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Fran goes there:

If This Goes On – Part I

If This Goes On – Part II

Think of these times as a glorious social experiment, and your family is in the petri dish.


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  1. Let me know when we start to address the beaner problem. Black/White Race war is a failing narrative.

    “It was hot that day and Josefina couldn’t explain why she’d had 12 children other than her husband, Pedro was very handsome. She stared blankly at the man at the desk and said “No Señor” when he asked if she would get on that ship.”


    There is a wild card to all of this conjecture about Black Violence throughout the land. For all of their chimp-outs, threats, posturing, and screaming hysteria, Negros still comprise only 12-13% of the population. When I was a rookie deputy sheriff in 1972, we had to keep the negro inmates separated and segregated in 8-man cells. We could not put them in the dorms because the Latinos and whites would kill them. Compton, CA used to be a negro city for many years until they were displaced by the Latinos. Within the last three years there was a local story about a Negro family in a Compton neighborhood who were literally run out of town by a mob of the brown people.
    The cosmic whites and other “progressive” hypocrites may do the tsk-tsk thing at the rest of us proles who want nothing to do with Negros. But be assured, they are whistling past the grave yard. And, those ravening dark wolves know it. How do you think Jackson, Sharpton, et. al. have been able to conduct the shakedowns of corporations all these years? The MSM has been complicit in this Maskarova(sp?). They are still in denial even after the fired Negro race-war cheerleader faggot dropped two of them. But the general public knows the score, or is at least starting to wake up and pay attention.
    As I said in my old post on 21Aug’14 about Bump Day, they are a violent, physical people who have imbibed along with their Mammy’s milk a hatred towards anything white. If whites have something you want, take it from them. They have been calling the tune ever since the ’60’s, funded by another group whose ethnic backround I will not touch on. But white flight is in full swing and as the prior post about homicides in Baltimore attests, Amerika’s metro areas are becoming concrete killing grounds again. And, these killing grounds are still run by the cosmic white, commie-liberal “progressives”, and their bought-off house negros. As Mr. Bracken has written, the music will stop one day. The 12% will find themselves surrounded by a huge, unsympathetic Latino community and a whole lot of frightened, angry folks like me who will not run away any more. Got ammo? Got guns? Got preps? Got a tribe?

    • I would only note that “militias” of Blacks operate openly in every major hive in this country with impunity. Groups of up to 100 arrive at an objective, do “their thing” and then leave without losses or significant injuries. Of course, there are indeed Brown “militias” out there as well, but they do not yet seem to be quite as successful as those of the Blacks. And Whites? Hell, the “Law Enforcement” in this country rarely even lets them gather!

      Save the country!

      • your White country is gone, it cannot be saved in anything resembling its current form.. Also Reminds me of some NYC elevator grafitti I saw during the 1980’s –

        “save Russian Jews…win valuable free prize”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Negros still comprise only 12-13% of the population.”

      Thomas Sowell has written about this. Black militants mistake their power because they largely live in inner city concentrations where they are the vast majority of the population. If they succeed in getting “the Revolution against the Man” going, he reminds them that they will, in very short order, learn what “13%” means.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

    Wait until the  average Joe finally figures out those are fake Jews in Israel.     From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 3:32 PM Subject: [New post] Pwobabwy Waaaaacisss #yiv2164538433 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2164538433 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2164538433 a.yiv2164538433primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2164538433 a.yiv2164538433primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2164538433 a.yiv2164538433primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2164538433 a.yiv2164538433primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2164538433 | Concerned American posted: “Fran goes there:If This Goes On – Part IIf This Goes On – Part IIThink of these times as a glorious social experiment, and your family is in the petri dish.Science!” | |

  4. News Flash Central

    “We can’t have much time or many chances left to avert the explosion.”

    Yo, Fran: If someone in your family has not been a victim of black on white violence, well good for you. For those that have, it’s too late to “avert the explosion.” The explosion is well documented if you care to research the statistics.

    Here’s a few cutting edge news stories for Fran: Water is wet, the sun comes up in the East, and Hillary has a big butt.

  5. Bill Harzia

    Apparently, it only takes ten percent of the population believing an idea to make it come true:

    Scientists discover tipping point for the spread of ideas

    So, do we spread this idea, or keep it within this relatively small community?

    Dice, rock/paper/scissors, two capsules full of Fukitol 500 and just step on the gas? Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. News Flash Central

    Update to story on North Side gas station beating of white female:

    Female victim punched and stomped outside North Side gas station says:

    “I’m so embarrassed; I knew I had no business in that part of town. My big brother always told me, ‘In a race war your skin is your uniform, Cupcake.’ I love it when he calls me ‘Cupcake’.”

