What Really Matters, Katrina Anniversary Edition

lootie approves

As dictated by your betters:

UK Guardian: Hurricane Katrina proved that if black lives matter, so must climate justice

Do you understand yet?

24 responses to “What Really Matters, Katrina Anniversary Edition

  1. Just another Black “militia” member returning from one of their sorties. They attack their objective, accomplish their goals, and return to base with very few losses or even injuries. Have and Brown or White “militias” been anywhere NEAR as successful for anywhere NEAR as long? Maybe we oughta be taking lessons from the chimps, instead of from Max et al…

  2. Anytime I see an op-ed, letter, editorial or propaganda masquerading as news from these Progressive operatives that features some sort of “justice” I know that the contents of, direction contained within and logical basis of the piece will be focused on anything but actual justice.

  3. “For the last 20 years, I have been struggling for environmental and climate justice.” No justice no peace.

    People living and dying from living along coastal waterways that are below sea level is “climate justice” you commie retard. People who live along the SE coast are subject to Hurricanes that can and will kick your ass and scrape your home from it’s foundation (see Holmstead AFB). Last I checked CA gets droughts every couple 100 years or so that make it look like a desert in some places, when people have no water, that there is “climate justice” you fucktard.

    Then there’s those folks who live along the Seattle Coast and the San Fran coast. Guess what? Fault zones are a form of “rough earth justice” from the source ya friggin maroons. Look up the research on the fella who found quakes producing tsunami’s several hundred feet in height of the pac nw coast. If the mag 9 quake doesn’t get you the tsunami will. Yeah I know it only happens every 8-900 years but hey, who wants to be there for anniversary month?

    This Guardian article is proof positive that you can not fix stupid.

  4. singlestack

    Being an inhabitant of the blank spot on the map between Louisiana and Alabama where Katrina actually hit I’m pretty disgusted by all the focus on New Orleans.
    I understand it, though, since as everyone is well aware from the press that NOLA turned into a third world shithole very quickly and most of the denizens were black and helpless.
    Meanwhile in the big blank spot, where entire towns were literally wiped off the face of the earth, people pulled together and helped each other get through a very bad time, often without government “help”.. In several places FEMA and MEMA were told to pound sand and run off because they were making things worse.
    I know because I was there. I lived through the storm and then spent the next few months helping with recovery efforts.
    Both New Orleans and south Mississippi provide very good object lessons for what happens in the immediate aftermath of things getting sporty. I know I’ll be called a racist for this (not that I care), but the complexion of the neighborhood is a strong indicator of which way things will go.

    • Population density, and belief in the government probably has a lot more to do with it. Why prepare, why organize your neighbors, when the government is going to “take care” of you?

      • Nah- it’s most likely pride in self and a desire to actually come out ahead without robbing someone else of goods, money, time, or honor. Has nothing to do with government beyond the freebies. (But then, I think that’s what you meant with last half of paragraph.)

        So far as N-O is concerned, there was a lot of wasted money rebuilding that shyte hole, so far as I’m concerned. Let the Papa Waters do its rightful duty and turn that place back into a delta.

  5. Or, is it something like the fact that the entitlement services just located more densely in certain coastal enclaves–you know, the ones that used to have industry before the Great Society caused cultural clusterfuckery.

    FEMA/EMS/libtards etc. stop fucking around with natural selection; things are skewing left.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    Pathetic and then downright irritating.

    Always adding more “movements” or “ideas” to their central theme of totalitarianism. (where are the sodomites adding to this new package deal? are they not the new protected-class? gotta get their .02 in this, no?)

    By this time, you’d think these cerebral wunderkinds would have a “one size fits all,” add on cause-de-jour just like the muffler with a bazillion adapters they sell at your local auto parts store. That way, each individual could relate to them, even if in some minuscule fashion held by each sub-class or tribe.

    Ask yourself as a free thinking person, how in the name of God’s green earth will top-down command and control over the environment AND throwing trillions more of your hard-earned tax bucks at people whose skin is not your color gonna make YOU HAPPY?


