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In Defensio Exercitus Professionales
We Are Better Than You, Mind Your Place

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Good Points

The recent article here by Mason Dixon Tactical, “Thoughts on Recruiting Prior Service Members,” raised not a few interesting questions about the difference between the professional military and the Walter Mittys of the militia crowd. Yes, Walter Mittys, because the militia crowd is living in a perfectly immanentist delusion that if they rattle their muskets hard enough and long enough and loud enough against the Oppressive Tyranny of their very own “government of the people” their “representatives” and “servants” will either back down or the “militia” will show them what for. The fact that their “government of the people” hasn’t yet simply stepped on the “militia” is proof either of the fearsomeness of the “militia” or their impotence. In their puffed up opinion of themselves the “militia” see lack of being stepped on as proof of their fearsomeness. The Feds consider that they have more important things to worry about.

It is in that context that the whole question of “Recruiting Prior Service Members” rests. But here distinctions must be made. There is a world of difference between a prior service member and a professional soldier; that distinction being the difference between “tourists” and those whose lives were the military. A further distinction in discriminating between tourists or professionals is who were combat arms or not. That is an important distinction because the overwhelming majority of the military is not combat arms. The huge advantage to the “militia” in their attempt to recruit tourists is that tourists will in all probability be not combat arms and thus likely impressed with high sounding but entirely unrealistic “unit” titles. For the tourists patches and tabs are a bonus.

Now, this writer corresponds frequently with many former professional soldiers from the better of the combat branches and he cannot name one of them even remotely inclined to join a “militia.” Why is that? This writer will take the heat and give the reason bluntly. It is because professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. And that professional soldier class will not be dragged down to the level of “Joe’s Armed Gang.”

Here is only one example why. (Historically the examples are legion.)

Presumptuous Impudence

There is a new game in town, III Card Monty, run by some street smart HVAC laborer, otherwise known as Jedburgh University. Cool name; “Jedburgh.” Just like other cool names of other private armed gangs of civilian nobodies who presume such titles as they deem fit to steal from the military whose titles were actually earned. These private armed gangs will pretend to seemingly any and all martial titles of specialist military units without the least claim or qualification; but the one thing they will never do in their overweening self importance and presumptuous impudence is call themselves, “Joe’s Armed Gang.” That would be too real. That would be too honest.

Here are easily dismissed all the nonsense of “Ranger” and “Commando” and “Raider” and “Sniper” or otherwise “Special” and other stolen valor martial titles by private armed gangs. Those thefts pale before the egregious and shameless embezzlement of “Jedburgh.” (Along with the outright theft of the real Jedburgh patch – what’s a unit without a patch?; what astonishes is that there was no attempt to trademark it – about said patch one can only learn the ‘secret’ about it by paying money to join the “Jeds.”

Of course, the impudence of IIIJedburgh cannot be separated from the insolence of IIIOfficer. The same hubris feeds both fantasies.

Quorum Ille Auctoritate?

By whose authority do these civilian armed gang pretenders confer upon themselves martial titles? Why, by no authority whatsoever. And lest there be any doubt in the matter “the people” are altogether no authority. Least of all those self ordained “leaders” or, by greater audacity, those self consecrated “commanders” who assure us there is a difference between leadership and command while titillating the otherwise clueless with a “Leaderless Resistance” composed of leaderless “IIICommandos” lead by leaderless IIIOfficers – but only by mutual agreement. In any case, “you are all leaders” … Somehow. Never mind that if everybody is a leader, nobody is a leader.

Thus are the IIISolipsisms and IIISophisms of IIIRevolutionism and IIIAnarchy. This writer could illustrate the number of times throughout Not-IIIRevolutionary history when the revolutionaries insisted that nobody was in charge and everybody was a leader but, by mutual consent of course, temporary “leaders” were elected until they became unpopular. Only one example: Some State’s Militia of the Confederacy made a show of it. Until it was put down with bullets and bayonets by the Regulars. There are many other examples.


Jedburghs (the real ones, not the IIIKind) were not volunteers. Neither were they amateurs, “glorious,” talented or otherwise. They were first “spotted” during their military service or training by “spotters” who knew what to look for. Once spotted the candidate was turned over to a recruiter who was skilled in “seduction.” Once “seduced” the candidate was sent to the Assessment and Selection Course. Few made it to the end. After A&S they were sent to their specialized training. More failures. In all it took somewhat more than six months. It wasn’t about derailing trains; it was about the person who derailed trains. They were under authority and they were under martial discipline. And it was all secret, unlike IIIJedburgh. (The only secret in IIIJedburgh, etc., is where the money goes.)

