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Your First Police Scanner

Hope to see you this weekend in Birmingham.


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  1. Sgt Sparks. I have an IC R-6. It was programmed for me by a friend 2400 miles away from me in ID who used to live in my AO (I never did learn how to use it). I have moved since then 2 counties over. Can this unit be cleared and re-programmed?

  2. I just got my SDR running on Ubuntu. I’m wondering what scanner capabilities are out there for SDR, or what additional software I should be running?

    I get the impression linux sucks the hind tit as far as SDR is concerned. Maybe I should get a little junk netbook with Windows running on it, solely for the purpose of radio work. I can’t stand Windows otherwise…

    • BTW I am using gqrx…

    • I’m running an RTL-SDR under Kbuntu. Sadly, SDR development under *nix leaves a lot to be desired. Some of the more interesting/specialized apps might work with WINE.

      This is a subject for further study once my class schedule evens out. Results to be published in Signal-3.

  3. Good stuff as always!

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