    This writer is all tapped out of giving voluntary donations to DC, who then distributes the largess to their beholden tribes. My milk of human kindness has turned sour after “contributing” funds the last 50 years “so that cities won’t burn.”

    It never worked and never shall–the cities DID BURN. It’s the old Mafioso deal: “Give us the juice, or your business burns.”


    • Blacks are being dropped as the “preferred protected class” in favor of Sodomites. Blacks are reasonably adaptive to take advantage of what exists for them in the Big Cultcha, but un-manageable socially at the edges. At least when Sodomites don’t self-replicate, the numbers don’t get out of control so fast.

      Money and votes will not get us out of this one.

  7. Find a clean dry towel, soak with clean water. Wrap beer in wet towels and place in shade to cool. Evaporative cooling works! Boil water and rinse the outside of the bottles before opening. Discard leaking or damaged containers.

    Wash, if possible. Wash your feet and other submerged parts with the clean towel/clean water. Dry self and clothes. Try to eat something safe along with the beverages. 2nd floor, never-flooded, apartments are great places to stay even without services. Secure accesses to the building. Make plans to get out next time.

    Don’t loot the cheap stuff. I mean “salvage”, of course.

  8. Bill Harzia

    I didn’t even get past the headline. WTF are they talking about? That headline makes about as much sense as this one:

    “If fish can’t drive, then buy them a snack.”

    Leftists are clinically insane.

  9. Google “Africa In Our Midst” by Jared Taylor, 2005.
    You’d best get your mind right Luke.

  10. my favorite memory of Katrina: urban Black cops joining the Black looters. Even better: subsequent she-boon “testifying” before Congressional Committee, claiming that “Bush blew up the levees”…while Republicans sat there mute, as usual, “…because Black…”

    and I’ll absolutely pay more taxes so the Black Undertow of New Orleans don’t get its feet wet again. Not. Next time, Climate, drown them all

  11. What a crock of bullshit….

    Chocolate City Nagin and his merry band of misfits along with Cryin Cathy Blanco fucked that one up. They had ample opportunity to save the residents but they refused until it was too late. But as usual, blame Bush. Most Louisianans were prepared and did so accordingly without relying on the gubmint tit. The pic missing from this article was school buses submerged under water that could’ve been used to evacuate many residents. Mississippi took the brunt of Katrina’s rath but that wasn’t newsworthy. No, piles of people at the dome and convention center where Jeraldo the Mexican wannabe held his press conferences with that tinge of “I can get mugged at any minute” theme. New Orleans was a cluster fuck of epic proportions while good samaritans on rescue missions had to duck while under fire from black thugs who some eventually became part of the coastal restoration plan. Climate change is the new racial weapon. What bullshit!!!

  12. One of the dumbest articles in a while, comment section was closed after a bunch of comments making fun of the article.

  13. Heineken ?
    That’s gotta be about the nastiest beer you could drink at room temp-especially when room temp is 90 degrees.

  14. Words with justice behind them are usually trouble –
    Climate justice, economic justice, social justice.
    Sounds like something communists would say.

  15. “As people of African and Indigenous ancestry, we come from societies and ways of life that protect and nurture Mother Earth. Now is the time to reconnect with our old ways.”
    This, then raises the question…. rather than the Farrakhan urged, Sharpton and Obama desired; race war… does this mean a resurgence of the Back To Africa Movement? You know, forsaking all modern conveniences like cell phones, grocery stores, EBT cards, air conditioning… and returning to old traditional things like mud huts, ebola, rampant starvation and intertribal warfare?
    Inquiring minds want to know!

  16. robroysimmons

    Bad news folks where there are Africans there is Africa, prepare accordingly. Good news Africans are ass raping Liberalism like its a fat blonde chick drunk and in love with diversity.

  17. Truth Corps


    Deny it at your own peril. It may not bite you in the ass today, next week or next year but you can count on it biting you one day. Race realists are being created every minute thanks to blacks working overtime to live up to stereotypes. Great job guys & gals.

  18. The Usual Suspect

    My give a fuck field is barren .