IIIJedburgh, on the other hand, is anybody who wants to; there is no A&S, no authority, and no discipline (there is an improvement!). IIIJedburgh is a business model. IIIJedburgh is not claiming to be using the old Jedburgh syllabus, they only claim to steal its name. But let’s pretend that IIIJedburgh ran a contiguous training course on par with the old Jedburgh course – about six months, give or take depending upon specialty. (Just where they would get the qualified talent for that is anybody’s guess; thus the slovenly and ambiguous “University” concept.)

If the average self-selecting IIIJoe could endure – provided he/she/it could can peaches already (or else!) – and afford the cost of every weekend for a month it would take about two years to complete the course. What happens after that is anybody’s guess. If the IIIJoe could make it only one weekend per month it would take about eight years. This writer wouldn’t care to speculate on the cost of each weekend course in the IIIJedburgh University. It sounds lucrative. Perhaps student loans will be available. And of course adequate parking. At the “Citadel.”

“…Recruiting Prior Service Members.”

MDT stated a crucial truth. “Do you want to get prior service members to join your group? Fine, don’t make them laugh ….”

He adds, “Prior Service Recruiting Tip”:

If you are a militia unit, and you use rank, keep it conservative…. (Original emphasis.)

On the first point MDT is Dead On Balls Accurate (DOBA). This whole “militia” thing is a bad joke among the professionals – let alone that there is always something vaguely criminal about it. It may rake in the odd tourist, or even a New Age retiree. Obviously it appeals to civilians who love dressing in Army drag (for whatever reason). But the best you’ll get from the Old Military professional soldiers is their hanging back and watching in disbelief. If their assessment the “militia” were merely contempt it would be a huge improvement.

Why is that? Because when you are talking about Old Military professional soldiers you are talking about Field Grade officers (or better) and Senior NCOs. And they are not going to be in the least impressed with “Brave Heart” and “Patriot” snot slinging about “Freedom” and “Liberty,” which ultimately reduces to nothing more than communistic libertine anarchic squalidness (socially, ethically, and morally). Because the more honest among the professional military will admit (among themselves) that they never had more personal liberty than when they were under martial order and discipline – which is why they miss the military. Old Military professionals had perfect liberty to do what was right when under orders and discipline. You civilians claim a “liberty” to do whatever you want, which is slavery to depravity. Your civilian “liberty” is a hard sell to professionals who know what liberty really is and who could actually help you.

On the second point MDT (God bless his gentle soul) is more tolerant than this writer.

You are not a militia. You have no authority. You have no right to use any martial rank or expropriated military title whatsoever, let alone confer honors. You are nothing. And if you are prior service and have joined some private armed gang reconsider your dignity.

This writer will say it again so it sinks in.

Professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. Professional soldiers know these things instinctively even if they won’t say it publicly. You civilians need to learn to mind your place.

You want revolution? Count out the professional soldiers. They are not going to pick up arms to help civilian Walter Mittys thrust the country yet deeper into the revolutionary cesspit. Civilians have made it bad enough as it is. Frankly, you are not going to “restore the Constitution.” It is working just perfectly as it was crafted.

You want counter-revolution? Bend the knee. Then there will come forward (some few kindly hearted) professionals with help, advise and guidance – and an exceptionally low tolerance for dreamy we’re-gonna-take-on-the-Feds bullshit.

Just prior to being sent off to this blog’s patient administrator, one of this writer’s censors (he has several – all professional military) commented, “I don’t know exactly what to do with the threepers and the militia types. Ignore them? Oathkeepers kept the Bundy Ranch thing from becoming a bloodbath. I believe the next time a situation like that happens, the national Government will crush it. That could lead to a real insurgency. But, as you said before who then has command and control? To what end? At this point I am at a big fat “I don’t know.” “

Barry responded, “I don’t know either. I examine this whole militia thing from every angle and it always comes up a loser. Here is my prediction… That if (or rather when) SHTF, these “militia” armed gangs will quickly revert to banditry — if they don’t already have criminal intent to begin with.
Anarchists, almost all of them.”

