What Your Reaction to My NRA Sticker Says About You


It’s not about the NRA – it’s about the evisceration of a “metrosexual douche pickle” who prefers being afraid.

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  1. His blog is now set to “private.”

  2. I don’t get it.

    Seriously I don’t understand this article, CA.

  3. So skeered of NRA peeps _talking_ that no looking or talking is allowed. Sign-in invite-only. Lame.

    Most of alleged Beta Males are excited at the chance to go shooting some paper targets in the woods and learn to handle a weapon safely. With a female parent who couldn’t be bothered, they got video games and the front door key, not Boy Scouts. Find some and make an Appleseed day of it.

  4. Think about it…that’s the power behind the power. Suddenly the future looks brighter.

    It would be a great one to send along to LEOs and .mil, I think. “Really? Is THIS what you want to kill for?”

  5. The obama-loving asshole who wrote the blog whining about the NRA sticker is a coward by the name of Carter Gaddis. He lives in Tampa, Florida. Oh, and the this shining example of fUSA’s flock of Millenial, ahem, manhood is ALL over the social media network. He’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

    If interested, send him some “love” at carter.gaddis@gmail.com or via his Twitter account, etc. Just because he blocked his blog, dadscribe.com, as private, doesn’t mean you can’t contact him. You could also send him greetings via his spouse’s blog at momscribe.com.

    Remember, these assholes are procreating and this Carter Gaddis asshole is all over social media M-F’ing conservative values and Christianity. He is a perfect example of what the fight is about. He is what fUSA has turned into.

    Carter Gaddis of Tampa Bay, Florida. Look him up. You’ll be amazed at the outreach this asshole has made via social networking, to those of similar ilk. He is far from private.

  6. My brother has two broken legs, and a broken finger, he was on his motorcycle when an idiot pulled out in front of him. Our family has a long way to go considering he has 4 kids. But I don’t blame Kawasaki or the car the idiot was in who pulled directly out in front of him. Maybe other Americans should stop blaming guns, and start blaming politicians, and the process!

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    ‘Bout time somebody took on these excuses for citizens, who are, in reality, Soros-funded shills who have been (and will be forevermore) preaching debasement of the individual, loss of all freedoms, and total enslavement of the body and mind.


  8. Years back my NRA sticker probably helped garner extra attention from a DNR cop who then cited me for hunting w/o a permit and carrying a pistol w/o a license –ON MY OWN LAND. Although the charges were later dropped it cost me attorney fees. The DNR then held my pistol for a few months until I threatened a civil rights lawsuit. Although the pistol was originally taken by one cop, it took a team to return it. Were they expecting trouble? Strange since I was one using lawyers and the civilized rule of law the entire time.

    This DNR dumbshittery later led to my military service branch having to review the charge/outcome. I had a critical skill set so it didn’t affect my clearance, but it’s still one of those things you don’t like having to explain to a commander when you’re new to a unit.

    BTW, do some research on the warrantless stuff the DNR pulls all the time.

  9. That guy sure is a panty shitter!!! So much so he blocked his entire blog, hahaha!!!

  10. Words, the new fist.

  11. Bill Harzia

    This guy strikes me as one of the “hipster” class: Desexed (despite having kids), deballed, quivering in fear of the smell of his own farts, let alone anything remotely resembling responsible behavior when it comes to defending his family. He’s too busy managing his hedge fund and trying to pay off his second Prius to give it a thought. To paraphrase Gustavo Fring from the TV series Breaking Bad, “What kind of man does not defend and protect his family? No man. No man at all.”

    What is this gutless pussy going to do if the various collapse scenarios that we train for come to pass? He’s going to piss himself in fear and wait for us to come save him, that’s what. You’re going to look down your nose and sneer at me and mine, after we just saved your asses from the marauding street gang that tried to rape your wife and kill you and your kids? Do you think I’m going to share what I’ve worked and sacrificed for to keep your worthless ass alive? HAH!

    There’s something all these “hipsters” need to realize: If you decide you want us to fight and risk death to save you and yours after Our Thing kicks off, you should remember that nothing in life is free. We will extract a terrible price from you if we live. Food in your pantry? Ours; we’ll give a little of it back to you. Medical supplies? I’m the one with the knife wound, not you. Hand it over. Bodies of our enemies that need to be disposed of? Here’s a shovel, get to work. You say you won’t? Then I’ll dig TWO holes.

    To those “hipsters” new to reality, who are searching for information and affirmation of what you are thinking and feeling, welcome. To those who are looking down your noses at us racist redneck trash who cling to our guns and Bibles, while you sip your chai-tea decaf soy lattes, I say this:

    You had best unf-ck yourself right quick if you want OUR help.

    P.S. I don’t have any NRA other other stickers on my vehicles that indicate gun ownership. I don’t wear gun culture or IIIer clothing. I dress a little like you to blend in; I can make pleasant small talk when I see you on the street. And unless you catch me in a certain mood after some particularly noteworthy event, even my face doesn’t give away my thoughts about people like you. Boy, are YOU in for a surprise.

