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4 responses to “Yup

  1. Im telling you all, the south was right, Abolition is the best, and the only way out of this clusterfuck.

    I’m a born in the wool pure bred Yankee from NH.
    Live now in total Hillbilly country, heart of Appalachia.
    I seen both ends of the cultural spectrum.

    Who wants to argue with me?

    I’m ready for a fight.

    Come on, give it your best shot.

    I want to be free from the state.
    I’m fed the fuck up to my eyeballs with these worthless statist psychopaths and their marxist bullshit social justice racist crap.
    They are the worst bigots race baiters racial supremacists imaginable.
    They’d make Himmler blush.
    Lyin’ cheatin” lousy no good sonofabitches is what they are.
    They fuck up everything they touch.
    They are thieves, they steal everything they get their greasy meat hooks on.
    They are a human extinction movement.
    From the fake nigger leading them to the welfare whores who got their hands in my paycheck.
    They can go fuck a flying rollin’ donut.
    The state they run is illegitimate.
    Their “laws” mean nothing if my liberty does not come first middle and last.
    There is no compromise on this.

    Who is going to argue with me?
    Come on.

    Your constitutional republic sucks. It never worked as advertised. From the moment the ink dried on that piece of rawhide. It has worked perfectly as it was really intended.
    Look all around you. See whats going on?
    The. Constitution. Worked. Perfectly.

    So, you wanna argue?
    Come on.

    Just tell me how the hell is any form of government in all of human history better that total liberty, total self determination? How can anyone say abolition won’t work?
    It has never been accomplished.
    You say but I’m a free man. You got to have some kind of government. You need laws.
    Excuse me!
    Excuse me!!!

    Ah, um, mmm, hows that worked out for ya?

    Say your a free man huh?
    Means your an adult, right?
    Hey dumbass you don’t need no steekin’ baby sitter who steals your lunch money and sticks a gun in your face if you refuse.

    If we are adults and people with morals and principles and respect the idea of rule of law and civil/social contracts, what the fuck do you need any government for?
    Hold your hand?
    Change your diapers?

    Ah Hello!

    So ah, Abolition ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit huh?
    It won’t work?

    Prove it Einstein.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    MOAR music Pied-Piper! MOAR porno. MOAR drugs. MOAR politics.
    …sez the 97%

  3. “knowledge will ….”

    Spoken like someone who has not watched “Idiotarcy”.

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