And encouragement to said censor:

“Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”


Just so there is no confusion about this writer’s politics (some drooling imbecile accused Barry of being FEDGOV), this writer is a Monarchist. He is a Traditional Catholic (of the 13th Century type). He has renounced his “oath” (having confessed and said his penance) to defend the Judeo-Masonic revolutionism scribbled on a sheet of foolscap by delinquents that otherwise marginal innocents call the Constitution. He, being a counter-revolutionary, has nothing but perfect contempt for revolutionaries – and focused loathing for anarchists — of all stripes.

There it is. Full disclosure.

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  1. I have never heard such a bunch of crybaby whiners. If this is what our country is comprised of, we are so screwed!

  2. Judging from the sfc barry post -yet again, murikins just can’t work together. Too much diversity. I guess the fact that the average murikin can’t even muster up $400. at any given moment sums it up. What fucked up animals they are. Have an exit plan and LET. IT. BURN.

    • Nah, they can’t work together because they refuse to admit for what they ought to be working. Notably, in that respect there’s no diversity at all.

  3. OMG we got dressed down by a Special Forces operator! WE are not worthy!A case of tear em down to build em up?I think not.Remember,millions of you fat wannabe “militia” types enraged and engaged couldn’t make a difference anyway.Just put your Fudds back in your gun cabinets and have another beer.Leave the real anarchy to the pros.You know,the ones with the uniforms and govt.sponsors paid for by you.

  4. I guess like many here have already stated, I’m not so much in disagreement with what SFC Barry said, as much as I am with how he said it…

    I’ve no .mil experience. Vietnam ended right before I graduated and that war was a thorn in everyone’s side. Saw how Vets were treated by both civilian and .gov ingrates and felt very much ashamed of what I saw. But to the point, I understand the purpose and meaning behind the message. But to talk down to and degrade those, who in their mind, feel they are doing something to prepare and protect this country over rank is pretty brash in my mind. Pass on the message but can you at least do it in a more civil manner? Or has civil been replaced with “being a Dick about it”, to take the message to the next level.

    I get it that civilians involved in a militia can be in, SPC Barry’s eyes, to be a bunch of lard-assed-weekend-warrior-wannabe’s. And it likely turns SPC Barry’s stomach that members of said militia’s establish rank recognition for whatever. He’s established that position already. I get it that there are many who feel it is a form of disrespect to be ranked in the same manner as our military. Okay? But really, should SHTF and folks of all types end up having to battle against a leviathan, will all this matter in the end? Many will die in the process, that is a given…but I’d like to believe that many too will survive and at some point in time, become warriors themselves. OJT if you will. But I guess the question is, WHO will be the Head Honcho that establishes such a title? Is that you, PFC Barry?

    Look, SPC Barry, us “simpleton civilians” with no .mil experience whatsoever will not have the luxury of claiming “I’m not playing in this game” should SHTF and be allowed to move on to areas that aren’t involved in a shooting game by the referees. We’re ALL going to be stuck in the shit whether we like it or not. So maybe, just maybe, we could use some direction and purpose from those who have background in military and possibly, our only course for direction will be to become part and parcel of said militia’s that you have no respect for. Maybe it doesn’t occur to you that we at minimum would like to have at least a chance to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Or do you feel that the only ones that matter are those who’ve done the deed and been in the shit. Maybe us non-.mil-types should just accept the fact that we will be refugees running from safe-zone to safe-zone until we’re all participants in the various genocide festivities that could likely occur during CW 0.2.

    Then again, maybe you don’t have time to be polite. Maybe you’ve been criticized enough that you have not time for niceties…to anybody. Maybe you don’t give a shit about militias because they can’t hold a candle to your quality of character. Maybe you could care less about civilians despite there is strength in numbers and you lack confidence that many civilians have the capability of becoming a warrior…some, maybe in a capacity beyond YOUR talents.

    Then again…maybe, just maybe…I don’t give a fuck what you think at all. You may just end up biting a bullet or two during the first salvo. Should that happen, that’ll confirm your irrelevancy.

  5. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    To the author of the “article”

    A bit of inside baseball for you champ – “Professional Soldiers” don’t win wars. “Logistics” wins wars. Take care to better treat those who will be arming you, feeding you, providing intelligence and creating your propaganda. You “professional soldiers” need us or you can’t do your “soldiering” in the first place.

    We ain’t in this to throw off the current tyrants and replace them with a newly minted dictatorship. If you can’t offer us better, then FOAD.

