am slow.

    “He has renounced his “oath” (having confessed and said his penance) to defend the Judeo-Masonic revolutionism scribbled on a sheet of foolscap by delinquents that otherwise marginal innocents call the Constitution.”

    So what’s your purpose in all this Barry?

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights attached thereto is the only reason I entered this discussion. It may not be perfect but name another system that is better.

  169. SemperFi, 0321

    I was wondering the same thing.
    Back in the late spring of 1976 my USMC Recon platoon and one from another company was sent to Ft. Bragg for Counter Guerrilla Warfare School. We spent several weeks out by what I think was Camp Mackall studying under teams from 5th and 7th SFG (many of the SNCO’s were former SOG). We learned to train indigenous forces and set them up as fighting units, plain simple civilians who were to be the backbone of rural resistance. One night I led a team out, set up a DZ and units from 19th SFG jumped in from C-123’s, set us up as the guerrilla teams and we attacked units from 82nd ABN while holed up in the thickest swamps of Ft. Bragg.
    If SF units are so skilled in this fine art, why does SFC Barry take it upon himself to disparage the lowly militia groups?, OR, is he pointing out the cheap commercialization of some opportunistic hacks out to make a quick dime off naive citizens? There are parts of this IIIper movement that are disgusting, and very money oriented, another reason I stay away from it.
    But basic point here, where are the B Teams who live to train dumb hillbillies and make soldiers out of Bubbas? I’ll do what’s needed when the time comes, but joining some dumbmass unit of egomaniacs isn’t my cup of tea.
    As I keep saying, wait for the dust to settle, and then look for your new recruits. They’ll be very willing at that point. Today they’re still too distracted by squirrels.

  170. Monarchist? 13th Century Catholic?

    Tells me my kind already fought his kind, and won.

    As for me, today, perhaps all I’m good for is to show how a Man dies. I hope I do it well, if it happens.

  171. The One-Eyed Jew by SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.)

    Do not attempt to adjust your dial. They control the horizontal. They control the vertical. Live broadcasts have finally become thoroughly Judaized. The Cabbala Broadcasting System (CBS) is now digitally altering “live” pictures, in real time, for advertising or political purposes. Of course you’re not supposed to notice, and if you are antisocial enough to notice, you’re not expected to comment about it. You see, it’s all “perfectly normal.”

    WTF is that?

    American Negro Carnage Fund by SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.)

    Surgeon General David Satcher, the second Bell Curve proof that Negroes must never be permitted to practice medicine on Whites, recently declared that Negro propensity for puerile and violent behavior is, according to the Jewish operated Associated Press, one of the “‘leading health indicators’ — that address a broad range of health and, one might argue, social concerns.” (Emphasis added.) No kidding.

    Seriously? C’mon. I don’t think it takes a hell of a lot of thought to dismiss this fuckwad.

    “You civilians need to learn to mind your place.”

  172. That sir was fucking awesome.

  173. After reading all the comments for this post, I agree with your last sentence

  174. Of course it does. So few people realize that in order to have a fully free society, the second half of the phrase “Live and let live” is just as important as the first word. Lots of people want to live. Show me a man who can let others do the same and I’ll show you a man who understands freedom.

  175. Nobody Special

    STFU? I’ve heard that many times!


    Assuming ‘SFU’ was not a typo, then, nossir, I have not heard of it.


  176. Jimmy the Saint

    ” We do not murder on orders and we do not seek out enemies of the state and eliminate them.”

    And, in the end, that may be why we fail – a scary thought. Though, to be accurate, it would have to be “enemies of liberty” or “freedom” as opposed to “the state”.

  177. JoeStalinIsMyGodILoveHim

    Amen brother. From one Yankee Puritan to another.

  178. Nobody Special


    I never meant that the Sergeant’s post shouldn’t have seen the light of day, hence the ‘as written’ part of my comment. I don’t believe in censoring anyone — and that goes double when I can simply click away from the website.

    My beef is that the Sergeant has alienated a number of folks today — potential allies and perhaps even friends — not by what he said but how he said it. We may occasionally frown on diplomacy but it has its place. As I type this, there are 175+ comments to the post and a casual glance shows about a 10:1 disapproval rate. We’re not asking anyone to blow sunshine up our skirts but there’s a better way to get the point across than by designating the majority of service members as ‘tourists’ Readers will remember that and have difficulty taking the Sergeant seriously in the future. Believe it or not, I agree with a fair portion of what the Sergeant said; it was his delivery that sucked.

    So when I suggested some editorial oversight on the post ‘as written’, somebody might have pulled the Sarge aside [figuratively] and said, “Maybe this post needs to be brought down a notch or two. You’re among friends here.” That’s not censorship, that’s good stewardship of our community.


  179. Jimmy the Saint

    0-4 if you count their involvement in the ongoing “War on Drugs,” though they have had local successes.

  180. I think he prefers king arthur and the knights who say, “nee!”.

    go figure….

  181. (The only secret in IIIJedburgh, etc., is where the money goes.)

    Now that made me spit milk. Funny, and true, which makes it even funnier.

  182. “Professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. Professional soldiers know these things instinctively even if they won’t say it publicly. You civilians need to learn to mind your place.”

    I love, love, love this post. I wish WRSA had like buttons so I could create half a hundred sock puppets and hit it with every single one.

    I would not place myself at the author’s side, or his back. I do not like him nor after reading the quoted lines do I trust him in the least. But I thank him for speaking the truth as he, and doubtless many others, sees it. I even thank him for needling Kerodin like that.

    As far as rational response goes, there’s a very limited set. First, I refer you to everything Harold Covington has said about the paid men with guns. I don’t agree with Covington on a wide variety of things either but he’s made a much longer career of opposing the US government than most here and his advice is born of experience.

    Second, “soldiers” are not and never will be “better”. The honor of the warrior class – an old and fundamental concept in European man – did not derive from the solidi they were paid. It was their nature, not their day job. To the extent the warrior class held itself naturally born to rule, that was inextricably linked with proven ability to rule and to do so according to the right. The US military has demonstrated no such ability. It plays political games, executes social engineering experiments on itself, and leaves thoroughly wrecked nations in its wake in guise of victory.

