Glad That’s Settled

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  1. Simple stuff … there’s anarchists and criminals.

    I can’t see a third alternative.

    Flame away, gentlemen.

    • I would only note that there were a shitload of anarchists in NOLA after Katrina, thanks to the Chocolate Mayor and Governor Whitey. And they damn sure were willing to use violence against peaceful people. Same in Haiti today. Same in Somalia today. You sound like you’re one of those claiming that it depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.

      • The participants of the NOLA Katrina looting have been on the dole from Uncle Sugar from day one. They are essentially wards of the state. They live in a perpetual state of “archy” irrespective of what they might be doing. The looters that were in police uniforms also were supposedly under a chain of command (archy). Don’t forget that the legions of archy (The National Guard) stripped citizens of their weapons thus preventing said citizens from protecting themselves and or their property which is also not emblematic of anarchy. You are essentially equating violent and criminal behavior with anarchy. Logically it would be more correct to say that a state of archy guarantees criminal behavior because government is a coercive system based on the use of violence to achieve particular ends and that a system of anarchy which bases human interaction on market participation and private property would not be based on a system of coercion or violence. The definitions are important.

        Personally I would pretty fucking happy if the US Gov stuck to the confines of the Consitution and BOR but history shows….

        I don’t know. I tell computers to do things all day and as such my world view yearns for logical consistency. I haven’t seen anything as of yet that is more logical than the notion of individuals participating in a voluntary society that respects private property (and is optionally armed to the teeth).

        • I am merely equating anarchy as it has been practiced throughout the years as “anarchy”. Or do you also argue that Franklin’s buddy Josef, Mousey, and Fiddle aren’t “Communists” because what they practiced is not what the textbooks call “communism”?

          • Paul Bonneau

            It’s pretty pointless to have an argument with someone, when you can’t even agree what the meaning of the word under discussion is. Where is that going to get you? Try calling it “voluntaryism” if you can’t warm up to “anarchy”.

          • ghostsniper

            Just because other’s abuse words doesn’t mean you should.
            You know better than that.

            20 years ago I was railing online for an absence of gov’t and everybody told me that things would get worse. I scoffed then and I still scoff.

            Here it is, 20 years later, and guess what?

            Things are much worse and it’s all because of the gov’t. In 20 more years, if it lasts that long (I doubt it will last even 3 more years) it will be worse still.

            That’s just the way it is and it’s built-in to the system. There is no way to have a gov’t that does not convert to full blown tyranny because at it’s base it is a criminal enterprise.

            Gov’t is founded on 2 crimes, slavery and theft, bolstered by lack of responsibility and accountability, so there is no way possible anything even remotely resembling honesty and truth can occur.

            The only reason this rotten assed gov’t is still in existence is because of the fear, gullibility, stupidity, and laziness of the citizenry it enslaves and steals from. And massive financial inertia the likes of which the world has never seen before.

            Look around you. Think about your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, your relatives. Would you climb into a foxhole with any of them? Would you rely on any of them to risk their life for you? Would you risk your life for any of them?

            These are the people that allow this rotten assed gov’t to exist. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe YOU are a gov’t enabler.

            Are you cowardly, stupid, and lazy?
            Do you vote?
            If you answered yes to the 2nd question you automatically answered the same to the first question.

            The enablers are causing misery for the rest of us. We that take full responsibility for our own lives, mind our own business, ask nothing from no one that we are not willing to negotiate for or outright purchase for consideration.

            The enablers are assisting the criminal politicians in the sinking of the USS America.

            • I am merely pointing out that anarchy has been tried MANY times throughout history. And I am pointing out what anarchy actually IS in practice. Sorry to see that you do not like the truth. Your special version of “anarchy” may last for a short time if the collapse is truly world-wide. But as soon as some warlord attracts a following, regardless of whether it’s from today’s Blue Wall, or MS-13, or the Black Panthers, they will roll over you and yours and provide anarchy as I described. There are no unicorns pooping rainbow skittles. Not for the Socialists. And not for the Anarchists.

              • Let’s just take the MS-13 example – Who prevents American farmers along the border from organizing private vigilance committees to fend off coyote’s and gangs? The State does. Often times the state merely enables bad actors so your example of warlords would do X if there was not state falls short.

                If I had nickle for every time I heard the unicorn meme trotted out. Nobody professes utopia. I would just be happy with a ‘less bad solution than what we have’.