    PS: Us old broken down supply clerks and regular average Joe slobs don’t have to beat you “professional soldier types” in a firefight to win. We just have to upend the infrastructure until your effectiveness has degraded to the point of irrelevance. See also: Mexico.

    PPS: Your attitude blows shit.

  6. Line change. The over-under for paid provocateurs involved in this reeking distraction–counting all posts and all commenters online–is now nine. Were I betting, and I’m not, I’d happily fade all of the under action.

    Counting off-line support staff, it’s 160.

  7. What an epic fucking melt down. I honestly do not understand the motivation to produce a blog post formulated in this manner. You are right JC, I am not getting the gist of this post from SFC Barry. He is the smartest guy in the room and like the magician he refuses to explain his tricks. So please enlighten us and fill us dumbfuck’s in so we get up to speed.
    The way I see it, the wisdom that is in this piece is so occulted by concepts and phrases deliberately designed to provoke a fight response that it is completely lost.
    Was this done to invoke the “squirrel” trigger? Great it succeeded. Now what? What was the purpose? To prove that people can get wound up around the axle if you push the right button? Okay anyone with a high school psych class could tell you that. So now what? Whats the next move? Whats the next part of the plan to educate us and make us see the light? Again I ask if we are doing it all wrong then tell us how to do it right. If the only answer to this question is “go find a professional to train you” then I call bullshit. If the desire was to communicate that valuable piece of information then there was no need to set the whole god-damn community on fire and burn a whole heap of bridges while that was done. Trust me when I tell you that I have seen a message with all the best intentions set off a fire. I have been the guy that understood the intentions and attempted to get others to see. So please take the time to filter out the wheat on this for us.

    Where are we today?
    Are we better off today than we were yesterday?
    Did our position improve?
    Do we have a better understanding of the enemy and his situation?
    Did we weaken our own position?
    Did we provide an opening that the enemy can exploit?

    Important questions that need answering.

    • Where are we today?
      In the shit.
      Are we better off today than we were yesterday?
      Did our position improve?
      Do we have a better understanding of the enemy and his situation?
      Did we weaken our own position?
      Did we provide an opening that the enemy can exploit?
      When haven’t we provided our enemies (gift wrapped)
      a strategic and tactical advantage to exploit.

      • outlawpatriot

        My answers are exactly the opposite of yours there cavmedic. Bugs Barry and his butt buddies mean nothing to me and mine. They best find a way to the moon. The dark side.

        I ain’t forgettin’. 🙂

        • Of course you say that every time he writes something OP, but you still come back and read what he has to say, don’t you? At least you have that “React to Pepper Spray” training squared away.

  8. “professional soldiers” are”better” than civilians.
    That’s true,as civilians do not have the free time to train all day,every day for a couple years to become high speed low drag elite forces ninjas-aka “professional soldiers”.

    The “militia” is about as squared away as a soup sandwich-we all know that with the exception of a few groups here and there,mostly led by former Rangers and other SF guys-most “militia” groups are a bunch of incompetent fucks like the idiots on Discover channel last year.
    Militia groups have used military ranks since forever-that’s not likely to change. 99% of the guys calling themselves Colonel are about as far away from the leadership skills of a Colonel as possible.

    I don’t know of anyone calling for the “militia” to take on the federal gov’t or the U.S. military-that’s suicide.
    What I do know of is a lot of small groups working to learn skills to protect their own neighborhood should things go sideways.
    None of the guys I know are planning for or training for a war with the gov’t of the military,again-that would be suicide.
    SFC Barry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin.
    SFCBarry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin getting a bunch of trainers together to teach classes/offer courses and/or training,and calling the results the Jedburgh Academy-because no one earned the title of “Jedburgh”.
    I don’t see where Kerodin claims to be teaching people to become professional soldiers who have earned the title of Jedburgh,or where the Jedburgh Academy is calling those who take the courses offered Jedburghs.
    Seems to me the problem (s) SFC Barry and MDT have with Kerodin are the reason for the oppostion to Kerodin using Jedburgh Academy as the name for the network of trainers he has put together-all of which have their own schools,or travel to provide training,as many do.
    The stated goal of the Jedburgh Academy is to teach the skills needed to survive a long term SHTF situation-and yes,one of those skills is preserving food-things like canning peaches.

    The Sgt makes some valid points,as he usually does-he also paints with a broad brush,and paints everyone-or at least most- in the III%/Patriot/prepper community as incompetent.