    Finally, anybody who thinks the Founders of the USA had any good ideas whatsoever should remember that a fundamental precept they held was that the military MUST be subordinate to the legitimate government. Their reasons are known for those who care about such things; I’ll merely mention Pertinax as a starting point.

    If Mr. Barry wishes to encourage a rift of enmity between the military and the general population, attitudes such as those on display here are marvelously effective.

    I will add one thing –

    “Tells me my kind already fought his kind, and won.”

    It tells you no such thing; but that you could draw such a conclusion indicates you know about one tenth of the history you should.

  183. you forgot the meetings with “mister big”. And he’s sooo MF tough he shaves his sack with a weedeater.

  184. Most troops over there fully knew they had it softer than troops in any other war…Heard it many times. Thought it many times.

  185. In hindsight, you should have put five right between his eyes.

  186. Wow 173 comments already, is that some kind of record?
    Well I doubt I could add much to the deconstruction of sfc Barry mental tripe.
    However I respectfully offer one qualified observation.
    I have had the pleasure of knowing combat veterans from every conflict since world war one through gulf war two and Afghanistan. To a man they all have had a certain air about them, like they have been tempered in a forge unimaginable. Whether happy like the 98 year old ww1 vet or somber as the Afghan vet; not a one of the dozen COMBAT vets I have known would bloviate garbage like “bended knee” and professional soldiers such as sfc barry.
    With all due respect to the superb fighting forces of these united states, I think sfc barry is a likely pot Wolloping fobbit of the first order. And while he may know the theory of the last two hundred yards he clearly knows nothing of leadership, logistics, or innovation which just might be developed and practiced in these irregular forces he deems to look down upon.

  187. outlawpatriot

    Ignorance. Just plain ignorance.

    I would strongly suggest that you read the accounts of battles like Huck’s Defeat, Blackstocks, and Kings Mountain. In each, principal British officers, well, Christian Huck was really a Provincial, were defeated handily by lowly Patriot militia units. Tarleton, commander of the British Legion Cavalry got his ass handed to him by Thomas Sumter at Blackstocks and Ferguson, Cornwallis’ second fair haired boy, was defeated and killed at Kings Mountain by combined Patriot militia units. The latter proved to be the turning point of the Revolution and the beginning of Cornwallis’ ultimate demise at Yorktown.

    You made the list fucker. Congratulations. 🙂

  188. I see nothing but poor fat ignorant slobs all about. I brought my new SUV into the GM dealer for service today, and low and behold. A fat nasty bitch was at the counter, then an unshaven dirtbag with his shirt untucked gets into my clean ride, lowers the windows and turns on the radio as he drives it to the bay-what a couple of lowlifes. It’s a disgusting feeling knowing these slime balls breathe the same air as me. I guess you just wouldn’t understand.

  189. Well… it depends on how your head is cocked.

  190. NS,

    Barry is a shit-stirring has-been. He’s been fomenting discourse and aggravation thru his written meanderings for over 20 years. There is nothing one can suggest to him regarding his musings that would change his presentations. However, as witnessed by the massive amount of comments here, he is good for something….getting people to think.

    In the realm of life, what does Social-Security drawing Mister Barry mean to any of us ? Nothing. He’s just another old fuck trying to be relevant. He’s not. Don’t lose any sleep over his commentary. I won’t.

    Now consider getting out to a range and practice some drills with your rifle and pistol. There is value in that. Addressing Barry’s bullshit is a waste of time. But it is fun !

  191. “Naming a system of training ‘Jedburgh’ was a good move; after all, at the end of the day you gotta call it something” How’s about hot naming it something that was a title of respect and admiration, and was EARNED. He used the name because it’s his wet dream to be “Jedburgh”. (Why do you think he used that patch for IIIPSFA after there were protests about it? Did you ever actually earn anything that took all you had and then a shitload more? That’s JEDBURGH, and that’s why you don’t use it for silly “Intramural games”. Why do I bother? You guys will never understand.

  192. SemperFi, 0321/0351

    So where did you get the 0351?

  193. Way to point out the obvious in an impressively over the top display of douchbaggery, SFC. I had a 1st Sgt just like you…

    So what was the point of that screed? You don’t subscribe to our ethos, so why even bother haranguing us here?

    The byline of this place is “resist”. You obviously won’t. So go away.

  194. Yes, continue your campaign of online intimidation. Just add me to all the lists.

    There’s a ton of evidence, accounts and written word of militias feeling from battle during the Revolution. Are there times when militias defeated British regulars? Of course. Whether by surprise or the accumulation of combat experience, SOME militia units did become effective in the field. Historians agree, however, that the militia was no substitute for regular, professional soldiers.

    (There are several good books, and Forgotten Patriots is a great one.)

    According to lots of remaining data, the most common duty of militia men was pulling security, not warfighting, which still is not an unimportant or insignificant contribution.

    But there’s good reason why many officers, General Washington included, had a disdain for the militia. Many of the units just weren’t skilled or disciplined enough to be counted upon.

    My overall point isn’t to say that those militias didn’t or their contemporaries can’t make important contributions. But given the lack of professional training, experienced leadership and overall preparedness, MOST militias weren’t, nor will they ever be, professional warfighters.

  195. Frank, Most here are what I call “Pretards” They talk a lot of shit, but they haven’t actually done anything stupid’retarded…yet…but you know they eventually will. BTW, We know you’re watching Puppy, you can’t copyright, patent or trademark (whatever) my terms…we know you already did it to someone else. you can’t have “Pretard’ and “TEOTWAWKISTAN” are all MDT.

  196. I’m printing a pic of that loser and using it for a target. Fucking scumbag should stop sucking air and die already. Washed-up, has-been, who never was is more like it. His existence makes a valid argument for abortion. I bet he never knew who his father was either. That would explain everything. I hope we see him on youtube getting the shit beat out of him by a gang of urban yutes.

