VDH: How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public


Borders matter.

As does their de facto abolition.

If you have a door on your home, you believe in borders.

Especially if you lock it.

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  1. Doors are racist.

  2. The door on my home, and the loaded shotgun inside, signify my belief in personal property. I have no problem with unregulated immigration as long as the new Americans aren’t here for handouts, and as long as they expect to be shot should they not honor personal property. But then, I don’t want old Americans to get handouts either. Income redistribution is the problem, taxation is the problem, not immigrants.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” I have no problem with unregulated immigration”

      Hope you like things like drug-resistant tuberculosis, then. A big part of regulating immigration – at least in the past – had to do with disease control.

      • Paul Bonneau

        I think it amusing that people would play the disease card in this debate. I guess they forgot about when CDC was talking about guns as a disease. Faith in the government is never-ending. Just goes on and on.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Whether you like the disease risk or not, it still exists. Thinking that quarantining and/or barring people who have serious and highly-infectious diseases from entering an area is far different from having faith in the government. But I’m sure you’ll be fine simply by not recognizing typhus’ authority over you, unless maybe Poe was right:
          “And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.”

    • nomen nescio

      There’s nothing “conservative” about bringing about massive sudden demographic shifts.

      What happens when 50% plus one of the place where you live are wetbacks, and they vote to take your personal property away from you?

      • The defense to theft is mostly military. Calling theft “voting” changes nothing.

    • Are you a libertarian by chance?

  3. I believe in well patrolled, well built, solidly fenced borders. If we had one, we wouldn’t be in such a mess now, If a country does not have a defended border it ceases to be a country. We are almost there.
    And if any wang twister decides to blow through my door; I hope he believes in Jesus. Cuz he’ll have some ‘splaining to do.

  4. Outstanding analysis. The pic you posted dove-tails nicely with the essay.

    Having lived in California from 1990 until March of this year, I’ve seen up close the results of the illegals. Anywhere they arrive, they happily bring their “culture” of filth, crime and lack of civility. When the gang graffiti started showing up on the mailboxes in my neighborhood, and cars started to disappear in the middle of the night, we pulled out. Now in the American redoubt, where guns are the norm, illegals aren’t tolerated and criminals are handed over to the cops after an ass-whuppin’.

    One mexican was so blunt as to say straight to my face, “we’re going to take over your country.”

    Not even over his dead body.

    • The American redoubt covers a lot of real estate, The Southeastern portion of Wa State and North Eastern Oregon is loaded…… I live and work throughout the Redoubt, and any town south of I-90, in either state is infested. The good news,FWIW, is that they are all, for the most part employed in agriculture.

  5. Let’s throw this in from across the pond:


    Lots of people moving around and it’s easier than ever.

    I suggest reading up on Dr John B Calhoun so you know how this will play out.

  6. Back in the early eighties, the company I worked for hired illegals since hiring and successfully maintaining a workforce of diverse “American” workers was damn near impossible due to the type of work we performed daily. It was filthy, hard and out in the open weather 24/7/365. No one seemed to want to stay on except for Mexicans. Periodically, immigration would show up to round them all up and take them away and we, like many other businesses of similar services suffered a low workforce and once again played the good employee/bad employee game maybe hanging on to 2 employees over the 20 you’d hire. We rented contract labor who consisted mainly of bums who had no particular skills whatsoever and merely represented “bodies” to fulfill the usual shit jobs that was part of our operations. One summer, we lost one to the FBI who showed up in a sting to arrest this guy who had escaped prison for murdering a guy in NY. Shady characters indeed.

    Working these Mexicans was actually a pleasure as they worked their asses off, did their best to learn English and some moved up into positions of authority with great results from their efforts. At the time, it didn’t matter to me whether we hired them or not as they were the only ones we could find that would do the work no one else wanted to do. Most of what they earned was sent back home to their families.

    30+ years later, there really isn’t much that is different today than back then. But the atmosphere they bring these days are concerning…..Mexican gangs and drug cartel members are scary as all hell and I have no desire to be near any of these. And our lawmakers have no desire to see them turned around at the border so we will just continue to see them arriving in droves. WE will be the ones expected to assimilate to their traditions and culture. They come here receiving medical services, education, driver’s licenses, gun ownership and a shit-load of other bennies that is expected from our government. Hell, even Mexico demands that we give them everything they want under threats of legal repercussions. These people are used to living in squalor and making the best of those things we Americans link to the homeless. That, in and of itself, is one of their greatest advantages. Their ability to patiently wait to take advantage of America’s weaknesses.

    • nomen nescio

      And without the criminal wetback invaders, the free market would have fixed the problem.

      Anyone who says he can’t find qualified employees is usually paying peanuts. And you’re allowed to do that–and the qualified employees are allowed to work for someone who thinks their contribution is worth more.