    Near the end of the Sgt’s spleen venting rant is this…

    “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

    Which is good advice.

    • “None of the guys I know are planning for or training for a war with the gov’t of the military,again-that would be suicide.” Obviously and unfortunately, You haven’t met some of the groups that I have, and Barry has individually.
      “SFCBarry and MDT have a problem with Kerodin getting a bunch of trainers together to teach classes/offer courses and/or training,and calling the results the Jedburgh Academy-because no one earned the title of “Jedburgh”.”
      The problem is the same as it is with all kinds of other groups ( it’s usually militias, as I said in this post https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/mdt-thoughts-on-recruiting-prior-service-members/ ). Using terms that hold a special significance, then acting like the significance of your version is the same, when it’s obviously not, is disingenuous, and in poor taste, especially from someone that hasn’t even served in the military, and has an obvious desire to want to to be that. He’s been telling people they should call themselves “commandos” (he said that in a post) on his blog, I mean, come on, really? In a comment on my blog last night, it was stated “I get the hate towards the III% society, and the talk of stolen valor.”, here was my response.
      “I get the hate towards the III% Society” There is no hate there, Hell I was one of the founding members. What there is is a problem with the direction it went in due to a guy who couldn’t follow the rules, and tried to do his own thing, even to the point of deceiving the Board. Did you read this email Kenny put up?
      “No worries on the Society. I’m going to hold off on Dave for now – I originally suggested you be an immediate Director and there was pushback from one asshole – so I just did an end-around and after you accepted, announced to the world you’d accepted SPA.” Disingenuous much? There was no asshole, at least not on the Board and he did not bring up Kenny being a Director to us. The first we knew about it, was when he announced Kenny was the new SPA.
      You said, “Seems to me the problem (s) SFC Barry and MDT have with Kerodin are the reason for the oppostion to Kerodin using Jedburgh Academy as the name for the network of trainers he has put together”
      Here’s a line from his blog on the academy,
      “I mentioned in a post below that I am launching a school for Patriots in Idaho. The curriculum is designed to teach you the skills of the Commando. I have named the school The Jedburgh Academy. When you come to train, you will meet some of the finest trainers in America. When you leave you will have the skillset of a Commando.”
      and another from the blog,
      “You will be forced to fight as the Commando, and Commando is the label you should assume for yourself. Commandos are noble. They are the good guys. They fight unconventionally for what is right and good. The Commando is someone special. The Commando can instill confidence of those in the populace and auxiliary.”
      Please tell me you see the pattern, right?
      I appreciate you seeing the point of the post (so few did), and not getting wrapped up in the background of who was saying it, at least not his religious or political views. BTW, I am neither a monarchist, nor have I renounced the oath I took, and that Gentlemen, is my full disclosure.

  9. I already made a comment but here is another:
    We may all be mentally agile and more clued-in than the avg voter but we are all still children of this civilization.
    That is why we all (including SFC Barry) suffer from the results of mainstream narrative against those who would be in it’s ideological opposition.
    Certain attitudes towards those who want to make things better are simply designed into our psyche as modern americans and this is what fueled SFC B’s rant.
    In order to have an effective Light Infantry Fighting force you dont need need 15 yrs of 75th ranger regiment or similar.
    Infantry skills are not rocket science and they can be trained by competent trainer to just about any life long civilian who is in reasonable shape and is eager to learn.
    Is someone who is paying for his own ammo and training fees instead of learning on the .gov tit at a disadvantage in the summary of his skills?

    Sure, but you dont even have to be all that good to be EFFECTIVE.

    If you have learned the Basics you have the skills to operate and and the rest is often mostly situationally driven anyway ( like who has surpise etc)

    You can have a 8 man team from the most elite fighters on the planet, any sexy unit you want ot think of, if you walk that team into a well selected ambush (site selection is also not rocket science), manned by 20 reasonably competent armed civilians you will lose that 8 man team in a heartbeat.
    No if’s ands of buts short of dumb luck.
    Dumb Luck BTW favors everyone equally and military history shows that “God likes the bug battalions” as Napoleon said (or was it Joffe?)

    Remember we teach this stuff to teenagers in the Army/USMC whose mind is on pussy and beer 24/7 and who just want to go home to the barracks to play video games and drink and hunt tail.. You dont think intelligent and motivated adults cant learn this stuff in a few quality courses?

    And if they are in reasonable shape on top of it, the skys’s the limit.