  197. not impressed

    I guess it’s a good thing that a bunch of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto did not get schooled by Barry on how inferior they were, compared to professional soldiers of Wehrmacht.
    So, they bent the Nazis and fucked them in the ass (figuratively speaking…) for a good 2 months, against all odds.

    I guess it is also a good thing that both of my grandfathers, one being a young school teacher, another a slightly older engineer, did not get schooled by Barry, either.
    So, they (along with a bunch of other Russian “lowly” civilians) went to war and – both of them on the front lines – defeated the professional soldiers.

    Thank you, SFC Steven M Barry (USA Ret), for your having been born after those events and thus not influencing those civilian amateurs.

  198. not impressed

    Oh, and one more thing:

    I’ve been thinking all day, and I could not quite figure out what your sentiment reminded me of.
    “the more honest among the professional military will admit (among themselves) that they never had more personal liberty than when they were under martial order and discipline”.

    It has just hit me… This is what your words reminded me of:
    “Arbeit macht frei”

    Same kind of insane horseshit.

  199. good to see you back and posting. my best wishes to you.

  200. “They have men amongst them, i.e., guys who knew what to do and how to lead those who didn’t.”

    And we don’t. Tough shit. Some of us will move forward anyway. Gotta play the cards you got.

    If your comment was intended to suggest that Sgt. Barry might be such a person, then you automatically win Funniest Comment of the Month in my book. I mean, plenty of his points are valid, but leading? For THIS?? Hopefully you weren’t suggesting any such thing.

  201. Your attitude sucks dead donkey dicks

    Agreed. This SFC is unfit for command of any sort. I would have washed your sorry ass out for attitude you smug POS.

  202. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Had multiple deployments TACON to JTF-6 in the early ’90s. Drugs and wogs flow across the border because it is FEDGOV policy. When my ODA was successful in interdicting both we were punished and send someplace else where we couldn’t actually accomplish the mission we were issued.

    Don’t blame us. Look in in the “government of the people” mirror.


  203. I retired from the Reserves, with some active duty thrown in. We both retired at the same rank though Sarg; CIVilian. Who do you think won WWII, you pompous Ass?
    The only thing your article made me think of was an old saw I learned in the mid ’80s, “The first round in combat is always reserved”. F.ckn lifer

  204. LMFAO, 197 comments! This cat successfully took a baseball bat to a hornets nest. And ran off laughing all the way. If he were serious, I would call his Feudal/Caste system loving ass a fuckin tyranny lover, and anarchy is preferable to authoritarianism any day, but the part about being a Monarchist and degrading the constitution, doesn’t add up. Unless of course this blog owner fully supports tyranny, feudal/caste systems, and the slavery of the population this clown just advocated for. Being an infantry Marine who served two tours in Iraq, was hit by an IED my second, and is a professional war fighter, I say,” dear writer if you were fucking around about being a King George Loyalist, we don’t have time for stupid games. If you were actually serious, then you have made the same narcissistic underestimating mistake your beloved King did. Just because the military has to be authoritarian to function efficiently in combat, doesn’t mean the civilian world should operate as such.”

  205. AppoloDoc, I hope that is the true word from an honest witness because it resonates with my overall sense of the history of many of the characters in this melodrama.

    It’s not that hard, even from here, to discern the self interest from the sincere…

    MDT throws in with K, because self aggrandizement; slams Max V, because self aggrandizement; gets wise to K, slams K (justifiably), sucks up to reflected “glory” of SFC Steven M. Barry, Knight Templar, Heir to the Throne, Defender of the Faith and Realm, because, well, you know…

    Insufficiency, standing alone.

    As for this:

    “I am ready to meet my Lord at any moment. I would be happy to introduce others to him as well…”

    One not inconsiderable correction: Him, as well.

    Otherwise, concur completely.

  206. The soul of wit, and of eviscerating critique, is brevity.

    Thanks, Herschel, for sparing me the need of any further comment… and a good laugh!!!

  207. Evil.

    Beyond doubt.

  208. And now, some mood music!

  209. in conclusion: such are the ramblings of a bloviating dufus thereby making your post laughable and most certainly not to be taken with the least grain of salt of credibility…

    Prepping Preacher Chaplain IIIPSA

  210. The Walkin' Dude

    Boom boom tsssssssssssss

  211. No, I am saying that insurrections and rebellions are quite often carried out by those that are not soldiers

  212. I am not praising Castro, simply stating that he was a lawyer. Better dead than red.

  213. SFC Barry is most amusing and his screed appears to be an appeal to the love children of Lee Greenwood and Vlad the Impaler. Part of me thinks the wily sarge tossed a rhetorical grenade and ran to watch the fun from afar.

    I used to read his Resister in the 90s until it left its Randian mooring to go into uncharted territory that ends up as a Christian Identity organ worshiping odd statist arrangements.

    Of the five primary disciplines in Special Forces, Unconventional Warfare is the least practiced and most neglected in spite of its primacy in a proper counterinsurgency but America can’t do that in concert with Foreign Internal Defense. The professional forces of America and the West have not been used to defend the USSA since the War of 1812. It has not won a fight since the War to Save Josef Stalin.

    Full disclosure: I was a regular who was an intelligence NCO and officer book-ending a brief four year stint (branch detail) as a combat arms officer in the 101st Airborne Division. Not tabbed, just a middling officer who happened to spend alot of time with SOF and served three years in an SF battalion as the S2/ MID CDR; great lads but not super-soldiers. Since 9/11, vanilla SOF has spent little time conducting the “quiet professional” tasks of seasoned and mature bushmen raising partisan armies. They simply haven’t done it. Most of their time is spent getting their war on busting down doors and shooting people in the face. Sexy time with war paint. A most uncivil and unproductive way to win hearts and minds. Great humans but not the supermen that Hollywood and their USSOCOM publicity machines make them out to be.