      • sturandot13

        Bravo. I agree 100%.

      • Paying peanuts they did…

        Back in the day, they all did till the bottom fell out.

      • Hey guess what, sometimes the job is only worth peanuts. Thats why we have people who are young or not smart enough to chop the lettuce at the hamburger joint. The market did dictate. The criminal invaders came to do the jobs that paid a little bit more peanuts than the jobs back home.
        When you convince your own people that everyone is a winner and worth 6 figures a year then why are we surprised that even our worthless drug users will not work a job for peanuts? The jobs dont go away, they still need to be done and someone will agree to do them for peanuts.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “When you convince your own people that everyone is a winner and worth 6 figures a year then why are we surprised that even our worthless drug users will not work a job for peanuts? ”

          Why work for peanuts, when you can not work for a lot more? In some areas, people who don’t work at all have more disposable income (and free shit) than those who do.

    • That is just funny. I used to frame houses. When things got slow, I worked the refractory outfits busting out cement kilns… in the desert. Summer time, winter time. Back in those days, we were all white, maybe a black man or brown man sprinkled in, but American. And we worked our frikkin asses off and didn’t complain.

      It wasn’t until the mid to late 80’s that we saw these Mexican interlopers hanging out on the corners, or in the parking lots of the hardware stores. And slowly but surely, they started taking the jobs. Not because the white man didn’t want to work in the desert heat or winter cold, but because these Mexicans would work dirt cheap… as a collective. Many of them living in the same house, or just living in cheap ass apartments only fit for a flea and a roach.

      It got to the point that if you wanted to work in any kind of construction, being an American, you had to get a Union Construction job.

      The last job I had in construction, I put on a sandblasters suit sandblasting I-beams and such out in the sun and elements. Got laid-off, only to find out they hired a Mexican 5 dollars cheaper than they were paying me. I see it out here every day, from framers to bricklayers… all Mexican. Not because the white man doesn’t want to work, but because the Mexican will live in squalor.

    • Paul Bonneau

      “Mexican gangs and drug cartel members are scary as all hell and I have no desire to be near any of these.”

      I don’t blame you, but never forget that the cartels are the inevitable result of US government policy, the war on some drugs. Prohibition is not a Mexican problem, but an American problem.

  7. Very good article by VDH, but what’s really scary to me is not open borders and massive third-world immigration, it’s the average American’s inability to see, mentally process, and openly admit (in a timely manner) that a train wreck is coming. Immigration is but one train wreck.

    What happened to all that prosperity we were supposed to reap from sending our jobs and factories overseas in the name of “free trade” and the “global economy”? Train wreck, train wreck! I’m guessing most Americans will never truthfully tell their unemployed and under-employed grandchildren how long it actually took them to wake up to being a victim of that con job.

    Not a Donald Trump supporter, but … (25% tariffs):


    • Paul Bonneau

      ‘What happened to all that prosperity we were supposed to reap from sending our jobs and factories overseas in the name of “free trade” and the “global economy”?’

      This is an odd way of looking at it. We never sent jobs away in hope of prosperity. Businessmen and entrepreneurs simply followed profit – exactly what they are supposed to do. The problem is that profit was made ever more difficult to obtain in America, thanks to our always “helpful” government. Here is the latest example:

      • Bonneau,

        “Businessmen and entrepreneurs simply followed profit”.

        And US citizens bought right into it. Buying foreign goods en masse. Jap electronics, Jap cars, Chicom tools and products with the name-brand of well known American companies plastered on the packaging.

        “….thanks to our always “helpful” government”. Aaah, the linguistic battleground raises it’s ugly head again. That “government” are people. Not some inanimate item one gets to trash at their convenience. Government is one’s friends, family and neighbors. Government is career politicians that citizens elect time and time again.

        fUSA is in the crapper not because of “government”. It is in the crapper because PEOPLE, the citizens, blessed our, their own, the “governments” destruction!

        Blame your family, your friends. They are “government”.

    • sturandot13

      Indeed. Tariffs were SUPPOSED to be how the nation financed the federal government. Knock out about 80% of the federal dead wood (that would then need to find honest work), and it might be possible.

      These so-called “free-trade” agreements – TREATIES!!! – only benefit the uber-rich globalist oligarch “New World Order” scumbags. They screwed over many in Mexico because the Mexican government kicked them off of their land in order to sell it on the cheap to the giant “agri-business” corporations. Agri-business owners get richer. Poor Mexicans are forced to flee their land, and as their government WANTS them to do, head north into the U.S. And American citizens are forced to absorb millions of unwanted, illegals into our country. Cui bono?

