WeaponsMan: Uncertain Future


Talking sense, as usual.

Tempus fugit.

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  1. Will watch later on.

    Texas is rapidly urbaniziing as well. The ghettos and barrios are creeping more and more into the rural areas.

    • I’d hazard a guess that it’s not just Texas or Georgia where this trend is taking place. I’d say its happening across the board now, in many cases being encouraged and abetted by ‘local’ actors who have ensconced themselves within the state government and married themselves wholly to an ideology of ‘Diversity’.

      Just look for organizations that dub themselves the ‘Peoples Alliance of (insert your State/Town/City/County here)’. Then look at their roster/staff and their FB page. Make a list. Save pictures. Congratulations, you’ve just found the enemy, and they’ve freely identified themselves for you.

  2. Like most Americans I’m not very good at math, but let’s use some of it to address the usual “Hey, let’s bug out to the the wilderness when SHTF” scenario.

    One of the areas I used hike was 12000 acres of heavily wooded wilderness with deeps ravines, seasonal streams, and a significant lake. It’s centrally located between 4 counties with a total population of 240000 people. Let’s assume only 10% of that local population bug out to the same wilderness. That’s 24000 people living in the woods.

    The 12000 acres now has 2 people per acre. Of course, they wouldn’t all be spread out like that. They’d be clustered in the good places. They’d be near the big lake, the natural springs, the few structures and other points of interest that might be more easily defended such as the forest service fire watchtower. In case that’s enough people roaming around that it would no longer feel like a wilderness.

    Now let’s include the 10% of people who drive in from an hour so away from two cities of 600,000 each for a total 1.2 million. We’ll assume this is everyone who still had a 1/2 a tank of gasoline who fled their subdivisions and apartment buildings. This will be all the people who remembered that one time they went hiking or fishing there back when they were in college or whatever. Or, it’s just someone who has never been there, but heard their neighbor mention it before they left. They just have to get out of the city! We’ll just ignore all the people outside of the cities from the other counties in between.

    It’s very likely the 120,000 will have jammed every gravel road for miles in every direction leading to the wilderness. But, they’ll still stream in on foot and many of them will also be armed. After all, the AR15 has been American’s most popular rifle. We’re up to 12 people per acre in an area which only has a few hundred deer, no fruit trees, and is so stoney that it’s worthless for growing crops. Wild roots and berries were gone within 72 hours after the first wave of refugees picked the entire area clean. Fights are already breaking out at the best fishing spots, but realistically the lake will be fished out in a few days anyway.

    I wonder what the next food source will be? Or should we ask who will be the next food source?

    • How many of those people actually know how to hunt or fish? And have the means to do so? And just what makes you think any significant portion of them will be able to escape from their hives after the Black “militias” therein lay waste to everything they cannot immediately use? How many of them are capable of walking two miles, much less the actual distance to that acreage?

      • 10% was just a conservative estimate of those who might make it. Given past population movements such as when the Serbs bugged out of parts of the FRY it will be a lot higher.

        Everybody with a gun assumes they can hunt and that the woods are full of animals waiting to be shot. They’ll overwhelm those few who can hunt/fish and use up available resources.

        It’ll all shake out later and a remnant will be left over.

        • You mistake the Serbs for the hive-dwellers. Two totally different entities. The Serbs, by and large, did NOT look to their government to take care of their every want and need. Hive-dwellers in this country, on the other hand…

          And how many of them actually OWN a gun, anyway??? Besides, of course, the pigs. And the Black militias…

          • When people are forced to move, they move. Doesn’t matter if they’re Serbs, Iraqis, Vietnamese, Ukrainians, or whoever when it comes to something big enough. When you gain some experience with people outside your immediate comfort zone, you will learn that. In the meantime go to YouTube and look up videos of weeping Serbs on the run in the 1990s.

            A lot of AR15s over the last 7 years have gone to people who’ve never had one before and minimal firearm experience. A lot of handguns are going to people who are also new, especially women.

            If your planning relies on city dwellers and suburbanites staying at home to curl up and die or being unarmed when they move, then you have an inadequate plan.

    • Go long on hot sauce futures no matter where you are…

    • I’ve made all these points a couple of years ago and all I got was negative comments. Prepping will only make a difference if everyone is doing it – THEY ARE NOT. What will happen here in FUSA -sooner or later, is a mass die-off. The best plan is to cache supplies and then leave the country. Let the bottom feeders kill each other off, then return to claim your property and clean-up the mess.

  3. The hives are definitely imploding. The countryside is littered with debris as well. That said, less people will mean a better chance for survival but it doesn’t mean there will be “no problems”.

    Meanwhile here’s a chuckle for your sunday afternoon:

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  5. agree. 98% of those who attempt to bug-out post-Event will hit a cannibal biker roadblock and wind up in the cooking pot or, if less lucky, get sluiced off into a FEMAcamp. Best to bug-in and maintain defensive mode until things sort out

    I thought the Savannah production was quite good. But given the choice between a $200 contribution or 5 boxes of .308, it’s got to be the ammo

  6. ol $$bags TFAT should be able to spring for a whole series and never miss the pennies.He probably drops more than that in the mall fountain,as a sacrifice to his god.

    • Neros,

      he’s got more on the ball than you can ever hope to have. Next time, try having something contructive to offer instead of ad hominem claptrap!

      • Dan, I hope you will remember to take that very good advice yourself…..

        Your pal, Kommando Oughtsix.

        Oh, wait… you couldn’t even get through your comment on ad hominem:

        “he’s got more on the ball than you can ever hope to have.”

        Unless you know Neros Lyre personally, that’s some “ad hominem claptrap.”

        Try again “next time.”

  7. gee Danny,I thought it would help the indie film cause really.Also ad hominem applies usually to something distantly related and not really prescient to the question which was… they need $$ to continue.As for me not having much on the’ball” that’s debateable too.Its ok keep carrying water for the too good for you crowd.No offense really because I got better things to do.My sincerest apologies.