    Something any proper light infantry formation can do but despite the Pentagram claims to the opposite, there is no light infantry training in the modern force. If you want that, go to Max’s course or any of the other worthies who teach tactical training and post here.

    Have I mentioned the complete withdrawal from classical light infantry training? I still have my dog-eared FM 7-8 clasped with rawhide. The sainted light infantry bible for platoon and squad replaced by a gargantuan tome (FM 3.21.8) in the aughts. But they should have just issued a 3×5 card that reads Call For Fire.

    I can’t speak to black SOF because of its unrevealed secret squirrel missions but I’m sure they’d find some way to disclose these successes come budget time.

    These professional forces are legends in their own minds. Since the end of WWII, the legendary professional forces of the West have not won a single war. Not one. Name the last Muslim insurgency that was crushed. One can make a weak case for Malaya and a strong case for Sri Lanka but the defeat in the former was a Muslim country anyhow and the latter were non-Western in orientation.

    So professional forces protect our freedom? What Sherman did by bringing war to the civilian population in the Second American Revolution? What American arms did in helping to lay the foundation for WWII in WWI? What these professionals did in the sideshow in the ETO and blood-soaked take no prisoners campaigns in the Pacific? The Allied occupation of the Europe after WWII? All the professional disasters that followed in Korea, SE Asia and countless cold-war and now GWOT proxies?

    I’m just talking about US forces here not the imperial forces of Rome and Britain that bled the world for centuries doing the bidding of psychopathic politicians. There has never been a professional soldier class that wasn’t a creature of the ruling clans in power at the time east or west. Even the mercenaries were vicious and evil; take a look at one Sir John Hawkwood in the 1370s.

    9/11 goes without saying as the professionals in the Pentagram dropped the ball time and again as the trillion dollar Iraqi army (SF certainly lent a hand to these) folded in front of the light infantry of Daeesh, another US government Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together and supported like UBL in Afghanistan during the 1980s. Seven countries have IS infestations in the ME but Ive often wiondered if all these wars are simply a sophisticated money laundering operation for the Western military-industrial complex. These professional soldiers in the Pentagram have an uncanny habit of pulling the pin on the grenade, stuffing it down their pants and running.

    All of this means we owe these professionals for our freedom?

    I don’t have a dog in the militia fight but I prefer them to the standing armies that the Anti-Federalists providentially warned us about. Pretty hard to get volunteer militias involved in imperial mischief. One reader mentions Henri Guisan’s (Swiss Field Marshall) notion of a nation of snipers. Guisan’s “Redoubt/Reduit” strategy was conceived of not to win military glory, but to make the conquest of Switzerland too lengthy and uneconomical for an invader. The Swiss bear examination on how to get national self-defense right. You combine capable riflemen with mountainous terrain that they own and you have an exquisitely difficult military problem.

    If you substituted the word police for professional soldier in here, all the usual psychotic and narcissistic characteristics would still be alive and well.

    No monarchy for me, I’ll stick to my odd notions of self-ownership, abolition of slavery and a vigorous plan of atomized self-defense. Barry’s screed is simply another paean to unlimited government power. No thanks.

    No bended knee for me to my “betters”.

    Bill Buppert

  214. If only all of you put the
    same energy into actually
    fighting, the things that would
    be accomplished (a minimum of
    216 comments prior to mine).
    Instead, as always, you all
    intentionally create some outrage
    to distract, scapegoat, and hide behind.
    in place of actually beginning the difficult
    and drawn out task of retaking our Republic
    from the communists and treasonous traitors.
    Our southern border does not
    exist and that territory of our
    Republic is completely undefended.
    The communists daily use the
    Constitution (unopposed) to wipe
    their asses.
    Illegals have overrun major sections
    of America (unopposed), along with
    intentionally being heavily seeded throughout
    rural and other various parts of America by
    treasonous traitors in DC, where
    no populations of illegals previously existed.
    Go ahead, barely complain about it, and see if
    the jackbooted police state does not knock your
    dick in the dirt.
    And don’t expect any protests for justice after
    they do so, that outrage is only reserved for
    the protected class of oppressed racial and sexual
    minorities, which white male American CITIZENS
    most certainly are not.
    And that is just for starters.
    Fuck you, all of you suck.

  215. Red in OleVirginny

    Lots of chin music in that article. Excuse me if I dont kiss your ass sfc barry.
    I guess we know which side you’ll be on. Thanks for the heads up.
    Gotta go now – training today with 2 badass former US Marines (even though I’m a lowly civilian puke!)

  216. outlawpatriot

    Certainly my life philosophy. 😉

  217. I have never heard such a bunch of crybaby whiners. If this is what our country is comprised of, we are so screwed!

  218. Forgot the sarcasm tag….

  219. outlawpatriot

    Oooh, that’s very good.

    I’m pickin’ evil. Bugs Barry is evil. As are those that side with him.

    We are not all on the same side.

  220. Judging from the sfc barry post -yet again, murikins just can’t work together. Too much diversity. I guess the fact that the average murikin can’t even muster up $400. at any given moment sums it up. What fucked up animals they are. Have an exit plan and LET. IT. BURN.

  221. OMG we got dressed down by a Special Forces operator! WE are not worthy!A case of tear em down to build em up?I think not.Remember,millions of you fat wannabe “militia” types enraged and engaged couldn’t make a difference anyway.Just put your Fudds back in your gun cabinets and have another beer.Leave the real anarchy to the pros.You know,the ones with the uniforms and govt.sponsors paid for by you.

  222. I guess like many here have already stated, I’m not so much in disagreement with what SFC Barry said, as much as I am with how he said it…

    I’ve no .mil experience. Vietnam ended right before I graduated and that war was a thorn in everyone’s side. Saw how Vets were treated by both civilian and .gov ingrates and felt very much ashamed of what I saw. But to the point, I understand the purpose and meaning behind the message. But to talk down to and degrade those, who in their mind, feel they are doing something to prepare and protect this country over rank is pretty brash in my mind. Pass on the message but can you at least do it in a more civil manner? Or has civil been replaced with “being a Dick about it”, to take the message to the next level.

