Quote Of The Next Five Years

duty(Image by Oleg Volk)

From Robert Gore at SLL:

…Remember one simple truism: nobody but you is going to protect and sustain you and yours. If you believe complex and convoluted formulations and rationalizations to the contrary, you’ll deservedly end up as roadkill.

Read the whole thing.

But live that italicized section above.

8 responses to “Quote Of The Next Five Years

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Colorado Pete

    Yup. Nice Oleg picture too.

  3. common sense to the uncommon man.

  4. I pose this question a little differently — Interloper, are you willing to die for a trinket or bauble? Then you value your life cheap indeed.

    • Colorado Pete

      Good slant on it, because a lot of “them” won’t necessarily be thinking like that. They’ll need a little help seeing the light.
      The light of your logic, or failing that, the light of your muzzle flash!

  5. If you ARE up to it…terminate with extreme prejudice.