    • StBernardnot

      You’re going to “take” their food? You’re going to “take” their medical supplies?

      • Sounds like a plan to me- he obviously doesn’t want to keep it. :’)

      • Bill Harzia

        You’re right, this may be a bit harsh. If he says no, I’ll just walk away. Next time around I won’t lift a finger. I’ll leave him to the tender mercies of the Crips, Bloods, MS-13, etc. They’re all represented in our locale.

        It would be a lot less effort.

      • That’s how I read it.

        Mr. Mangina has less than 3 days of food in the house, most of which is refrigerator/freezer-required. Sub-1-pound first aid kit? Less than 5 gallons of fuel per Prius (in tank). No significant tools in house. No weapons other than highly-secured kitchen food-prep implements. There are lots of credit cards and networked electronics, along with collectable “mid-century modern” furniture. All he’s got is a tiny bit of labor (no gloves, no hat, no canteen, no tools, no sturdy footwear), if you can stand the whining.

        The female version may have some (jarred) testicles, or instinctual motivation to preserve the offspring, but with the same foresight as the Mr. M. Children under 8 may be salvageable with intense re-training.

        Resistance to MS-13, BLM revenge teams, or other threat will be met with calls for help, prayers to Gaia, and pleading for mercy. Yeah, that’s gonna work out well.

      • What’s most likely to happen IMO is that he’s gonna give away his food and medical supplies, by trying to take someone else’s.

    • There’s something all these “hipsters” need to realize: If you decide you want us to fight and risk death to save you and yours after Our Thing kicks off, you should remember that nothing in life is free. We will extract a terrible price from you if we live. Food in your pantry? Ours; we’ll give a little of it back to you. Medical supplies? I’m the one with the knife wound, not you. Hand it over. Bodies of our enemies that need to be disposed of? Here’s a shovel, get to work. You say you won’t? Then I’ll dig TWO holes.

      Can’t get on board with that. They want to strip us and make us second class citizens, so we SHOULD resist them. But what makes it right if we start stripping them and making them second class citizens? Because we understand reality and they are deceived? Are Orwell’s boots stomping Righteousness into faces when on our feet and Evil into faces when on theirs?

      The problem isn’t guys like this who are deceived and have no real conception of reality because of their lifelong insulation from it. The problem is when one man says to another “I’m better than you. I will be your master and you can be my servant.”

      Most of the current bed-wetters will wake up from their Amerikan dream when things get sporty, and I’m willing to bet most of them will flip the switch and take reality head-on. Rough times for them, because they will be behind the curve. Few will rock themselves in the corner and pray to the god of government to come save them.

      Some of us came out of that crowd – when we noticed the data did not support what we perceived as “reality”, and we are still trying to catch up as we see the signs that the road curves sharply up ahead. Not too many have aspirations of being jack-booted thugs if only they could muster the courage.

      And I would hate for any of us to become the next jack-booted thugs through blind hatred of those with whom we war. The war’s not with flesh and blood (Eph 6:12), and we are not just fighting a physical fight (2Cor 10:4).

      • Bill Harzia

        No jackbooted thuggery, just enforcement of the social contract between (what should be) decent human beings. I see no reason to risk me or mine for free. If we fire and maneuver on a gang that’s intent on doing him and his family evil, and he rewards our effort with more of the same type of contempt shown in this article, he doesn’t get a second round of support.

        Even if he has nothing, a simple “Thank you, I have nothing, how can I help?” would prevent all sorts of bad things from recurring. But the idea that he will be able to sneer at us and pretend he’s better than us will be the first thing he’d better lose.

        Can you find me the Bible verse where Jesus says something along the lines of “I bring you not peace, but a sword?” The source where I first read it didn’t provide a citation. Thanks. (On second thought, don’t. You should properly tell me to read the Bible and find it myself. 🙂 )

        • Mathew 10.34… “Do not think that I came to bring peace… but a sword…”
          Mathew 10.35… “For I came to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother and a daughter in law against her mother in law…”
          Mathew 10.36… “and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household…”

          The gist of Christ’s comments here are not about warfare, but about coming to Him.

          But, yes- read the Bible for yourself- you may learn a lot more than you think you will. After all, you can’t answer questions if you don’t know the source. No, I’m not telling you that “you have to become a believer” (a generic “you” here), but let the source speak for itself, don’t always believe what others say.

        • “enforcement of the social contract”

          Just for the record, I have no contract with any other person without my explicit consent. I choose that because that’s what a contract IS. The only promise I make, to anyone sight unseen, is that I won’t try to force nuthin’ from anyone else. I mean anything. Why in the world would I want to?

          That’s not for you of course, Bill. It’s just in case someone else was thinking of trying to enforce one.

      • Bill Harzia

        “…Some of us came out of that crowd – when we noticed the data did not support what we perceived as “reality”, and we are still trying to catch up as we see the signs that the road curves sharply up ahead… ”

        Then you deserve and have my support, and I dare say that of the others here. Welcome aboard!