    I get it that civilians involved in a militia can be in, SPC Barry’s eyes, to be a bunch of lard-assed-weekend-warrior-wannabe’s. And it likely turns SPC Barry’s stomach that members of said militia’s establish rank recognition for whatever. He’s established that position already. I get it that there are many who feel it is a form of disrespect to be ranked in the same manner as our military. Okay? But really, should SHTF and folks of all types end up having to battle against a leviathan, will all this matter in the end? Many will die in the process, that is a given…but I’d like to believe that many too will survive and at some point in time, become warriors themselves. OJT if you will. But I guess the question is, WHO will be the Head Honcho that establishes such a title? Is that you, PFC Barry?

    Look, SPC Barry, us “simpleton civilians” with no .mil experience whatsoever will not have the luxury of claiming “I’m not playing in this game” should SHTF and be allowed to move on to areas that aren’t involved in a shooting game by the referees. We’re ALL going to be stuck in the shit whether we like it or not. So maybe, just maybe, we could use some direction and purpose from those who have background in military and possibly, our only course for direction will be to become part and parcel of said militia’s that you have no respect for. Maybe it doesn’t occur to you that we at minimum would like to have at least a chance to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Or do you feel that the only ones that matter are those who’ve done the deed and been in the shit. Maybe us non-.mil-types should just accept the fact that we will be refugees running from safe-zone to safe-zone until we’re all participants in the various genocide festivities that could likely occur during CW 0.2.

    Then again, maybe you don’t have time to be polite. Maybe you’ve been criticized enough that you have not time for niceties…to anybody. Maybe you don’t give a shit about militias because they can’t hold a candle to your quality of character. Maybe you could care less about civilians despite there is strength in numbers and you lack confidence that many civilians have the capability of becoming a warrior…some, maybe in a capacity beyond YOUR talents.

    Then again…maybe, just maybe…I don’t give a fuck what you think at all. You may just end up biting a bullet or two during the first salvo. Should that happen, that’ll confirm your irrelevancy.

  223. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    To the author of the “article”

    A bit of inside baseball for you champ – “Professional Soldiers” don’t win wars. “Logistics” wins wars. Take care to better treat those who will be arming you, feeding you, providing intelligence and creating your propaganda. You “professional soldiers” need us or you can’t do your “soldiering” in the first place.

    We ain’t in this to throw off the current tyrants and replace them with a newly minted dictatorship. If you can’t offer us better, then FOAD.

    PS: Us old broken down supply clerks and regular average Joe slobs don’t have to beat you “professional soldier types” in a firefight to win. We just have to upend the infrastructure until your effectiveness has degraded to the point of irrelevance. See also: Mexico.

    PPS: Your attitude blows shit.

  224. Your point is precise, yet carries far-ranging implications.

    The most obvious to me is, what makes his attitude different from the “we are Gods” mentality exhibited daily by the LEO’s who extort, rape, beat and murder mere citizens for the flimsiest of excuses? Such LEO’s exhibit the exact same elitist mind-set, consider themselves (as demonstrated by their actions) above the law, and murder on orders.

    Have we no allies left here, who love freedom, country and our culture?

  225. Line change. The over-under for paid provocateurs involved in this reeking distraction–counting all posts and all commenters online–is now nine. Were I betting, and I’m not, I’d happily fade all of the under action.

    Counting off-line support staff, it’s 160.

  226. Exquisite, Bill. One of your best.

  227. “God” (divine right of kings) is on the side of the big battalions.

    To paraphrase: the sociopath with the biggest army anoints himself king.

  228. What an epic fucking melt down. I honestly do not understand the motivation to produce a blog post formulated in this manner. You are right JC, I am not getting the gist of this post from SFC Barry. He is the smartest guy in the room and like the magician he refuses to explain his tricks. So please enlighten us and fill us dumbfuck’s in so we get up to speed.
    The way I see it, the wisdom that is in this piece is so occulted by concepts and phrases deliberately designed to provoke a fight response that it is completely lost.
    Was this done to invoke the “squirrel” trigger? Great it succeeded. Now what? What was the purpose? To prove that people can get wound up around the axle if you push the right button? Okay anyone with a high school psych class could tell you that. So now what? Whats the next move? Whats the next part of the plan to educate us and make us see the light? Again I ask if we are doing it all wrong then tell us how to do it right. If the only answer to this question is “go find a professional to train you” then I call bullshit. If the desire was to communicate that valuable piece of information then there was no need to set the whole god-damn community on fire and burn a whole heap of bridges while that was done. Trust me when I tell you that I have seen a message with all the best intentions set off a fire. I have been the guy that understood the intentions and attempted to get others to see. So please take the time to filter out the wheat on this for us.

    Where are we today?
    Are we better off today than we were yesterday?
    Did our position improve?
    Do we have a better understanding of the enemy and his situation?
    Did we weaken our own position?
    Did we provide an opening that the enemy can exploit?

    Important questions that need answering.

  229. A snappy Salute to you Colonel!
    Well said!

  230. ” why does SFC Barry and others care so deeply about seeing something like Jedburgh fail?”

    Perhaps it is because he doesn’t want to see them slaughtered in big bloody batches, asisted by their own hubris.

  231. And that type of insurrection/rebellion is almost always crushed. When they do succeed, what are the two common denominators of their success?

  232. Nah, they can’t work together because they refuse to admit for what they ought to be working. Notably, in that respect there’s no diversity at all.

  233. SFC Barry wouldn’t have supported George III because George III was a protestant. But… had SFC Barry been in the King’s Army of the time, he would have rooted out the Masonic insurgency, seeing it as FAR worse than the King’s own protestant error, before it had fully taken hold, thus preventing a fratricidal war.

  234. “professional soldiers” are”better” than civilians.
    That’s true,as civilians do not have the free time to train all day,every day for a couple years to become high speed low drag elite forces ninjas-aka “professional soldiers”.