      • I’ve railed against “free trade” for over 20 years. Wrote letters to Congress and newspapers M-F’ing “free trade”. Went to politicians townhall meetings to challenge free trade politicians. I did more than 99% of Americans bothered to do. Look where we’re at now. Beholding to the Chicoms….the same Chinese communists that in 2000 a Republican-controlled Congress gave Bill Clinton H.R. 4444 on a platter. H.R. 4444….it removed ALL tariff protections against Chicom produced products. US companies went in droves to move entire factories to the PRC.

        Yes, tariffs were eliminated by the politicians. The same politicians the dumb fucking citizens elected time and time again, generation after generation, again and again. Those same dumb citizens buying those foreign, tariff-free products until domestic companies could no longer compete and shut their factories and shops down. Good wages down the toilet.

        Enjoy your fatcat politician you reelected over and over again. Enjoy your fucking FIAT, your Honda, your Chevy made in Mexico. You, dumbass, fucking Americans deserve the ensuing debacle. You brought it upon yourselves, on me.

        Now shut up and say goodbye to your children and grandkids who “the government” is getting ready to pack off and fight ANOTHER undeclared war in the Middle East. You fuckers condone it and I shed no tears for more flag-draped coffins coming into Dover.

        We have met the enemy and it is US !

  8. Indeed they do. Every other nation in the world realizes that and enforces it. But a supranationalist would rather cut off both arms than admit it.

    • Your fine friends in the EU neither believe it nor enforce it. Or at least, their Masters do not. Mere Citizens, of course, are up in arms. But they are dismissed by the Elite as Racist Nazis.

      Nothing will change for the better until the fires of hell descend upon the District of Corruption, and Brussels.

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    Roman Catholic immigration is more accurate. And those with Negro blood are Negros’.  Regardless of their attempts at denial. Mexico is  a created state, not a blood line. And their second President was a Negro. Keeping things simple as a sugar cookie since 1962.    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: marlostanfield53@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, August 31, 2015 8:22 AM Subject: [New post] VDH: How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public #yiv5508038884 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv5508038884 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv5508038884 a.yiv5508038884primaryactionlink:link, #yiv5508038884 a.yiv5508038884primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv5508038884 a.yiv5508038884primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv5508038884 a.yiv5508038884primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv5508038884 WordPress.com | Concerned American posted: “Borders matter.As do their de facto abolition.If you have a door on your home, you believe in borders.Especially if you lock it.” | |

  10. No border, No Country. My buddy has spent the better part of the last 20 years working and spending most of his time in Mexico/S/Central America. He married a mexican who’s family is of the upper crust. He told me flat out that even they ALL cross into Texas to have their babies so they are ALL American citizens. Then they sell give their SS #’s to illegals who come here to work. When these mexican’s (Including my buddy’s now X-Wife) are of retirement age they all collect SS which gives them a VERY nice standard of living on top of what they already have in Mexico. THIS is what’s going on and it’s sickening. They are exploiting the loopholes the piece of shit politicians leave open for them and it’s hard to blame them. Ultimately WE all pay and everyone is laughing at us for doing nothing to stop it. We are sheep and they mock us. What are you going to do about that? I’m for armed enforcement of our borders, rounding up and departing ALL illegals. Form federal posses, with pay and get it down. Shit, put out Military on it. I’m for it. We will soon have NO country.

    • sturandot13


    • Whack-a-mole

      I am thinkin’ show me some hard evidence. Chapter and verse.

    • Cold,

      We have no country. It is already gone. The borders are gone. The Constitution gone. The Rule of Law ignored except to punish the serfs. Christianity blasphemed by the half-breed scum in the West Wing. And the assholes one calls government encouraging a criminal invasion by foreigners.

      fUSA exists in one’s heart and mind. But not in reality.

      Awaken !

  11. nomen nescio

    Borders. Language. Culture. Blood and soil. In the long run, nothing else matters.

    Round them up. Ship them back. Anything else is treason.

  12. http://happyacres.tumblr.com/image/128028600474

    “We are simply asking that we have the opportunity to return to the birthplace of our ancestors in order to try to rebuild and heal from our trauma. In return, we will bring all of the talents, skill, and richness that we have given to America in order to help make your nations great while still preserving your cultural identities.

    We are ready to return home. We hope you will accept us.”

    (source) https://face2faceafrica.com/article/we-want-to-go-home-petition#.VeRbCdNVhBc

    posted @ http://happyacres.tumblr.com/post/128028600474/we-are-simply-asking-that-we-have-the-opportunity


    To all of the outraged cuckservatives out there: A huge influx of wets occurred under Reagan-Bush. The Dead Elephants wanted cheap labor and did not give a rat’s ass about the unintended consequences.

    • Weasel,

      What did Reagan and Bush have in common ? Both former governors of Mexican border states. Their states filled with Hispanics. But don’t point fingers at them. They are history.