    • another White Cosmic gets a well-deserved lesson in Race Relations. Gist of the Foxtard story is that they “can’t understand the reason” for this “fight”. But “community activist” (i.e., local baboon) “Troy Lowe” is going to look into it. Hilarious. She was actually lucky to get out of there alive. This points up the essential difference beween the Spic and the Groid: don’t cross certain fairly obvious lines with a spic, and you’re probably fairly safe…’cept from random gunfire. But Groid will attack White without provocation, anyplace, anytime, anywhere. Judeo-MSM has formatted them to do so. So whenever it seems as if a cloud has passed in front of the sun, go to Defcon One

  8. I don’t know why Fran had two choices?

  9. Most of those exiles had been personally guilty of nothing.

    You admit they are innocent. Not your favorite people, but innocent of picking your pocket or breaking your leg. Then why exactly are you marching them around at gunpoint? Because you are a cultural-purity control freak dictator type, a collectivist. All those previous classical liberal writings were just a front. What you really want is to genocide everyone who doesn’t think like you.

    Still others had done nothing but subsist on the handouts of a too-generous society, indolently declining to add to its riches.

    The handouts which you middle class Whites, the majority in control, voted for. Blacks are a numerical minority, they are not in control. They could not have made socialism happen with their votes, they can’t be guilty of doing it. Guilty of attempting it, yes, but after having been taught to want it and agitate for it in the public schools you White majority voters control and demand they attend at gunpoint.

    I can imagine your essay’s point of view being the mindset many of the Germans did it in. Many really believed that crap about the Jews.

    You are making the Roman mistake that sometimes “time-limited” (ha) dictators can be a good idea. Instead, merely allow the victims of theft and violence to kill their attackers, or to document and release the attackers so that others may shun them. Any former parasite may choose to straighten up and fly right at any time. Any parasite still tries to be parasites will soon enough be killed or captured, red-handed, in the act of hurting or stealing from someone. Simple. Inexpensive. Distributed. Libertarian. Much harder to be retargeted at you.

    • You state “blacks are a numerical minority”. True enough. You then state “they are not in control”. By proxy of the Marxists in media, education and government, they are….in a most disproportionate and intentionally destructive manner. I’d pose a question to you. If races are inherently equal, why would it need be “legislated” to be so? Further, why is one compelled to associate with another under penalty of law? I’ve no illusion of dissuading anyone of their opinion. But I’ve no doubt a reckoning is coming. Did anyone honestly believe that the progeny of European Americans would simply roll over and cede their inheritance without a whimper?

      • By proxy of the Marxists in media, education and government, they are [a numerical minority]

        For a human to be a proxy they have to be a mere conduit, a mule, an unknowing tool ignorant of what is going on. But Marxists know full well what they are doing.

        If races are inherently equal, why would it need be “legislated” to be so? Further, why is one compelled to associate with another under penalty of law?

        Governments exist to meddle.

        I believe that human races are similar enough in genetically-determined IQ and temperament that anyone who can operate an automobile or a smart phone has the genetic capability to live and work peacefully in society. However, racists in the White middle and upper class have failed to hold Blacks to the same standards of peaceful and productive behavior as Whites. Normal challenges in childhood form character. Reduce those challenges with lowered social and criminal standards for Blacks and you form weaker character. The Whites have set up the Blacks to be weak. Raise the Black children as Whites and they’ll be fine.

        Did anyone honestly believe that the progeny of European Americans would simply roll over and cede their inheritance without a whimper?

        White middle class self-sufficiency is gone. Small farms and small businesses are gone. Personal saving for retirement is gone. Productive industrial jobs are gone. The national credit rating is gone. The progeny of European Americans did simply roll over and cede their inheritance without a whimper. I presume the White middle class Marxists expected this to work.

    • Anon, I assume the “you” in your comment is meant to refer to Francis Porretto. You proceed on the assumption that he is recommending the actions you decry, which leads me to conclude either that you didn’t actually read carefully his essay or that you just leaped directly to your own

      What Fran actually wrote was that he feared some such outcome, not that he wished for it. I’d quote him here, but I’m sure you can read as well as you write. Try it next time you have the urge to critique an essay.

      • Oh, Anon, here’s a little critique for you as well:

        I have seldom seen such a collection of unsupported assumptions, assertions and sweeping generalities written so well.

  10. waaaaaaacisss.

  11. I’ve noticed that our usual race baiter suspects, Sharpton, Jackson and Farachan(s?) have been MIA lately.

  12. no, rev. Farrakhan has been quite noisy, calling for open Race War. Once I heard him give a brilliant performance of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto…just to show he “wasn’t raycisss”. Now he has come to Wisdom

  13. see the first definition of racism in the dictionary
    nothing about hate there
    some races are advanced and some are primitive
    maybe u like primitive better.
    God did not make them equal
    Do you think sub-Saharan African civilization is better than Western Civilization?
    If so, go there and reside.
    And, always remember, as Steven Barry has written: Democracy is that form of government whereby the stupid and lazy can vote themselves the fruits of the labors of the intelligent simply because they outnumber them.
    I witnessed this in funfilled Fayetteville N.C. in the last 2 presidential elections as every societal parasite that could crawl out from under a bridge stood in line to vote for the politician that promised them the most freebies.