    The “militia” is about as squared away as a soup sandwich-we all know that with the exception of a few groups here and there,mostly led by former Rangers and other SF guys-most “militia” groups are a bunch of incompetent fucks like the idiots on Discover channel last year.
    Militia groups have used military ranks since forever-that’s not likely to change. 99% of the guys calling themselves Colonel are about as far away from the leadership skills of a Colonel as possible.

    I don’t know of anyone calling for the “militia” to take on the federal gov’t or the U.S. military-that’s suicide.
    What I do know of is a lot of small groups working to learn skills to protect their own neighborhood should things go sideways.
    None of the guys I know are planning for or training for a war with the gov’t of the military,again-that would be suicide.
    SFC Barry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin.
    SFCBarry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin getting a bunch of trainers together to teach classes/offer courses and/or training,and calling the results the Jedburgh Academy-because no one earned the title of “Jedburgh”.
    I don’t see where Kerodin claims to be teaching people to become professional soldiers who have earned the title of Jedburgh,or where the Jedburgh Academy is calling those who take the courses offered Jedburghs.
    Seems to me the problem (s) SFC Barry and MDT have with Kerodin are the reason for the oppostion to Kerodin using Jedburgh Academy as the name for the network of trainers he has put together-all of which have their own schools,or travel to provide training,as many do.
    The stated goal of the Jedburgh Academy is to teach the skills needed to survive a long term SHTF situation-and yes,one of those skills is preserving food-things like canning peaches.

    The Sgt makes some valid points,as he usually does-he also paints with a broad brush,and paints everyone-or at least most- in the III%/Patriot/prepper community as incompetent.

    Near the end of the Sgt’s spleen venting rant is this…

    “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

    Which is good advice.

  235. Wonder where they get these idea’s?

    Could a “militia” perpetrate a crime against Muslims inside the USA? Sure. But since none ever have and it is thousands of times less likely that a “militia” will attack a Muslim than that a Muslim will commit an act of terror in the USA, one has to wonder where the FBI’s resources are being spent and if they are being directed in the proper manner?

    Obama Admin. Again Warning That White ‘Militias’ are as Big a Threat as Islamists


  236. Where are we today?
    In the shit.
    Are we better off today than we were yesterday?
    Did our position improve?
    Do we have a better understanding of the enemy and his situation?
    Did we weaken our own position?
    Did we provide an opening that the enemy can exploit?
    When haven’t we provided our enemies (gift wrapped)
    a strategic and tactical advantage to exploit.

  237. “None of the guys I know are planning for or training for a war with the gov’t of the military,again-that would be suicide.” Obviously and unfortunately, You haven’t met some of the groups that I have, and Barry has individually.
    “SFCBarry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin getting a bunch of trainers together to teach classes/offer courses and/or training,and calling the results the Jedburgh Academy-because no one earned the title of “Jedburgh”.”
    The problem is the same as it is with all kinds of other groups ( it’s usually militias, as I said in this post https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/mdt-thoughts-on-recruiting-prior-service-members/ ). Using terms that hold a special significance, then acting like the significance of your version is the same, when it’s obviously not, is disingenuous, and in poor taste, especially from someone that hasn’t even served in the military, and has an obvious desire to want to to be that. He’s been telling people they should call themselves “commandos” (he said that in a post) on his blog, I mean, come on, really? In a comment on my blog last night, it was stated “I get the hate towards the III% society, and the talk of stolen valor.”, here was my response.
    “I get the hate towards the III% Society” There is no hate there, Hell I was one of the founding members. What there is is a problem with the direction it went in due to a guy who couldn’t follow the rules, and tried to do his own thing, even to the point of deceiving the Board. Did you read this email Kenny put up?
    “No worries on the Society. I’m going to hold off on Dave for now – I originally suggested you be an immediate Director and there was pushback from one asshole – so I just did an end-around and after you accepted, announced to the world you’d accepted SPA.” Disingenuous much? There was no asshole, at least not on the Board and he did not bring up Kenny being a Director to us. The first we knew about it, was when he announced Kenny was the new SPA.
    You said, “Seems to me the problem (s) SFC Barry and MDT have with Kerodin are the reason for the oppostion to Kerodin using Jedburgh Academy as the name for the network of trainers he has put together”
    Here’s a line from his blog on the academy,
    “I mentioned in a post below that I am launching a school for Patriots in Idaho. The curriculum is designed to teach you the skills of the Commando. I have named the school The Jedburgh Academy. When you come to train, you will meet some of the finest trainers in America. When you leave you will have the skillset of a Commando.”
    and another from the blog,
    “You will be forced to fight as the Commando, and Commando is the label you should assume for yourself. Commandos are noble. They are the good guys. They fight unconventionally for what is right and good. The Commando is someone special. The Commando can instill confidence of those in the populace and auxiliary.”
    Please tell me you see the pattern, right?
    I appreciate you seeing the point of the post (so few did), and not getting wrapped up in the background of who was saying it, at least not his religious or political views. BTW, I am neither a monarchist, nor have I renounced the oath I took, and that Gentlemen, is my full disclosure.

  238. Keystone Confederate

    Most prior combat arms personnel agree?? Please support that claim. Surely you aren’t inferring that most prior combat arms personnel have read this article, or conferred with the author. The author is bloviating.