                For examples (and more are emerging) of anarchy here is one that takes a case study approach to the American Old West aka The Wild West: Terms are defined and then the case studies are laid out.

  2. Because Zerogov’s contributions to the world will be at least as great as Rosseaus’ I’m sure……

    • Oh, I don’t know about that. I for one am rather drawn to Zerogovs way of thinking. I grow tired of being fleeced by .govs system of slavery. Why should the productive and successful support the non-productive and unsuccessful? Fuck em all. Sink or start swimming fuckheads.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s a “contract” of adhesion and operates entirely one way. If the courts were presented with its terms as between two private parties, they’d find it unconscionable and void it.

    But since they’re on the winning side of it……

  4. big weekend at the WH


  5. sorry for the double post…. so after a busy morning stop here..


  6. “West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror”

  7. Paul Bonneau

    I asked my congresscritters for a copy of the social contract:
    Got no response…

  8. Funny how scared people are of abolition.
    Its almost like they like being slaves to the state.
    To the point of derangement.
    Or, seriously can not comprehend what total true liberty is.

    What’s even funnier, abolition, whether you believe in it or not, is the only way out of this clusterfuck.
    You can say whatever you care about what Bill, or Rothbard, or North, or Rand, or Popcorn Sutton, or Micheal Collins, what any of the classic Abolitionists contend, and if your interested in having or have an iota of balls and the courage to go forth and really fight for your liberty, your liberty and keeping it too, you are an abolitionist, even if you don’t know it, yet.
    You will.
    You will have to.
    Or you will be a slave till you die.

    Abolition was what the US Constitution was designed to eradicate.
    Abolition is why the North waged its war of aggression against the South.
    Abolition is the crux of why they are burning the Confederate flag.
    Abolition is why you and I have been strip mined of our prosperity and intrinsic wealth.
    And abolition is why almost every one of us motherfucker’s who reads or comments on WRSA is a domestic terrorist.
    Abolition is, (but even more germane to what Abolition is, and why it is so important to set aside prejudices and falsehood, lies and agitprop it has been stigmatized with), the next step in the evolution of rightful liberty, abolition was what the compact of confederation represented as the next rung in the evolution of liberty.
    Liberty can never remain stagnant, it ceases to be liberty when it does.
    The US Constitution, for all its warts, faults, and the couple of wonderful parts of it, was not the last word on liberty. Nor was it liberties panacea.
    It was a document of administrative tyranny disguised as a carrot and a stick to con and induce the states who abolished king George, his entourage of totalitarians, and their tyranny into the same trap all over again.
    A soft gentle trap.
    And every one who pisses on the idea of abolition is in effect their own best useful dupe for those ruling us.
    Because you are doing exactly what those sonofabitches have cunningly manipulated you into doing.
    Ignoring the greatest opportunity in human history to rid us of those fuckers and live in real freedom and prosperity.

  9. There are two common conflicting definitions of “anarchy” in use: 1) setting cars on fire during a riot; and 2) libertarianism taken to its logical conclusion. A dicussion when you are using definition 1 while your opponent is using definition 2 is silly. You are unlikely to fool the real anarchists(2).

    No group of people defined by race or geography can be owned as property, that’s collectivism, slavery. Therefore the border around a collectivism is also an invalid claim of property. Bring on the foreign restuarants.

    You will have to find some other way than taxes to fund roadbuilding. Happily, there is a huge volume of law which prevents anything other than government from building roads. When that law starts being ignored, all those people will go back to building the roads they wanted.

    You just let us be anarchists, and if it doesn’t work out for us you are free to laugh and point at our bad example. Deal?

    • ghostsniper

      “You will have to find some other way than taxes to fund roadbuilding.”

      User fees, you know, just like reality.
      Use it, pay for it, simple.

      • Pay as you choose? Utopian. Thugs beating us into a socially moral society? Now that’s not utopian. Monster comment above BTW.

  10. Torso Found In New Haven ‘Most Likely’ Belongs To Same Man Whose Arms And Legs Were Found

  11. I had this conversation with a statist not so long ago.

    “There’s a ‘social contract’ I have to adhere to?”

    He replied “yes”.

    “What, other than multi-generational slavery”, I asked, “is a contract you are born to rather than one upon which you agree?”

    I think his nose started to bleed.