      Don’t blame Republicans. Blame AMERICANS ! Carter, Clinton and the scumbag Kenyan, soetoro-obama, DEMOCRATS three, never stopped the invaders. Soetoro-obama invites the invaders with open arms ! Yet you want to bash Bush AGAIN !

      WTF is wrong with you ? You give the unconstitutional half-breed a pass but you want to put blame on a dead, white guy ?

      Your mentality is what is wrong with fUSA. But hey, you’re a conservative, right ?


        Dan III: I had no intention of putting it all on the dead and almost dead Bohemian Grovers. Teddy Kennedy got the ball rolling. I started with the Orange County, CA Sheriff’s Department in 1972 and immediately saw the effects of the wetbacks as a rookie Jail Deputy. When I got to patrol, it was even worse. Remember, Congress was controlled by the Democrats. They were part of this monstrous crime.
        The Republicans turned a blind eye to it because of the cheap labor issue. The Democrats wanted another class of tax termites to insure votes and the continuity of their power bases. Carter put the icing on the cake with his appointment of psychotic leftist judges to the 9th Circuit and my buddies at INS were hogtied by injunctions and could not do their jobs.
        I am not giving Barry, Billary, or any other of the criminal scum in Modor-On-The Potomac a pass. The real problem now is there is nothing to be done until the shooting starts. The current Kabuki with Trump is just that, theater. Even if that man wins, his efforts to put up a wall, deport, and bring jobs back will be blocked by McConnell and Crying John. They will be supported by the Catholic Church and the Baptists, who received FEDGOV MONEY, to “welcome” all of the underage, two-legged disease vectors who streamed across our “border” last year.
        I regret that I have upset you. I am in your camp and on your side. I have seen the elephant, so to speak, when it comes to this invasion and the trouble it has caused. But remember, when the Minutemen were patrolling the AZ border and setting up outposts to protect our country, it was Dubya, standing next to the Coca-Cola Mexican President Fox who disparaged them and referred to these brave patriots as “vigilantes”.

        • It was said earlier, and in truth; the enemy is ‘us.’ This happened on our watch, and it is still happening. We all see it, ‘the majority’ continuing to send the same ‘career politicians’ back to state capitals and to D.C.; and because we are obviously insane, we do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result… We have lost so much, and although we know what must be done – in the economy, the government, in protecting our borders, in returning the educational system to what it should be, rather than state indoctrination centers; ad infinitum… we – to this moment, anyway – have lacked the will (and stomach) to do the difficult work that must be done to spare our children and grandchildren of the fruits of our lack of labor on these issues… it is coming to a fight, and I’m sure not going to leave that to my kids… TPTB will not listen to calm, reasonable men with a different opinion, liberal progressives will not abide intellectual discourse (perhaps due to being unarmed in a battle of wits). Thus, we are oppressed from all sides by the minority in this country… minority races, minority sexual deviants, minority atheists/agnostics, minority gun haters, on and on…. and we are supposed to ‘take it’ – and we will, until we just say “no” – and mean it. We can blog and comment and debate this and that, and go on about who’s at fault; but the time for placing blame will be after we do something to put the train back on track. We can let future historians debate “how” we got here, and “who” brought us here. We simply need to realize WE ARE HERE, and then begin the difficult, noisy, brutal work of returning the country to the people. As I’ve read, and said; it sucks – but sometimes the duty falls to you. And I. And I’m not getting any younger, neither are you.
          We know we’ve got a fight coming. Let’s win.

          • Grandpa,

            You’ve wrapped up my very same thoughts of many years, in one splendid commentary. I don’t know what will set the spark to ignite “the fight” but, as you pointed out, none of us are getting any younger.

            Thank you for your comments.

        • Weasel,

          I enjoyed your reply.

          Much is lost when communicating via the written word. There is little, actually nothing, I would challenge in your response.

          What got me going originally was your bash on Democrats. I find them all scum. Both sides of the aisle and in-between. Your reference to that puke tells me you have no love for the ‘pubs either. For clarification, I have no love/use for the Bush clan, former or present. I have not forgotten Dubya chastising the Minutemen.

          Regarding Trump….he offers hope from us who hope for a return to the Republic. His rhetoric aside, he has a vast amount of left-wing actions and remarks to overcome. But given a choice amongst the career politician clowns of the Republicans or the openly Marxist Sanders or Clinton, my money is on Trump.

          “….there is nothing to be done until the shooting starts.” Sadly, I can’t agree with you more.

          Take care.

          Thank you so much for your detailed reply. I would prefer we could chat over a beer. It would be easier.

          • Weasel, that “puke” you referenced was McConnell along with Boehner. But, as we M-F numerous career politicians, is it not their constituents who are the problem ?

            What does it say of our fellow citizens who voted, repeatedly, for the career politicians ?

  14. Meanwhile in South America:

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