  239. Try again Doc, correct me if I’m wrong, but “slander” is when it’s not true right? I answered the questions people had of me about Mosby, and yeah, the bullshit he pulled on us was unprofessional and dishonest, simple. You assholes want to keep bringing the “Talks about Mosby” up? Have I ever put anything on my blog about what Mosby did? Hell No! Why, because I’m a professional. I just recently reposted a post talking about how good Mosby and Max are as trainers, didn’t I? Did I need to? Again HELL NO!, But I did, because I am a professional, and can keep my personal and professional opinions separate. The problem I have, was considering myself to be among friends, and talking to you as a friend would (venting and all). BTW, anyone that knows me, or has taken my classes know that the line ” talking yourself and your own grand skills, knowledge, and experience up” is complete BS. You said “Max has outed you, Chris. You are poser yourself, a stinkbait professional who seeks to make himself look better.” Funny that, The “Max outing” as you call it didn’t receive a response, do you know why? Because I’m a professional, and didn’t want to make more of a stink, than the one Max started with his allegations. Yes, they were allegations, since he never proved any of them, you took what he said at face value, without hearing the second side (you know, every situation has two sides, right?) You said, “My expertise in observation & assessment of people leads to clear conclusions about a lot of what goes on in these settings” Coming from a guy who couldn’t even follow simple range safety instructions, and shot at what he described as “a guy in camo”, on a range with clearly defined mil type silhouette targets, maybe you should talk about your “expertise in observation and assessment”. As far as my business is concerned, I’m happy with running about 4 or 5 SUT classes a year, because my business isn’t a “Gotta pay the bills” type of venture. Never has been never will be, and quite honestly I have better things to do with my time than teach all the time. Keep something in mind, Kerodin says you are only a “Professional Trainer if it’s your day job. Maybe you should tell that to Mosby, huh.

  240. “Don’t blame us.”

    A thread of 243 comments and THAT’S the one thing you wish to express? And you dare to think you could actually LEAD the men here? At least you win the Funniest Comment of the Thread, hands down.

  241. I already made a comment but here is another:
    We may all be mentally agile and more clued-in than the avg voter but we are all still children of this civilization.
    That is why we all (including SFC Barry) suffer from the results of mainstream narrative against those who would be in it’s ideological opposition.
    Certain attitudes towards those who want to make things better are simply designed into our psyche as modern americans and this is what fueled SFC B’s rant.
    In order to have an effective Light Infantry Fighting force you dont need need 15 yrs of 75th ranger regiment or similar.
    Infantry skills are not rocket science and they can be trained by competent trainer to just about any life long civilian who is in reasonable shape and is eager to learn.
    Is someone who is paying for his own ammo and training fees instead of learning on the .gov tit at a disadvantage in the summary of his skills?

    Sure, but you dont even have to be all that good to be EFFECTIVE.

    If you have learned the Basics you have the skills to operate and and the rest is often mostly situationally driven anyway ( like who has surpise etc)

    You can have a 8 man team from the most elite fighters on the planet, any sexy unit you want ot think of, if you walk that team into a well selected ambush (site selection is also not rocket science), manned by 20 reasonably competent armed civilians you will lose that 8 man team in a heartbeat.
    No if’s ands of buts short of dumb luck.
    Dumb Luck BTW favors everyone equally and military history shows that “God likes the bug battalions” as Napoleon said (or was it Joffe?)

    Remember we teach this stuff to teenagers in the Army/USMC whose mind is on pussy and beer 24/7 and who just want to go home to the barracks to play video games and drink and hunt tail.. You dont think intelligent and motivated adults cant learn this stuff in a few quality courses?

    And if they are in reasonable shape on top of it, the skys’s the limit.

    Like everything else in training there is such a thing as dimishing payoff. You train for 2000 hours over 10 years in the .mil , well, this does not give you 20 times the combat power than someone who has trained 100 hours. It will give you an advantage but it wont make you better by a multiple.

    Especially if the other side gets to pick which part of the spectrum it wants to fight in.

  242. PS: Sorry for all the typos. I realize some of them are quite amusing : )

  243. It was a sort of rhetorical question for the OP. While I am not a “commando” I have a fairly good idea of my survivability.

    I actually find more to agree with than disagree with in the OP. Most of the prepper community would quickly be killed in a straight up fight with regulars. That is why a straight up fight isn’t the plan. -55six

  244. This Dick measuring contest is distorting the view for readers……After a reading marathon, one can draw the conclusion that the “used to be’s”, are butt hurt because the wanna-be’s are somehow stealing their thunder.. the formers, has beens, and relics from the past are pissed off at the posers, pikers, and phonys…. Makes for some good old fashion melodramatics,when the Bill Cunningham show cuts to commercial doesnt it?…. Fact is, if you have the time to sit in front of a computer and slap yourself on the back, telling everyone how magnificent you are, and how insignificant the rest of the oxygen thief’s are, it says more about your daily routine, and less about what you currently do to re enforce all that magnificence, Iv never met a person worth a shit who rested on their laurels, while pointing out the shortcomings of the many … Formers, has beens, and used too be’s can be found in any VFW, slurping down drinks and telling tales… all patiently waiting to stroke their own dicks, for the right audience, to add to their legacy….
    Launching into a diatribe about what people are not, is like fucking for virginity.. it does nothing but make you look like a fool as you scream into the wind.. the credible ones are teaching their craft to the ones willing to learn..

  245. “Obviously and unfortunately, You haven’t met some of the groups that I have, and Barry has individually.”

    I would say it’s fortunate,not unfortunate that I have not met any “militias” or groups training to take on U.S. gov’t/military-as I said-that would be suicide.

    The issues between Kerodin ,you and Kenny are just that-whatever happened with that was between you guys.
    The III Percent Society appears to be getting some things done,the patcon was a success, next, we’ll see what happens with the Jedburgh Academy-(more on that later in reply)


    I’ve never earned anything?!
    I’ve earned plenty-just because I didn’t spend years in the military doesn’t mean I didn’t spend years learning a trade,or years in apprenticeships,only to have douchebags claim to be something they clearly were not.
    Even I have a problem with guys claiming they were part of some special forces elite super secret ninja team when many were never in any branch of the military to begin with,let alone being SF,so yes-I get your point.

    What I don’t get is where Kerodin claims he is teaching people to be “Jedburghs”. He’s claiming that he has put together a group of trainers to teach courses essential to surviving a SHTF event-that a long ways from claiming to be teaching people to become “Jedburgs”-
    Not even close-would take many years of taking 3 day classes every weekend to even come close.

    “The curriculum is designed to teach you the skills of the Commando. I have named the school The Jedburgh Academy. When you come to train, you will meet some of the finest trainers in America. When you leave you will have the skillset of a Commando.”