  12. Waiting in Idaho

    A bumper sticker makes his vagina hurt? Oh boy.

  13. Slightly hinted at in the piece but needs to be repeated.

    The reason we won’t disarm is precisely because of people like Carter Gaddis. How does he take accountability for the failures of citizen disarmament? He doesn’t. He can’t. All he can do is wet his beta pants and start a petition on change.org.

    We have police that have no duty to protect and some are so corrupt they are more feared than the criminals. We have BLM openly calling for the lynching of white people. We have an open border. Oh, and the paycheck you need to keep your family alive and safe… Well, “you didn’t build that” which means force is the only thing keeping food on your table (not morality/rule of law).

    Libtards talk of disarmament as they intentionally move the needle the wrong direction. Only a fool can’t put two-and-two together to see why.

  14. ghostsniper

    Douche whistle Carter Gaddis is passing his cowardice onto his offspring.


  15. These anti- gunners are quite happy depending on the hired guns to keep them, I mean, make them FEEL safe, and have the same sent to disarm gun owners and impose their feckless pacifism on us. And then they think the government’s hired guns will always be nice to them.

  16. Although superbly well-written and well-spoken, and not without utility both as a morale booster for those on our side and as outreach to those that aren’t, but who may be amenable to reason, I long ago concluded that the only answer, if any, such types as the piece directly addresses should get is Mr. Vanderboegh’s short one.

  17. Thanks for posting.

  18. got ta remember these are the “HYPOCRITES” that want our guns….


  19. Here is ‘douche pickles’ future:

  20. I was a little less down on these guys than most of you (not the least because I was born into the liberal camp myself). Just recently I went on the “Liberal Gun Club” forum thinking that at least they had figured out self defense was permissible – a start! But it wasn’t long before I was essentially thrown off the forum. It is full of this passive-aggressive shit but when it comes down to it these guys really are douche pickles. We have nothing to worry about from that quarter when the festivities start.

    • Yep; pretty sure do-nothings do nothing. I say anyone who thinks people ought to give up their arms, should. Nothing there to defend anyway.

  21. Maybe he is just a plain old hateful asshole who wants attention and needs to shove his opinion up everyone’s butt.
    Lot of that on the interwebs.
    What better meme than guns to do that. You get to insult people without repercussions, because most people who have firearms are people who are usually the most civil and moral component of our society with the most tolerence for tresspasses on their liberty, nor are they into victimolgy or are people who revel in the wallow of behaving like a worthless victim and all the politically correct Marxist ideology baggage that comes with acting like a total nitwit.

    That’s ok with me. Its not me or most who have moral and liberty orientated cause to posses instruments of defence this numbskull and useful idiot needs to worried about.
    He has either a very steep learning curve ahead of him, or a dirt nap with his name on it for ignoring history.
    His tough luck.
    I just can’t feel any sympathy these days for people such as this guy.
    Maybe the good Lord will help him find redemption. Hopefully, before its too late. But I have my doubts.
    Besides, you sometimes really can’t fix stupid. All you can hope for is the law of natural selection works as intended and reduces that much more truly useless genetic stock from the human race.
    And he misses the whole truth here. The NRA and the ruling elite dick sucking fuckers running it, ( who have conned America out of millions with the scam of “protecting our gun rights”, which are neither, they are primal freedoms no law or rule supersedes ), are cowards and traitors and the last ones he needs be all a scared about. Which lays waste to his narrative to begin with.
    Besides, we DO have guns.
    Kinda changes the political equation tight there when you look at it honestly.
    Things are going to have to take this course for awhile more before the world begins to right itself. That is the really sad part, for this fellow. He misses the whole point. It is staring him in the face when he looks in the mirror. It is not the NRA sticker he should be worried about, it is he and his kind who really are taking it all down to guns. It is going to come to that if things don’t take a turn for the better pretty soon. It will be about who has guns, and who doesn’t have guns. Who rules by guns, and who isn’t ruled by guns. Who is afraid of the sonofabitches running things, and who isn’t afraid of the sonofabitches running things.
    That is how this tyranny crap this idiot and all the rest of his totalitarian pals takes things. It is like they all belong to some kind of human extinction movement, and in this case, they even have a bigoted mulato leader and a whole congress of fucking losers, crooks and worthless scum to help out.
    Guns just look better every day.
    The only thing more powerful than those guns right now is our consent, and the withdrawal of our consent.
    Lets hope consent is the weapon that wins the day. Using guns is an ugly brutal bloody business that once begun is a Pandora’s box of biblical proportions.
    But if you have guns, you probably grasp what’s in the offing, and is the last place in your right mind you hope not to have to go. But for the grace of God.

  22. Yep, I pulled up some info on this weasel. He’s a Pussy with Attitude. He thinks that he is Moses speaking from the mount but the advice he is giving his children will get them killed or beat up. I think it is best to just let Nature take her course, since he is all into climate change. Survival of the fittest-and that includes mental attitude.