    Like everything else in training there is such a thing as dimishing payoff. You train for 2000 hours over 10 years in the .mil , well, this does not give you 20 times the combat power than someone who has trained 100 hours. It will give you an advantage but it wont make you better by a multiple.

    Especially if the other side gets to pick which part of the spectrum it wants to fight in.

  10. This Dick measuring contest is distorting the view for readers……After a reading marathon, one can draw the conclusion that the “used to be’s”, are butt hurt because the wanna-be’s are somehow stealing their thunder.. the formers, has beens, and relics from the past are pissed off at the posers, pikers, and phonys…. Makes for some good old fashion melodramatics,when the Bill Cunningham show cuts to commercial doesnt it?…. Fact is, if you have the time to sit in front of a computer and slap yourself on the back, telling everyone how magnificent you are, and how insignificant the rest of the oxygen thief’s are, it says more about your daily routine, and less about what you currently do to re enforce all that magnificence, Iv never met a person worth a shit who rested on their laurels, while pointing out the shortcomings of the many … Formers, has beens, and used too be’s can be found in any VFW, slurping down drinks and telling tales… all patiently waiting to stroke their own dicks, for the right audience, to add to their legacy….
    Launching into a diatribe about what people are not, is like fucking for virginity.. it does nothing but make you look like a fool as you scream into the wind.. the credible ones are teaching their craft to the ones willing to learn..

  11. “Obviously and unfortunately, You haven’t met some of the groups that I have, and Barry has individually.”

    I would say it’s fortunate,not unfortunate that I have not met any “militias” or groups training to take on U.S. gov’t/military-as I said-that would be suicide.

    The issues between Kerodin ,you and Kenny are just that-whatever happened with that was between you guys.
    The III Percent Society appears to be getting some things done,the patcon was a success, next, we’ll see what happens with the Jedburgh Academy-(more on that later in reply)


    I’ve never earned anything?!
    I’ve earned plenty-just because I didn’t spend years in the military doesn’t mean I didn’t spend years learning a trade,or years in apprenticeships,only to have douchebags claim to be something they clearly were not.
    Even I have a problem with guys claiming they were part of some special forces elite super secret ninja team when many were never in any branch of the military to begin with,let alone being SF,so yes-I get your point.

    What I don’t get is where Kerodin claims he is teaching people to be “Jedburghs”. He’s claiming that he has put together a group of trainers to teach courses essential to surviving a SHTF event-that a long ways from claiming to be teaching people to become “Jedburgs”-
    Not even close-would take many years of taking 3 day classes every weekend to even come close.

    “The curriculum is designed to teach you the skills of the Commando. I have named the school The Jedburgh Academy. When you come to train, you will meet some of the finest trainers in America. When you leave you will have the skillset of a Commando.”

    Skillset of a commando-sure it’s POSSIBLE to teach that skillset,to impart the knowledge-it’s the every day,day after day training doing the same things over and over and over until you automatically do them without even thinking about it. The continual practice/training part is up to the individual-as I’m sure you tell your students that practicing the skills you taught them is very important,along with regular PT,target shooting,rucking,hiking,etc.
    Kerodin still isn’t calling people Jedburghs,or Rangers,or SEAL’s, etc.
    Yes,I get what you are saying-but I do not believe this rises to the level of stolen valor-not even close.
    He put together a bunch of trainers,with expertise in various areas-people need to learn a whole lot of skills-in many different areas-sounds like a great idea to me-how about we wait and see how it works before tearing it down?

  12. Commando?I go commando all the time.It gives me a sense of freedom and liberty I have never found anywhere else.Especially in the warmer months.

  13. People like Barry should be welcomed “on bended knee” to anyone’s survival group.

    This way, they’re easier to kill if they decide to go warlord.

  14. The most useful information was at the end: “this writer is a Monarchist”. Alrighty then, it’s a dominance challenge. ‘All you are toast unless you submit to my capable war leader’, said in the proper style for selling a king. The people who will fall for that one, will; and the people who won’t, won’t.

  15. Ironic how one of the gems of the post was missed by the large majority of those who commented. “Keep it local. Keep it sane. Keep it military. Keep it disciplined.”

  16. Well, if things follow standard form, K will get up early and post a number of responses and “get the last word in” right before the comments are closed. It is now 735 AM EDT. The comments close at 8 AM EDT. Hopefully K’s alarm went off at 430 in Idaho, so he could get up in time and tell us about ourselves.