    Skillset of a commando-sure it’s POSSIBLE to teach that skillset,to impart the knowledge-it’s the every day,day after day training doing the same things over and over and over until you automatically do them without even thinking about it. The continual practice/training part is up to the individual-as I’m sure you tell your students that practicing the skills you taught them is very important,along with regular PT,target shooting,rucking,hiking,etc.
    Kerodin still isn’t calling people Jedburghs,or Rangers,or SEAL’s, etc.
    Yes,I get what you are saying-but I do not believe this rises to the level of stolen valor-not even close.
    He put together a bunch of trainers,with expertise in various areas-people need to learn a whole lot of skills-in many different areas-sounds like a great idea to me-how about we wait and see how it works before tearing it down?

  246. Commando?I go commando all the time.It gives me a sense of freedom and liberty I have never found anywhere else.Especially in the warmer months.

  247. I am former combat arms and I don’t agree with Barry at all. I think what he has said is foolish for more reasons than I can recount here.

  248. “MDT throws in with K, because self aggrandizement”
    I “threw in with K” because he asked me to, and we all wanted the IIPSFA succeed.
    ” slams Max V, because self aggrandizement”
    Please, tell me where my “slamming” was, all I saw were accusations made by Max that I didn’t respond to, because I was asked not to “for the good of the cause”, and CA can back that statement up.
    “gets wise to K, slams K (justifiably)”
    I started to “Get wise to K back in the summer of 2014. I didn’t jump the gun, I verified that I wasn’t the only one seeing the glaring problems (yeah, multiple) developing, and finally left with two other Board members (joint email resignation, but of course he says he “Planned and orchestrated” that, right?). He lost 7 out of 10 members of the Board (well Wirecutter was a SPA) in 6 months, and 4 of them within 1 week (maybe you guys should ask “Why?”, instead of trying to pin me with the “Anti K” label). Wait, don’t tell me, it was all us, and “Special K” was the epitome of the noble and righteous leader, right? Maybe we (6 out of 7 had served in the military) were not a good pick for the plans he had, since we actually spoke up when he tried different things that we felt were wrong (Paul Lemmon is a perfect example, I said “Not just No, but Hell No!”)
    “and sucks up to reflected “glory” of SFC Steven M. Barry, Knight Templar, Heir to the Throne, Defender of the Faith and Realm, because, well, you know…”
    I’ve known SFC Barry for around 18 years, there is no “sucking up” going on there, just mutual respect. I know why I respect him, I actually KNOW him.

  249. Like button.

  250. “Launching into a diatribe about what people are not, is like fucking for virginity… ”

    That is the best comment yet on this situation.

  251. People like Barry should be welcomed “on bended knee” to anyone’s survival group.

    This way, they’re easier to kill if they decide to go warlord.

  252. If you have the support of the population and your forces are smart enough to avoid battle with the enemy, but rather just harass him a bit, you will win eventually. If the good Sargent is suggesting that you will lose a pitched battle against better armed, better trained forces, he is stating the obvious. This has been known for millennia, from Sun Tzu to Mao….and also to the American revolutionaries. Washington avoided battle unless he had great superiority…..

  253. I can’t make a monarchy work as well as a constitutional republic. A bad sovereign has nothing in the way to slow him down and his imbecile son is next in line.
    Can someone post the epic pro’s of a monarchy vs the epic con’s of a constitutional republic ?
    All gov’t sux, but a monarchy has to suck more.
    Convince me to believe in a monarchy.

  254. Would you be a good monarch?

  255. The most useful information was at the end: “this writer is a Monarchist”. Alrighty then, it’s a dominance challenge. ‘All you are toast unless you submit to my capable war leader’, said in the proper style for selling a king. The people who will fall for that one, will; and the people who won’t, won’t.

  256. outlawpatriot

    My answers are exactly the opposite of yours there cavmedic. Bugs Barry and his butt buddies mean nothing to me and mine. They best find a way to the moon. The dark side.

    I ain’t forgettin’. 🙂

  257. Shocktroop0351

    School of Infantry, Camp Pendleton, California

  258. An armed gang of 10 are criminals; an armed gang of 10,000 are legitimate democratic authority. The numerical midway point between criminal and congress is the religious cult of 250, where 14 year old girls are assigned to be the wives of 50 year olds, but are given a social place for doing so.

    Humans believe these 10/250/10,000 numbers make moral “sense” because that’s what their genetically programmed monkey troop instincts tell them to do.

  259. Most are just trying to get through their days without taking responsibilities for their own behavior. They won’t think honestly about anything because they already know there are creepy things under that rock. Some are lazy. Some are incompetent. Very few are movie villains.

  260. “Can someone post the epic pro’s of a monarchy…”

    Sure. Sgt. Barry–and no doubt many associates and admirers–want one very, very much.

    That’s close to the ENTIRE set of pros you’re likely to find, at least on this continent.

  261. “Any multi class MVT grad can out fight the majority of active duty troops I’ve met in 20 yrs Army.” Well duh. Anyone who’s been in the Army knows Support troops are severely lsacking in SUT training and practice.
    “This goes even some of the Combat Arms dudes” You must be speaking about Engineers, Arty, etc, right? You don’t know this first hand about the Infantry do you…were you infantry?

  262. “Changing MOS’ frequently would be prevent any one from gaining a professional level of proficiency, right? ” So let me get this straight. A guy serves over two decades in Special Forces, and If he changes MOS’s within Special Forces during that period, his level of proficiency is “Lacking”? What an imbecile!

  263. Of course you say that every time he writes something OP, but you still come back and read what he has to say, don’t you? At least you have that “React to Pepper Spray” training squared away.

  264. Ironic how one of the gems of the post was missed by the large majority of those who commented. “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

  265. Well, if things follow standard form, K will get up early and post a number of responses and “get the last word in” right before the comments are closed. It is now 735 AM EDT. The comments close at 8 AM EDT. Hopefully K’s alarm went off at 430 in Idaho, so he could get up in time and tell us about ourselves.