A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


From over the transom…

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  1. Yes, but his “co-star” is being a little different.
    I assume “Luke” is volunteering to be on “collection detail”.



      Andrew: His cosmic-white co-star Han has weighed in on the side of gun confiscation in the past. I imagine the Princess would too, if she could put together a coherent thought in that drug-addled brain of hers.

  2. But you see, it really isn’t the best policy to open carry. You scare the normals, the soccer moms and the royal highness types. We must win them over by not ruffling any feathers. Also, a naughty person could steal your gun right out of your holster or shoot you first because they see you with a gun! It is just wiser to conceal carry and you should just go get your carry permit. Like a good droid. Its just protocol! That way people won’t be scared and they’ll stop trying to ban guns. They’ll see reason.
    Just common sense gun laws. Totes. I swear. Would I lie to you?

    • Wiser to get what some (you?) might call bended-knee permission for permission to carry? Perhaps yes, because a concealed pistol is a better tactical choice than advertised open carry.

      However, if you can’t make the jump of reasoning to bend that knee, in a similar way that you may have bent it in order to get permission to operate a motor vehicle on public highways, in exchange to gain a major advantage in a fracas, you have two options. One, is to play by big boy rules, flaut law, and gain the advantage of concealed carry. The other, is to move (without bringing bad attitudinal baggage and pollution) to one of the few states which allow permit-less concealed carry. Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, Wyoming, and maybe another state or two. Best scratch Wyoming, I hear its weather is worse than Alaska.

      • “Perhaps yes, because a concealed pistol is a better tactical choice than advertised open carry.”

        Then why do cops carry openly? Anyway, the point is irrelevant. The 2nd amendment says “shall not be infringed”.

      • Ain’t it funny that a state that brought you Bernie Sanders Socialist Nightmare would be one of the four? They have tried to fck with the guns in VT several times and failed. I’m thinking Ethan Allen was right “The gods of the mountains are not the same as the gods of the valleys and ye shall understand it.”

    • In my AO – the Soccer Moms open carry…

  3. But did he open Carrie?

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